tagGroup SexRussian Invasion

Russian Invasion

byJake Sutherland©

There were five Russian girls in all, hanging out in Gene's living room. All in their early twenties, all practically hysterical and obviously euphoric. Three of them were sipping Leinenkugel's and knocking back shots of vodka, while the other two sang in fake English and danced to Moby's "Play" album.

"How … where did they come from?" Eric asked, not even trying to hide his bewilderment.

"I met them at the Anthill," Gene said, laughing. "There was more than this, the place was full of them."

"How did you get them back here?"

"Fuck if I know," Gene said. "I can barely remember, it all happened so fast. More like they got me back here. I …"

But Gene was interrupted at this point by one of the dancers, a short redhead with pigtails and huge breasts, who inexplicably started meowing like a cat. All the other girls burst into maniacal laughter, and Eric and Gene had to join in. The redhead continued her antics, pleased with herself.

"That one's named Tasha, I think," Gene said. "She a fuckin' fruitcake."

"Do you know what I was doing when you called?" Eric asked. "Eating a goddamn peanut butter sandwich. I almost didn't pick up the phone because the peanut butter was sticking to the roof of my mouth."

"Come over here and see what they brought," Gene said, showing Eric the four bottles of vodka on the living room table. The labels were all in Cyrillic. Noticing their interest, the most attractive of the girls uncapped one of the bottles and filled three shot glasses.

"You have to drink it all at once," she told Eric. "That is the Russian way." Eric did as he was told and slammed the shot back, as much to steady his rattled nerves as to gratify the sultry foreigner. "My name is Natalia," she said.

"Natalia's the only one who can speak English," Gene butted in.

Eric soaked in Natalia's saucy smile. He loved the way she contrasted her pale skin and blonde hair with the reddest lipstick he had ever seen. "I'm Eric," he said, then felt stupid for having nothing more to say.

But as it turned out, he didn't have to say anything, for at that moment, Tasha the redheaded cat girl grabbed him and pulled him into the middle of the floor for a dance. Now this was something Eric could handle. He always was a good dancer; talking was his weak spot. But with the monolingual Tasha, he could be too cool for school.

It was a relatively slow number, "Why Does My Heart Feel So Sad," which is also sort of sexy. He put his hands on Tasha's hips and pulled them close to his. Her crushed velvet skirt felt seductive. Suddenly, a hand came around from behind him and started caressing his stomach in time to the music. Another hand, this one holding a shot glass full of vodka, came around to feed him the drink.

This turned out to be the darkest of the women, the one who was dancing with Tasha when he first came in. He leaned back to drink the shot, and then the dark woman set down the glass so she could dance behind him. This was a predicament, for in front, he had his groin firmly pressed against Tasha's abdomen, while behind him, the dark one rubbed her whole body against his back. When he started to get hard, he tried to concentrate on keeping it from happening. But when he felt the heat of that dark woman's body against him, and realized that the hottest part of her by far was her crotch, his cock immediately turned to iron and pressed itself into Tasha's soft belly. The whole process took about three seconds.

Tasha, suffice it to say, noticed. She raised one eyebrow and grinned, then said something to the dark one. "Mmm, da," the dark one said. She turned and walked up the stairs, and Tasha took Eric's hand and followed. Eric looked around to see the expression on Gene's face, but Gene, the idiot, was busy guiding two Russians through his extensive CD collection. The sultry Natalia was nowhere to be found.

The girls led him to the bathroom, where the dark one pulled the shade, then leaned against the windowsill. Tasha kissed Eric for a long moment, then backed him against the sink and undid his pants while the other one watched. His cock sprang out when she pulled his jeans and boxers down in one swift tug. He hadn't realized how long her fingernails were until she started gently dragging them up the shaft, then brushing lightly on the way back down to stroke his balls. She never took her eyes off of his while she did this; even when she moistened her lips with her tongue and took him into her wet, pink mouth.

Eric knew he wouldn't be able to hold on for very long. He tried not to look at the girl who was leaning against the window, watching. That was too much. When, out of the corner of his eye, he saw her put one of her legs up on the tub and pull up her flimsy skirt, he abruptly turned his head the other way, and looked right into the eyes of Natalia.

"She's better at it than I am," Natalia said, her hands holding onto the doorframe as she watched Tasha slowly sliding him in and out of her mouth. "I'm not very good. I always have to spit, or I choke. But I taught her one thing. I'll have her show you." She then said something to Tasha in Russian, and Tasha responded by gripping Eric's shaft tightly in both hands and changing the way she moved her tongue, just slightly. It was incredible, and Eric cried out and clamped his eyes shut as he pumped a gigantic load down Tasha's hungry throat. She never missed a beat as she continued sucking and swirling that tongue while swallowing every drop. When Eric opened his eyes, she was still looking directly at his face, only now she grinned slightly, once again with her eyebrow raised.

"Come with me," Natalia said, then. "I want to show you something I am good at." She turned and walked out of the bathroom, and Eric began to follow before thinking it a bit rude to leave Tasha after what she had just done for him. He turned back just in time to see Tasha closing the bathroom door as the dark one groped Tasha's tits and licked traces of his come from the corners of her mouth. The sight had him hard again in an instant, and he hurried down the hall to find Natalia.

She was waiting for him in a bedroom that used to belong to Gene's roommate, before the unlucky bastard moved out. Some of the guy's stuff was still there, including a lamp and a ratty couch with a few blankets on it. Natalia was already taking off her clothes as Eric shut the door.

"What Tasha does with her mouth, that is her talent. I'll show you mine," Natalia said. She lay back on the couch and spread her legs. Eric could see that she was glistening wet. "Come and put your fingers inside," she said. "You need to feel what I can do."

Eric didn't need any encouragement here. He sat down beside her and put one, then two of his fingers into the slickness of her pussy. It was unbelievable. Inside, it seemed to ripple and move, actually massaging his fingers, squeezing them tightly and then releasing. "It is very strong," she said. "I could almost hurt your fingers if I wanted to. But don't worry, it's not quite that strong. Do you want to fuck me? Do you want to find out how that feels?"

He didn't even dignify that with an answer. He ripped off his shirt, jeans and socks as she dug in the pocket of her blouse and pulled out a condom. He put it on and slid all the way inside her with one thrust.

The sensations were exquisite as he lay on top of her and just held still while she massaged him with her pussy. When, involuntarily, he started to move his hips, the pleasure tripled. "Stop," Natalia said. "You're going to end too quickly like this. Let me ride on top of you." She pushed him off of her and he got onto his back so she could have him the way she wanted.

When she lowered herself on top of him, the sensations seemed to change, but it was no less pleasurable. He put all of his concentration into holding on to his orgasm. He was going to draw this out as long as he could. She rode him hard, and after a while, she grabbed his hand and placed in on her clit. He teased it gently at first, then found the rhythm he instinctively knew she needed. She came like an animal, her whole body breaking out in sweat, and her pussy flooding with sweet lube. When he stopped rubbing her she screamed, "Nyet! Nyet!" Her face became angry and violent, and she clamped down on his cock with the muscles of her pussy. Fuck if it didn't hurt. She grabbed his hand and pushed it back onto her clit while with the other she twisted his nipple until he yelped.

It only took a few seconds for her to come again, and when she did, it was as if she were possessed by a demon. She called out in bestial moans and tormented Russian, and she fucked him as if she were inflicting some sort of punishment. Eric knew better than to stop rubbing so he kept on. She came again, and then again, and each time, her pussy grew tighter and tighter until it felt to Eric like some extraordinarily strong person was jacking him off with a tightly clenched, well-lubricated fist. Finally, when Natalia's sixth orgasm overtook her, he could hold on no longer and came with such intensity that later he would think it was a wonder that he didn't pass out. Natalia collapsed on his chest, nearly hyperventilating. After a while, lying exhausted and entangled, they fell asleep.

The next morning, Eric awoke alone on the couch. Pulling on his shirt, he noticed a blob of dried blood on his purple, bruised nipple. He smiled, remembering Natalia's wild sex, Tasha's gifted mouth.

"Hey," a voice said. It was Gene, standing outside the door wearing a pair of lipstick-smeared underwear. "They're gone. All of them." The two of them stared at each other for a second, neither of them knowing what to say. Eventually, Gene broke the silence. "Want to get breakfast?"

"God," Eric said. "I could eat the hind leg off a goat."

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