tagMind ControlRutherford Consulting Ch. 03

Rutherford Consulting Ch. 03


"Good morning, Michelle"

"Good morning, Mr. Rutherford"

Jules already took a shower and dressed when he walked into the living room for breakfast. He sat down on the table and only seconds later, Michelle was serving breakfast – traditional ham and eggs. He started eating while checking the news paper, his usual morning routine. Michelle waited next to the table with her head bowed, not moving at all.

When his cup of coffee was empty, the maid automatically bend forward to pour more. Jules looked up and had a nice view of her cleavage. She did not have large breasts, but he could just about make our her nipples and as usual he liked what he saw. She moved back into position.

"It's possible we're having a guest for dinner tonight. I will confirm in the afternoon.", Jules said.

"No problem, Mr. Rutherford – everything will be ready."

Michelle was always prepared for guests. Of course she hoped it would be to the satisfaction of her employer, especially if she was to prepare a nice meal, but she had learned to work with the spontaneous ideas of her employer, so she always had enough supplies ready. Certainly Jules did not expect anything else, but it was good to have Michelle waiting in anticipation on what might happen. She was so much better with her tasks when she did not know what exactly will happen and had to prepare for all eventualities. Having a guest usually means a female guest and it means that Jules would show the guest their life style. Not everyone had the two top floors of an office building transferred into a really expensive penthouse apartment with a half-naked Vietnamese French maid and a human pet that was strolling around naked all the time.

"Make sure to clean up everything and clean up Pet as well."

"Yes, Mr. Rutherford."

This required a special grooming session. She was not so happy about that.

"I will have Lilly sent over in case you need any help."

"Thank you Mr. Rutherford."

Lilly was working in the mail and shipping department of Rutherford Consulting and she was one of the girls that Jules regularly invited to this apartment or the executive floor, usually for some games of passion. Lilly had exactly the same build as Michelle – same height, same ass, same waist and same breast size, only a slightly darker skin complexion due to her Thai heritage. Jules loved it to put both of them into the same maid uniform as it generated a unique look.

Michelle liked Lilly. She was always fun and most sessions with her turn out to be great. Usually Lilly was with Jules alone and Michelle cleaned after them, but when Lilly was assigned to be a help like today, it means that they were treated equally. It happened before that Lilly and Michelle had to perform sexually in front of Jules. While she preferred men and sapphic sex was just not the kick for her, she actually looked forward to that as it could develop into a threesome directly involving her boss.

Jules remembered how he meet Lilly. Around a year ago, she arrived at his office one evening – a surprise arrangement by Karen, just like it happened yesterday with Cindy. He instantly liked her. They spend the night together and he's seeing her since then at least twice a month.

He first wanted to train her to be a project manager as she definitely had the looks for it but then he realized that she would be too busy with her work and he'd rather have her do a regular job to keep her around when he needed her help for something else like he planned it today.

"I want both of you dressed in the same outfit. Make sure that you both are shaved properly, so I suggest you can clean each other in the afternoon."

"Yes, Mr. Rutherford."

This was embarrassing for her. She knew that he knew that she shaved every morning as it was a standing order. She did not know about Lilly, but the order clearly covered both of them together.

Finishing breakfast, he walked over to his home office desk. Pet was just getting up and rushed away towards the kitchen area. As usual, he barley took notice of her.

Jules opened his Macbook and launched the mail software. He saw there was a mail from Miho from late last night and he opened it.

"Jules-san, Fujiwara accepted our proposed meeting time on Friday. Their message to us is attached. Mitshiko's idea worked although I am not sure if she is getting what she expected out of it ... Take care, Miho".

He opened and read the attachment:

"Dear Mr. Rutherford,

we herby confirm the move of our scheduled meeting to Friday.

Thank you for the loan of Miss Mitshiko to us for three days. We accept your offer as compensation for our inconvenience. Please note that Mr. Fujiwara insists that Miss Mitshiko will stay our guest for a full week as she will have a full program of various duties assigned to her, as you can see, that cannot be accomplished in just three days.

With warm regards,

Aki Ogura

– Assistant to Hiro Fujiwara"

There was also a picture attached. He opened it.

It showed Mitshiko with her head buried between the legs of a woman that could not be identified. Mitshiko was wearing the Rutherford Consulting "racing" outfit which was torn apart in several places – it looked like someone cut away pieces with scissors. Her hands were bound together behind her back and on her rear end was a large vibrating dildo sticking out from her pussy. It looked like she had an interesting time there.

This in combination with the thoughts about Lilly turned him really on now. He looked over to the dining table where Michelle still was bend down to take the last dishes from the table and stood up.

She barley noticed the presence behind her until she felt the wet tip of his cock touching her under the short miniskirt. Her moan was followed by him pushing into her pussy from behind. She let out a short scream of passion while Jules pushed into her again and again. She was in heaven, this was one of the moments where she forgot everything else. It took only a few more strokes by Jules and she came with a loud "Ahhhh ... Yeeees ... " scream. Jules felt her contractions around his dick and continued pushing in and out until he exploded and pumped his cum deep into her.

"Pet, come here and clean up."

Pet passed the table and hold up her head to lick Jules' cock clean. She really wanted to get the same treatment that Michelle just got, but she had to take what she gets and accept if there was nothing else. Once she was done, Jules put back his member into his trousers and took out his phone. Michelle was still laying on the table, totally exhausted but with a smile on her face while Pet started licking the cum that was running down her legs from behind.

"Lilly, this is Jules. I expect a special dinner guest tonight and I need you to help Michelle. Please come here before lunch time."

He hang up the phone and walked to the elevator to go down to his office. It was around 10:30, Ann Francis –hopefully his guest of honor– would arrive at 11:00.


Ann Francis entered the executive level of the Rutherford Consulting building by exiting the elevator. She was surprised to see this large empty room with just a single reception desk in the center next to the door. A girl was sitting there with a name sign in front of her that said simply 'Gwen'.

She introduced herself, "Hello, I am Ann Francis and I am here to see Mr. Rutherford."

Gwen replied quickly with "Hello Miss Francis, Mr. Rutherford is expecting you. Could you please wait until he is ready to see you?" and then picked up the phone to say "Mr. Rutherford, Ann Francis has just arrived. – Yes, sir."

Gwen put down the phone and said to Ann Francis "Mr. Rutherford will see you in just a couple of minutes. Please wait. You can sit down over there if you like."

Ann decided to stay where she was as she figured that walking to the end of the room to sit down would probably take too long. She could stand a couple of minutes. Less than three minutes later, Sandra walked through the door. She immediately turned to Ann and said "Miss Francis, I am Sandra Smyth. I will bring you to Mr. Rutherford's office."

Ann was surprised by what she saw. The girl that came into the room looked identical to the girl working on the reception desk. Obviously they are identical twin sisters. The only significant difference was the color of their dress, while Gwen wore a light gray, the business dress of Sandra turned slightly into a darker blue – both had the same cut and have obviously been bought to match. Ann noticed a little detail however, Gwen wore a collar that Sandra did not wear. She wondered about it for a second but automatically followed Sandra who was already turning around to walk back into the next room.

Following the secretary all through the next room, they both entered an office which had a 'CEO' sign on the door. Sandra stood next to the door while Ann walked in. While the secretary closed the door, Jules looked up from his desk, then stood up. Walking around his table he said "Hello Miss Francis, I really appreciate it that you could make it on such a short notice. It is a pleasure to meet you."

"It's my pleasure, nice to meet you.", was Ann's response while the shook hands.

"Have a seat.", Jules offered and hold the chair for her.

"Thanks.", she sat down and he walked back to his chair around the desk.

"Miss Francis, you can probably guess why I invited you. I read your article about my business in the Seattle Times and I thought I'd talk with you about it. I would like to take the opportunity of this meeting to discuss some of the content of your article but at the same time offer you to answer questions about me and my business if you might have any."

"Thank you Mr. Rutherford. I must admit that I am honored but also surprised by your invitation. I would not have thought that my text would be so interesting for you."

This was of course a major understatement and Jules decided to ignore it for now.

"You raised some questions in your text and I was wondering if you would be able to tell me a bit about why you have asked them and what your sources are." Jules did not simply want to order her to disclose her sources, he first wanted to get to know the woman sitting in front of him, so moving this slowly was the best approach.

"I can see by that question I have already scratched your secret a little bit."

Before he could reply, Jules' phone was ringing. He saw that the call was from Sandra. She would never interrupt a meeting inside his office unless it was very important so he had to pick up the phone.

"I'm sorry, this must be important."

He picked up the phone, "Yes? – OK ... I can talk with him quickly. – Charles. It's great to hear from you!"

Ann could only hear one side of the conversation. She listened how Jules continued:

"Thanks! Things are going great as usual. – Oh really? That's good to hear. – Yes, that will be no problem. Just send her over end of next week and I will talk with her. If you have any special requests, please describe them in a quick email or we can talk quickly end of next week. – She is that young? Wow! – As I said, no problem. – Oh, yes, I read it – Don't worry Charles, I have it fully under control and it will not affect business. – Sure, as usual. – Talk to you soon."

Jules hang up the phone.

"I'm sorry Miss Francis, this was an important customer and it was one of the few exceptions where Sandra is allowed to interrupt a meeting."

"Was that Charles Weinberg?"

She was smart. Charles Weinberg was the CEO of McLook Dynamics, a subsidiary of the largest defense contractor in the northwest of the USA – but if the rumors are true and Ann did hear correctly – also the most important customer of Rutherford Consulting.

"Yes.", was the simple response.

"Just wondering.", Ann replied.

"Where were we?"

"I just wondered if I scratched a bit on your secrets in my text."

"Ah, yes – Ann ... can I call you Ann?"

She was a bit surprised but always able to make a quick response in any situation she simply replied with: "Sure, no problem, Jules."

"OK, Ann. I just looked at the time ... should we continue this at lunch? – I invite you."

"Will you tell me more about your secret then?"

"If you can handle it."


Michelle had nearly finished grooming Pet when the doorbell rang. "Please stay here and don't move" she said before she walked to the door to open it. It was no surprise that Lilly stood behind the door.

"Hello Michelle!"

"Oh, hello Lilly – come in!"

"What's up?"

"Mr. Rutherford wants both of us serve as maid this evening as he has an important guest."

"OK. So why did he ask me to come now already?"

"Mr. Rutherford wants to have us both cleaned and shaved properly. He wants me to clean you and you to clean me. Then he expects me to make sure that Pet is groomed and looks nice and I hoped you could help me with that as well. I am nearly finished, just have to make sure her hair is done properly."

"OK, then I let's start with Pet first then."

Lilly walked over to where Pet was waiting and Michelle followed her. Lilly looked down for a second and then said, "Oh, she looks lovely. I think you can do her hair on her head while I am focusing on what she has down there.", while she pointed at Pet's pussy.

They used shampoo, combs and finally a hairdryer to make sure Pet's hair was looking as nice as possible. When they have been satisfied with their work, Michelle said "OK, we should now get undressed and clean each other properly."

It took Lilly a bit longer to get out of her clothes than Michelle. They moved into the shower stall and then started cleaning each other using soap and their hands. This went on for quiet some time as both girls obviously enjoyed what they were doing and they knew they had to do a proper job. Finally they took a razor and Lilly was finished shaving Michelle in seconds while it then took Michelle a while to completely remove the bush of Lilly.


Jules and Ann were sitting at a nice booth in one of the back corners of Francesco's – the most expensive Italian restaurant in Seattle. It took them some time to drive there and find a parking space but it was usually worth it.

"So, what is your secret?" was Ann's first question after they had settled down on the table.

"I said I would tell you about it if you can handle it, right?"

"Yes you did. I don't understand what exactly you meant with that, but I am sure that I can handle it. I'm a grown up woman, you know?" – she smiled.

Jules really liked her natural smile. He just looked at her for nearly a full minute without saying anything. She smiled back looking directly into his eyes. The moment got interrupted when the waitress walked to their table.

Jules mentioned to Ann, "OK ... so, let me start by giving you an example." – he moved his head towards the waitress who was ready to great them and hand over the menus. He read her name on the name tag and said "Angela, please stand here and wait. I need to explain something to Ann first before we can order. Just ignore and forget what I say to her. Oh, and hand her a menu."

Ann looked surprised and did not understand what Jules just did. Angela gave her a menu without saying a single word and then froze and waited. He looked at Ann and said to her "As you saw, I just gave Angela an order and she will follow it without question. Every women that hears any direct order from me will follow it without question."

"What?", was the confused response.

"Let's order first. Angela, I take the Ravioli di Magro with gorgonzola sauce. Also get us some bruschetta."

Ann was so confused by the events that she only said "I take the same ..."

Jules continued "... and Angela, before you bring the antipasti, please go to the restroom and take off your bra. Put back your top and bring the bra to us. You can now go now."

"Yes, sir ... ma'am." was the response from Angela before she walked away.

Ann was silent for a few seconds. She still could not believe what just happened.

"So, what kind of crazy show are you trying to pull off here? Alright, the waitress acted strange ... you(!) acted strange ... but what kind of order did you give her? She will never do that. Or she will but you know her and this is a set-up. I thought you wanted to be honest?"

"Well, I said that you must be able to handle it or it will be very confusing for you."

"So you tell me that you can control what other people are doing?"

"Women, it does not work with men for some reason."

"You can control the actions of women?"

"Yes, indirectly. Actually, they are in control technically, i.e. they do everything themselves. It's just that they always follow my orders."

"So you could order Angela here to take off her top as well, and she would walk around completely topless?"

"Yes, exactly."

"It works with any woman?"


"You could ask me to strip naked? Would that not be strange?"

"If I would ask you to do it, yes you would do it."

"Hmm ... but I would then realize that you did something to me, as I would never take off my clothes in public."

"Actually, no ... it does not work that way. When I would tell you, you would assume that you made up your mind and you would think it was your own idea."

"Never ... I would never come up with an idea like that."

"Actually, you just did. You could have taken another example, but I think it's interesting that this was the first thought on your mind." – he grinned.

At that moment, Angela arrived to bring the bruschetta as starters. Jules and Ann looked at her and it was clearly visible that she had taken of her bra. Her tits where moving under her top and her nipples could clearly be seen. Angela put the bra she had worn on the table next to the dish with the antipasti.

Jules looked at Angela's breast and asked Ann, "Should I ...?"

Ann shook her head and said "No" with low volume. She looked down shook her head again, took a deep breath and then looked at Angela and asked "Do you know Mr. Rutherford?"

Angela was surprised by the question and stared at her for a second. Jules added, "Please answer her, Angela."

"I think I've seen him here before but I never talked with him. This is the first time I am assigned to his table."

Ann looked at Jules and said "This could still be a set-up." – turning around she asked Angela, "Why did you just take off your bra and put it on our table?"

Angela starred again and Jules said "Answer all her questions truthfully, Angela."

"The bra started to feel uncomfortable a bit so I figured it is better to take it off. I saw you two here on the corner table smiling at each other before and thought it would be fun to give my bra to you.", was the response.

"Do you think it is normal to put your bra on the table of guests?"

"What do you mean, ma'am ... I don't understand? I thought you might like it.", Angela was really confused now.

"Does it turn you on to walk around without bra?" – this question by Ann was a surprise to Jules.

"My breasts are quite large and they move under my top. Also my nipples can be seen, so it turns me on a bit to walk around like this. It is embarrassing however."

"Are you often doing stuff like that?"

"Never. Today is the first time I'm without bra at work."

"Why are you answering my questions and does it turn you on?"

"Yes ... it turns me on. I figured you are nice, so I can answer your questions."

"Do you wear panties?"


"Are you wet?"

"I think so."

"Take off your panties."

"No! Why are you ..."

Jules interrupted and said "Do it and do whatever Ann said."

Angela became really nervous now. She pushed up her skirt with her hands and pulled her hands under it, grabbed her panties and moved them down. They fell to the floor. She stepped out of them. Their table was in a back corner and the restaurant was not very crowded, so Jules was positive no one saw what the waitress just did. Ann smiled thinking of the consequences of what she just heard, yet she was not convinced yet.

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