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When I retired, I bought a Class B motor home. For those unfamiliar, a Class B is essentially a van body that has been modified to have all the features of a full size RV. Mine was on a Ford E 350 chassis, with a custom built coach that included a full width rear couch that folded down and could be made into two twin beds, or one king size bed. In addition, it had a small fridge, stove, sink, cabinetry, and a full bath, though it was small. It worked well for me, and I used it often, running it coast to coast, and many places in between.

As my kids had more kids of their own, I found myself now with six grandchildren locally, and another on the east coast, and I needed something with more space for the times we went on excursions to some of the nearby attractions. The answer was trading up, and I bought a Class C (those are the RV's with the section over the cab) Winnebago with a dinette, and all the other usual things you find in an RV. The bed was smaller, but since most of the time I didn't have sleepover guests, it didn't matter much. I was offered a trade on the Class B, but felt I could do better on my own, so it went on RV Trader, as well as got a sign in the window.

I still drove it on occasion, depending where I was going, to give it some exposure, when it was practical. I didn't receive many calls on it while on the road, but you never know when the one that makes the sale will ring. The benefit of the smaller RV is that it's only 20 feet long and 9 feet high, making it an excellent choice for some of the places where parking or overhead clearances are an issue. So it was for a recent trip to the east coast.

I saddled up and took off for Jersey and New York to visit some family and friends, taking advantage of the warmer weather now that spring had finally arrived. Before moving south, I lived in the lake effect region in New York, and it's often still snowing into late April. Now, in late May, the weather had finally warmed up to the 70's, though still in the 40's at night, but at least I wouldn't freeze-nor would my plumbing.

I had planned to meet some friends at one of the chain steak joints near Syracuse. I arrived and parked near the back of the lot as I usually do when I can't take two spots back to back. It was a Saturday and crowded, so I knew people would park near me anyway, but I'd have less exposure than if I tried for a spot closer in. I went in and met my friends. We soon had a table in a section that had large booths on one side, smaller ones across the aisle. There was a man sitting in the two seater opposite me. Unusual for a single to go out on a Saturday night to a place like this, but sometimes you just want that 22 oz Porterhouse.

It turned out the man across from me was not alone, he was just waiting on his wife, who arrived about ten minutes later. She was a tall, dark haired woman of about sixty, almost black hair flowing down over her shoulders, and captivating green eyes. She might have been about 5'7", with long legs and a nice ass, what I could see of it as she sat down. She was wearing dark blue jeans, and a green western style top, under which were what appeared to be nicely shaped B cup tits.

Though I was paying attention to the conversation with my friends, I could not help but overhear the woman at the next table telling her husband about the cool van she had parked next to, and was thinking of calling the number on the "for sale" sign in the window. I leaned toward her. "Pardon me, folks, but there's no need to call. That's my van. I'll be happy to show it to you after dinner."

They introduced themselves as Fred and Alicia, and we were soon into a conversation of the features of the RV, and some of its plusses and minuses. Alicia's interest was decidedly piqued by what little she had seen from the parking lot. Fred seemed interested only to humor his wife. We were interrupted by the arrival of our dinner, and we resumed the conversations at our own tables.

My group finished up and headed out. As I left, I leaned over to Alicia and told her I was going to walk out with my friends, but I'd wait for her and Fred, and not to hurry, as I had not seen these guys for a couple of years, so we'd be a while. I said my goodbyes and went to the RV to get it neatened up a little from my travel sloppiness.

About fifteen minutes later, Alicia and Fred came up. I let them in, and gave them the 25 cent tour of the rig, showing them all the features and how things worked. Fred, who had seemed only mildly interested in the restaurant, was more intrigued now that he was seeing how much the builder had packed into a small space, and also at the quality of the finishes. It turned out he was an architect, and was admiring how the designers had utilized the limited space.

Alicia was another story. She was practically ready to move in once she saw all the cabinets, appliances, the bathroom, the leather seats, felt how good the AC was, and the surprising amount of room for what was essentially a glorified custom van. Watching her move around the van also gave me the chance to give her a good lookover. At the restaurant, I had gotten a good look at her sitting down, but only a quick, indirect glance at her ass. Now, watching her move, I could see she filled out a pair of jeans very nicely. I also wondered if she was not wearing a bra. While in the restaurant, her movement was limited, though she very obviously had a nicely shaped set of tits. Now, as she reached for overhead cabinets and leaned into lower down features, she had a definite bounce to her, and a couple of times, I thought I saw nipples poking through her green top. At one point, she reached up to open one of the overhead storage compartments, and the buttons on her shirt gapped, confirming my suspicion. I contemplated her being braless, and felt my cock harden in my shorts while trying not to appear distracted.

"If you like all that, you'll love this," I said, pressing the switch for the bed. The rear bench folded down, becoming a full width bed. I showed them the platform that was stowed in the pantry, and how it fitted into the empty space between the Ottomans, and how the cushions went on top, making it into a king bed.

Alicia was completely taken by the whole prospect. "Look, honey," she said to Fred, "This is amazing. We could go do all the traveling we planned on, and stay right here, instead of lugging our stuff in and out of hotels all the time." She went on to tell me how she had wanted to travel when she retired, and this would be great for going all the places they wanted to see. I explained how it was an ideal vehicle for two, especially if you did more travelling than camping, though it was good for that as well.

I showed them the outside features, the awning and faucets, as well as the shower, which was great for a wash off after the beach. Alicia nudged Fred. "See, when we go to Destin, we can take the kids to the beach." Fred was starting to look weary of the whole thing, though I wasn't sure if it was too much time in what had turned into a sales pitch, or just that he was getting annoyed at his wife for taking so long, though he did shake his head in agreement when Alicia mentioned Destin.

"How many kids do you have??" I asked.

"Two, a son and daughter, and five grandkids," said Alicia proudly.

"That might get a little tight if everyone is along, but just to the beach, you can make it work."

"We'd only ever have three grandkids at most. Our son lives in Houston with his two, and our daughter is in Florida with her three. So it would work out just fine."

Fred was looking like he wanted to be somewhere else, and as we finished up, he told Alicia that he was needing a rest, and he'd see her at home. They had a quick kiss, and he was off.

"I hope he didn't just leave you stranded here," I said to Alicia, only half joking.

She laughed. "No, no, we each came in our own cars. His was in for service, so I took him to get it, then we came here for dinner. I'm not stuck here."

"Good, I was hoping he didn't just ditch you."

"No, no. I still have a way home," she smiled, looking at me with her gorgeous green eyes. "So you won't have to drop me off...dammit." We both laughed. "Hey, I see the back has curtains. Does the front also have something?? Might be a bit of a show if only one end has something to block the view."

"Yeah, you'd be giving the whole campground a show," I teased Alicia. "Let me show you how they work." I went up front to pull the curtains across the front window. When I turned around, Alicia was standing in the back, her top open to reveal her perky tits, just as shapely as I had imagined, and had already unbuttoned her jeans. Our eyes met, and we just looked for a long moment. "That's quite a show you'd be giving the other campers," I said, walking toward her.

When I got to Alicia, she took my face in her hands and kissed me, hard. I pulled her to me, embracing her, getting a good squeeze on her ass, then took hold of her left breast. We broke our kiss and pulled away. She reached over and pulled my t shirt over my head, while I unzipped her jeans, revealing white lacy panties. I pulled her jeans down to her knees while she unbuttoned my shorts. She stepped out of her jeans, kicking her flats off first. I unzipped my shorts, and let go. I prefer to go without underwear most of the time, depending on what I'm wearing. Denim is pretty comfortable on my skin, so I almost never have anything under it, as Alicia now knew, now that I was standing in front of her with my hardening cock bobbing in front of me.

Alicia looked at my cock, then at me, keeping eye contact as she slowly pulled her panties down, revealing a thick, nicely trimmed, patch of dark hair between her thighs. Under it, I could see her outer labia slightly open, hinting at what lay beyond.

"Guess we're both ready for a test drive," she said. I eased her down onto the bed, kneeling in front of her. I kissed the tops of her thighs, alternating from one to the other, then kissed around the dark hair between them. I felt her legs go over my shoulders, pulling me toward her. I looked up at her, catching her eyes as I licked my lips. Without another word, I licked up the length of her furrow, flat tonguing to get both outer lips, and a taste of her inner place as well. Alicia moaned gently as I teased her clit.

Alicia's inner lips opened for me as I licked, and I gave her another flat tongue pass, again playing with her clit as I reached the top of her crease. She let out a louder moan this time, her thighs tightening around me. I took the hint that she was liking the attention, and licked her again, deeper this time, and again playing her clit with my tongue. Her hips shook, and I felt her get much wetter than she'd been a minute ago. Now I licked up and down, giving her clit a good swirl when I got to it. It didn't take three more minutes and she was thrashing about the bed as she came on my face, letting out a long cry as I sent waves of pleasure through her.

I straightened up as Alicia regained her composure, then pulled me to a standing position. She immediately took my cock in her mouth, grasping the base with her right hand. Her left went to my ass, holding me to her as she sucked hungrily. I stiffened immediately, and she didn't work on me long. She let go of my cock, stroking it as she pulled away, then let go as she lay back on the bed. She looked great, long legs, slender waist, dark bush framing open pussy, small but perky tits. Her green eyes met mine as she opened her legs a little more.

"Fuck me," she said, taking my hand and pulling me to her. I climbed up on the bed, my cock bobbing in front of me as I lowered to her. Her left hand took hold of my cock to guide me in. I felt the cool metal of her wedding set on my shaft. She put the head of my cock at her opening, and I slid in easily, slowly pushing to her depths, savoring the feel of her wet pussy as I entered.

Alicia ground up into me as my balls came to rest on her ass. I held there for a moment as we kissed. She smiled up at me. "Mmm, you feel good. I had a feeling you would when I saw you bulging your shorts out while we were looking at the RV." She kissed me again, long and deep this time. I started moving in and out of her, pulling my cock out far enough to tease her clit, still sensitive from having just been licked into a frenzy. When I'd push back in, she'd meet me with a strong thrust of her own. We were soon into a shoving match, my cock plunging deep into her, ramming her cervix; she shoving back, as if she were trying to swallow my balls with her ravenous cunt. As it was, they were slapping her ass with a good 'smack' every time I thrust into her.

The intense assault we were making on each other meant I wasn't going to last long, though it didn't seem that either of us intended for this to be a drawn out love making session. After five more minutes of us banging into each other, Alicia being overtaken by a strong orgasm in the meanwhile, I was ready.

"Gonna come, hon," I announced, looking into her eyes.

Alicia wrapped her long legs around my ass. "Give it to me, baby. Shoot your seed in me." I slowed my pace, wanting the experience to last a little longer, but the feeling of Alicia all around me, my cock slipping in and out of her orgasm slicked pussy, her bush meshing with the hair around my cock, her legs rubbing up and down on my thighs as we moved, sent me over the top. I pushed deep, Alicia pulling me in tight, and let go, shooting heavy blasts of sperm deep into her. I could feel the head of my dick at her cervix, my come splashing against it as each burst rushed from my pulsing dick. "Oh, yes, baby," Alicia said, her eyes now closed as she took in the feel of my spurting cock. She grimaced as another burst hit her. "Oh, yes, fill me. I want your come." Her voice trailed off as she went into another orgasm of her own.

I stayed on her as long as I could, enjoying the feel of my cock in her flooded pussy before it finally softening and slipping out. Alicia kissed me, and I sat up on the bed while she just lay there, smiling as she gave me a good view of her dripping cunt. "I think I can have a lot of fun with this," she said, a gleam in her eyes.

"Fred didn't seem so impressed," I said.

"He sees anything like this as something that will have to be maintained, and cost money. It's why we don't have a boat."

"I can see his point there. Everyone I know who has ever had one says it's a hole in the water you throw money into."

Alicia laughed. "True. On the other hand," she said, sitting up and cupping her tits, "wouldn't you like to see these out in the open while cruising the lake?? If it's warm enough, I'll go topless."

"I might get you a boat anyway, if you invite me up," I teased her. "You'd look hot out on Oneida Lake in just cutoffs, or a bikini bottom."

Alicia smiled. "Yeah," she said, leaning over to kiss me, "and you might get lucky. I always wanted to get laid in an RV, now I have to get it on a boat."

"I'd do you right on the deck."

Alicia looked over at me, an enigmatic smile crossing her face. "I'd let you."

"What about Fred??"

"He can watch," said Alicia, again smiling. I wondered about her. Either they had one of those open relationships, or some real kinks. Either way, I'd be happy to take her.

"Have you ever let him watch??" I asked, my curiosity now piqued.

"No," said Alicia with a laugh. "Not yet anyway."

"Does he know what you're doing out here??"

"No, or at least if he has any idea, he isn't letting on. I'm something of a free spirit, and always have been. I think he's afraid to ask any probing questions he might not want the answer to."

"I could see why. Well, if you buy this thing, you can get laid in it everywhere. Go for all of the lower 48 states, and Canada too."

"I'm seriously thinking of it. Let me work on Fred, and I'll get back to you. I have your number." She reached over and grabbed her panties, pulling them on over her long legs. I stood up, my cock still glistening with my spent come and her juices, a long drip of sperm hanging off the head. Alicia looked at it a moment. "Oh, we can't have that now," and pulled me to her, taking my cock in her mouth, eagerly licking me clean. I found my shorts and pulled them on as she did the same with her jeans and top.

"Is there any flexibility on the price??" she asked.

"I can work with you. There's not a lot of room, but I can come down a little. I mostly want to get enough to pay off the loan."

Alicia thought a moment. "Let me see what I can talk Fred into. If he thinks he's getting a deal, he might go for it."

"The sign says $69K, but I'll take 65, if that helps. Maybe walk around the house topless, see if that moves him."

Alicia laughed. "I doubt it. We've been married 36 years, and he seems to have developed some kind of a block since I turned 60."

"Sixty??" I said. "It must have been last week."

Alicia smiled and kissed me. "It was last year, and you're sweet."

"I don't have a problem with you being 60."

"So I noticed," said Alicia with a chuckle.

"You walk around topless in my house, you won't get any peace."

Alicia looked at me curiously. "Where did you live again??"

"Near Joplin, Mo," I said.

"Hmm...If we go for this, I may just have to come to your place to pick it up and test that theory."

I looked at her. "Well, you have my number. I'll be in town a couple more days, so if you want another look..."

Alicia smiled broadly, and squeezed my hand. "I'll be in touch."

"And if you do come down to Joplin to get it, you know you'll have to stay a couple of days."

Alicia laughed again. "Around your place, topless??"

"Yup. Oh, by the way, I have a pool. So bring your bikini-or maybe we'll just go skinny dipping-and something summery. It will be 90 there before long." Alicia smiled at that.

We stepped out of the RV and I walked her to her car. "Good luck with Fred," I told her.

She kissed me quickly on the lips. "You haven't heard the last of me." She handed me a business card. It showed the name of a local real estate firm, where she was an agent.

"Real estate, I see."

"Yeah. I do pretty well at it, even in this market." Alicia smiled and got in her car, a Lexus. "I'll talk to you soon." She gave me a wave as she drove off.

Alicia did call, two days later. I was just about to head west, having made all the visits I h planned. "You just caught me. I was about to get on the Thruway for Buffalo."

There was a long pause. "I'm not holding you up, am I?? I mean, if you have to go, I understand. I just wanted to take one more look."

"No," I said, "Not at all. I always plan my trips with lots of flexibility. I have a tendency to get chasing down odd things and poking into places that I happen upon, so there's always time. Where are you??"

Alicia let out a sigh, apparently relieved I was still in town and willing to see her. After our first showing, I'd stick around for a week if she wanted. "At my office in Syracuse. Are you nearby??"

"I'm over in Baldwinsville. Where to you want to meet??"

"I'd love to do lunch. I was thinking the Dinosaur."

Hmm...I like a good barbecue, and the Dinosaur is a lot of fun, besides having good food. Parking, on the other hand..."I'd love the Dinosaur. The problem is parking. It's damn near impossible. I could park at your office, maybe??"

Alicia thought a moment. "No...no that won't work. Can I pick you up??"

"Yeah, but if you're coming out here, why don't we hit the B-ville Diner. That would save you some driving around, and the food's pretty good."

"Where should I meet you??"

Where to park a small RV that needs more room than a car?? "I have an idea. How about meet me at the Wegman's on Old Oswego Rd?? Plenty of room for me to park, and easy to get to."

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