"Hush," she said tenderly and kissed him, taking hold of his cock again and starting to rub it vigorously but deliciously. "Do not say silly things. I know what I can do to you, what I have done to you. I am now your succubus. I have been in your mind. After our little chat, I understand you completely. I know your weaknesses and how to take advantage of them. I know how to turn you on, rod, whether you want to be or not. Like most human males, you have a secret desire to be bedded and dominated by a beautiful woman. With me, I will fulfill your deepest, darkest fantasy."

"No, Sabah, I don't want that!" he protested. "I won't let you ..."

"Yes, rod, domination. Enthrallment. I control your desires, can make you screw me any time I want," she smiled hungrily. "And since I have not had a man in far too many days, I want you now!" She arose from the couch in a fluid movement. "You will watch me closely while I remove my gown." She shrugged her shoulders and the jet satin flowed to the floor. Her pale flesh gleamed in the dim light. "Seeing me naked is arousing you intensely. You are becoming very excited, rod. Having intercourse with me is the capstone of the spell of enslavement. It will seal the trance that will make you mine forever."

"I won't let you do that," he objected. "I won’t!"

"Yes, you will. You will because I have used a drug on you that destroys your mind's last defenses against my control. It makes you weak and permits me to do with you as I wish. It is a powerful drug, rod, much more so than the silly potion I put in your tea. It will put you into a deep, deep sleep." She moved back to the couch and spread her legs for him.

"A drug?" Rod said skeptically, looking around for any sign of a hypodermic or pills. She could see that he was regaining some control of his speech and thoughts. Soon voluntary control of his limbs would creep back into his body, as the effects of the drugged tea faded. He was almost dangerous. Magnificent! She must act in time.

Sabah laughed. "We succubae have been using this drug to make men ours for eons. Men know and fear its power. It is a drug, which can become a habit, a drug that the man instinctively knows can make him a slave to the woman who gives it to him. You know what I mean, Rod. Why do so many men resist going down on their women? They fear the power of the drug. But when a female of my kind offers a man the potion, he cannot help taking it. YOU cannot help taking it," she said, her eyes glowing into his.

He shook his head, his eyes glazed with both lust and horror. He tried to avert his gaze, but he was powerless to prevent her from opening her sex to him. He could not avert his gaze from the wet, inviting sight. She was beginning to tease her slit. With the other hand she caressed his face, his shoulders and chest, and gently brought his face closer to her warm moist pussy. "Men allow us to drug you because you enjoy too much they way we administer it," she gloated. "Drink!"

"Sabah, stop!" he pleaded, looking up into her eyes.

"Are you sure you want me to stop?" she smiled, teasing her pussy with her supple fingers as she drew his mouth slowly closer. "We give you the drug with our pussies, rod. I secrete a mind-controlling hormone from between my legs. Drink it, rod. It will be absorbed by your mouth when you eat me. It goes into your blood and flows to your brain. It will make you my slave. Don't make me stop, rod. You will love the way I drug you. You will come back to me for it often. You will have to keep coming back to me again and again for additional doses."

Amazingly his head moved no closer. He was struggling to break free. Sabah had never seen such force of will. It frightened her and excited her as she had never felt. She MUST have him!

"Look at my breasts!" Her tone changed as she changed the subject, confusing him further. "I want you to kiss my tits." She leaned closer, flaunting her bosom inches from his face, bringing her nipples, so proudly erect, close to his lips. "Kiss them," she coaxed. "Lick them. Suck on them."

The languor which arose from her hand stroking his prick had spread through his body and mind, making further resistance unthinkable. She slipped one hand to the back of his neck and drew his face to her bosom. He moaned as his face sank into her voluptuous breasts. His obedient mouth found her nipple.

Now he was hers! She had rubbed her breasts with the philters and tranquilizing herbs. He was sinking quickly, his resistance gone. "Ah...that is so nice," the seductress sighed, her voice deepening with hunger and lust. "You do that very well, as I knew you would. I will teach you a thousand ways to please me. You are going to be a wonderful slave," she sighed as she pushed his head downward and released it. He needed no further guidance. His own fantasies took over as he fell to worshiping her pussy.

Sabah did not have long to wait until Rod's tongue and lips found her secret self. Aroused for hours, she came quickly and filled his mouth with her cum. He licked every drop, but he didn't stop! Even with her control, she had never been able to get Charles to do this. Rod was loving her sex with an enthusiasm Sabah had never experienced. Though she didn't think it possible, Rod brought her to a second and a third orgasm. She closed her eyes and let the waves of pleasure flood over her. Could he be the one?

At last her breathing returned to normal and she moved to straddle his hips. She took his face in her hands and spoke. "Tonight, darling, it is not just to feed on your energy, you know, nor even just to enslave you. I also have a woman's needs, too." she guided his penis between her vaginal lips. "You have come very far, and done very well. Please me once again and I will give you the reward I have made you long for."

With a complex flexing of her lower abdominal muscles, her nether lips reached out and sucked his cock inside her. "Best of all," she continued, leading his mind to be enveloped by hers as his manhood was swallowed within her body, "You do not have to do a thing. Just lie back, my darling, and let me work my will. Feel my pussy close around your cock. Feel it riding up and down the shaft of your manhood. You like this, don't you? Up ... and down, taking you deeper and deeper into me each time. From now on, I will take charge of your sex life and make you love it. It is so easy, rod. You love the way I fuck you. My pussy goes up ... and down ... up ... and down ... deeper and deeper. ... It is so relaxing, rod. You are going to close your eyes and surrender to the pleasure I am giving you. Close your eyes and let me fuck you...fuck you..."

"No, Sabah," he protested with the last of his strength and will. He was drunk on her love juices, almost overwhelmed by the sensual pleasure of her pussy around his cock, she saw, but that strength of character she had seen in him from the first instant rose up to defend his autonomy from her soft assault. How marvelous to find prey worthy of her powers and skills. She beamed down at him with admiration, as she continued to rock him into submission. He looked directly at her, and accused, "You ... can't ... hypnotize ... me!"

"But I can, rod. I am strengthening the hypnotic control I already have. You started going under when you first saw me. You drifted into a medium trance while we were talking as you drank my tea, right after you came in. Post-hypnotic suggestion left you weak and easy to arouse sexually. Now you are going under my spell again, deeply. Each time I fuck you, it will get easier to take you under my control, the control you will come to crave. Now be still and let me continue."

"No," he moaned vainly.

"Yes, rod. This feels too good to resist. You are getting so weak, my darling, and it feels so good to sink into my power. You are so drowsy, angel. You are struggling so hard to stay awake, my sweet. It's so tiring. Don't fight it, love. Close your eyes, my darling, and let me fuck you. Won't it be wonderful to fall asleep in my arms, rod? Let me put you into a deep sleep and when you awake you will be my happy sex slave. You'll no longer remember your former life. You will not need to think about anything but pleasing me. Serving me, feeding me, pleasing me will be your whole life, rod. I demand your all, rod, but the rewards are great."

She watched her words defeat him. She smiled as his eyes reluctantly closed and the determined expression on his face faded.

"Now relax completely, my sweet, while my cunt goes up and down on your cock and puts you to sleep ... up ... and down ... fucks you ... up ... and down .... Putting you to sleep ... up ... and down ... deeper ... up ... and down ... puts you to sleep ... fucks you to sleep ... fucks you ... to sleep.." Her voice became softer and her movements accelerated as she rode him towards orgasm.

"Now, my precious! Now!" He came at her command and she reached out with the immaterial part of herself, her own approaching orgasm enveloping and absorbing his sexual energy, feeding on it, as her body fed on his cum. Only when she felt him slacken and fall limp did she allow a her own fourth climax to wash over her.

She lay next to him for long delicious minutes as she felt the ebb of power from his body to hers, re-energizing her, nourishing her, rejuvenating her. Then, sated for a time, she looked down on the young man lying beneath her. Drained now, sleeping so peacefully, so profoundly. He was hers now, but what a possession! Surprisingly, she found she actually felt strong affection for him. He was innocent yet strong. He would serve her well for many years. The service would take its toll, of course, but with proper care, for many years just the same. She had never been particularly good at caring for her men. But this one seemed special. She would see that the years would be happy ones, filled with pleasure. Pleasure in serving her.

Perhaps, even ... it was too soon to think about that yet, even she could not know when the time would come, ... perhaps he would be the one chosen to give her the long-desired daughter. Perhaps he already had, she thought as she snuggled against his hard young body and joined him in sleep.

The End?

No. The story continues in "Sabah and Rod."

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