tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Cougar Stalks Her Prey

The Cougar Stalks Her Prey


So it all started 2 years ago right after my wife Sara and I got married. At the time I was 24, I'd say I'm a pretty good looking guy, better than average anyways, though I never had much luck with the ladies. Sara was actually the only girl I had ever even slept with. From the moment we met there was an undeniable chemistry between us, and it didn't take long until we were dating, and soon enough married. Sara has blonde hair, she's 5'7, about 115 lbs. She's definitely a pretty girl, and I loved seeing her everyday. She has great legs, and a sexy ass, but very small breasts. I have always loved large breasts since I was younger, though it was easy to overlook this because I cared so very very much for her. In the years we had been together I could count on one hand the number of times we had gotten into a fight with one another, we just got along great.

After we had gotten married we bought a fairly nice house in a quiet upper middle class neighborhood. It was easily affordable for us as we both had good jobs that paid well. As we pulled into the driveway of our new house I noticed our next door neighbor watching us from her garage, I don't think Sara noticed her at the time, but I certainly did. She was gorgeous was my first thought. She had long dark brown hair, an extremely pretty face, an incredible body, which was shown off by her less than conservative choice of clothing, and to top it off she had a pair of very large, very firm looking breasts that were pushed up and together and were impossible not to look at. I remember thinking Sara is going to hate her, mainly because of her very slutty appearance, and obvious sexuality. She continued to stare at us, as I did her, I figured it was just curiosity on her part seeing as we were going to be next door neighbors. But I would have sworn that as I put the car in park she winked at me, and then went inside her garage closing the door.

Sara and I proceeded to begin the unpleasant process of unloading the moving van and moving our belongings into the house. We had both still lived at home prior to this so we didn't have that much to move, and we were done in just a couple hours, we then went about the process of unpacking everything in the house and arranging it. As I was upstairs setting up our bed, I heard the doorbell ring. Sara called out that she would get it, and I heard her head for the door. I could hear her say hello, and then recognized another woman's voice talking to her. I figured it was our new busty neighbor and immediately the image of her standing there giving me a wink returned to my head, and I have to be honest, just the thought of it turned me on a bit. I had always been a very faithful man, like I said Sara was the only girl I'd ever slept with, so I felt kind of guilty for being turned on by another woman. I found myself smiling and wondering what Sara would think of this lady, and the conversation we would have after she left. To my surprise I heard a fair bit of laughter between the 2. I was shocked, normally Sara would not take too kindly to a woman who looked like that. I decided to continue setting up the bed and ignore our guest. The laughter continued for another 10 minutes or so before I heard Sara saying goodbye and the door closing. Sara came upstairs and told me that was our neighbor, when I inquired from which side of the house, she confirmed my suspicions that it was our attractive neighbor, who I now found out was named Veronica. I expected Sara to make some sort of comment regarding her appearance, but instead Sara began raving about how nice she was, and funny too. I was shocked, I fully expected her to have a negative reaction to such a sexually appealing lady, but it almost seemed as though Sara had a little girl crush on her, she must have talked about her for a solid 5 minutes. I learned Veronica was divorced with no kids and in her late 30's.

A few days went by and Sara and I had begun to settle into our new surroundings. We were particularly enjoying the ability to have sex as loud as we wanted, wherever we wanted, which was certainly a nice change from living with our parents. Sara and I were getting set to watch a movie together when the doorbell rang.

"Oh shit! I forgot to tell you I invited Veronica over to watch the movie with us." Sara informed me a little later than I would have preferred.

I was disappointed to say the least as normally when we watch a movie we pay much more attention to one another than the movie itself, which would probably be inappropriate behavior with a guest over. Sara opened the door and invited Veronica into the house. As I looked over I saw that Veronica was dressed more conservatively than the first and only time I had seen her. She had on a tight sweater which hugged her every curve, and did little to hide her large firm breasts, which still sat high and looked fantastic. She had on some lululemon yoga pants that sat tight against her legs and butt, and as she turned I couldn't help but notice that she had a perfect butt. This may not sound like a conservative outfit, but compared to her attire the first time I saw her, it was.

"Todd, this is our neighbor Veronica, this is my husband Todd." Sara introduced us.

I stood and shook Veronica's hand.

"Nice to meet you Veronica," I said trying to keep eye contact and not look at her incredible body.

"Nice to meet you too Todd." Veronica took my extended hand and shook it.

I was immediately struck by how soft her skin was on her hands, and as I tried to keep my eyes on hers, I noticed they were as beautiful as everything else about this lady, they were vibrant green and seemed to be almost hypnotizing. As our hands broke away from one another, again I saw Veronica give me a little wink, this time I was sure of it. Afterward she got a slightly mischievous smile on her face. Was this incredibly sexy lady flirting with me?! It didn't seem possible, or likely, so I just brushed it off, though I certainly didn't forget about it. The image of her winking and giving me that little half smile was burned into my mind, and I was having trouble getting rid of it. As I returned to my seat in preparation for the movie, I decided to sit on the end of the couch, as we only had the one couch that could seat 3 people, I assumed Sara would sit in the middle next to me, but before she could Veronica promptly took the seat next to me, leaving her in between myself and Sara. Veronica began very casual small talk with me, which she was quite good at, I found myself very at ease talking to her, and enjoying it. I could see why Sara had become so taken with her, she was certainly good with people. As all the lights were turned off, the 3 of us settled in for the movie. I found myself wishing Sara had been next to me as I wanted to touch her, and hold her as I normally did during a movie. I had to keep stopping myself from reaching over and touching Veronica out of habit. As we were nearing the end of the movie, I noticed that Veronica and I had seemed to end up closer to one another than when the movie began. The side of her leg was rested firmly against the side of mine, when I felt her hand land on my thigh. At first I wasn't sure what to do, I shifted my weight to move away from Veronica. As I did, she noticed where her hand was and quickly apologized. The movie ended without incident after that. We said our goodbyes to Veronica, and as soon as she was out the door, Sara jumped me.

She put her arms around my neck, and wrapped her legs around my waist. I instinctively grabbed her ass to support her, and she shoved her tongue into my mouth with a fair bit of force. It seemed she missed our usual physical contact during the movie too. I carried Sara up to the bedroom as quickly as I could. The sex was good, as it always was with Sara, as I said we had great chemistry. Suddenly the image of Veronica winking and smiling at me popped into my head, and that was enough to put me over the edge, I came hard, the whole time unable to shake the image of my busty neighbor from my brain. I immediately felt guilty. As we caught our breath I briefly considered telling Sara about the wink, and Veronica's hand on my leg, but thought bringing up another woman immediately after having sex was probably a bad idea. Besides for all I knew the hand was an accident.

We had been in our new house for a little over a week, and Sara wanted to throw a house warming party. I was in agreement, as many of our friends wanted to see our new house. We decided the coming weekend was as good a time as any, and we each went about calling our friends and making invitations. Given her affinity for our new neighbor it shouldn't have surprised me that Sara invited Veronica to come. I didn't find this out until I saw Veronica in her backyard the next day.

I stepped out into the backyard, I had an early day at work, and Sara wouldn't be home for a couple hours, so I decided to relax outside and get some sun. As I laid in my chair with my eyes closed, I heard a familiar beautiful voice,

"Wow, nice view!"

I opened my eyes to see Veronica looking over her fence at me.

"You look really hot!" She complimented me. I couldn't believe I was hearing these words from her.

"Thanks." I said not exactly sure how to respond to her compliment.

"No, I mean you look hot, why don't you come over and have a dip in my pool with me." Veronica suggested, slightly laughing at my response.

I felt embarrassed by my presumption, and I was fairly sure I was blushing a bit. My embarrassment was overriding my better judgment to think that getting into a swimming pool with my extremely attractive female neighbor might be a bad idea. But I was hot, and decided to accept her invitation. I opened the gate to my yard and stepped through, the gate to Veronica's yard was right next to ours, and she opened it greeting me. I couldn't help but look at her flawless body. She was wearing a very small 2 piece black bikini, that perfectly complimented her long legs, her incredible ass. Her bikini top was barely containing her large firm tits, they seemed like they might pop out at any moment and a part of me was wishing they would. It was probably a good thing I was wearing sunglasses and Veronica couldn't see my wandering eyes. Though she seemed to notice anyways, as she shifted her hips to the side and put her hand on her waist, looking undeniably sexy as hell.

"What do you think of my new swimsuit?" Veronica asked

As she did she slid her sunglasses down just below her eyes, and bit her lip just a little. I felt a stirring in my shorts which I tried not to pay too much attention to, hoping Veronica wouldn't notice.

"You look great." I tried to say as casually as possible.

"Thanks, does my butt look good in it?" As she asked this she turned her already swayed hips to the side and stopped, then turned with her ass pointing out at me. She looked at me over her shoulder and again pulled her sunglasses down below her eyes, bit her lip a little, smiled, and winked at me. She completed her full turn and giggled a little. I was unsure how to respond to this, but figured I might as well be honest.

"It looks amazing, honestly really good." I managed to spit out, again trying to be casual.

Veronica smiled in approval of my response and invited me into the yard. As I followed her towards the pool my eyes were firmly fixed on her ass, and she seemed to be swaying it as she walked a little more than would happen without putting some effort into it. My suspicion seemed to be confirmed when she turned her head back to look at me with a little smile on her face. Any thought that this girl was flirting with me should have been enough for me to employ some common sense and turn around and go straight back into my house. But there isn't a heterosexual man alive who could have stopped following this girl at this point in time. She walked towards her diving board and moved to the end of it.

"Okay, you have to watch me dive and give me a score out of 10." Veronica instructed me.

"Fair enough, let's see what you've got." I playfully challenged her.

"You wanna see what I've got do you?" Veronica threw her sunglasses onto a nearby chair and smiled that mischievous smile at me.

"Yeah, let's see your diving skills." I replied trying to ignore the sexual tension that seemed to be growing between us.

Veronica bent over from the waist down and touched her toes. Her perfect ass was pointing straight up and I was mesmerized by it. She bounced once then suddenly launched off the board, she grabbed her legs flat against her and did a backflip, entering the water with barely a splash. I was amazed, it was a dive worthy of a professional. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that a girl with a body like that would have some athletic ability. Veronica emerged from under the water and pulled her hair back out of her face. This only further emphasized how beautiful her hair and face were, seeing it soaked back and shining in the sunlight.

"Wow! That was incredible, easily a 9.5." and I wasn't kidding about my judgment.

"Thanks sweetheart! Now it's your turn, you show me what YOU'VE got." Veronica giggled a little.

"I'm not much of a diver, there's no way I can follow that!" I was only being honest.

"Well you have to at least try." Veronica sounded a little bit demanding while she said this.

My wallet cell phone and house keys were in my pockets so I started to take them out to set them on a chair by the pool.

"Just take off your shorts, you've got underwear on don't you?" Veronica asked somewhat playfully.

I didn't respond, I had on boxer shorts, so I figured Veronica was right, and I slid off my shorts. As I stood in my underwear Veronica whistled at me a little then giggled again. I moved to the end of the diving board. I knew I wasn't gonna try to do a flip like Veronica had, but I could at least attempt a good clean dive. I bounced on the board then launched into the air, I managed to straighten out and actually entered the water pretty cleanly. As I emerged from underwater I heard Veronica giggling.

"Not bad, but a 6 at best." Veronica said, still giggling.

"Why are you laughing at me?" I asked without any real concern for the reason.

Veronica just smiled at me and held up my underwear, which had apparently slid right off as I dove into the pool. I now realized I was completely naked in my neighbors pool. I was a little embarrassed to say the least, and reached out my hand asking Veronica to throw them to me. She just smiled at me and shook her head no.

"Sorry, you lost the diving contest, if you want these back you have to do what I say." Veronica's sexy mischievous smile was back in full force.

Feeling quite vulnerable I swam towards Veronica to take back my underwear, but she quickly swam away from me, this girl was in good shape. I tried again, but again she easily got away from me, she was a much stronger swimmer than I was. She giggled again, enjoying her new game.

"Can I please have my underwear back?" I asked, the frustration in my voice was fairly easy to notice.

"Nope, not until you do something for me, because I won." Veronica was clearly having fun.

"Okay, what do I need to do?" I asked, my mood lightening a bit I decided to humor her.

"Put your back against the wall of the pool, and close your eyes, and do not open them!" Veronica commanded with some authority.

"Okay." I complied with her demand and closed my eyes.

"DON'T open them." Veronica warned.

I heard Veronica start swimming it sounded like towards me and I opened my eyes on instinct.

"Hey!! No opening your eyes! Do that again and I'll be going inside with your underwear and you can go back home without them!" Veronica's tone led me to believe she would definitely follow through with this threat.

I closed my eyes again, and heard Veronica start to approach me again. I felt the water ripple as she moved ever closer to me. As she got fairly close I could smell her, and she smelled really good. I suddenly realized that at this distance she could definitely get a good look at my naked body, but I didn't dare open my eyes.

"Okay, open them." Veronica instructed.

As I opened my eyes, I saw Veronica's face right in front of mine, no more than 6 inches away. She had a big smile on her gorgeous face. My eyes wandered down to her body when I suddenly realized she had taken off her bikini and was naked too. My eyes locked on her large firm breasts, they sat just as high and firm without the support of a bra or bikini top. They were the sexiest tits I had ever seen, and I'm sure my eyes bulged a little upon realizing she was naked and seeing her flawless breasts. Of their own accord my eyes continued down her body realizing she had removed her bikini bottom as well and was completely naked, and I could tell completely shaven, except a little landing strip of brown pubic hair. My eyes returned to her face and she was still beaming her large smile at me. Both of her hands were resting on the edge of the pool around my shoulders, but not touching me. I was literally trapped between the pool wall, and my gorgeous naked neighbor.

"Holy shit! What are you doing?!" I asked, somewhat bewildered, somewhat panicked.

"I want my reward for winning the diving contest." Her smile never leaving her face as she said this.

"And what might that be?" I was a little worried at what her response would be.

"A kiss." Veronica said and gave me what I now deemed her signature wink.

"You're kidding right?" I asked, hoping that this was all a big joke on her part.

"Not in the least, I want a kiss, I beat you fair and square. Kiss me and you can have your underwear back." I could now tell she was completely serious.

"I really can't do that, you're our neighbor, you're friends with my wife!" I couldn't believe this was happening.

"Ohhhh, just one kiss. Nobody will ever know, don't be scared." I was now very aware that I was hard as a rock, and was hoping Veronica wouldn't look down and find out.

I realized my best course of action was to give her what she wanted and get out of here. I leaned in and gave her a quick little peck on the lips, then reached for my underwear. Veronica held them back out of my reach.

"No way! You call that a kiss?! It's gotta be at least 10 seconds long, and with some tongue!" Veronica's smile regained is mischievous quality.

"That's not gonna happen, just give me back my underwear please!" I again reached for them.

Veronica backed away, keeping them out of my reach. To stop her from swimming away, I reached out and wrapped my arm around her torso. Even underwater, every inch of her skin felt perfectly soft.

"YES! That's it baby!" Veronica said.

As she did she pressed her body tight against mine, wrapped her arms around my neck, and her legs around my waist. I could feel her perfect tits pressed firmly against my chest, and her landing strip against my stomach. Worst of all, my hard cock was now upright with the shaft resting against her pussy lips. She definitely knew I was hard now. Before I could react to any of this, she shoved her tongue into my mouth violently. I was overwhelmed, I tried reaching behind my head for my underwear, but anticipating this Veronica threw them backwards over her head. I heard the wet underwear land somewhere outside of the pool. She moved her arm back tight around my neck, and continued to invade my mouth with her tongue. For a moment I lost myself in the incredible feeling provided by this goddess of a woman, and I started to kiss her back. My tongue started to massage hers. Veronica immediately moaned her approval, which only turned me on more hearing her. I started to kiss her even harder. Veronica started to shift her hips from side to side, grinding her pussy lips against my hard straining cock. Suddenly my sense returned to me and I broke our passionate kiss, pulling my head away from Veronica, but she held her body tight against mine.

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