tagInterracial LoveSabella & Malcolm Ch. 13

Sabella & Malcolm Ch. 13


Hello, fellow members. I know it's been awhile, since I've updated any of my stories, and I'm sorry about that, but I haven't been slacking. I have a good excuse. I'm in the process of editing, updating and extending a book that's I'm going to publish, and it has taken all my attention. This story is being updated because Sabella and Malcolm got up in my face and demanded my attention (these two can be such spoil brats sometimes). So here for your enjoyment is Chapter 13, please read, comment, vote and enjoy. Oh, and please over look my mistakes. I'm trying to get better, but I don't always succeed.

Sabella stood in Malcolm's living room, holding the phone up to her ear listening as Carolyn spoke.

"I was hoping you would answer the phone," Carolyn said the tone of her vice sending a chill through Sabella.

"What do you want?" Sabella asked knowing that whatever this heifer wanted to say wouldn't bode well for her or the twins.

"I just wanted to let you know that Malcolm is on his way home with some news for you," Carolyn said wishing she was talking face to face with RaeLynn (Sabella) so that she could see the look on her face when she told her about her and Malcolm getting married. "Actually what he has to tell you is going to affect you and the twins."

"Thank you for calling," Sabella said about to hang up the phone because she didn't want to hear anything Carolyn had to say to her.

"Don't hang up," Carolyn said. "Because I don't trust Malcolm to come right out and tell you our news, I'm going to tell you myself."

"Okay," Sabella said anxious to get off the phone.

The calmness of Sabella's voice irked Carolyn.

"Malcolm and I are getting married," Carolyn said waiting to hear Sabella's reaction.

Sabella's reaction wasn't what she expected. Instead of getting angry and calling Carolyn a liar, Sabella started laughing uncontrollably.

"Stop it," Carolyn said her temper rising. "Stop, laughing right now!"

"I'm sorry," Sabella said, "but you can't call, here say something that outrageous and funny and not expect me to laugh. There's no way in the world Malcolm would marry you."

Sabella threw her head back as another bout of laughter rose up through her chest, out her mouth.

"Oh, he's going to marry me," Carolyn said. "He'll marry me or he goes to jail."

That statement got Sabella's attention and she was no longer laughing.

"Why would Malcolm be sent to jail?" she asked.

"For raping me," Carolyn replied, "when I came over to his house for a visit."

"You lying bit..," Sabella said stopping herself before she called Carolyn a female dog. "How can you fix your mouth to tell such a disgusting lie?"

"I'm not lying," Carolyn said innocently. "At least that's what I'm going to tell the Sheriff. I'm sure he'll believe me, especially with my father backing me up by telling him how distraught I was when Malcolm brought me home."

"You're forgetting that Mabel and I were here when you came over to Malcolm's house," Sabella said.

"We can tell the Sheriff how you showed up over here drunk, naked and screaming about how much you love Malcolm."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Carolyn said the sugary sweetness seeping through her voice making Sabella want to pull her through the phone and beat the hell out of her. "I haven't been drinking, which my father can attest to and as far as you and Mabel being witnesses, I'm afraid Mabel's word isn't going to carry too much weight, not when everyone knows that she loves Malcolm like a son, and if she thought that it would help him get out of trouble that she would lie for him. And, as for you, RaeLynn (Sabella), you have to know that no one would take the word of, you, a colored woman over me, a white woman."

Sabella couldn't argue neither point because Carolyn was right on both points. No one would believe Mabel because of her close relationship with Malcolm, and they wouldn't believe her because of the color of her skin.

Carolyn had Malcolm right where she wanted him, because of the sensibilities of the time, he had no way out. The only choice he had was to marry the bitch, if he wanted to stay out of jail.

"I've given Malcolm two weeks to make up his mind," Carolyn said snidely to Sabella. "But, he really has no choice, I know he's going to fight me to the end, but eventually he'll see that marrying me is the only choice he has. He'll make that choice a lot sooner if you and those babies aren't around."

"Why would you want to be married to a man who doesn't want you?" Sabella asked.

"How do you know that Malcolm doesn't want me?" Carolyn said her voice filled with anger. "Who, the hell are you to make such a statement? I didn't call you to discuss Malcolm's feelings for me. I called you to tell you that Malcolm is going to jail if he and I aren't married with the next two weeks. As, I said before he'll make his decision a lot quicker if you and those brats aren't around to get in our way. I suggest for your own good and for the good, of those two little pick-a-nannies that you take them and get out of town. If you don't you'll, wound up in jail too and there's no telling what'll happen to the brats."

"Why are you..."

"No, more questions, you stupid nigger!" Carolyn shouted. "I want you and those brats out of my house!"

The sound of Carolyn slamming the phone down ending their conversation was the last sound Sabella heard.

'The woman is crazy,' Sabella said to herself putting the phone down and making her way over too the twins sleeping in their cribs in the living room.

She looked down at the sleeping babies thinking that Carolyn might be crazy, but she was right, she and the twins had to leave.

Sabella went upstairs to gather her things and whatever the twins would need and prepared to leave Malcolm's house.


"Do you think she'll leave?" Carolyn's father asked her.

Carolyn turned to face her father. "Of course she's going to leave," she said chuckling, "she wants to keep those babies safe, and she doesn't want Malcolm to go to jail."

"Why did you give Malcolm two weeks to make up his mind?" her father asked.

"I want a wedding," Carolyn replied. "It won't be as grand as I want, but two weeks should be enough time to put together a small ceremony and a decent reception."

"Why don't you and Malcolm elope?"

"Because I want pictures," Carolyn said, "and I want all the nay-sayers in this town who said Malcolm would never marry me to be there, all of them eating crow, choking on their own words."

"I won't be home for dinner," Ed said. "I have some things to handle, and I won't be home until late tonight."

"Alright," Carolyn replied. "I'm going to start making arrangements for my wedding. It's going to be the surprise event of the year."


Ed made his way over to Mayor Jones' home confident he would welcome the news that he had to tell him. He wondered how many apologies he would get when everyone heard how Carolyn had helped solve their problem with Malcolm.

Ed's chest puffed up with pride when he thought of the way his daughter had unknowingly solved his and his fellow Klan members problem without even knowing it, removing the hold Malcolm had on them for over twenty years.

Mayor Jones was standing on his front porch when Ed pulled into his driveway. He watched Ed get out of car and walk towards him with a great big smile on his face that sent a sense of dread through him.

"Hello, Ed," Mayor Jones said.

"We need to talk," Ed said ignoring the Mayor's greeting.

"About?" the Mayor asked arching an eyebrow.

"Malcolm," Ed replied.

"What about him?" the Mayor asked sitting up straight.

"He's no longer a threat to us," Ed replied, a big smile on his face, "and we have my daughter to thank for it."

"What has Carolyn done now?" Mayor Jones asked Ed, his sense of dread rising and making its way down his spine, sending a cold chill through his body.

"Wait until you hear this," Ed said the stupid smile on his face growing bigger.

Ed told the Mayor everything that had happened and the Mayor's reaction wasn't what he expected. Instead of being happy and thanking Ed for what Carolyn had done Mayor Jones face grew redder and redder by the minute.

Ed stepped back as Mayor Jones began clenching and unclenching his hands because he knew that it meant he'd angered the Mayor to the point that he might punch him in the face.

"Don't you see?" Ed said trying to get the Mayor to see the benefit of what Carolyn had done. "We have the upper hand now. Malcolm is no longer a threat to us. If he threatens us again, we can threaten to have him locked up for raping Carolyn."

Mayor Jones closed his eyes trying to get control of his temper and not smack the hell out of the fool standing in front of him. "Do you believe that Malcolm raped your daughter?" he asked the calmness of his voice unnerving Ed.

"Of course I believe it," Ed replied with as much confidence as he could muster.

Mayor Jones responded to Ed's answer with a look on his face that demanded that Ed tell him the truth.

"It's not about what I believe," Ed said caving in, "all that matters, is what Carolyn says, and she says that Malcolm raped her.

"You're an idiot Ed," Mayor Jones replied. "Nobody in Culbert County is going to believe that Malcolm raped Carolyn. Hell, nobody two counties over would believe that Malcolm raped her. Not, when everybody within a hundred miles of Culbert County knows that your daughter has been after Malcolm for years trying to get him to either marry her or fall into her bed. The question on everybody's mind is going to be, why would he rape her when she's been itching to give herself to him?"

"Are you calling my, daughter a liar?" Ed asked.

"No, Ed," Mayor Jones said. "I'm asking you why would Malcolm have to take something that Carolyn has been waving under his nose every time she sees him. I'm saying that no one is going to believe that Malcolm raped Carolyn and, even if anyone believed that stupid story it's not going to help our situation with Malcolm."

"Yes, it will," Ed said. "The threat of going to jail will keep Malcolm in line."

"That threat only works for two weeks, Ed," Mayor Jones said. "It disappears after Malcolm and Carolyn are married, because Carolyn will be his wife and in the eyes of the law a husband can't rape his wife. He doesn't have to take what legally belongs to him."

The color drained from Ed's face when he realized the Mayor was right, after Malcolm married Carolyn the threat of going to jail would be useless. Ed hadn't thought of that. He now realized that Carolyn, might've ruined things for everyone, instead of making them better.

"I hope that stupid daughter of yours isn't planning on a big wedding because it's not going to happen," Mayor Jones said as he made his way into his house.

"What're you going to do?" Ed asked following the Mayor into his house.

"I'm going to call the others," Mayor Jones said.

"We've got to do something about this."

"You're not going to hurt Carolyn," Ed said his tone threatening.

"I'm not making any promises," Mayor Jones said, "she might become collateral damage, this is her fault."


After making sure she had everything she and the twins might need Sabella went back into the house to get the twins.

Solomon and Serena were sitting on the couch in their baby seats. Sabella picked up both seats and carried them out to the car. She knew they weren't in the safest thing for them to travel in, but it was all she had.

"Alright guys," Sabella said adjusting the twins seats making sure they were strapped in as secure as she could make it. "We're on our way. I don't know where we're going, but we can't stay here, not with that crazy bitch running around. I left Malcolm a note. I know he's going to be angry, but we have no choice, and he'll just have to understand."

Sabella closed and locked the rear passenger door, then she opened the front driver side door and slid behind the wheel. After adjusting the rear view mirror so that she could see the twins in the back seat, she stuck the keys into the ignition, started her Hummer. She smiled grateful it started right up since it had been a while, since she'd driven it.

Sabella had made it halfway down the driveway when Malcolm's pickup truck pulled into the driveway blocking her path.

For a few seconds Malcolm and Sabella stared at each other neither of them making a move to exit their vehicles.

"What is that thing she's sitting in?" Mable asked staring at the Hummer.

"Don't move this truck," Malcolm said ignoring her question as he opened the passenger door of his truck and exited it. "No, matter what happens, do not move this truck."

"Okay," Mabel said still staring at the Hummer.

Malcolm, slowly moved towards the front of his pickup. When he reached the front he stopped, folded his arms across his chest all the while his eyes were trained on Sabella.

The look in Malcolm's eyes told Sabella that he was angry and that she was in serious trouble.

"Turn off the engine, Sabella," Malcolm said his calm voice laden with anger and his nostrils flaring, "turn it off now."

Sabella was about to say something but Malcolm spoke before she could respond.

"I don't want to hear anything but that engine being shutdown," Malcolm said his voice calm as the first time he spoke.

"We have to leave," Sabella said after she lowered the driver's side window. "Carolyn called, she told me what she did."

"Turn the engine off and get out of that damn thing right now," Malcolm demanded completely ignoring what Sabella said about Carolyn calling.

Sabella was tempted to go around Malcolm and drive through his fence. She knew she could do it with her Hummer and there would be little to no damage to her baby, but because she had the twins in the car, and she wasn't willing to risk them being hurt.

"Malcolm, you have to let us leave," Sabella pleaded hoping that he would listen to her. "If we stay here the twins, and I will be in danger. There's no telling what Carolyn will do if you don't do what she wants."

Instead of responding to what Sabella said Malcolm walked up to the driver's side of the Hummer, reached inside and took hold of the key, turned off the engine and removed it from the ignition.

"You're not leaving me or the Double M," Malcolm said as he opened the driver's side door. "Get out."


"Now!" Malcolm bellowed.

Sabella let out a sigh and exited the Hummer.

As Sabella got out of the Hummer Mabel exited Malcolm's truck.

"What is that?" Mable asked as she walked towards the Hummer.

"That's what I want to know," the Sheriff said walking up Malcolm's drive way towards Malcolm, Sabella and Mabel. "what is that and where did it come from?"

"Get off my property," Malcolm ordered blocking the Sheriff's path so that he could advance no further.

"Why was that girl sitting in that thing?" Sheriff Jenkins asked ignoring Malcolm's demand that he, get off his property.

"Get off my property," Malcolm demanded again. "Whatever's going on, here isn't illegal, and it's none of your business."

"If she's trying to steal that contraction, what she's doing is illegal," Sheriff Jenkins shot back, "and I'm making it my business."

"No, one here reported anything stolen," Malcolm said, "and in order for there to be a crime someone has to make an accusation and since that hasn't happened you have no legal reason to be here. So, I'm telling you once again to get off my property."

If knowing the law was all Malcolm had, going for him, there was no way Sheriff Jenkins would've backed down. Hell, he wouldn't have backed down if Malcolm only had his Uncle backing him up, but taking on Malcolm meant taking on more than his Uncle. It meant him taking on people who could cause him a whole lot of problems, big problems.

So, Sheriff Jenkins did what he really didn't want to do and backed down.

"This isn't over," he told Malcolm. "Something is going on here, and I'm going to find out what it is and when I do I'll be back. Then I'll be able to interrogate you, your guest, her help and there'll be nothing you can do about it."

Malcolm was about to tell Sheriff Jenkins if he came anywhere near Sabella, he would be sorry when the Sheriff's police radio went off. The dispatcher told the Sheriff that the Mayor wanted to see him right away.

"Tell him, I'm on my way," Sheriff Jenkins told the dispatcher. "This isn't over," he said to Malcolm as he got into his police car. "This is not over."

After watching the Sheriff drive away Malcolm returned his attention back to Sabella.

"Put that thing back into the garage," he ordered.

The tone of Malcolm's voice told Sabella that it wouldn't be wise for her to argue with Malcolm, so she did as he said and pulled the Hummer back into the garage.

Malcolm climbed into his truck and pulled it further up into his driveway, while Mabel went to help Sabella bring the twins back into the house.

Once they were all in the house, Malcolm asked Mabel if she would stay downstairs with the twins while he and Sabella went upstairs to talk.

"I'll watch them," Mabel said, "but I don't want you to get all up in Sabella's face over this. She was leaving because she was trying to protect you and the twins."

"Don't get all up in her face," Malcolm said surprised to hear Mabel speaking in such a manner.

"When did you start sounding like Sabella?"

"Don't change the subject," Mabel said. "Promise me you're not going to start screaming at Sabella."

"I promise you when I go upstairs I won't scream at Sabella," Malcolm said holding his hand up and displaying the sign the boy scouts used when they took the boy scout oath.

"I'll be listening," Mabel warned him as Malcolm made his way over to Sabella, took her by the hand and led her up the stairs.

When they reached the top of the stairs, Sabella tried to go to her room, but Malcolm pulled her into his bedroom.

Once they were both inside Malcolm's room, Malcolm closed the door, fell against it, pulled Sabella into his arms and brought his lips roughly down upon hers.

The kiss was so passionate and demanding it overwhelmed Sabella both mentally and physically. She felt her world beginning to spin causing her to tighten her hold on Malcolm.

As he kissed her, Malcolm slipped his hands under her shirt anxious to feel her skin under his fingertips.

Her skin was warm and soft as he expected and more. Needing to feel more of her, against him, Malcolm's hands slid down her body stopping and gripping her derrière and pressing his hardness against her core, sending a wave of passion through her body that she thought she would most surely drown in.

"Malcolm," Sabella said her words coming out strained.

Still feeling the fear that swept through his body when he pulled into his driveway and saw Sabella sitting behind the wheel of her futuristic car Malcolm was unable to respond to her calling his name. He wanted her to take the fear away, he wanted to get closer to her.


"You were going to leave me?" Malcolm asked looking Sabella in the eyes and the fear he was feeling coming through in his voice and breaking her heart.

"Carolyn called and told me what she'd done," Sabella said tears streaming down her face, "and she said if you didn't agree to marry her that she was going to accuse you of raping her. I thought it would be for the best if me and the twins left. I didn't want you to have to choose between me, the twins, or your freedom."

"I'm not going to marry Carolyn," Malcolm said, "and I'm not going to lose you or the twins."

"What're you going to do?" Sabella asked. "Carolyn has threatened to tell the Sheriff you raped her and have you put in jail if you don't marry her."

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