tagMatureSabie and Mr. Roberts Ch. 01

Sabie and Mr. Roberts Ch. 01


It was my eighteenth birthday and boy, was I glad. Maybe now people, especially my parents, would stop treating me childishly and I would be respected for the adult I now, well technically was.

After all, I'd just graduated high school in California and was due to start USC in the Fall, majoring in Spanish. I loved Spain, I had never been there but I wished I could have been born there and I was almost fluent in its beautiful language. I don't really know what sparked my interest in the culture, it was just one of the things that made me, well, me, I guess.

'Sabie, will you hurry up! We're going to be late for the party and remember, it doesn't start 'til we walk in', my best friend Donna chirped. I chuckled at her Kesha reference as I applied black eyeliner to my eyes.

See, myself and Donna, we were both born a week within of each other, the same year and everything. We grew up on the same street. You could say we were destined to become best friends really. We attended the same schools and were inseparable from the first day of kindergarten when Donna let me play with her Barbie dolls.

'I know, Don. Can't wait! Almost ready!' I was extremely anxious, in a good way though. The party started at 7pm and it was now 6:45, women.

It was starting to get a little dark outside as I glanced out the window, the sun was setting and the clouds had a pink tone to them.

Both our parents decided to host a dual birthday party since both our families were really close. We'd spend Christmas all together, even go on vacation and it was all down to mine and Donna's friendship. Donna's family were lovely.

Her mom, Mrs Roberts, always insisted on me calling her Maria, her first name, but I always thought it would be disrespectful. She was a true housewife and always inhibited that glowing, maternal look. Her body was curvaceous. She had brown eyes that had a sparkle in them and short layered blonde hair. She always made sure you were fed and was a real sweetheart. She was like a second mom to me. Donna had two siblings, an older brother called Josh and a little sister called Diana. Josh was nineteen, a musician in a rock band. He had short blonde hair, brown eyes and was quite tall, about five feet ten and was quite thin. I had a huge crush on him when I was younger. I'd follow him around Donna's house and everything. Which of course, as it stated in the best friend rule book, I would never be able to live that down for all eternity. Diana was just ten years old, she had long, wavy, blonde hair and was extremely girly, very into make up and shopping and surprisingly at her age, liked boys. I looked out for her just like an older sister would as I myself, had no siblings at all.

Her father, Eric, was a business man and was always out of the country. Her parents were quite wealthy, almost rich, due to his job. Come to think of it, I never did get to see her dad much and the times I did, he seemed like a pleasant enough guy. I could barely remember what he looked like though, it had been so long since I last saw him.

Our parents decided on having our party in Donna's house since she had a huge patio in her backyard. Which would be perfect since it was mid July. My mom is really something when it comes to parties. She sets the scene in her mind and I doubt my dad or Donna's parents were able to get a suggestion in edge ways. However, thankfully, her ideas were always pretty amazing. Donna and I weren't allowed know how the decor of the night was going to be, it was a surprise.

Donna wanted us to get ready in my house because we could arrive to the party as if we were celebrities. I smiled to myself as I thought of her ridiculousness.

Finally, I stood up from the white wooded vanity table in my room and trailed my blue eyes over my appearance in the large black mirror. I have to say, I looked damn well good, dressed in a short black mini dress which showed off my curves perfectly, finished with black stilettos, six inches of course. My caramel hair was straight, shiny and my make up was perfected. I painted my nails red for an extra touch. I wanted to look good tonight and more importantly, feel good. I was celebrating after all, celebrating becoming a woman, in the literal sense anyway.

'Looking good, Sabie!' Donna winked at me. I observed her. She was dressed in a short red dress with killer six inch black stilettos. Her make up was gorgeous and she added rose red coloured lipstick. Her brown eyes brimmed with excitement. Her red hair was in an up style with lose curls hanging from it. She looked phenomenal.

'Whoa, Donna. You look hot, babe! Danny won't know what hit him', I commented, smirking at her. We both giggled.

Danny was our good friend from high school whom she had a crush on since, well, forever. She never told him her feelings though, shame really, you only live once and all that. I encouraged her multiple times in the past but she used to say it'd be too embarrassing. I took the liberty to invite him to our party, maybe the whole party thing would boost her confidence and she'd finally make a move. 'Thank you to the moon and back for inviting him by the way. I owe you one' she said as she wrapped her arms around me in an embrace. I smiled.

'No problem angel, now let's go to the party!', I beamed at her as we grabbed our handbags and headed down my stairs where my parents where waiting in the hallway.

'Sabie, Donna, you too look beautiful', my mom grinned. She looked great, her blue eyes gleamed, her long brown hair was curled perfectly, she was wearing an emerald green dress with gold wedges. 'I can't believe you're both eighteen already, where do the years go? Eh, Lisa?', my dad, Gary said to my mom as he sighed. I have to say he looked good too, wearing a grey tuxedo and his greying brown hair was gelled a little.

'Alright, enough of the sappy', I said as I rolled my eyes. Donna laughed as the four of us headed outside to my fathers' black four wheel drive. We got in the car and drove to Donna's house.

The journey took literally ten seconds as we don't live far from Donna's house. My father got out of the drivers seat and unlocked the back door, where myself and Donna were sitting. My mom was walking up to Donna's front door. Donna and I stepped out of the car as we both thanked my dad. 'It is your special day after all, even though you're making me feel ancient', my dad mocked. Donna really was like a second daughter to him. They shared banter and he would give her advice. My mom adored her also as she practically lived at our house. The three of us laughed as he escorted the both of us up the large marble steps that lead to the front door. My mom smiled at us and tapped on the door.

Donna's house really was quite outstanding. It donned five large white victorian styled windows, consisted of three storeys and had eight bedrooms. She had a pool out her backyard and the interior of the house was beautiful. I was so glad the party was going to be here.

We heard footsteps approaching the other side of the large, mahogany door, then, it opened. I trailed my eyes hungrily over the male figure that stood before me at about six feet tall. He had black tousled hair, he was well built as you could see through the black tux he was wearing. Hmm, I wonder does that mean there's a little muscle? He had intense green eyes and he had the most handsome face I had ever seen.

My mother's voice broke me from my trance as she said some sort of greeting I didn't register due to a familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach. I think it was my stomach anyway.

'Eric, long time no see', my father said as he shook the man's hand.

'Yeah, business has been hectic these last few months, I've barely gotten two days at home. It's nice to see you guys again', he beamed. Eric? I thought to myself, no it couldn't be, he looked way too young and sexy to be Donna's father. Had he always been this hot?

Donna wrapped his arms around him as my question was answered. It was Mr. Roberts. 'Aw sweetie, you look stunning. I feel so proud right now.' He confessed to his daughter. 'Aw thank you daddy.' Donna hugged him again.

Mr. Roberts turned his head to look at me. He looked me up and down. His gaze burned into mine as we exchanged words in some sort of non verbal, enchanting way, or maybe I was just imagining things.

'Sabie, wow, you've grown up very fast. I still remember you chasing butterflies with Donna in the front yard when you were five.' I blushed and he smiled. Oh god, why did I blush?

'Well, time flies', I barely managed. I was staring at the ground trying not to succumb to his piercing stare.

'Let's all go out back shall we?' He said as he escorted his daughter. 'Let's' said my parents in unision and they both laughed.

God, why was this man having such an effect on me? Well he was kind of cu--no Sabie snap out of it! He's your best friends' father! Not to mention, a good twenty years older than you and he's freaking MARRIED! Stop this nonsense. My conscience was whacking my desire with a baseball bat.

Well, it HAD been about three months since I'd had any, I had broken up with my boyfriend Jake. Yeah that's it, just hormones. I relaxed a little and laughed to myself, as if I'm going to be attracted to a middle aged man.

Before I knew it I was standing in the backyard and the place looked amazing. There were different coloured lights hanging around the walls which made the pool's water sparkle. Tables were set out with a variety of drinks and cups, music was playing and there was tons of room to dance. I beamed. 'Mom, dad, this is nothing I ever imagined thank you', I was quite emotional at all the effort they put in and hugged the both of them.

'You're welcome honey', my mom said. 'Now, behave yourself' my dad said sternly with a hit of humour. 'Gary, leave her alone', my Mom scolded him as she dragged him over to where some of our neighbours were. 'Enjoy your night, sweetie', my mom hugged me again as they wandered away from me.

Ok, where the heck did Donna go? I thought. I looked around at the magnificent lit up party area with a puzzled look in my eyes as I tapped my finger against my cheek.

Mrs. Roberts walked up to me to greet me. 'Hello birthday girl!', she grinned.

'Donna's over at the presents, surprise, surprise.' Mrs. Roberts pointed over to a large table that was against one of the walls. I spotted Donna and she was tearing wrapping paper at the speed of a child on Christmas morning. We both giggled.

Hm, wonder where her dad went though. My conscience was retrieving that bat once again.

'The place looks amazing thank you so much for letting us have the party here.' I hugged her. 'Anything for my two girls' special day! Now I have to go see if the caterers haven't screwed up the order.' She rolled her eyes and I smiled. She walked away from me and headed indoors towards the kitchen.

I sat on one of the garden chairs and was thrilled to find a can of coke on the table. I was so thirsty, no pun intended.

I observed people conversing and dancing as I sipped on my iced glass of coke. A lot of my high school friends were there and a lot of them came over to talk. We reminisced on old times and laughed at those embarrassing memories.

One friend, Ryan, dragged me up onto the dancefloor. 'Come on, birthday girl, time to dance.' He grinned and I smiled as he wrapped his arms around my waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck as we swayed to a slow song that was playing. Ryan always had a thing for me, I always knew that. I just never felt the same. He was still always there for me though, he was a good person.

We turned into a position where I noticed my parents deep in converse with some neighbours. I smiled as I looked for Donna. I couldn't contain my excitement as I saw her dancing with Danny. She glanced right at me and I grinned like the Cheshire Cat. I was so happy for her. There seems to be something about parties that gets everyone to loosen up and grow a pair.

The song changed to something a little more faster. Instead of one, two step dancing, it turned into full on grinding. I quickly glanced to my parents who were, thankfully, oblivious and I noticed that Mrs. Roberts had joined their conversation. Knowing they weren't watching, I breathed a sigh of relief and really got into the beat of the music.

My nether regions were on fire since the encounter with Mr. Roberts so that kind of dancing was sure to cause some relief. I sighed a couple of times as it was really doing the trick.

That was, until, my gaze landed on a particular dark haired male. He was standing just inside the back patio doors and his emerald gaze burned into mine again. I felt my insides clench. I bit my lip and lolled my head back as I let the music take over my body and soul.

Once the song was over, I came back down to earth again, eventually. I looked over to where Mr. Roberts was standing. But, he was gone. I was relieved yet a part of me was slightly disappointed.

Finally, came the end of a perfect night. Guests were saying their goodbyes and finally the last of them went home. It was only myself, Donna, my mom and dad and Mr and Mrs. Roberts left. Donna's brother sang his own rendition of happy birthday to her which was awesome. Donna had tears in her eyes as her big brother sang to her. Soon after, he had to attend a gig in downtown LA. Oh, struggling musicians. Her sister, Diana, was already tucked in bed as it was almost 1am.

'So, Sabie, are you going to stay the night?' Mrs. Roberts enquired, smiling. 'Of course, I don't think I'm moving from this spot for at least another year.' I said dramatically. But in fairness, I was exausted. My feet were killing from all the dancing. 'Ok, I'll go and tidy the guest room a little.' She said, sweetly, as she said goodbye to my parents and headed inside and upstairs.

My mom handed me the spare key to our house for when I went home in the morning. 'Happy Birthday, Sabie.' She wrapped her arms around me again and said her goodbyes to Donna and her father who were sitting on the patio chairs opposite the one I was sitting on.

'See you tomorrow, Sab', my father said as he kissed my cheek and said goodbye to Donna as he hugged her. He shook hands with Mr. Roberts. Donna and Mr. Roberts said goodbye to my parents and suddenly, my parents were gone.

'Wow Sabie, I don't know about you but I for one could go for a little Dumb and Dumber right now.' Donna yawned as she said that. Dumb and Dumber was like a ritual movie for us.

'Yeah, me too, Donna.' I smiled and yawned myself. Donna's room was huge. She had a four poster bed, a large plasma screen and white fuzzy carpet.

'Ok, you go make the popcorn and I'll go and set up the movie in my room. Deal?' She said that like a bad actor playing a lawyer in a movie. I laughed at her as she held her hand out for me to shake. I shook it. 'Deal.' I said smoothly as I winked at her. We both laughed as we walked inside, she went upstairs and I headed for the kitchen.

I rooted in a large black cupboard where the popcorn always was. I took the box out and took a pack of the salted popcorn cornels out and headed toward the black microwave. I set the timer for two minutes, placed the bag inside and closed the door as I awaited the popping noise, signalling that they were ready.

I leaned my head against the white marble counter in the middle of the kitchen as I waited, pondering the nights events. Donna actually got Danny's number and he told her he'd called her. Recalling her face when she told me the good news, I smiled as I knew that would have totally made her life, well all eighteen years of it so far anyway.

I heard the bing of the microwave and took the packet of fresh popcorn out. It smelled delightful. Turning around to walk out of the kitchen and head upstaIrs I bumped into a strong, black tux clad chest. Shit.

I felt a surge of electricity as our bodies met. That never happens, to me, anyway. I'm just glad I managed to keep the bag of popcorn in my grip.

'Uhh, excuse me Mr. Roberts.' An idiot could hear the nervousness in my voice. 'Oh, I'm so very sorry, I thought you would have been upstairs by now.' He said, innocently. Then, he was smirking at me. Oh god, this was not good for my insides. I bit my lip again and his eyes shot down to my mouth. He raised his hand and dragged my lip down from my teeth. He trailed his eyes up and down from my body and he moved out of my way. 'I think your movie is ready, you should get upstairs', he said smugly. 'Goodnight, Sabie.' His voice changed from smug to that intense, sterness which made me quiver. 'Uhm, goodnight Mr. Roberts.' Damn, my voice let's me down everytime. I walked as fast as I could out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Reaching Donna's room I breathed a sigh of relief.

She was already dressed in a pair of white boy shorts and a pink tank top which she wore to bed. 'Geez, girl, what took you so long', she quizzed. I hopped on the bed kicking my shoes off. I had spare clothes here since it was practically my second home. Rummaging through the wardrobe I found a pair of black boy shorts and a red tank top. Returning to the bed I grabbed the bowl of popcorn and focused on the movie. 'Oh, you know me, I can get distracted.' I rolled my eyes at myself and she laughed. She was laughing at a part in the movie and I laughed too, just to seem like I was actually watching it. My thoughts were at a different place, with a different person and I wasn't sure what I could do about it.

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