tagBDSMSabine At School Ch. 11

Sabine At School Ch. 11


Kim and Lexi, I know that you will read this and hopefully enjoy it. I so much appreciate all your wonderful comments that you email to me, only I can't thank you, since you do it anonymously. If you can find it in your heart to email me and tell me how I can tell you that I love hearing from you, do so. If not, I understand.

Much love to each of you,


The next morning both Melanie and I were stiff and sore from carrying all our belongings up five flights of stairs. We still needed a bed for me, for appearances anyway. I was sure that I would be using it at times. It wasn't that Melanie didn't like sleeping with me, but she used making me go to my own bed alone, as a form of punishment for me. Just like the spankings and other stuff, but mental more than physical. I got up first, groaning and walked into the bathroom. I looked at that big tub and smiled. I ran hot water into it and scrubbed it out. Then I rinsed it and filled it up with water so hot it was steaming.

Then I walked back out and got Melanie to get up and led her into the bathroom. She saw the tub and smiled. I helped her in and helped her sit down, loving hearing her sigh with pleasure. I knelt at the side of the tub with a clean washcloth and began to wash her. I was gentle with her because I knew how her muscles had to feel. Mine were the same way.

"Get in with me, Sabine, please…"

"No darling, this is just for you."

I washed her all over but I didn't pay special attention to her breasts or pussy, just a clinical washing, but I was doing it for her. I did, however, kiss parts of her as I rinsed them off, just to let her know how I felt about her. I even washed her hair, loving how thick and blonde it was. When I finished with her I let her sit in the hot water to ease her muscles, still kneeling at the side of the tub, so I could watch her. Her eyes were closed and she had a small smile on her face. When the water started to cool, I helped her up and out and dried her all over, spending most of my time on my knees. I really loved doing this for her.

When she was dry, except for her hair, I drained the tub and cleaned it. Then I took a shower. Melanie wanted to give me a bath also, but I wanted it to be special, just for her, so I refused. The shower was good enough for me. Melanie was not in the bathroom. I dried off and slipped on my robe and went to the other room. Melanie was sitting on the window ledge, looking out, with a serious expression on her face and pen and paper in hand.

"Why so serious looking?"

She turned and smiled at me.

"I'm just thinking of things we need and making a list. Come over here, darling."

I walked over and she set the paper and pen down. She was in her robe also, but as I stopped next to her to look out from our tower room, she kissed my cheek and whispered softly.

"Thank you, that was so nice, Sabine."

She untied my robe and slipped it off my shoulders. It slithered down my arms and puddled on the floor behind me. Then she bent over and kissed my nipples, licking them softly. I clutched at her shoulders and closed my eyes. She kissed them lovingly and then sat back up, sighing.

"I'd lick you darling but I don't think my body could stand kneeling right now. I'm sure yours wouldn't either, even after you knelt for me at the bath. I could see you were sore. Besides we still have to get another bed in here."

"Yeah, that is going to be fun."

"Oh well, nothing good ever comes easy, does it?"

"No. Can I see the list you made?"

"No, I'll let you see the parts you can get, The parts I am going to get, you will find out about in time."

She smirked at me. She still could make my stomach lurch. It did.

"We both share in the costs, right?"

"Look, I have more money than you, Sabine. I'll pay for most of it, but you'll get to spend some of your money too. I can ask my mother for some money. She'll give it to me without questioning too much."

"Melanie, we should share all the costs."

"Don't argue with me, I don't like it."

I shut up. I didn't want to ruin a nice morning. We fiddled around, unpacking some stuff and cleaning a little. The room was fine, just had been unused for a long time and there was dust here and there, a cobweb or two. We didn't care last night, but today was different. I was still naked when the door opened and Ms. Wilson walked inside. She made me screech a little, I wasn't expecting her. Melanie looked at her.

"Can I at least ask you to knock?"

She almost frowned, but then nodded her head. She saw my robe on the floor by the window.

Sabine, please, if you are going to be naked, don't stand in the window."

"Ms. Wilson, that's part of the rush for her, having the possibility that someone might see her."

She nodded as if she understood. I wondered.

"We need to find another bed for you two. Get dressed and let's go and look up here. If I remember correctly we can find some up here and perhaps other things you could use."

Grumbling to ourselves, we got dressed. I think we both hated cheerful morning people. She was trying to be one. We trooped down the hall looking in unused rooms until we found a frame and mattress that looked good. Along the way we saw a couch with legs that Melanie looked thoughtfully at, her hands on her hips. It was a pain hauling the frame and mattress to our room but we did it. After we had set that up, Melanie had us walk back to the room with the couch. After she had looked at the large open area we still had. We checked it over and decided that it would be nice, but had a rough time getting it out the door and down the hall. It took all three of us to manage. We got it in our room and put it where Melanie decided was best. Ms. Wilson was smiling at how serious Melanie was about the entire thing.

We went to breakfast after that; the walk down the stairs was bad for how sore we were. After that, Melanie told me to go back to our room; she had some things she needed to do. I was disappointed but I did as I was told, the climb back up the stairs almost killed me. We were either going to get in great shape with those stairs or die from them.

Melanie was back in about three hours. I had tried to study some, but I was still tired so she found me lying on the bed we got for me. I asked her where she had gone and she just smiled. I knew she wouldn't tell so I laid back and closed my eyes, mostly. I watched her walk to the window and look out off and on. Then she smiled and told me she'd be back shortly.

I just lay there, veging. She was back in fifteen minutes or so, with some bumping and banging following her. Two men came in the open door carrying stuff, rugs and boxes. I sat up as Melanie directed them on where to put the rugs, the large one in front of the couch, a smaller one between our beds and a really nice looking one in the bathroom. They unpacked a small refrigerator and plugged it in. A couple of end tables and two lamps went on either end of the couch. Another box revealed a vacuum. Another some cleaning stuff. She had them hang some hooks in our closet, smiled as she looked at them. I was in shock, I didn't expect any of this and I was sort of put out that she hadn't asked me to help with the cost.

When they left, Melanie sat on the couch and patted it next to her. I walked over and sat down, still a little put out with her.

"Look, Sabine, I can afford this, you can't. You'll still get to buy some things for us, I promise, but I wanted to do this all now. I gave up and just enjoyed the new things.

We spent the rest of the day studying off and on and listening to music. Suffered through two more trips up and down the stairs for lunch and dinner. It was early to bed for both of us. This night I ended up in my small bed alone and lonely.

Melanie didn't have classes the next afternoon and I did. I hurried back after my last one finished to find Melanie standing in the closet, looking at something. I walked up and my stomach flipped. There, hanging from the hooks, were the handcuffs. There were still other hooks with nothing on them. I knew what those hooks were for now, just not what was going to be hanging from them.

After dinner she had me get my purse and we drove off to the adult store. She handed me a list that I had to read before doing anything. This is the list.

1. Flogger..I had no idea what that was.
2. Leather paddle..that I knew
3. Crop…no idea either
4. Clamps with attached chain…no idea.

She sat as I opened the door.

"Aren't you coming in too?"

"No, these are what you are buying for us. Just go and hand the clerk the list and have them show you what they are."

I nervously walked into the store and handed the list to the female clerk. She read it and smirked at me, making me blush. She led me around the store, showing me each thing and I had to pick each one out, since there were a lot of choices. She snickered as picked up the things and looked at them. I was red and hot and then surprised at how much everything was. I came out with a bag full. Melanie smirked at me.

"Have fun?"

"That was embarrassing, Melanie."

"It's good for you, Sabine."

She drove us home and I carried the bag full of stuff upstairs with Melanie following me. She had me hang each thing up in the closet on the hooks. I shivered as I looked at each one. I had a pretty good idea what they were for except for the clamp things. Melanie stood behind me as I hung them.

"Good girl."

I shivered again. She led me into our room and pointed to the ceiling in front of the couch. There was a big hook in the ceiling about six feet out from the couch. She just pointed. She didn't explain why it was there or what it was for to me. I didn't shiver this time, I shuddered, inside and out. I was thinking of what she was thinking of using everything for and my imagination, probably everyone's is, was worse than the actual.

We didn't do anything to speak of for the rest of the week, some cuddling and kissing on the couch, maybe a little teasing of my nipples by Melanie, but she really held me at arm's length. I knew that we weren't having problems so I was a little confused and a little hurt. I tried not to show it to her.

We came to Friday night and the weekend. Melanie went out for a while and she came back with several bags. She took some rope out of one and hung it in the closet. Then she sat down and took out several tops and skirts and asked me to try them on. They all fit but weren't new clothes, I could tell that. I was curious but didn't say anything. She had me put on clean panties and a blue skirt and top that she had brought and I had tried on. Then she went into the bathroom and came out with a pair of my panties from the wash.

"Darling, we're going to play a little game tonight. I brought these to keep you quieter."

She dropped them on the couch, next to me, and went into the closet, returning with a length of rope and a pair of handcuffs. She knelt in front of me and put the handcuffs on my wrists. I sat silent and watching her. Then she tied the rope to the chain holding the handcuffs together.

"If you need to stop, Sabine, shake your head no, all right?"

I couldn't speak; I just looked at her and nodded. My stomach was in knots. I was nervous and a little scared. She had me stand in front of the couch and then threw the rope over the hook, pulling it so my arms were over my head. Then she tied it to one of the legs of the couch. I could still talk, my mouth was not full of panties, but it was dry and I was licking my lips nervously.

"I won't really hurt you, darling. Not too much anyway."

She smiled at me and kissed me. Then she tore a hole in my top and ripped it open down the front, making me gasp. She roughly grabbed my breasts and squeezed them hard and I closed my eyes, whimpering. I trusted her, trusted her words to me. She ripped it again, until the fabric was hanging by my shoulders, my breasts bare. She slapped each breast; making them bounce and making me suck in a breath. Then she pinched each nipple hard, licking my cheek, not kissing, but licking. She walked away and returned with a scissors. I stared at her, wide eyed. She pulled out the waist of the skirt and cut through it with the scissors. She gripped both sides from the cut and ripped it down, the tearing of the fabric echoing in my brain. As the skirt fell around my ankles, the door opened and Ms. Wilson walked inside, a gasp escaping her lips. Melanie looked at her.

"It's a game, Ms. Wilson."

She looked at her and then at me. I nodded at her, trying to show my agreement. She walked over and looked at my torn top and then at the skirt around my ankles.

"Is this something you want, Sabine?"

I nodded yes, still not able to speak.

"Sit down Ms. Wilson or leave, but don't say anything. Sabine knows what to do to stop."

Melanie stepped up to me and caressed my face, pinching a nipple, twisting it as she did and I groaned. Ms. Wilson sort of staggered back until she reached the couch and sat. She was staring at us; not open mouthed, but her face showed disbelief. Melanie pulled out my panties, letting them slap back on my stomach, making me jerk slightly. She did that a few times as she caressed my face. Then she reached down and pulled on them, hard, until I heard another ripping sound of fabric tearing. I felt my panties pull out and then the crotch pulled up into my pussy, rubbing hard on it. I moaned as I felt them come loose on me. Melanie ripped both leg holes out and they fell down in front between my legs, baring my pussy. She stood back, her face in thought, and then smiled. She pulled them up until the waistband was around my neck and then pulled the torn fabric over my head.


I obediently opened my mouth and she stuffed the ripped panties into it, gagging me. I was shivering uncontrollably by now, my eyes following Melanie everywhere she moved. She pulled my top up, over my head and left me hanging, naked. Melanie walked to the closet and came back with two more lengths of rope. She tied them around my ankles and the other ends to the beds that were behind me. My legs were pulled open. Then she smiled and rubbed my pussy. My feet were wide apart and I was completely open. My torn and ripped skirt was tossed away. Melanie touched me all over, squeezing, raking her fingernails on my skin, pinching and twisting each place she squeezed. I was panting, it hurt and built up heat in my body where I was squeezed, pinched and twisted. Melanie kissed me as she tormented me, making me gasp and wriggle. Then she stepped back, smiling. Seeing me hanging in front of her, ruined clothes about me, on the floor, in my mouth and stretched between my extended arms.

She bent and untied the rope holding my arms and pulled it, making me lift to the balls of my feet. I teetered, struggling to keep from falling. My breasts jiggled and swayed. I had drool leaking out of my mouth and down my chin. She tied the rope off once more. Then she went into the closet. I couldn't see what she brought out. But I sure felt it as she came up behind me, pulled out a nipple and attached a clamp to it. She let the rest of it drop, pulling down my breast, making me gasp. Then she lifted the other part of the clamp, moving in front of me.


I nodded yes.

She pulled out my other nipple and attached the other end of the clamp to it. She let the chain holding the two clamps together drop and my eyes snapped shut, my head back and my breath hissing through my lips. She lifted the chain so I could see it and then pulled it up, making my breasts lift up. She lifted it higher until I gasped again, then let it drop. I keened through my panties and danced on the balls of my feet as the pain came when the chain hit bottom and bounced against my stomach. I staggered and caught my balance, tears leaking out of my eyes. Ms. Wilson was staring at me. When she saw the tears running down my cheeks she stood up.

"Stop it!"

Melanie stood in front of her, blocking her way to me.

"Ask her if she wants to stop."

"Sabine, you don't have to do this, you want to stop, don't you?"

I looked over Melanie's shoulder at her and shook my head no. Ms. Wilson opened her mouth as if to say something, then closed it. Melanie took her by the shoulders.

"Sabine will tell me what she's had enough, Ms. Wilson."

She walked behind me. By this time my nipples had gone numb, no feeling at all, just pressure from the clamps. Ms. Wilson started as if she was going to reach out for me, then she stepped backwards, unsteadily, her face pink, and sat down again. Melanie smacked my ass with the leather paddle, the sound echoing about the room and I danced from foot to foot, sucking in air as I felt the stinging heat in my ass. Melanie stepped in front of me after a few swats to my ass, leaving it heated and tingling. She slapped the insides of my thighs with the leather paddle, making me dance again, keening as I felt the burn on my skin. Then she lightly smacked me right on the pussy, watching my eyes jerk open and my mouth open. I grunted and danced up to my toes. It hurt and then felt warm and tingling. Melanie waited until I staggered to a halt and then slapped my pussy again, smiling as my eyes jerked open, listening to me keening, and watching me dance on my toes again. I focused on Ms. Wilson, her face red by now, breathing as heavily as I was. The paddle slapped first my left breast and then my right, several times in succession. I tried to pull back but the ropes held me up and defenseless.


I gasped and wriggled, I felt warm and tingly all over. My nipples were hard and outthrust. And, embarrassingly, my pussy was leaking, a small trickle of juice, down my upper thigh. Melanie stepped up and caressed my breasts, making my eyes close and me whimper. I pushed against her hand, wanted more of her touch. She giggled. She walked behind and came back with the crop. She flicked each nipple, not hard, but enough to make me gasp and feel more heat centered in each nipple. Then she slapped my thighs several times each, and the heat on my skin increased. Looking into my eyes, she slapped my pussy with it, watching my eyes open wide, listening to me moan. Then she gave me a firm swat between my legs and stepped back so she could watch me dance again.

Melanie stepped behind me and I felt the paddle lash into my ass heating both cheeks much more. I was all right, I kept telling myself…all right, just as she put the paddle between my legs and slapped upwards. I shrieked and went up on my toes. I almost fell over, but Melanie caught me by my hair and held me up. I jiggled and danced again, sucking air through my teeth.

"Ms. Wilson, I think you should leave now."

"No I can't, I need to be sure she is all right."

"Suit yourself, but keep quiet."

Melanie untied the ropes on my ankles and I clenched my thigh together, whimpering as my skin touched heated skin. She left them tied to my ankles. She untied the rope from the couch that was holding my hands up and let me down. I collapsed on my knees, shivering, but looking up at her. She tugged on the rope and I crawled in the direction she pulled me, right to the couch.

"Up on it, on your knees, hands on the back."

I crawled up and got into the position she wanted. She stepped behind it and pulled the rope attached to the handcuffs down until my arms were tight to the back of the couch, then she tied it off. Back behind me I felt her pull on my left leg, opening me up, then the right. Both legs were tied off, my knees spread wide; my upper body level and pulled down. All I could see was the wall. I heard her move away and then return. That was followed by a hissing sound, the crack of impact with my reddened ass and a muffled howl from my mouth. She stepped up and whispered to me.

"That's the flogger, darling. Do you want more?"

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