tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSabine Get a New Job

Sabine Get a New Job


After all the things that had happened to Sabine at work, she was constantly looking for a new job. It wasn't that she didn't like what she was doing work-wise, but the continual having to undress and be shown off was wearing on her. It took a while but she finally found something. She interviewed with the new potential boss, Jennifer, and felt she did well on the interview.

Several weeks later Sabine was called back for a second interview which made her very excited. After this interview, Jennifer offered her a position as Jennifer's assistant and the pay was quite a bit higher than what Sabine had been making. She happily accepted, told Jennifer that she had to give two weeks notice and they arranged for her start date.

What Sabine didn't know was that Jennifer knew Diane and was very well aware of what Sabine had been doing at her current work. Jennifer also thought that Sabine could be "fixed" up to be more attractive and professional, rather than the mousy girl that she was presently.

Jennifer was definitely bi-sexual and thought that she would really like to be the dominant partner in a relationship. Sabine, according to Diane, seemed to be a fairly good prospect for a submissive. That's why Jennifer was willing to offer Sabine a much better job than she had. After all, it wasn't her money that was going to be paying Sabine, but the firm's and if things didn't work out, well Sabine could always be let go. There was a one month probationary period for this job. The training would take two weeks, Jennifer could do a bit of a makeover on the girl in the third week and that would leave the last week of the probationary period to find out how compliant Sabine would actually be. Jennifer couldn't wait to see how this all would play out. She was very excited. Almost as much as Sabine was.

A little bit about the two women. Sabine is now 35, dirty blonde, with medium size breasts, a fairly decent overall shape, about 5'6" tall, perhaps 130lbs. Jennifer is 46, her hair is tinted to a white blond, rather large breasts, a very good shape, 5'9" tall, and 120lbs. Sabine is pursued by men but she looks plain, it's the body that attracts men. Jennifer is very good looking and has men around her constantly.

The two weeks of Sabine's training went well, as Jennifer had hoped. In the third week Sabine moved to her new desk outside of Jennifer's office and during long lunches with her boss, Sabine was given new clothes by Jennifer. Expensive new clothes. Sabine was surprised by this, objected to Jennifer's paying for them, but was convinced by Jennifer to accept them.

"I must have a professional looking and decent looking woman as my assistant, Sabine."

Sabine was very happy, not knowing what was coming.

Friday afternoon Jennifer and Sabine took off and Jennifer took Sabine to an expensive hair salon. Her hair was cut and styled by a man and really complemented Sabine. By no means was she beautiful, but she was very striking with the new hairstyle, hair color and her shapely body. The new clothes didn't hurt either. And, Sabine being naïve, didn't think much of the money that Jennifer had spent on her. This even after all that had happened to the woman with Diane. It was fairly foolish of her to not be suspicious. Sabine was just too happy to be away from Diane to think that Jennifer would be anything like her.

After the hair styling and nice dinner Jennifer told Sabine that she needed her to be in early on Monday morning, before 8AM. Sabine assured Jennifer that she would be there early. She spent Saturday out shopping for a new car and essentially spent most of her increase in pay to buy one. So now, Sabine had pretty much trapped herself into the new job. If she quit she could not afford her apartment, living expenses and car payments, even if she found a job immediately. But at this point that was not a concern to her. Sabine was just happy to be away from Diane and the humiliations she had endured.

Sabine spent the weekend before the last week of her probation taking two drives with her new car, laying out the new clothes that Jennifer had bought her and thinking of how happy and lucky she was. Jennifer spent the weekend thinking of what she was going to attempt with her new assistant and masturbating over those thoughts. Jennifer could not wait until Monday morning!

And Monday morning arrived. As she had been told, Sabine arrived early, just before 7:30AM, and hurried to her desk outside Jennifer's office. She hung up her coat and put her purse in the bottom drawer of her desk and walked confidently to Jennifer's door and knocked.

"Come in!"

Sabine walked and smiled at her new boss, Jennifer. She had dressed in what she thought was the best of the new clothes that Jennifer had bought for her and she did look good, really good. Sabine shut the door to Jennifer's office and smiling walked to the large desk which Jennifer sat behind, leaning back and smiling like a Cheshire cat. Sabine pulled back a side chair and began to sit down.


She stopped, shocked and looked at Jennifer. Sabine was now very unsure of herself.

"Did I do something wrong?"

"No. Just step back a bit, I want to take a look at you."

Hesitantly Sabine stepped back two steps, still in front of the large desk.

"Turn around, slowly."

Sabine did as she was told, turning slowly, but slightly clumsily. She was feeling uncomfortable, very nervous. As she faced Jennifer once more she saw her smiling. Sabine began to relax. Jennifer couldn't be angry with her, she was smiling. And then.....

"Sabine, I have to tell you something."

Sabine's stomach sank. She was fearful of losing this new job that she had been so happy to get.

"You weren't aware that Diane and I know each other, were you?"

As the last statement registered in Sabine's brain her mouth opened in a small oval and her eyes widened. She felt as though she had just swallowed a rock which was now sitting in her stomach. She paled and felt dizzy and grasped the back of the chair to her right, barely catching herself.

"Well, obviously, from your reaction, you think that I know what had been going on at your last place of employment. And if you think that, you are correct. I know exactly what you have been doing Sabine."

Now Sabine's stomach clenched around that rock that had grown in size to a small boulder. This couldn't be happening to her, not again!

"Most employers would be most unhappy to know what you had been doing, in fact many of them wouldn't even think of hiring you, Sabine. However, I am not most employers."

Most of what Jennifer was saying did register with Sabine and her stomach began to unclench, slightly.

"But, I do have certain desires and needs, Sabine. Desires and needs that I think you would do perfectly in fulfilling."

Sabine's stomach began to clench tighter.

"Just so we fully understand each other dear, here, at my home and your apartment, as a matter of fact, whenever you are with me, Sabine, I am the boss and my word is law. Do you understand that?"

"Uh, y-y-es."

"Good. Now just keep in mind that my word is law, Sabine. Don't ever forget that."

"N-n-no, I w-w-won't"

The poor girl was shuddering, eyes wide and heart beating very fast. Jennifer smiled but it wasn't a friendly smile, it was like a crocodile's smile. One that appears friendly at first blush but when you study it, you know it was not at all friendly.

"I'm very glad that we understand each other Sabine. Now, remove your clothes, all of them."

Sabine almost fainted! She could just stare at Jennifer. Oh she understood what had been said, it was just such a shock she felt paralyzed.

"Was there something that I said that was in a foreign language Sabine?"


"Well then...."

"I don't want to ......"

"Look Sabine, I didn't hire you and pay you the kind of money I am because I am a philanthropist. And from what I know of your finances you really can't afford to lose this job. I am sure that you are capable of doing what I need from you from a work standpoint. But, as I said, I have certain desires and needs. And seeing you naked, right now, is one of them. So you can strip or you can take your fat ass out of here. Perhaps Diane will hire you back..."

Sabine hung her head. Her grip on Jennifer's chair was the only thing keeping her from falling to her knees. She thought she had gotten away from Diane and her perversity and now it appeared that she really hadn't. Very slowly Sabine unbuttoned her smart, new suit jacket and removed it. She laid it across the back of the chair she had been gripping to keep standing. Next she toed off her shoes, new comfortable low heels. Indecision painted her face as she looked down, trying to decide what to remove next.

"For God's sake Sabine, hurry up!"

Sabine hurriedly unbuttoned the silk blouse and that joined the jacket, then the skirt that matched the jacket. Now she was standing in her bra, a plain white cotton one, pantyhose and panties. Stalling as much as possible, she thumbed the pantyhose past her hips and slowly rolled them down and off. She looked at Jennifer, begging to stop with her eyes but she didn't see any compassion there at all.

Finally Sabine reached behind her back and unclasped the bra and slipped it off. One arm automatically went over her medium sized tits and the other hand pushed her panties down, one side then the other until they succumbed to gravity and slid down to Sabine's ankles. She unsteadily lifted her feel out of them and the pantyhose, bra and panties joined her other clothes, an untidy pile of undergarments on top of a fashionable suit. One hand clamped between Sabine's thighs and the other arm was across her chest, hiding her as much as possible.

"Come here, please."

Sabine slowly walked around the desk and Jennifer moved back so Sabine could stand with her back to the desk, Jennifer right in front of her.

"Now, Sabine, lift your fat ass up on my desk, lean back on your arms and spread your legs, please."

Sabine shuddered and backed up until her ass hit the edge of the desk and she eased herself up on it but she couldn't move her arms. She just sat there.

"Oh for God's sake, Sabine!"

Jennifer stood up, took one of Sabine's arms and put it back, the palm resting on the desk top. Then the she took the other and placed it the same so Sabine was leaning back a bit. The with a dirty smirk Jennifer grasped each of Sabine's knees and pushed them out, spreading her legs. Then she sat back down and looked over Sabine. Poor Sabine's face was bright red and she was breathing fast. And unfortunately her nipples were hard as diamonds and sticking right out at Jennifer. Without even being touched!

"Sabine, you will do just fine. I have a few questions for you, ready?"

Sabine didn't respond other than looking at Jennifer.

"You are not a virgin, correct?"

"N-no, I am not."

"Is your asshole virgin?"


"Ever been with a woman?"


"How many men have you been with?"

"That is none of your business!"

"I'll let that pass for now, but you will tell me, Sabine, don't doubt that for a minute! And keep your legs open!"

"Do you suck cock?"

Sabine just glared at Jennifer. The nerve of that woman!

"If you have, fine, if not, you will be soon, Sabine."

"Do you masturbate?"

Another glare with silence.

"Well if you do masturbate, you won't have to anymore, Sabine."

Jennifer rolled her chair up with her feet, right between Sabine's spread open legs.

"You won't have to masturbate because I enjoy doing this among other things, Sabine."

And poor Sabine gasped as she felt a finger go right up her pussy!

"My goodness, you are nice and wet Sabine!"

Jennifer giggled and easily slid another finger inside Sabine's pussy, her thumb resting on top of Sabine's clit. With her other hand she reach up and cupped one of Sabine's tits and gently rolled the erect nipple between a thumb and finger as she rubbed Sabine's clit and thrust in and out of her pussy. Sabine's face began to burn as she turned bright red! Jennifer kept finger fucking Sabine and toying with her nipples and unfortunately Sabine was really responsive. Before long Sabine was gently moving her hips to the thrusting fingers and soon it wasn't gentle movement at all. All of which embarrassed Sabine to no end!

But what was really embarrassing was that she didn't really resist and before long she felt the onset of an orgasm and even then she didn't stop Jennifer. Then Sabine's hands moved from the top of the Jennifer's desk, but not to stop her, to press the hand fondling her tit harder against her and the one finger fucking her hard up pressed to her pussy as she ground her hips on Jennifer's fingers and palm.

And then Sabine peaked and her orgasm flooded into and through her. And all the way through it, Sabine humped Jennifer's hand and moaned. When the orgasm ended Sabine slumped back, barely catching herself with her hands and Jennifer pulled her fingers out of her, looked at them, smirked and lifted them to Sabine's mouth.

"Lick them clean, Sabine, you'll get used to the taste of pussy soon, you may as well start now."

Sabine didn't even think, she just opened her lips and Jennifer's fingers slid inside her mouth and Sabine sucked and licked them clean.

Then Jennifer stood up, walked around the desk to the pile of Sabine's clothes and picked up her bra, panties and pantyhose. Those went in the garbage can next to Jennifer's desk.

"Dress code Sabine. You cannot wear a bra. You may keep three pairs of panties at your apartment for when you have a period. No period, no panties. You will not wear pantyhose, period. Here's my credit card for Dayton's or Marshall Fields. Buy several pairs of thigh high stockings, elastic tops. That is the only hosiery you are allowed to wear. I will check to see that you are obeying the dress code. Don't disappoint me. Now get dressed, go and buy the hose and put a pair on. Then come back to work and we'll start the day. You my use my private bathroom to wipe yourself off before you get dressed."

Sabine slid off Jennifer's desk and dumbly walked to the private bathroom adjoining the office. She slowly wiped off her pussy and upper thighs and returned to slip on her skirt, blouse and suit jacket. She picked up Jennifer's credit card and stumbled out to her desk, sitting down heavily and cradling her head in her hands. How could this be happening to me again? HOW?

Sabine sat for a few moments, feeling naked even though she had clothes on. She could feel her nipples, still erect, rubbing on her silk blouse as she breathed. She knew that they were not going to soften any time soon. She was embarrassed at how easily she removed her clothes, standing nude in front of Jennifer and she remembered how easily Jennifer's fingers had gone up her pussy. Could she be enjoying what was happening to her? Glancing about, seeing no one she moved her right hand down and under the skirt she had on. It moved upward, lifting the front of the skirt and her fingers touched her pussy lips. Oh God, I am still wet! The gentle touch on her lips made her abdomen clench and a tingle ran through her belly.

Sabine hated herself, hated how easily she had done what she was told, even though it was the threat of losing her job that had made her do it. Really? Was it the threat of losing her job or just that Sabine had wanted to get naked in front of Jennifer? Did she fear becoming poor again or did she just want to get naked? She didn't know and that scared Sabine. She just didn't know.

Sighing Sabine got up and left, heading to Marshall Fields where she purchased several pair of hose, stopped at rest room and in the privacy of a stall tore open a package and put a pair on. She smoothed her skirt down but on leaving she looked at the large mirror above the sinks. Shivering, Sabine slowly pulled her skirt up to her waist and gazed at the woman in the mirror. The woman she saw was holding her skirt to her waist, naked below it except for hose and the hose framed her hairy pussy. The elastic holding the hose up framed that pussy, one that seemed engorged and swollen.

Sabine gazed at her, shivering and realizing how dirty the woman looked without panties, panties that she would be allowed for perhaps five days a month from here on. She lowered her skirt and slowly unbuttoned her suit jacket, opening it. Through the pale silk blouse two erect nipples and areola were clearly visible. Two very erect nipples. Sabine's hands went to her blouse and unbuttoned that too. Then her blouse was slowly pulled open and her bare tits appeared. Medium size tits, perhaps a large B cup, slightly sagging down, nipples proudly sticking out, thick and stiff from arousal. The darker brown areola showed out starkly against Sabine's pale white skin along with the hard points of her dark brown nipples.

Without really thinking about what she was doing Sabine reached up, cupping her tits and lifting them to the mirror, her thumbs brushing lightly over her erect nipples and she gasped softly. She was aroused, damn it! Sabine forced herself to stop playing with her tits and nipples, buttoned her blouse and suit jacket and began the walk back to the office, all the while feeling cool air blowing up her skirt to tease her moist pussy lips.

Back at the office Jennifer had put together several pieces of work that she needed and Sabine almost forgot about not having a bra or panties on. It was when she had to get up and move around that she'd remember that she was naked under her blouse and skirt. By how the blouse fabric rubbed her nipples and how she felt cool air on her pussy. And to Sabine's surprise and happiness Jennifer wasn't acting like Diane had at all. She left Sabine pretty much alone, not having her do things that were embarrassing or humiliating. Sabine was thinking later in the morning that other than losing her underwear and having Jennifer make her orgasm that it wasn't being all that bad of a day.

Right after Sabine's lunch, however, Jennifer called her into the large corner office. Jennifer told Sabine to sit down which she did.

"OK Sabine, we are going to discuss your future with the firm and me. As long as things go well, work wise, you will have nothing to fear about your job. If you do not understand something, just ask me, I will explain things to you. Now for our personal relationship, this is what is going on. I am bi-sexual, but at present I am not interested in a relationship with a man. You will become bi-sexual. This Is not a choice, it is your new reality. You will be required to expose yourself to people of my choosing, but I will not require that to happen on the job or with people that we work with. You will also be required to service my ex's. That does not include fucking, unless you want it to include fucking. But, it will include cock sucking. You will suck my ex's cocks, have them come in your mouth and you will swallow after showing me that you have made them come in your mouth. I will be allowed to fuck you however. That includes both of your holes. I do have a cock, Sabine. It doesn't come but otherwise it is the same as a man's and the good thing is it never gets soft. So, when I wish to make you orgasm, you will. You will also eat my pussy when I wish you to eat it. In case you don't know, that means kissing and licking my pussy. I may also wish you to eat the pussies of some of my friends. They will not be allowed to fuck you but they may, if they wish eat your pussy. I have some other toys and things that I will use on you. And last, I will spank you with my hands and with some other things that I have. Other than what I am going to request of you now, I will not make you get naked in this office or in front of anyone who works here, other than myself. Please lock the door."

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