tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSabrina In The Shower

Sabrina In The Shower


When Naomi and I first started going out together, she was sharing a rather nice split-level apartment in the city with another girl.

One evening I went straight to Naomi's from work and needed to take a shower before we went out. I turned on the taps and stepped into the big oversized shower recess. About halfway through, I dropped the soap and while bending down to pick it up I suddenly noticed something unusual.

There was a plastic mounting for a shower caddy, the kind of thing you put your soap and shampoo on, stuck to one of the tiles about three feet up the wall at one end of the shower. I'd noticed this before and just shrugged it off as having been left behind by a previous occupant who'd taken the caddy with them but left the mounting bracket behind.

At one end of the mount, a screw passed through into the grout between two tiles but there was no screw at the other end, just a hole. I'd noticed that in passing before too.

But as I raised my head from picking up the soap, I suddenly saw light through the hole. I squatted down and peered in - and could see into Naomi's room.

I quickly finished my shower, left the light on in the bathroom and went though to Naomi's room and examined the sheetrock wall which separated her room from the bathroom.

Then I found it. The first weekend I'd stayed over at Naomi's place, she'd asked me to help take down a shelf put up by the previous tenant. It was bolted into the sheetrock and really a useless little thing. Naomi wanted it down so she could move her dressing table further along the wall.

When I'd pulled out the half dozen screws fixing the shelf to the wall, I'd had to plug the holes with putty and touch them up with paint.

But it transpired that the tiny hole in the bathroom wall coincided exactly with one of the shelf holes in Naomi's room. And the putty that I'd filled that hole with had softened, probably from dampness from the shower, and fallen inside the wall cavity.

Now there was a peephole just below head height in Naomi's room straight through into the bathroom at about three feet off the floor of the shower because of the different levels between the rooms.

I checked it out from both sides a couple of times and found it could only been seen if you looked directly at it with a light on in the opposite room.

The hole on the bathroom side was pretty small but on Naomi's side it was half an inch across. But the walls in Naomi's room were white, so I tore off a piece of tissue paper and stuffed it into the hole on her side and it was not so noticeable.

Then I didn't say a thing.

The next time I was there when Naomi took a shower, I thought about trying out the peephole. But there was no point - we were fucking each other's brains out and I could see everything she had anytime I wanted.

But there was also her roomie.

Naomi had found Sabrina through an agency that put people who wanted to share places together. I didn't like her personally - she'd smile to my face and bitch behind my back. She'd already complained to Naomi about the number of nights I stayed over. But Sabrina had a body to die for. She was 20 with golden blonde hair, about 5 feet, 4 inches tall and slim with very nice tits.

And I was going to not only get a look at those tits but also find out if she was a natural blonde.

My chance came the very next week when I was over there in the evening and Sabrina went to take her nightly shower before bed. Naomi and I decided to smoke a joint on the balcony then go to bed and have sex so I went into Naomi's room to get my stash from my overnight bag - and grab a chance to use the peephole.

I had the stash in seconds and flicked off the light. I pulled the tissue plug out of the hole in the wall and got in close.

Peering cautiously through, I found I was looking straight at Sabrina just four feet away in the shower. The angle and height of the hole meant I couldn't see her head or below her knees, which meant it was just right for spying.

And I was right about Sabrina's breasts - they were lovely, pale and pert and tipped with light brown nipples surrounded by darker aureole.

I was also right about something else - she was a natural blonde. The light wisps of her pubic hair, bushy on her rounded mound and thinner between her legs, failed to hide the shape of her pussy. As she moved, I could see her labia plainly.

Then, as I watched enthralled, there was a noise in the doorway.

"What the hell are you doing?" demanded Naomi.

Shit! I'd been sprung and on the first attempt. I was dead and I knew it.

There was no point in denying anything. "Um... I... Oh fuck it!" I muttered. I hung my head. "I was looking at Sabrina..." I admitted, keeping my voice down.

Naomi looked at me dumbfounded. "What?"

"There's a hole. In the wall."

Naomi's jaw dropped. "Where?"

I pointed to it. "There. I found it by accident. Have a look."

She looked at me like I was crazy. "I don't need to have a look," she said. "Jeez!"

Then she did something which blew me away. "Did you get the joint?" she asked.

I nodded.

"Then if you've finished spying on my flatmate, let's go and have a smoke and come to bed."

And she went back out to the balcony.

She didn't say anything more about it when I got out there and I was too embarrassed to say anything else. Plus I was relieved that I wasn't down on the street right now with Naomi throwing my bag off the balcony yelling she never wanted to see me again.

But she mentioned it 45 minutes later when we were in bed and I was up to my nuts in her steamy wet clean-shaved cunt.

"Did you get a good look at her?" she suddenly asked, stopping me mid-stroke.

"Um... ok, I suppose," I replied.

"Did it turn you on?"

"Not exactly."

She asked what I meant by that, didn't Sabrina have a good body? I explained I was too nervous about getting caught and that was exactly what happened and I'd never done it before anyway.

Naomi laughed and urged me with her own movements to carry on fucking her.

"Well next time you want to do it, don't worry about it. Just tell me."

Yes. I was amazed too.

But over the next couple of weeks when I was at Naomi's place in the evening and Sabrina disappeared for her shower, I stayed right away from the subject. I wasn't going there again, no siree.

Then one night, Naomi and I were on the balcony smoking a joint and saw Sabrina switch off the TV inside and go off for her nightly ablutions.

Naomi gave me a sly grin. "Wanna go watch Sabrina in the shower?" she suggested.

"No," I replied.

"Liar!" she retorted, still smiling. "You know you do." There was good humor in her voice but I wasn't appreciating the joke and just stared back at her.

"Go on," she said, "you have my permission. Go and watch Sabrina in the nude then you can tell me about it while we have sex."

So I did.

I went and peered through the hole and watched Sabrina soap herself down and stand with the water running over the body. She spent about 15 minutes in there, she always did, so there was plenty of time to take in the view.

When she finished, I went back out to Naomi and we came back in together and went to bed.

The fuck we had for the next 30 minutes was a heated sexual wrestling match in which Naomi came again and again as I first described what Sabrina looked like and how I felt looking at her, then, at Naomi's urging, described what I'd like to do to her flatmate, then acted it out with Naomi.

By the time I shot my load across Naomi's ample tits - demonstrating how I'd make it so Sabrina would need another shower - Naomi must have cum half a dozen times and she was still turned on so I slipped my cock back into her cunt and fucked her hard kneeling up between her legs while she wiped my cum across her breasts and belly as she frequently did and came one last time.

A couple of nights later, we did it again, only this time Naomi came into the bedroom with me and said she wanted to watch me jerk myself off while I peered through the hole at Sabrina. By this time it was really beginning to dawn on me what an exceptional find I had in Naomi.

I stripped off and wanked away like crazy looking at her showering flatmate while Naomi lay naked on the bed behind me. I offered to cum on her in the end but she insisted I should cum while looking at Sabrina so when I finally blew, I sprayed my cum up the wall. Then I got into bed with Naomi and went down on her, tonguing her clit while fucking her with a vibrator until she too came.

The next time, I suggested a twist.

Naomi and I would often talk through sex fantasies while fucking and on occasion we'd talked about her with another girl. So this time I told her to watch then I fucked her while she talked about how it was looking at her flatmate's naked body and what they'd do if they were in bed together.

Unfortunately, the next time we spied on Sabrina in the shower was the last because she moved out just after that (maybe she knew she was being watched!) and Naomi and I moved into a place of our own a couple of weeks later.

But that last time was certainly spectacular.

With Sabrina spending upwards of a quarter-hour in there, there was plenty of time to mess about.

Even as Sabrina was entering the bathroom, Naomi and I were already in her room. In fact, we'd started fucking 10 minutes earlier and were waiting for the sound of the shower running.

When we heard Sabrina turn on the taps, I told Naomi to go take the first look and for a minute or so while she peered through the hole I stood to one side, fondling her breasts and stroking her pussy while whispering in her ear: "This is what Sabrina's hands would feel like on you, she'd squeeze your breasts like this and she'd push her fingers into you like this..."

Then I got behind Naomi and slipped my cock into her from behind and fucked her gently so she could still look through the hole while she touched her own clit and brought herself to a shuddering climax during which I held my hand tight over her mouth so she didn't cry out.

Then we swapped places and it was Naomi's turn to whisper obscenities in my ear while she gently masturbated me as I watched Sabrina.

As my girlfriend's hand slid up and down my rigid shaft, I watched Sabrina soaping her breasts and became even more excited when I saw her begin lingering over her nipples, running her fingertips in circles around them, making them harden.

Then Sabrina turned her back to the peephole and continued soaping herself for a while as I took in the very attractive sight of her with the water running down her back and over her tight little arse.

When her right hand dropped past the level of her belly I could tell she was washing herself between the legs and I just about burst my brain willing her to turn round.

Then she did and in the next two minutes I got the biggest treat of the whole thing, thanks to Sabrina who didn't know she was being watched and Naomi who didn't know what I was watching.

As she turned round, washing soapy water between her legs with one hand, Sabrina dropped the bar of soap into the soap basin recessed in the wall beside her. Then she steadied herself against the soap basin with her left hand as she began to masturbate with the right.

I love watching girls masturbate and I could have blown my load right at that second.

But Naomi, who had been whispering things like: "Would you like to fuck her, stick your cock in her little blonde pussy?", said: "Or would you like it if she did this..." and suddenly stopped wanking me.

I glanced to see what she was doing and realised she was manoeuvring herself to her knees between me and the wall. She looked up and whispered: "Keep looking..." and took my cock in her mouth.

I put my eye back to the hole in the wall and saw Sabrina gently working the pads of her index and middle fingers in a circular motion over her clitoris. As she picked up speed, she occasionally ran her fingers back between her legs, stroking between her cunt lips and momentarily flicking her middle finger up inside for a second.

On my side of the wall, Naomi was doing what she did the best of all. I've never known anyone who could deep throat like her.

Her nose was pressing into my pubes and she had the entire length of my cock in her mouth, pulsing her tongue against the underside while sucking gently. Occasionally she would bob two or three strokes back and forth then go back to taking me so deep I was always amazed she didn't choke.

And I knew from past experience that when I came I could blow every last drop of cum straight down her throat and she would swallow it all as easy as drinking a glass of water.

With the sensation around my cock and the view in the bathroom, I knew I would be doing just that very soon but I steeled myself to hold off as long as I could.

Sabrina was gathering steam too, alternating now between fevered rubbing at her clit and pushing her index and middle fingers up inside herself, thrusting three or four times before returning to her hard little button.

She took her hand off the soap basin to caress her breasts, stumbled a little and steadied herself against the wall. She moved her legs a little further apart and bent her knees slightly so she could stay on her feet and went back to wanking herself with one hand while squeezing and stroking her breasts with the other.

It was too much - there was no way I could hold off any longer. But even as I felt my own orgasm irrevocably rising, Sabrina began to cum as well.

Her upper hand squeezed her right tit hard, nails digging in, as the hand between her legs became a frenzied blur of motion on her clitoris.

She staggered a step and bent forward, leaning down momentarily so her face came into view. I might have ducked instinctively back but at that second, thrusting against Naomi's face, I shot my first jet of cum straight into the back of my girlfriend's throat.

Sabrina's face was flushed, her eyes tightly closed and her mouth wide. She let out a single audible gasp then her head fell forward and she stood there, half doubled over, raggedly frigging herself and trembling at the knees.

My legs were shaking too as I blasted stream after spasming stream of cum into Naomi's mouth. It was hard to keep my eye open and up to the peephole but I hung in as Sabrina lurched upright in the last throes of her orgasm and plunged her fingers as deeply as she could into her cunt.

I stood there, hands flat on the wall, my cum spent, jerking and twitching as Naomi continued sucking.

In the shower, for perhaps two or three seconds, Sabrina held her index. middle and ring fingers hard up inside herself, her wrist bent sharply so she could fill her whispy blonde framed cunt as much as possible. Then she slowly withdrew her fingers and gave herself one last gentle circle of the clit.

My last, hazy view of Sabrina was her reaching again for the soap and at that moment I could no longer hold myself up at the wall, plus Naomi moved off my cock.

"Was Sabrina good?" Naomi asked, licking her lips.

"Oh yeah, very good," I replied.

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