tagNovels and NovellasSabrina's Education Ch. 01

Sabrina's Education Ch. 01


1. Chapter One: The Group Home

I looked up at the big gray mansion and bit my lip. I knew that I was 18 and lucky to be out of the group home at my age, since I was no longer cute or young enough to be considered adoptable to most people. I looked at the mansion. It was big, modern, and elegant but still had something creepy to it.

"You are very lucky to be placed with Mr. Smith," the prim and proper child worker told me.

She wore a suit. Not many workers in my group home were quite that formal. I hated the group home I was sent to when my parents died. It was ugly, poor, and run-down looking. The girls in it looked just the same way. They wore grey and black worn- out sweatshirts and faded worn- out black jeans for the most part expect for the things they were able to snatch out of local stores until the owners got wise to the fact that they came from the group home. We were really stigmatized.

My parents never thought about their possible death and never chose a guardian or godparents for me. My parents both died in a car accident when I was 15. Both sets of my grandparents were gone and believe it or not both my mom and dad were only children. They used to always joke about how they wanted a big family. Until my mom found out she was having trouble conceiving. I guess they spoiled me rotten because I was their only child. I lived a sheltered indulged life with lots of friends to make up for siblings, and lots of different hobbies and classes. There was ballet, painting, photography, creative writing, and horseback riding. My parents both had a lot of money, until their business partners stole it away after their death. I can still remember our family lawyer's pale face as he said the word: embezzlement. It was our trusted family accountant. He was sent to prison for 15 years but we never did get the money back.

That's how I ended up in Ms. Chasm's Home for Girls. Well, really it was a juvenile delinquent home full of lots of delinquent girls. I got through the hassles of the first year doing their homework for them. They caught on real quick that I actually knew how to read and write very well. After that, I never got beat up or harassed by anyone. The group home school was a breeze after the challenges of the private school I attended. I made friends with one particularly rough girl, Jenna.

She said to me, "I used to think you were snooty and all that. But now that you are helping me, I'm gonna help you. Stay away from Mr. Jeffers. He is one sick dude."

I whispered back, "How?"

Mr. Jeffers always looked pretty good to me. He was attractive, wore jeans on his muscular slim frame and always had a friendly smile. He was artsy. That I liked. But Jenna told me he beat the boys and girls mercilessly and the home looked the other way because it kept the girls and boys in line and gave the staff less hassles. Jenna told me she thought he got off on it—you know, sexually. She told me he used to do it to her, until she and a group of her girlfriends visited him in the middle of the night and she held a knife to his throat and said to not "mess with them anymore." After that the girls stayed out of trouble and he stayed far from the girls.

Jenna was my personal protectress. She was really beautiful, for a rough girl, raised on the streets. She had long black hair that wound itself into perfect ringlets and white ivory smooth blemishless skin, red full lips and a perfect nose. Her face looked like one of those porcelain dolls I used to collect. Her body was curvy. We got used to nudity among the girls very quickly in the group home. There were community showers and dressing rooms, community dorm beds where we undressed. There was never any privacy. Because of my ballet classes, I was used to getting naked in front of girls and comparing bodies. Jenna had the most beautiful body I had ever seen. She had long legs at 5 foot 9 inches tall and a sizeable bust. Her breasts were perfectly round—like fake ones I had caught a glimpse of on computer websites, with perfect red tiny nipples. They were high and beautiful and cupped up like round wine glasses despite their size. When she lied down they stayed perfectly straight unlike other girls. She had a beautiful curve to her back that led to a small swell of hips and a high perfect bottom. It was round but not big. Her skin tone was tight and smooth and it always had this beautiful glow. She could have been a model. No wonder Mr. Jeffers liked her so much, I thought.

Once I asked if I could feel her breasts. They were so perfect.

She laughed and said, "Go ahead, I bet you think they are fake right? Where would I get the money for that?" She was right of course. They were soft and her red nipple was perfect. It got hard when I cupped her breasts and she blushed.

"O.k., that's enough. You wanna turn me on now?" and giggled. She said, "I know you don't swing that way. I see you reading all those novels about sexing up guys." She was right. My nose was always stuck in a book about love although I knew very little on the subject. I never told her about my level of inexperience. The girls always assumed since I was from a good rich background that I had done plenty.

"Those rich girls do a lot," they would grin looking at me. Then they would ask all these questions that would make me blush like, "Hey Sabrina you ever done it with a vibrator?"

"Leave her alone. She's alright," Jenna would say.

One day Jenna was with me alone in the dorm. This was very unusual for our group home. It was a rare quiet moment. The girls had all gone out on a day pass and we had both decided to stay back and rest. I really had no one to visit in the world outside the home and neither did she. My money was limited as I kept spending it on books, so I really had no funds to play around with and neither did Jenna. She had just made a sizeable purchase on an iPod to listen to her music. Jose, her bum of a boyfriend was always broke and she was pissed at him.

Jenna looked at me as I rested on my bed reading another romance novel. She was standing in front of me her long legs slightly apart and her arms were brushing her beautiful hair. I could spot her navel ring on her flat pretty stomach as her top rose up a bit. I was wearing black Levis that I had saved up and purchased and a white plain t shirt. I felt pretty good since they were both brand new not shabby, old and worn like my other clothes.

"You look nice in that Sabrina," Jenna smiled. She was being unusually nice.

"Oh, my jeans? Yeah, I used to wear these all the time when my folks..." and then I started to tear up. I don't know why but memories of my parents came flooding back. Jenna couldn't help noticing the tear and my trembling lip even while I was trying to smile.

"I...I'm sorry," I stammered brushing back the tear.

Jenna leaned down and put a hand to my cheek. "It's o.k. I know how it feels to be alone."

Her hand felt nice and warm. She was wearing a low cut olive shirt with blue jeans. Her long lean slim legs and curvy body looked great as always. Her ringlets were framing her face. She usually wore her hair up but today she decided to wear it loose curling around her wide shoulders. She had just come out of the shower and smelled great.

"You and those books," she whispered taking my hand and looking at the book title.

"Just how much do you know about sex kid?" She would call me kid even though we were the same age. I would always correct her and point that out. She pursued the topic, "not much huh? It's o.k. I won't tell anyone. You ever fooled around?"

I shook my head no. She smiled gently, glad that I was being so open.

"You are so pretty Sabrina. You shouldn't waste it," she said cupping my face. I blushed deep red. "You ever jerked yourself off?" she asked her pretty blue eyes probing. I shook my head again...blushing deeper. "Oh man, girl. You don't know what you are missing," she said giggling. .

"How do you jerk off? I don't know how," I blushed at my questions. My mother and I had never really had a proper sex talk. I lied and told her I knew about it from school. But masturbation? Never.

Jenna was assessing herself in the mirror. Her body was stretched to the side. She was on her tiptoes. Her perfect breasts were pert and full in her top and her ass looked high and raised in her tight jeans as she continued to pull a brush through her shiny brown curls.

"Well," Jenna turned to look at me a wicked grin on her sweet face. I could tell she was enjoying this journey into corrupting "the little virgin." But I trusted her. I knew she wouldn't tell anyone. She also knew I would never let the other group home boys or street boys get anywhere with me.

"Well you can use your hand see," she raised her beautiful hand up to me. She had long pretty fingers with nice clear nails. I nodded shyly. And then she placed her hands near the top of her jeans. "And you work your finger down there...and touch yourself deep." I blushed again.

"Oh Jesus, Sabrina, you don't know nothing," and she giggled. When she laughed she looked even more beautiful, the harsh lines to her face dissolved and her ringlets bounced like a young girl. "Look." She lied back on her bed with her long legs slightly apart.

I had no idea what she had in store. But I was very curious to see what came next. My breathing was getting a little excited. I felt like I was back in the showers at ballet school gossiping about bra sizes with the other girls. I looked at Jenna afraid to say anything. She started to unbutton her jeans and then unzipped the front. She looked up at me. Her big blue eyes with absurdly long lashes were focusing on me.

Jenna asked, "You trust me right?"

I nodded. I really did. She was like a sister and friend to me for three years. She showed me the ropes to the home, why not to sex? I thought. I had just turned 18 and decided that I was getting tired of reading everything. It was time to live some of it.

I was getting excited despite myself. I felt my nipples harden through my white t shirt and chalked it up to the idea that I was going to learn how to do something kinda sexy and naughty for the first time.

"Sit here..." Jenna patted the bed sighing impatiently. I sat on the end of the bed watching. She closed her eyes and her beautiful full lashes were grazing her pink cheeks. I gulped nervously trying to act cool and objective...like watching a science exhibit. She shimmied out of her jeans and was wearing a pair of really pretty lacey pink cotton panties. The fabric looked beautiful against her flat pale stomach.

"You have pretty panties on," I said innocently.

Jenna giggled and opened her big blue eyes held my gaze intently, and said, "Shhhhh, I have to focus."

I nodded silent. She then placed her hand on her stomach and then her fingers began to travel under her shirt. She got up and took her shirt off and I saw a matching pink lace bra. It was also very pretty against her skin. Her breasts formed two perfect globes inside peeking up over the fabric. I wanted to touch her breasts and her beautiful glowing skin but I dared not to.

"O.k. You gotta sort of touch all over and think sexy thoughts to get yourself horny," she said.

I looked at her wondering what she was thinking about. It was probably Jose, her dumb boyfriend that she was so painfully loyal to. Her hands went up to her beautiful breasts and she unhooked her bra freeing them. They jumped out bouncing firm and I saw that her nipples were hard as two pebbles and pointy. She used her thumb and index finger and started to roll her nipples squeezing her breasts. I looked at her face. I could see that she was getting flushed. Then I looked down at the mound at the top of her two beautiful long legs shyly. Her eyes were closed so I caught a peek. Her mound was shaved. I could tell under the pink fabric. The cotton fabric had started to mold itself to her two lips tracing a faint outline. I blushed and looked back at her breasts. Her hands were moving down anyways. I saw them make circles over her flat stomach and then stop at the waist band of her panties. I was starting to get a little flushed but again I tried to maintain my composure. The girls in the home talked about jerking off all the time but I never got a glimpse of it. This was my first time. They usually did it under the cover at night and I would hear their moans in the dark but I never got to see anything. I usually pretended I was asleep. I heard a moan escape and looked down at Jenna and the sound and smell of her sex made me feel a little uncomfortable. I knew I was getting turned on. Her hands worked their way under her panties and she started to work her pussy. I could see the faint outline through the cloth but I had no idea what she was doing.

Suddenly she opened her eyes, stopped what she was doing and got up. "Uhmm..You don't know unless you see it. I forgot. Do you know where to touch?"

I shook my head blushing. She thought a bit and looked a little impatient. She leaned down, winked at me, and took off her panties. I had seen her naked like a thousand times before. But now I noticed the pretty curve of her ass even more as she pulled them off her feet. I could also see the fleshy pink part of her sex peeking through her tight ass as she bent. It was the most erotic thing I ever saw. She lay back down on the bed her legs spread a bit.

"You can look at it," she said smiling up at me sweetly and patiently while rubbing her pussy.

I sighed in relief because I was really feeling like I shouldn't. So I looked hard at the swollen pink lips focusing on what she was about to do. She started to work her hands back down.

"See how swollen my lips are?" She asked.

I nodded and looked at her. She was pointing at her mound and worked her fingers between the crevices.

"These are the lips of my pussy see?" she said. She slipped a finger in between her glistening swollen lips. They were pretty, pink lips not brown like some other girls and stood out from her pale white skin.

"Oh, I can feel I'm turned on. But then again, I'm always horny, "she giggled. "Now slide your finger in between the lips like this," she started to slide a delicate finger in between the pink lips. She was sliding her finger up and down and getting excited. I could tell because her breathing was becoming harder and her chest was rising and falling.

"Now, this is your clit," she said.

I nodded looking transfixed as she spread her lips wide apart and pointed to a little nub at the top of her mound.

"When you play with it you get really excited and it gets hard like this," she moaned a little arching up. I heard it and blushed looking and nodding.

Suddenly she jumped up kneeling on the bed near me. "Take your pants off," she instructed, "that way it's easier to show you too."

I saw her beautiful firm tits near my chest naked and flushed and I nodded. She was breathing heavy with excitement. I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans in a flurry, rushing before she changed her mind. I could feel my pussy pulsing and knew this meant I was getting kind of excited and flushed embarrassed. I felt a little naughty.

"It's o.k. Don't feel bad all girls jerk off. Or else you walk around frustrated all day," she laughed catching my expression.

I was more comfortable having her show me the ropes than the other group home boys in the building next to ours who I heard could be clumsy and rough. I lay next to her in my panties and bra as she looked down on me. She took her fingers and undid my bra. My breasts popped out free. I could feel my nipples were hard.

"There, better and take off your panties," she instructed. Before I could think her fingers were on my waistband helping me take them off. I blushed.

"Don't worry," she was giggling, "this is gonna feel good. I promise," she smiled. I nodded excited letting her pull my panties down. She gently slid them off.

"Good that you shave your pussy it's easier that way," she said as she tapped my mound. I nodded.

"Now, lie down," she instructed, leaning over me and watching as I lay down on the bed

"Spread your legs like mine," she ordered and she leaned back on her arms spreading her legs slightly. I copied her movements next to her. She looked over at me with her ringlets and big blue eyes and instructed,

I could hear her say, "Good, lay back and relax."

I tried my best to relax but I was holding my breath and the most I could do was lay back as instructed. I looked over at Jenna who was laying on her side looking at me.

"Put your fingers here," and she started to finger her pussy again her index finger sliding between the two swollen lips.

I tried my best to do the same, looking down at my pussy, but I was a bit confused.

"Oh God, Sabrina," she sighed giggling, "like this."

She took her fingers and started to stroke my pussy. It felt incredible. I only know I did not want her to stop.

"Feel good?" She asked.

"Oh God, yes," I thought, "like nothing I ever felt," but I nodded and a sigh escaped.

"Ahhh, there you go. Now you are relaxing," Jenna said.

I had a feeling this was not the first time she was with a girl doing this. She really knew what she was doing. As she glided her fingers up and down I could feel myself getting moist.

"Oh yeah, you are getting wet now," Jenna said. Her other hand moved to my breast and gently kneaded my nipple.

"See? Do this while you are touching yourself," she whispered. A small moan escaped my lips and she giggled.

"Hmmm, that's it, "she said approvingly. She stroked my breasts softly admiring them for a bit and then a hand went down to my pussy again.

"Now, this is your clit," she touched the small nub at the top of my mound and I jerked a little.

"Relax," she said. Her fingertip started to flick over my clit back and forth in a small gentle motion while her other finger was working itself back and forth between the lips of my pussy.

"Ohhhhh," I said. She moved closer and slowly slid a finger deep inside of me. My pussy was tightening around it.

"Jeez, Sabrina, relax...your pussy is so tight girl...," she laughed and bent near me and kissed my cheek. "Ok see you play with your clit and your pussy like this," she whispered huskily as she continued to work at me.

"You are so tight. You virgin," she teased seductively. My back started to arch up and she rubbed my stomach and breasts with her free hand. Her other hand was focused on my pussy. She was working her finger sliding it in and out gently while relentlessly teasing my clit.

"Now you do it," she ordered and withdrew her finger.

I gasped not wanting her to stop but followed her instructions. I looked down at my wet glistening pussy. She placed a hand over my hand and guided me.

"Your finger here," and placed my thumb over my now sensitive swollen clit, "and your other finger inside." I gasped and moved a finger inside of my wet throbbing pussy. It felt good and I watched her as she started rubbing her breasts moaning. I could see that she wanted to join me. She slid a finger into her pussy. I saw her body getting flushed and moving near me. I could breathe in the scent of our sexes as we were both getting aroused together.

"Don't worry I didn't forget out about you," she said giggling. "I just need this for a bit. Watch me," she instructed. Her breathing was getting heavier.

She grabbed my hand, and pulled it near her pussy. I couldn't resist. I put a finger into the pink flesh and found it wet. She moaned loudly and I knew she was very aroused. She withdrew her hand and put mine over her wet mound. I started to glide my finger in deep. She leaned back and arched her back. Her pink wet pussy opened up and I saw her lips reveal her flower inside. I started to play with the bulb at the top and heard her gasp. My hand went up to her beautiful breasts teasing them. I couldn't resist and on impulse took a nipple into my mouth bending over. She moaned louder. I sucked hard on the beautiful pink pebble rolling it with my tongue sucking some more and then working my way to the other one. They were soft against my cheek. Her hand started to stroke my hair. I knew she liked it and didn't want me to stop sucking. Her pussy was so wet and her lips so full that my fingers were getting soaked with her juices. But I kept going sliding my finger in and out looking at her mound while I sucked on her nipples. I could hear her moaning and sighing and holding her breath. She was raising her ass of the bed with each stroke of my fingers rising up to meet me and I knew that she was lost in need. I took two fingers and courageously slid them into the hole of her pussy. She shrieked in delight and giggled moaning and twisting. I continued relentlessly enjoying her breasts some more watching her skin get flushed. Then I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers.

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