tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSabrina's Submission Ch. 02

Sabrina's Submission Ch. 02


Sabrina slowly climbed out of a deep dark pit of exhaustion prompted by the throbbing of her body. Opening her eyes her gaze first went to her bound wrists and she swallowed a lump of dismay. She had hoped that everything had been a nightmare, but the sight of her restraints, together with the ache her entire body was experiencing reinforced the fact that she was a captive. She closed her eyes again as tears welled up in response to her hopeless situation.

The door opened and a light clicked on. Michael stood in the doorway surveying his new slave. The pattern of thin red marks criss-crossing her body, the result of her punishment last night, was a pleasing sight. Unshed tears were making her emerald eyes luminous as she gazed up at him fearfully, obviously dreading what might lie in store for her.

Michael stood there for a few moments more, savouring the treasure that he had obtained. Once more, his plan had worked like a dream. Arranging with that thug to accost Sabrina allowing him to step in to defend her had lulled her into a sense of false security and it had been easy to slip the slow-acting drug into her drink when she was in the bathroom. After that, it had been a simple case of gauging her reactions and making sure he was in a position to get her into his car. The drug, although slow acting, was powerful and ensured she was deeply unconscious the moment he sat her in his car, which then allowed him to get everything set up in his dungeon and have her suitably restrained before she awoke.

Sure now that his slave was suitably cowed, Michael strode into the room and stood above her.

"Well slave, it is time for your breakfast," he said, smiling to himself as she gazed up at him hopefully. "Let's get you sitting up."

Pulling at her bound wrists he helped her sit up and slide sideways so that she was sat on the edge of the bed. Swiftly he bent down and before she could realise what he was doing, he had attached the restraints at her ankles to a ring set in the floor. He then reached down to her wrists and detached them from the chain at the head of the bed. Hope flared in Sabrina's eyes, but was quickly replaced with dismay as he forced her hands behind her back and reattached them to the chain. Leaning towards the end of the bed he brought out another chain and attached that also to her wrists. Then he pressed a switch beside the bed. Slowly each of the chains tightened until she was completely immobilised.

Sabrina was confused. She had been promised breakfast so why now was Michael ensuring she couldn't move?

His eyes roved over Sabrina's naked body once more. "Well slave?" he said, "do you want your breakfast?"

"Y-yes please" she whispered.

"What have I told you slave? Once more you disobey me!" Michael growled.

Gasping in fright Sabrina realised her mistake.

"Y-yes please Master!" she stammered.

"For that I should deny you breakfast. You have certainly earned more punishment!" Michael informed her. "However, I am feeling generous this morning so I will allow you your breakfast."

Relief flooded Sabrina's features, although slightly tinged with fear at the prospect of yet more punishment. However, she soon realised that Michael was slowly opening his robe. Her eyes flew up to his face in shock as his cock sprang free, already hard. Surely he couldn't mean what his actions were implying!

"Very well slave, you may have your breakfast," he said thrusting his cock against her mouth. "And I warn you, do a good job or you will make me very angry, and you do not want that!"

Sabrina realised she had no choice and opened her mouth. At once Michael shoved his cock in hard, ramming it against the back of her throat. She gagged, then whimpered in pain as he grabbed hold of her plait and yanked her head up to meet his eyes.

"You will do as you are told and you will accommodate me as far as I wish to take you. I will have no more of this resistance!" he commanded. "Do you understand?"

Fearfully Sabrina nodded.

"Very well slave, resume, and this time do not try my patience!"

Once again he shoved his cock hard into her mouth. This time, terrified of the punishment she would incur if she did not satisfy her master, Sabrina made a concentrated effort to open her throat, wincing slightly as his cock slid even further inside!

"Better, my slave. You might be worth the effort after all!" Michael purred.

As Sabrina became accustomed to the invasion of her mouth she started to work her tongue and her lips. Working hard, she slid her tongue up and down the length of his shaft, pausing every so often to swirl it around the head. Michael, in the meantime, still had hold of her hair and every so often would give a sharp tug, bringing tears to her eyes and reminding her who was in control. Slowly she felt him start to respond and increased her rhythm as she tasted the pre-cum that was starting to form. Once again, Michael rammed his cock against the back of her throat, this time moving it further down as Sabrina became accustomed to the action. Then he withdrew slightly and repeated the actions. Sabrina desperately maintained her rhythm, increasing the pressure of her tongue and lips against his shaft. Surely he must be close, she thought, her mouth aching from the effort of accommodating him. Finally Michael tensed, gripping her hair hard and thrust his cock as far down her throat as it would go, shooting his load in a savage, sharp burst.

"Swallow!" he growled, and Sabrina swiftly obeyed. Without prompting, she proceeded to lick him clean, until not a drop of cum remained.

"Well slave, I see you are finally learning to obey your master's instructions," Michael said softly. "This will be your breakfast every day and I expect you to thank your master for his generosity!"

"Th-thank you master" Sabrina whispered.

"You may now use the bathroom and make yourself presentable. I will allow you one hour, after which time I will return. I shall expect you to be waiting for me. You will be kneeling on the floor with your legs open and your hands behind your head your back. You will assume this position every time I enter a room without fail or you will be punished! Unless of course," and Michael smiled chillingly, "you are already in restraint, which I can assure you will often be the case as your training progresses. Now slave, I shall undo your restraints and you may use the bathroom. What do you say, slave?"

"Th-thank you Master," Sabrina said as Michael bent to detach her ankles from the ring in the floor. However, as he started to straighten up, something caught his eye. Swiftly he moved his hand down to her pussy. Yes, he was right! Her pussy was hot and wet!

Sabrina blushed in mortification as he slowly raised his head and looked her straight in the eyes.

"Well, well, it looks like my slave really did enjoy her breakfast!" he drawled, rubbing his hand against her crotch.

Slowly he inserted a finger between her folds whilst his thumb found and started stimulating her clit. With her hands still firmly restrained behind her back, Sabrina could do little but squirm from his attentions as his finger worked deeper inside her, constantly moving, his thumb rubbing and flicking her clit. Slowly the sensations built in her body and she was losing track of her surroundings. Suddenly, without stopping the motions of his hand, he pushed her onto her side. Now she could feel his other hand moving behind her. Briefly, he brought his finger out of her pussy, dripping with her juices and swirled it around the entrance to her ass. Once more he plunged his finger into her cunt, once more withdrawing to spread yet more of her juices around her hole and then inside it. Satisfied, his thumb flicked her clit causing her to cry out as sensation throbbed through her. Before she had time to do more than react, his finger had plunged back inside her pussy, no, not just one finger but two, and suddenly she felt a pressure in her back passage as it was invaded and stimulated.

"Oh god, I'm going to cum!" she cried out as she reached the peak of desire. All at once all motion stopped and Michael withdrew from her.

"Oh no, slave, remember you may only cum if your master gives you permission!" he laughed.

Disbelief was written across Sabrina's flushed face. He couldn't mean it! One look told her that yes, he was serious. Bowing her head, Sabrina finally succumbed to the inevitable.

"Please Master, please I need to cum! Please will you make me cum?" she begged him.

"Well, my little slave, are you prepared to submit to me willingly now?" Michael asked her. "From now on will you obey me immediately and without question?"

"Yes Master" Sabrina replied quietly.

"Will you agree willingly to stay here and receive training at my hands?" he continued.

Her eyes flew up to stare at his face. He couldn't be serious! One look was all it took, however, to convince her that he was deadly serious. She was torn. She was desperate to cum and only he could do this for her. In addition, she realised that she had never experienced sensations as intense as this before and was craving more. However, the price was to willingly give up her freedom. Finally, she bowed her head. She had no choice!

"Yes Master." she said in a shaking voice.

"Yes what, Slave?" Michael commanded.

"Yes, I will willingly stay and receive training at your hands!", Sabrina replied.

"Very well, slave, as I am feeling generous, I will allow you to cum. But remember, any lapse, any disobedience and you will regret it!" Michael told her.

"Yes Master, thank you Master!" Sabrina replied.

With that Michael's hands moved once more down to her pussy and her ass. Again she felt the tremors start as his thumb quickly found and stimulated her clit. By now she was so hot and wet that his fingers slid easily into her pussy, moving rhythmically in and out and finally, she whimpered as she felt pressure at the entrance to her ass as his finger invaded her back passage. Dizzy with sensation, she was being swept closer to the edge. Sensing this, Michael found and stimulated her G-spot deep within her until helpless, she crashed over the edge into the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. Wave after wave shuddered through her, she was held in the grip of an uncontrollable surge of sensation. Finally, she drew in a shuddering breath as she slowly descended from the incredible high. Opening her eyes, pupils still dilated from passion, she smiled up at Michael.

"Thank you Master," she breathed. "Your slave will be most obedient from now on!"

Michael smiled inwardly. Yes, everything was going to plan. It looked as if this slave had the makings of a true submissive. He had been surprised by her responsiveness this morning and was looking forward to the start of her training. It could be that this was the one he had been looking for!

Detaching her wrists from the chain, Michael grabbed her hair and pulled her up off the bed. Wincing at the pain, Sabrina nevertheless stood submissively, with her eyes cast downwards, waiting for her master's instructions.

"Turn around slave and walk towards the bathroom." Michael commanded.

Sabrina did as she was told. At the entrance to the bathroom another tug on her hair told her to stop. She felt the restraints around her wrists and ankles fall away, and waited expectantly for the collar to follow suit.

"Oh no, slave!" Michael said. "Don't you remember what your master told you? This collar is a reminder of your status. It will not come off, ever!"

Noticing Sabrina's eyes widen in fright, Michael could guess what she was thinking. When soaked in water, the leather would tighten around her throat, constricting her breathing!

"Oh don't worry slave, the leather has been specially treated and will not shrink. It has been specially chosen to fit you and you alone!" he explained. "Now, get into the bathroom and clean yourself up."

Hesitantly, Sabrina walked forwards into the bathroom, then turned to close the door, only to realise that there wasn't one! Michael was standing in the doorway with his arms crossed.

"As a slave you are not entitled to any privacy except for that which I grant you. There is a door to the suite of necessity, but nowhere else" he told her, smiling at her obvious discomfort. Then he gestured towards the toilet. "Well go on then, I'm sure you are dying to relieve yourself!" he said.

Her face red with mortification, Sabrina walked dazedly towards the toilet. Surely he couldn't mean to stay and watch, could he? Apparently he could, as he had not moved from the doorway as Sabrina sat down. Embarrassed and humiliated Sabrina had no option but to relieve herself with Michael watching. At first, due to her tense state, only a trickle escaped, but suddenly the dam broke and a golden stream issued from her. Finally, hanging her head in shame, Sabrina reached for the paper and dried herself off.

"Excellent, slave! It seems as if you are finally coming to terms with your situation. You have no rights and your every action is subject to my command. You will perform for my pleasure without hesitation and thank me for the honour! However, time is getting on and I will leave you to make yourself presentable for my return. And remember, I expect you to be in the correct position when I open the door!" With that, Michael turned on his heel and strode out of the bathroom, crossed the bedroom and then Sabrina finally heard a door closed as she exited the suite.

Unrestrained for the first time since she had arrived, Sabrina rushed to the door of the suite, but as she had known all along, it was securely locked. Defeated, she turned around and made her way back to the bathroom.

Dully, she walked towards the large, deep bath. She noticed a large number of assorted bottles arrayed on a shelf beside it and turned to inspect them. Some contained scented bath oils, others bubble bath, and yet others contained shampoo & conditioners. Turning on the taps Sabrina considered which to use. It was obvious that her master expected her to please him in every way. He had already told her in no uncertain terms that her life was no longer her own and that she was completely dependent upon his pleasure. This meant that she could not use scents that would please her, which would have meant something light & flowery. Instead, with a sigh, she chose an oil that had a heavy, sensual scent of musk and liberally poured it into the water. She decided not to use bubble bath, afraid it might irritate her over sensitised skin.

Once the water was at the right temperature and depth, she turned off the taps and eased her aching body into the bath. Gasping a little at first, she slowly started to relax. Lifting her arms she began to unplait her hair, it's natural wave augmented by having been confined overnight in the tight tail Michael had used. Finally it was free, but hung limp, saturated with sweat from her ordeal the night before and soaking up the steam rising from the bath.

Gingerly she took a bar of soap from the shelf above her and gently started working it over her body, hissing in pain as it protested. Gritting her teeth, she took a sponge and gently starting working over her skin, making sure every part of her was clean. She hesitated slightly when the sponge reached her pussy and ass, dreading to inflict more pain on her already abused holes, but she knew that nothing less than complete cleansing of both areas would satisfy her master. She noticed a smaller, softer sponge on the shelf and switched to it, working it gently until her pussy lips finally relaxed and she was able to insert it up inside her. Once she felt she was completely clean, she removed the sponge and rinsed it, before once again applying a cleansing gel and moving it towards her tight little asshole. Mortified, she could not believe she was doing this, but the prospect of displeasing her master and being subject to further punishment soon overcame her reluctance. Working slowly, but firmly, she at last gained access and cleaned her back passage as thoroughly as she could.

There was a clock on the wall in front of the bath and glancing at it Sabrina saw that 30 minutes had already passed. Sitting up, she noticed there was a shower attached to the wall above the bath. Taking it from its holder she proceeded to wash her hair, making sure it was completely clean before applying conditioner. After a final rinse she turned off the shower and stepped out of the bath, watching as the water slowly drained away. Wrapping herself in a soft, fluffy towel, she proceeded to gently pat her body dry.

Moving back to the bedroom she investigated the drawers of the dressing table, finding an assortment of brushes, combs, hair accessories and a hair dryer. She also found an array of expensive cosmetics, beauty lotions and moisturisers. Sitting down in front of the mirror, Sabrina dried her hair, making sure to run a brush through so that no snarls or tangles remained. It fell in waves below her shoulders. Hesitating, she then reached for a band. She was loath to put her hair back into a plait, but maybe the master would not object to a pony tail. Trembling slightly, she arranged her hair until she had a pony tail dropping from high at the back of her head.

She then looked through the range of cosmetics and choose a rich, creamy moisturiser, which she smoothed onto her face. Unsure of her master's requirements for his slave's appearance, she chose not to apply any make-up, feeling that he would instruct her as to how he wished her to look.

Finally, she was aware of footsteps approaching the door to the suite and rushed to obey her master's commands. When the door opened she was kneeling in the centre of the room, legs apart and hands behind her head. This posture had the effect of pushing her chest forward so that both her breasts and her pussy were ready for inspection. This effect was intensified by the fact that she was breathing deeply, partly due to her rush to get into position and partly from the dread of what would come next.

Michael paused in the doorway, savouring the sight that greeted him. It seemed that his slave had obeyed all his demands. He was gratified to see that she had not applied any cosmetics to her face, leaving it bare and natural, as he preferred. He frowned slightly as he saw that she had not put her hair back into a plait, but when he saw how high up her head the pony tail came, he nodded to himself, ideas already forming in his mind.

"Very good, slave," he said, "you have obeyed my commands. As a reward I shall allow you to eat some food before your training begins."

With that he reached behind the door and drew a trolley inside the room. Sabrina could smell delicious aromas wafting from under the covered plates and her stomach growled in response.

"You may stand slave," Michael said, "but keep your hands behind your head and your legs spread apart. I shall inspect you before I allow you to eat breakfast!"

Quickly Sabrina did as she was told. She was learning that immediate obedience was expected.

Leaving the trolley where it was Michael moved behind her. She heard a drawer opening and before she had time to react, her hands were once again cuffed together behind her. She opened her mouth to ask what he was doing, she couldn't eat if her hands were bound, but realised at the last moment that she had not been given permission to speak.

Michael noticed this fact and was pleased, although he gave no hint of this in his face. He returned once more to the drawer and took out an inflatable butt plug. However, before he moved back to Sabrina's side, he picked up a special chair. Sabrina raised wide eyes to Michael's face.

"Slave, if you want to eat, you will do as I tell you!" Michael commanded. "You are still too tight to accommodate me effectively and this must be rectified. This chair is my own design and you will sit in it to eat your breakfast every day."

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