tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSabrina's Submission Ch. 04

Sabrina's Submission Ch. 04


For a few minutes he said nothing, letting the reality of Sabrina's situation really sink in. Finally he bent down and detached the clips from her sore and swollen nipples. Sabrina screamed in pain and sensation flooded back but it was muffled by the ball gag still seated in her mouth. Michael just stood over her watching impassively as the tears ran down her cheeks. Finally, as her muffled sobs died away he bent down and removed the ball gag from her mouth. Swiftly he flicked his finger across first the left, then the right nipple rings, again making Sabrina cry out from pain. This time the result was more satisfying as he could hear her anguish. Again he waited until the pain had died down then yanked the butt plug from her sore and distended ass. Sabrina shook with reaction. Finally, Michael took hold of the dildo and swiftly removed it. Looking down at her, Michael was impressed. Despite the severe stretching it had received, Sabrina's pussy was already returning to it's normal size and her juices were running freely from it. This woman was a natural sub! He had the feeling that he may just have found what he had been searching for over so many years!

Exhausted by her ordeal, Sabrina could do little more than lie limply on the table, whimpering softly. Her arms were on fire from being attached above her head for so long, but the pain just merged into everything else.

"Well, Slave, I imagine you might need to go to the bathroom around about now. Am I right?" Michael asked.

"Yes, Master," Sabrina whispered.

"Very well. I shall release your restraints," Michael advised her.

He detached both her wrist and ankle cuffs from the table and pulled her into a sitting position. Sabrina made as if to stand up but Michael forced her back onto the table.

"Did I say you could move, Slave?" he said.

"N-no Master," Sabrina whimpered.

"That is another mark in the punishment book for you!" Michael said chillingly. "Now slave, yesterday I was lenient with you and allowed you to walk. From now on, as becomes your station, you will crawl anywhere you wish to go."

With that he pushed Sabrina hard in the middle of her back so that she fell forwards towards the floor. Terrified that she would inflict more pain and damage to her already abused breasts, Sabrina put out her hands to protect herself and ended up on all fours.

"Very good, Slave," Michael purred. "I see you have grasped the situation well! Now you may crawl to the bathroom to relieve yourself."

Sabrina hesitated, he surely could not be serious. Pain suddenly shot through her as Michael brought his hand down hard across her ass.

"Once again you forget your place!" he growled. "How many times must I remind you that you have no rights and are to thank me for my generosity?"

"Th-thank you Master, for letting me use the bathroom," Sabrina cried.

"Too late!" Michael grated. "That's another mark against you. My, my, we are accruing a tally, aren't we? I believe your punishment tonight will need to reflect this and will serve as a reminder to you that I will be obeyed at all times!"

Sabrina trembled in fear. Her punishment last night was as much as she could bear! She was now terrified of the ordeal that threatened for tonight! More pain shot through her as once again, Michael's hand landed hard across her ass.

"Get moving Slave. I don't have all day!" he commanded.

This time Sabrina responded with alacrity. She was moving before she was even conscious of it! It felt like an eternity before she reached the doorway to the bathroom. Her entire body was a mass of pain and her bladder was painfully full. She crawled over to the toilet and looked to her master for permission to rise.

Curtly, he nodded. Relieved, she stood up and went to sit on the toilet.

"No slave, you are not allowed to sit. You do not deserve to have any measure of comfort or privacy after that performance." Michael told her. "You will stand there exposed and pee whilst I watch. If you do not wish to do this, then you may crawl back to the other room and we will continue your training."

Sabrina stared at him, but she had no choice. She did not know what the training was going to entail, but she could not bear the humiliation of losing control of her bowels in the middle of it. Closing her eyes in mortification, she willed herself to go. At first nothing came, but finally a warm stream gushed from her.

"Look at me!" Michael commanded.

Reluctantly Sabrina raised her eyes to her master's face and kept them there until she was finished. However, she was dismayed to feel an insistent pressure in her back passage.

"M-Master, I need to do more than pee!" she whispered.

"I'm sorry, slave, what did you say? I could not hear you!" Michael told her smiling mockingly.

"I need to do more than pee, Master," Sabrina told him more clearly.

"Very well slave, you may sit" he told her, but continued to watch.

Finally Sabrina felt relief and rose to wipe herself off.

"Oh no, slave," I require you to be more clean than that!" Michael informed her, striding into the room. "Get into the bath and bend over facing the wall."

Mystified, Sabrina did as she was told. She felt her wrists being grabbed as Michael swiftly attached them to a ring set halfway down the outside of the bath. Locked in that position Sabrina could not see what he was doing behind her. She heard the click of a cupboard door and then a tap running in the sink. However, she could not hear it drain away. Suddenly she felt pressure against her asshole and something small and hard working its way up inside her back passage. She couldn't understand what this could be, it certainly didn't feel like another butt plug! The object wormed its way further up inside her until it could go no further. Then, without warning, she felt the warm gush of liquid start to flow inside her. She was being forced to have an enema! More and more continued to flow until her bladder was distended and starting to hurt. Finally Michael removed the apparatus and Sabrina sighed with relief. However, before she could let go, Michael had forced a butt plug into place, leaving her full and aching with no chance of relief!

Without saying a word, Michael turned and walked out of the bathroom, leaving his distressed slave bent over in the bath.

Sabrina could not tell how long she had been bent over with her bladder distended and exerting a pressure that could not be escaped. She was exhausted both physically and emotionally from the events that had so far occurred and she had no way of telling what time of day it was due to the lack of windows. This was all part of Michael's plan to break down her defences and make her pliant to his demands.

Finally, she heard his footsteps approaching. "Well now, Slave," he told her, "I am sure you would like me to remove the plug."

"Oh please, Master, please!" Sabrina cried.

"On one condition" Michael replied. "You will not relieve yourself until I tell you that you may! If, however, you release the flow before I say you can, we shall repeat the process."

"Please Master, I promise I will obey!" Sabrina begged.

"Very well slave," Michael told her, but remember what I said!"

With that he crossed to the bath and swiftly pulled out the butt plug. Taken by surprise, she could not stop the flow of water that followed its removal.

"Very disappointing, slave," Michael chastised her, although he knew full well that she had had no chance to keep the flow inside her due to the speed at which he had pulled out the plug. "It looks as if we will have to repeat the process until you learn to control yourself."

Wide eyed with dismay, Sabrina had no option but to endure whilst Michael once again refilled the enema bag, fed the nozzle and hose into her back passage and flooded her bladder until it could hold no more. Again he inserted the plug and left her in the bath whilst he moved back into the main room to make preparations for the next stage in her training. She could hear him moving around but had no idea what he could be doing.

Finally Michael returned to the bathroom. "Are you ready to try again slave?" he asked.

"Yes Master," she replied.

"Remember, if you cannot control yourself, we will repeat the process until you can!" he warned.

Sabrina steeled herself for the removal of the plug, but Michael waited, gauging her reactions. When he saw her body relax marginally he quickly yanked out the plug. To her dismay, Sabrina once again felt water gushing out in the wake of the plug.

"So it seems as though once again, slave you cannot control yourself!" Michael said smiling grimly. "You know what must happen now."

Shivering, Sabrina nodded, her eyes dull with resignation. Once again she had no choice but to suffer the indignity of having an enema forced into her and held there with the plug. Michael examined her, noticing how a faint tremor had appeared in her body. By his reckoning, she had reached the limit of her endurance. He walked out of the bathroom leaving her drowning in waves of hopelessness, whilst he put the next part of his plan into action.

This time when Michael walked back into the bathroom, Sabrina could barely raise her head. Her body was trembling uncontrollably and her dull eyes barely registered his presence.

"Are you ready to control yourself slave?" Michael asked her.

Wearily she started to nod, when she caught the slight tightening around his eyes and realised her mistake. "Y-yes Master," she stammered.

"Excellent, slave. I thought you were in danger of slipping there, but you are starting to remember your place!" "Now prepare yourself." he commanded.

This time he made sure to pull the plug slowly out, giving Sabrina time to tense her muscles against the water that threatened to wash out in its waked. To her relief, barely a drop escaped.

"Hmmm, so far so good slave," Michael said, "but remember, you are not allowed to release until I tell you that you may."

"Yes Master," Sabrina replied, relief colouring her voice.

Michael waited, gauging the tremors running through her body until he felt she was about to give way.

"Now slave, you may release," he told her.

"Thank you Master!" Sabrina exclaimed as the water gushed from her in a torrent. She felt an overwhelming gratitude towards him, an effect that Michael had planned for by his careful manipulation of her. Finally the torrent trickled to a stop and Michael released her wrists and helped her straighten up and step out of the bath. Still acting solicitously towards her, he pretended not to notice that she was walking across the bathroom floor and was pleased when he heard her gasp in surprise at the sight that greeted her as she stepped into the main room. There in the centre of the room was a table laid with a snow white cloth and shining cutlery. Delicious aromas started to waft towards them and Sabrina moved as if in a daze. Michael pulled out a chair for her and seated her at the table.

"Eat my slave, and then you may sleep." Michael told her. "You will need all your strength for your training this afternoon!"

Sabrina was amazed to see that the meal consisted of all her favourite foods. There was grilled salmon, deep pink and succulent, laid on a bed of creamed leaks with a potato gratin on the side. A chilled glass of white wine stood beside the plate and when Michael lifted the final cover, it revealed a rich, creamy chocolate mousse. Her senses swam. She couldn't comprehend this largesse after the treatment she had been subjected to, but right now she was too tired and worn to resist when Michael encouraged her to eat. As the final spoonful of mousse slipped down her throat, Sabrina turned towards him, her eyes glowing with emotion.

"Master thank you for this. I promise you will have my full obedience from now on!" she said.

For the first time, a genuine smile appeared on Michael's lips, echoed in his eyes.

"Well, my slave, I am pleased. But for now you must rest." he replied.

Gently he drew her up from the chair and guided her towards the bedroom. Already Sabrina's eyes were drooping and she willingly allowed him to lay her down on the bed. Gently Michael reattached her wrists to the chain at the head of the bed, although this time he allowed more slack. He briefly returned to the main room to retrieve a couple of items then made his way back to the bed. He sat down beside her prone form and gently spread her legs wide. Too tired to protest, Sabrina lay pliant. Michael moved his hand up between her thighs and started to work his fingers between the lips of her pussy. She moaned as the action of his fingers brought a response from deep within her and her juices started to flow. Moving his hand slightly, Michael found her clit and pinched it between his fingers, rubbing it, flicking it, stimulating it until the little bud stood erect and proud. Then he moved his fingers back to her pussy and inserted first one, then two fingers inside her, whilst the others continued to work at her clit. By now her juices were flowing freely. Michael moved his other hand between her legs, making sure his fingers were coated in her essence before they worked their way back towards her asshole. Slowly, gently, he inserted first one, then another finger into her back passage.

By now Sabrina was writhing in desire. Michael could tell that only a little more was required to send her over the edge. His fingers increased their rhythm, the ones in her back passage increased their pressure whilst the ones in her pussy found and stimulated her g-spot. Finally, with her body shuddering in reaction, Michael flicked her clit and was rewarded by her screaming in ecstasy as an immense orgasm crashed over her. As Sabrina slowly descended from the apex of desire, Michael slowly and gently filled her pussy once more with a dildo and her ass with a butt plug, although these were nowhere near the girth to which she had been subjected to earlier. Michael smoothed back her hair from her face. ""Sleep now my slave, and dream of your master!" he urged and obediently Sabrina drifted off to sleep.

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