tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSabrina's Submission Ch. 03

Sabrina's Submission Ch. 03


Sabrina had long since lost track of time when she heard the door opening. Her arms were a mass of pain from being forced into an unnatural position for so long and her pussy and asshole ached from being stretched and filled by the dildo and butt plug. She could not even squirm to relieve the discomfort. Footsteps approached and suddenly the blindfold was removed. Michael stood before her dressed in a black silk shirt and form fitting black slacks.

"Well my slave, are you ready for your training?" he asked.

Blinking in the light Sabrina looked up from her seat. "Yes Master," she replied.

"Excellent. I do believe you are learning!" Michael told her.

He moved behind the chair, placed his hands under her arms and swiftly lifted her off the chair. She gasped as the dildo slipped from her pussy and her legs almost gave way under her.

"Stand up straight slave!" Michael commanded.

Sabrina obeyed instantly.

"Good. Now slave you will walk to the table where I shall inspect you." Michael ordered.

Sabrina did as she was told.

Detaching her wrist cuffs from behind her back, Michael pushed Sabrina down onto the table. When she went to lie back he stopped her.

"On your front slave! I told you I wished to inspect you!" Michael told her.

Quickly Sabrina flipped over onto her stomach. Michael took each of her wrists and attached it to the front legs of the table. Then he proceeded to attach each of her ankles to the base of the table and once again split the sections until her legs were spread wide. Swiftly, he took hold of the butt plug and yanked it out. Sabrina cried out in pain. Without paying any attention to her protest, Michael's hand moved between her legs and parted the lips of her labia, forcing his fingers, one by one, inside her. By the time he had three fingers pushed up inside her she was crying in pain as she felt horribly distended. He removed his fingers which despite her pain, were now covered in her juices and moved them to her asshole. Despite having had the butt plug recently removed, he was once again faced with a tight little entrance. With his fingers, he smeared her juices around the entrance and then swiftly plunged a finger inside. Sabrina cried out once again. Moving his finger in and out rhythmically he soon added a second. By this time Sabrina was sobbing uncontrollably. After what seemed to be an eternity, Michael finally removed his fingers, leaving her sore and abused.

"Not good enough slave" Michael said. "I meant it when I said that I expect you to accommodate me completely. From now on, each day you will wear a progressively larger dildo and butt plug. You will keep these in all day until I decide you have stretched sufficiently to accommodate me. Until this time, I will expect you to pleasure me with your mouth and if you fail to satisfy me, you will be punished. Is this clear?"

"Yes Master," Sabrina sobbed.

"Good. The process will begin today."

With that Michael walked to the drawers and pulled out a dildo and a butt plug. The dildo was huge, at least 10 inches long and 3 inches wide, and was attached by two thin chains front and back to a supple leather belt which Michael proceeded to fasten around Sabrina's waist, cinching it until she could hardly breathe. He then swiftly forced the dildo between the lips of her labia and applied pressure until Sabrina felt she would pass out. Finally, he managed to insert it to its full length. He swiftly attached the chains to the belt and tightened them. Then design was such that the front chains lay within and parted the lips of her pussy, whilst the rear ones rose between her buttocks and spread them apart. Immediately Michael reached for the butt plug and without pause, swiftly inserted it into her ass. Without hesitation, he attached a pump and started inflated it. This plug was considerably larger than the one she had been subjected to earlier and before long Sabrina had passed out from the pain.

Michael stood back and surveyed his handiwork with satisfaction. Sabrina was now spread-eagled on her stomach, immobile and with both her pussy and asshole distended to accommodate the girth of the items forced into them. What a sight she was. Michael felt his cock stir in response.

What Sabrina didn't know was that all of Michael's appliances vibrated and were remote controlled. She was shocked back to consciousness by a tingling that started in her pussy and ass. Moaning, she tried unsuccessfully to writhe away from the sensations. This was too much! Michael slowly started to increase the intensity of vibrations, watching Sabrina carefully to gauge her reactions. Slowly she stopped protesting and started to gasp as her body took on a life of its own responding to the sensations being created. Just as Michael judged Sabrina was about to climax, he switched both devices off, leaving her gasping and aching for relief. Shuddering, she had no choice but to await her master's next move.

When Michael judged that she had sufficiently descended from the brink, he once again switched on the devices. Again starting low and gradually increasing the pressure. Once more he switched them off just as she was about to climax. He repeated this again and again until her body was drenched in sweat. He estimated that she would not be able to take much more. For one last time he switched on the devices, again slowly increasing the intensity. This time, however, smiling to himself, he left them running until Sabrina was swept over the edge into an intense orgasm.

Suddenly, in the aftermath of her orgasm, Sabrina felt her head being jerked back by Michael's hand on her pony tail.

"Did I say you could cum slave?" Michael asked her coldly.

An icy wave washed through Sabrina as she remembered she was not allowed to cum without her master's permission. Knowing now what this meant, Sabrina replied. "No Master."

"That is three times today that you have incurred punishment," Michael informed her. "Each transgression will be marked in a book and your punishment will be administered at the end of each day. Yesterday I was lenient with you as it was your first night. Be advised, however, that from today, no more allowances will be made. The severity of the punishment will directly reflect the number of times you have transgressed and the nature of your transgression."

Sabrina shivered at the tone of her master's voice. It was cool and businesslike, as if he were discussing the weather or a book he wished to purchase.

"And now slave, it is time for your training to begin" Michael told her, "but first you will need to be marked as my property!"

He detached her wrists and ankles from the table.

"Stand up!" he commanded.

Sabrina obediently stood and waited with eyes downcast, trembling as she wondered what he could have meant about her being marked as his property. She was soon to find out!

"Now slave, I want you back on the table, lying on your back!" Michael ordered.

Sabrina was quick to obey. The pressure on the butt plug in her ass increased as her buttocks rested against the table. Michael then reattached her wrists above her head and her ankles to rings set in the foot of the table. However, he was not finished. He walked to the drawers and came back with a very special pair of nipple clamps in his hands, which he showed to Sabrina. One by one he teased her nipples until they were erect and attached the clamps to them. She sighed with relief as they seemed to be less harsh than the ones he had used last night. However, he was not finished! He attached a length of chain between them and once again pulled a hook down from the ceiling and attached the chain to it. Her breasts were now stretched tight, forming upright cones. Sabrina screamed in agony as the clamps suddenly tightened around her nipples, cruelly biting into them. "These are very special clamps, my slave," Michael explained. "The more pressure applied to them the tighter they become, so I advise you not to move!"

Once again Michael walked over to the drawer and returned holding a ball gag! Sabrina stared up at him in fear.

"I do not want to be disturbed through your marking, so you will be wearing this slave!" he told her. "And remember, any move you make will tighten the clamps further!"

With that he strode across the room and opened the door to the suite.

"You may come in now," Sabrina heard Michael say.

Sabrina could hear someone else enter the room and it sounded like they were pushing a trolley, which rattled. Other sounds followed of which she could make no sense, and then finally a face loomed over her.

The rough looking man ran his eyes over her body, leering in appreciation of what he saw. Then he looked across to where Michael stood with his arms crossed.

"So what do you want done and where?" he asked.

"First she is to be tattooed with my mark on her right hip," Michael instructed.

Wide-eyed, Sabrina shook her head in denial, trying to cry out, but all sound was muffled by the gag.

"Then I wish both nipples to be pierced."

"Hoops or studs?" the man asked.

"Hoops," was Michael's response. "I may wish on occasion to use weights without clamps and the hoops will facilitate this!"

"Very well," said the man, and Sabrina could hear the sound of implements being moved around the tray on the top of the trolley.

Suddenly she felt something cold being applied to her right hip. Straining to raise her head, could just about see that the man was swabbing an area with gauze. As he took the pad away Sabrina could hear the whirr of an electric motor. Suddenly she gasped in shock and pain as the tattoo needle pierced her skin. As the man continued his work the pain rose in a cumulative effect as the needle caused hot agony to course through her. Finally the sound of the motor stopped and the needle was taken away. Tears were streaming down her face as Michael walked over to inspect the mark.

"Very good." He told the tattooist as he inspected his work. There, just as he had wanted, was his mark -- his initials surrounded by a knot. Anyone in his circle looking at the tattoo would immediately realise that Sabrina was a slave and that she belonged to him.

Sweat glistened on Sabrina's skin in the aftermath of the tattoo. She couldn't believe what had just happened and she was awash in the combined pain of the tattoo and the harsh clamps on her distended nipples. But her ordeal was not yet over. Again she could hear implements rattling on the trolley and before she could react, agony shot through her left nipple as it was swiftly pierced. Now the reason for using this particular set of clamps became clear. Not only did they tighten once again, causing Sabrina to scream against the gag, but they were thin enough that the nipple had been easy to pierce underneath. Swiftly the tattooist inserted a gold hoop through the nipple and clicked it closed. At Michael's nod, and without waiting for Sabrina to even catch her breath, he swiftly pierced her right breast and inserted the other hoop. Again Sabrina screamed in agony, but this time the pain of the piercing combined with the pain of the tattoo and she fell away into darkness as she passed out.

A sharp smell under her nose brought Sabrina back to consciousness. Struggling to focus, she was dimly aware of the fact that the tattooist and his trolley were no longer in the room. Her mouth ached from being forced to accommodate the ball gag, which was still in place, her hips felt on fire from the tattoo and her breasts were burning, nipples still throbbing in agony from the piercing to which she had been submitted. Her eyes felt gritty and sore from the tears she had cried and her pussy and ass were distended from the items she was forced to accommodate. All in all, her body was awash with pain and it was impossible for her to focus coherently.

"Well my slave, now your training may begin," Michael advised. "I have a circle of friends who will be visiting from time to time and I will not have you embarrassing me in front of them. Transgressions in their presence will be punished more severely than those committed in privacy! Do you understand?"

Unable to answer, Sabrina nodded her head.

"Good! Now the tattoo on your hip tells anyone who looks that you are my property and may not be touched or used without my permission. Anyone doing so will incur my wrath, but if you allow them to touch or use you, I will make sure you regret it! Do I make myself clear?" He demanded.

Once again Sabrina nodded.

"Good. Now for the time being I am content with the tattoo and the nipple piercing. However, as you progress I shall consider other options."

Trembling, Sabrina tried to think what these could be, but Michael did not explain further and she was left feeling scared and afraid.

"By now you must be wondering if anyone at work is missing you," Michael said.

A brief hope flared within Sabrina. She knew that her boss relied on her far too much to not demand to know where she was.

Michael smiled. "You can set your mind at rest, slave," he advised. "A call has been placed to your office advising that due to the stress caused by an overload of work, you have had a nervous breakdown. You have been admitted to a sanatorium and need complete rest. Nobody is to contact you until you are completely recovered and you have therefore resigned your post. Oh, and you may be pleased to know that your boss is being disciplined for being the cause of your breakdown!"

Sabrina' heart sank. She was an only child and her parents had died when she was twenty, once reason why she was so independent. Work had been her entire existence and she had no close friends. Her boss had been her only hope of someone realising that something was wrong, but he was hardly in a position to question her absence with a disciplinary hearing in the works!

"Oh, I also stopped by your apartment, paid your rent for six months in advance and arranged for it to be cleaned once a week," Michael continued. Whilst there, I picked up a few of your things and made some discoveries. It seems that you are not quite the pure and innocent person you like to portray! I took the liberty of scanning your PC and imagine my surprise when I found a list of pornographic websites in your history! On further investigation it seems as if you have a curiosity about same sex situations!"

Sabrina opened her eyes wide and shook her head in denial. She had only glanced briefly at those sites and had never been interested in a lesbian relationship!

"Now, now, Slave, do not lie to me," Michael told her, knowing what she meant but deliberately choosing to misunderstand her. "I am happy to advise you that in time you will experience situations such as those shown on the sites. You will find that I can be a generous master who wishes his slaves to have a wide range of experiences. Indeed, I enjoy the sight of two of my slaves pleasuring each other as long, of course, as they do not cum without my permission!" He added sternly.

Sabrina heard a rustling of fabric and Michael continued to describe his visit to her apartment.

"I then entered your bedroom and my, my, what should I find in your bedside drawer but these!" he said holding up a couple of vibrators and a clitoral stimulator.

Blushing with shame, Sabrina turned her head away.

"It seems that my slave was used to pleasuring herself," Michael said with a gleam in his eye. "You must understand this, slave. At no time will you be allowed to masturbate unless you have been expressly ordered to do so! Do I make myself clear?"

Sabrina quickly nodded her head. She had rarely masturbated anyway, but the idea that she would now only be allowed to do so in her master's presence filled her with humiliation.

"And finally," Michael said, "I investigated the contents of your drawers and wardrobe. Most of your clothes were entirely unsuitable, but there were one or two things that I brought with me which I may allow you to wear on occasions as a treat for particularly pleasing your master."

He held up two silk dresses, both with plunge necklines and a high split up the skirt.

"I also brought you some underwear which from time to time I may require you to wear." He continued.

This time he held up a selection of filmy thongs in lace and silk, together with two or three corsets.

"Of course these corsets will have to be modified to my tastes, but you may have them back when they have been altered. At the moment they are not tight enough and cover too much of your breasts. This will be changed so that your figure is more pleasing to me and ensure your breasts are on full display and easily accessible to me!" he advised her.

Sabrina felt violated. It was not enough that she had been abducted and enslaved, but he had now cut her off from all contact with the outside world and invaded her apartment, rifling through her things and imposing his will upon what items she could retain! The true extent of her situation came crashing in on her as she realised finally, that there would be no escape from her new life of slavery. She was completely and irrevocably in her master's power with no hope of rescue.

Michael watched as Sabrina's shoulders slumped in defeat and knew that the first and most important lesson had been learnt. Sabrina's training had truly begun.

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