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Sabrina's Surrogate


WARNING: The following contains sexual content intended for adults only. If you are under 18, or if such material offends you, do not read further.

* * * * *

Sabrina waited nervously in the reception area. The lovely young woman kept fidgeting with her long auburn hair and smoothing her pale blue sundress. She'd been building up the courage to make this appointment, now she had to keep focused on the reason she was here.

The 27-year-old wife wanted to be a better lover. Even before her marriage five years ago, Sabrina realized she was inexperienced sexually. She loved her husband dearly and wanted desperately to please him, and herself, in bed. But her puritanical upbringing and somewhat sheltered social life had left her almost naive about sex.

The problem was variety and experimentation. She had been raised with the idea that making love simply meant intercourse in the missionary position. Of course, now she had been married long enough to know that there were other "flavors" to sample in the bedroom's candy store, but she just could not let go of her inhibitions enough to enjoy them.

Her husband was patient and never tried to pressure her with demands and she appreciated that. Finally, however, Sabrina's frustration made her seek professional help. That decision brought her to this moment where she sat waiting anxiously to meet with a highly recommended and well-respected sex therapist.

At last Dr. Burrows came out to meet her. Sabrina jumped slightly when he breezed into the room extending his large hand.

"Hi, you must be Sabrina. I'm Dr. Burrows. Sorry if I kept you waiting too long." The handsome man was smooth and confident as he took her hand and held it, almost caressing it lightly for a lingering moment.

"Hi, yes . . .I'm Sabrina," she answered with a small voice. "Thank you for seeing me." He was a very good-looking man, she noticed, and his calm, easy manner helped settle some of the butterflies soaring in her stomach.

Finally releasing her delicate hand, the smiling doctor gestured toward his open door. "Please come in and let's visit."

Soft music drifted through the pleasant room and scented candles flickered here and there as they settled in the office. Dr. Burrows directed Sabrina to sit on a large leather couch arranged so she was required to place her legs straight out in front of her. She crossed her ankles and smoothed out her short dress modestly, while he took a seat in a comfortable chair facing her.

"All right," he began, "let's talk about why you are here, Sabrina. I assume you know what we do at the clinic, and therefore you feel you need some help with a problem you're having in your marriage, a sexual problem?"

The young wife cleared her throat, suddenly quite timid again about discussing such things with a stranger. "Well, yes. I mean, that is why I'm here. I guess the main thing is I just can't seem to relax and let go when we are, you know, having sex. I want to try new things and be more active when we make love, but I just keep having these, I don't know . . .guilty feelings? I'm not really sure if that's what it is, but I just get so up tight and frustrated." She felt her cheeks blushing with embarrassment as she looked toward him shyly for his reaction.

"I see," Dr. Burrows said, smiling warmly still. "Well, the good news, Sabrina, is that this is quite common. In fact it's something we specialize in here at the clinic. Your reservations and inhibitions are likely being caused by something in your background or childhood. What I can do is work through an interview process with you to help uncover some of these sources of repression, then perhaps we can start you on some special therapy to help you overcome the problems."

Sabrina had been thinking about this very idea since she made the appointment, and she felt another little shiver as she asked the question that had constantly been on her mind: "What kind of therapy are we talking about, Dr. Burrows?"

The doctor's eyes lit up even brighter as he leaned forward and tried to reassure the obviously hesitant young woman by touching her slightly trembling hand. Not for the first time he marveled at her incredible beauty, and he felt an intense stirring deep within his groin. He decided he needed to proceed carefully.

"As you know, I am a licensed sex therapist. That means I have a great deal of education and experience in treating the exact kinds of problems you are talking about. My treatments include a wide variety of methods depending upon the specific need. In some cases we work with a couple to suggest new techniques or practices they can try at home with our supervision. In other cases, we work with the individuals directly - here in the office - in what we call 'sexual surrogate' encounters. These sessions allow what you might call 'hands-on' therapy where we demonstrate how to develop and apply proven sexual techniques." He paused for a moment letting her process this, as he noticed her face and slender neck begin to flush red again.

"So . . .you're talking about actually having sex with someone, here in the office?" she finally asked meekly. "Who . . .who would that be with?" she stammered.

Perhaps she's not so naive, he thought before he answered. "Well, of course that depends on you. It's determined by how fast you want to proceed, what your needs are; and, of course, who is available on staff at the time of your appointments. Sometimes I administer the treatments myself . . .other times one of my very qualified assistants will work with you. But we can get started right now if you like . . ."

Sabrina's mind was cluttered with all kinds of vivid and illicit thoughts. "What do you mean?" she asked, trying to focus her suddenly clouded eyes on the handsome man.

"Well, I could begin by asking you some questions now; then, if we still have some time, perhaps we could work on a few things. Or, if you prefer . . .we could go more slowly, give you some time to think about this and come back when you're ready."

"No, let's start now," Sabrina heard herself say. She waited a long time to get up the nerve to do this, now she wanted to go through with it.

"Fine, " the doctor agreed. "Let me just dim some of these lights to make things a little more comfortable and we will get started." He busied himself adjusting some of the indirect lighting in the room until it was fairly dark with only the flickering candles casting a soft glow in the area where they were seated. Then he flipped another switch on a stereo in a cabinet and the soothing sound of waves gently crashing on a beach mingled and rose above the music.

When he was seated again in front or her he said softly, "Close your eyes, Sabrina. I'm going to ask you a few questions, and I want you to be absolutely truthful with your answers. Do you understand?"

She closed her eyes and nodded, shifting around slightly on the couch until she was completely comfortable and relaxed.

"You said you feel inhibited sexually, that you are afraid to let go. You do enjoy making love, don't you?"

"Yes, sometimes . . ." she replied.

"When do you enjoy sex most?"

"I guess when I feel completely relaxed and not worried about anything," she admitted.

"What kinds of things do you worry about during sex, Sabrina? Do you worry about reaching orgasm?"

"No, well . . .sometimes, maybe," she said, as the butterflies took flight again in her belly and she unconsciously raised her knees slightly off the couch.

"You do have orgasms, don't you?"

"Yes . . ." she said softly.

"Are your orgasms better when you are having sex with your husband, or when you masturbate?"

Sabrina couldn't help opening her eyes slightly and glancing at him. "Um, probably when I masturbate . . ." she whispered, feeling ashamed.

"Did someone tell you that masturbation is wrong? "Did someone tell you that sex is dirty -- especially oral sex?"

"Yes, my parents. People at church," she admitted.

"Can you have multiple orgasms?"

"I guess. I mean, I think so," she answered, as if the question caught her off guard.

"Good. Close your eyes again," the doctor said softly as he carefully shifted over and sat next to her on the couch. "Now, you mentioned that you would like to try new things when you are having sex. What kind of things would you like to try if you felt more comfortable?"

She vaguely realized that he was now sitting close to her, but she tried to focus on the question. After a moment she answered, "I guess just things my husband wants to do. You know, other things besides just having him on top, and . . .oh, I don't know!" she admitted with frustration.

Reaching out and taking her soft, trembling hand to comfort her, the doctor shifted closer and whispered, "I'm going to suggest some other things that you could do when you make love. You tell me honestly if it's something you want to try. All right?"

She bit her lip and nodded slightly, keenly aware that he was almost on top of her.

Dr. Burrows leaned down so his mouth was close to her ear. Silky little hairs tickled his nose as he whispered softly, "Would you like to feel a warm tongue on your vagina, moving all around while you lay back and simply enjoy the feeling?"

"I . . .I guess," she barely whispered, her heart starting to pound in her chest.

"Would you like to have your swollen little clitoris licked and kissed until you shudder with pleasure?"

Sabrina closed her eyes tighter, she was starting to feel racing hot tingles all over. "Yes. . ."

"Would you like to make love somewhere different . . .somewhere besides a bed . . .somewhere exciting and maybe risky? Would you like to be taken from behind, like an animal, in this strange place?"

"Yes!" she almost whimpered.

The doctor pressed a button and the couch began to recline with a quiet electric buzz. Leaning even closer he said, "Now I want you to concentrate on the sound of the waves you hear. Listen only to the waves. Hear them crashing against the shore, again and again. Don't think about anything else except the rhythm of the waves rising and falling, lifting and crashing against the shore."

His fingers gingerly caught the hem of her little sundress and slowly raised the thin cloth away from her thighs, still tightly pressed together. Carefully he moved the dress up and away from her tan, shapely legs.

"Keep listening to the waves," he whispered hypnotically. "Concentrate on just the waves. We are going to begin the therapy now. I understand what you need and I am going to help you. But you must do everything I say. And you must understand that no one will ever know about anything that happens in this room. Is that clear?"

"Yes," she answered, barely making a sound. She could feel her dress lifting up and laying back gently over her stomach. Sabrina fought the urge to reach up and push it back down. She kept trying to concentrate on the sound of the waves as he had suggested, but the warm little prickly feeling spreading all over her body was making it difficult.

The good doctor was gazing down in rapt appreciation at the bright white and very skimpy panties barely covering her puffy mound. Leaning close again he said, "I'm going to show you how wonderful sex can really be, Sabrina. I am going to show you how it feels to have your sensitive clitoris kissed and to have a long tongue slide up and down your wet slit. You want to feel this, don't you?"

"Uhhh, huhhh......" she moaned, feeling his fingers lightly grazing the tender softness of her inner thigh and inching closer to the crotch of her panties.

"You do want it, don't you. You want to feel what it's like to let yourself go completely; to feel yourself free of inhibitions. You want to have multiple orgasms," he continued as his hand moved up to the waistband of the scant garment. Pressing his fingers down and in, he soon touched the little wisps of hair and could feel the moist, hot treasure right below. "It feels so good to be free and untied; to be naked and open," he whispered soothingly, as he shifted around, hooking his fingers at the top of her panties, sliding and rolling them down and off her slender, smooth hips.

"Doesn't that feel good, Sabrina? Don't you like to be free and naked? Feel how your warm, wet vagina is uncovered and open; ready to be touched and kissed. You want that, don't you, Sabrina. You want to be kissed and licked and touched down there. Wouldn't it feel wonderful?" he murmured, lowering his mouth down to the little triangle tuft of dark hair. "To have the lips of your sex touched and caressed by someone's mouth . . . like this."

Sabrina felt his hot breath first and then an electric jolt surged through her every fiber as his lips made contact with her drenched opening. She could barely breath; her mouth and her legs fell open and she groaned softly, feeling him nibble and tease at her most sensitive area. Somewhere in the distance she heard the waves crashing, but the sound was no match for the thundering beat of her heart echoing in her ears.

The doctor's strong, but gentle hands slid under her thighs and pressed them apart. Then the flat length of his tongue lashed out and danced up and down her slick groove. Her body shuddered and her veins flooded with intense pleasure. She could feel her clit throbbing for attention and she prayed his tongue would find it soon.

He inhaled her musky scent and stabbed his tongue deeper to taste the sweet nectar waiting. Hearing her gasp with approval above him, the doctor spread her glistening vaginal lips open with his fingers while he lapped at her furiously, letting her luscious taste wash over his palate.

Sabrina gripped and clutched the cushion of the couch. Her aroused body was already stirring with the first tremors of orgasm. His mouth moved languidly on her, almost teasing her by not hurrying. She could feel the little button at the center of her sex throbbing and pulsing, aching for his touch. Finally he gave into her need and swiped his probing tongue directly over the pearl. Skyrockets went off in her head and her entire body went rigid against him.

Dr. Burrows was also enduring carnal rushes of desire. His big cock was fighting for room in his pants and needed release. While one hand continued to hold the writhing woman pinned down and spread open, his other hand deftly removed his shoes and socks and opened his pants and shirt. Pushing his trousers down and slipping his legs out, he then tugged his boxers down and stepped out of them to finally give his painful erection wonderful freedom.

She felt him moving around and then settling, but all she could concentrate on was the overpowering pleasure radiating out from between her legs. Another great shudder rocked her small frame as he intensified his tongue movements on her clit once more. He reached for and found one of her delicate hands and held it; interlacing their fingers, they squeezed and caressed each other, sharing another contact point of passion. Then he gently guided her hand over until her fingers touched him; first she could feel his wiry hair, then the solid column of flesh brushing against her knuckles and then her palm. His hand left hers just as his mouth and tongue began the final assault to bring her over the edge.

Reflexively she gripped her fingers around him tightly. Somewhere in her foggy mind she knew she held a large cock in her hand; it felt warm and rock hard, throbbing and twitching slightly against her soft palm. Her instincts told her to pump the velvety flesh, so she did . . . gliding her fingers up and down and feeling the ridges and contours of the veiny shaft.

His breathing was ragged and his stomach tensed as she jacked the turgid flesh of his cock. He continued to lap between her legs hungrily. One long finger found her soggy opening and pressed deep inside, causing her churning hips to jerk off the cushion. Her hand tightened around his swelling shaft, and the fingers of her other hand tangled in his hair and pressed his head urgently against her squirming mound. Suddenly she cried out, jerking almost completely up off the couch until only the top of her head and her curled toes remained in place. Her tortured sex seemed to explode around his mouth with contraction after contraction sending deep waves of rapture flowing throughout her shaking body.

Gradually Sabrina floated back to earth. She crumbled onto the couch, physically exhausted by her climax, but her excited flesh still tingled and her mind whirled with sexual contentment.

Slowly the doctor stopped tonguing her and raised his head. His eyes were glazed with arousal, and he smiled with satisfaction when he noticed her tiny hand still stroking him. Her grip was not as tight and the tempo was easing, but he could see that she was receptive to suggestion and ready for the second phase of therapy.

While she basked in the afterglow of her orgasm, Dr. Burrows took hold of her dress bunched around her waist and tugged at it until she leaned forward and allowed him to pull it over her head and off. He grinned when he saw she wasn't wearing a bra, the perfectly rounded globes bounced and jiggled when they were released from the confines of the fabric. Little pink nipples stood up proud and erect, begging for attention.

Temporarily drained, Sabrina was only vaguely aware that she was being undressed and that someone was lying down with her on the couch. The doctor snaked his arm around her and gently pulled her soft flesh against his. She scooted back against him, feeling safe and warm in his strong embrace. Abruptly she realized where she was and whom she was with, however, and her body tensed.

"Relax, easy . . ." he breathed in her ear. "Listen to the waves, focus on the waves."

She glanced down at his big arm around her waist, holding her tight; his hand just inches away from her damp, rust-colored nest. Though he was not doing anything to cause her fear, she did have a fleeting thought that there was no way she could escape if he did not want her to. Sabrina's breath caught and she felt a strong shudder that she couldn't quite attach an emotion to. She didn't know whether she was thrilled or frightened.

His big hands began to caress her firm belly and she stiffened with trepidation again. "Shhhh.....just let yourself go, Sabrina. That's what you want, remember? You want to be rid of your fears and inhibitions. I'm going to help you," he whispered, trying to encourage her.

She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on anything but his hands and fingers gliding over her silky skin. Then she remembered that, only a few moments ago, this man enraptured her. He took her to the very brink of ecstasy for one of the very few times in her life. Perhaps if she simply relaxed and did what he said, he really could help her be the lover she truly wanted to be. With that in mind, she resolved to give herself over to the doctor, to let him rekindle the fire that sill smoldered within her.

Dr. Burrows' fingertip dipped down and into her tight passage. "Feel the buttery liquid flowing so freely. Feel the heat building up inside you," he urged.

Sabrina's mind was hazy. She nodded slightly as she listened to him whispering instruction to her, but she was also aware that those tingling sensations were coming back. As he fingered her lazily, she became aware of his very erect cock pressing against her bottom. Her little clit started its throbbing dance while her thoughts centered on the immense size and girth of the stiff tube poised behind her. Almost involuntarily, her small body shifted back against him.

The doctor was still whispering and directing her. "Notice and cherish every sensation you feel from your lover," he continued, as his fingers traced along the lips of her labia. He teased her with long, slow strokes down the length of her furrow, coating his fingertips with her gleaming juices.

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