* Session, March 11th, 4:00 p.m. *

"Why do you think you take such risks, Irene? Certainly, you are aware of the things you do. You make conscious choices. You even seem to take pleasure in them."

"Small pleasure, I'd say."

"...Tell me how things are going with you and Niles."

"Niles tries so very hard. I can't fault him one bit. I'm the obstacle here. I've just thought there should be more for a long time now."

"More of what?"

"Communication, understanding, love, touch, sex, fun, excitement. Just more."

"And, at what point would you be happy?"

"I don't know... Maybe I never would be. That's a frightening thought, isn't it?"

"It could be if, at some point, you don't begin to realize that no one gets everything they want in life. That's not the way life works. You are a very fortunate woman."

"I don't feel so fortunate. I don't feel cherished, or desired, or appreciated, or even needed. I've done what I was supposed to do, Emily. I've been the model wife and the model mother. Now, I want the things I want. I deserve them."

"But, no one should overlook or discard the treasures that have been bestowed."

"You mean, the grass always seems greener... Well, maybe it is."

"But, what if it isn't?"

"This just isn't enough... I'd take that chance."

"But, at what cost?"

"At any cost... I want a man to make me laugh, to arouse me with a glance, to set me on fire with a touch. I want a man to sweep me off my feet. Is that so wrong?"

"Not at all, but is it realistic given the choice you made in marriage partners?"

"God, I feel trapped, and it's suffocating me..."

* Session, April 8th, 4:00 p.m. *

"...Tell me about your week."

"You might say that I got the surprise of my life last Tuesday afternoon."

"Mmmmm, surprises can certainly add a great measure of pleasure to an otherwise ordinary day."

"I could have done without this one."

"Something you want to talk about?"


"All right then..."

"...I did the shopping as I always do. I returned home with the intent of making the evening an extra special one..."

* * * * *

Irene Garner scampered into the kitchen; her arms carelessly overloaded with heavy grocery bags. Though she clutched tightly to them, she could feel them slipping dangerously from her grasp with each step she took.

She was forty-four. She had been a world-class swimmer in her younger day, but she had very willingly given up the pressure of competition and the glare of the spotlight for a quiet life in suburbia, one daughter, and a hardworking executive type. She was pretty in an ordinary sense of the word. Big mischievous eyes of brown smiled perpetually. Luxurious dark hair hung nearly to her shoulders in soft curves. She was tall and sleek, but solidly built. She was a little bigger in the hips and ass than she would have preferred, but not enough to keep the neighborhood husbands and perfect strangers from sometimes flirting shamelessly. What Irene Garner lacked in beauty, she made up with her energetic personality and her rather reckless manner.

The woman made a desperate lunge toward the empty Kitchen counter as one of the center bags slid from her arms. It dropped heavily, and slammed onto the spotless tiles. She held her breath as she quickly checked the contents of the bag. A calm sigh of relief escaped her when she was finally certain that nothing inside the bag had been damaged. She chuckled aloud at her fortune to have escaped from the brink of total disaster yet again, thinking for mere seconds about how flirting with disaster had become an integral part of her daily life.

She pushed the big bottle of milk carelessly into the refrigerator, and began unloading the grocery bags as she hummed happily to herself. Calm dark eyes glanced anxiously into the spacious backyard. She could hardly wait to begin her afternoon sunning session. She took great pride in her rich, all over tan. Even a housewife needed something to pride herself on beyond her given responsibilities of house, husband, and children.

Suddenly, Irene Garner stopped where she stood. Her mouth fell open in stunned surprise at the young woman she saw near the pool. She vaguely resembled her own daughter, Kelsey, but she was confident that no daughter of hers would ever allow herself to be caught in such a compromising and embarrassing position.

The young woman straddled the width of the pool diving board. The balls of her feet pushed hard against the hot concrete pavement. Her tight shapely ass reached obscenely to accept the furious sexual attack of the muscular black man who stood behind her. He pounded away at her for all he was worth. Sweat poured from their sensitive, overheated bodies in abundance under the hot noonday sun.

There was no doubt that the young woman was her daughter, and the reality slammed Irene Garner like running headlong into a brick wall. Her heart dropped to a new low. She walked angrily toward the large sliding door that led to the yard with the intent of stopping the fiasco. As she reached to push the glass door open, she stopped, and she could not bring herself to go farther. She just stared silently, dumbfounded. After several moments, her eyes jumped nervously to the tall stone wall that bordered her rather exposed backyard. Her dull eyes searched the rim of the wall quickly. She felt a small sense of relief that neither of their closest neighbors lurked there. Her eyes darted back to the diving board.

The big black man was a total stranger to her. His big hands gripped either side of the narrow board just above her daughter's narrow waist, and supported much of his muscular bulk as he hammered himself into her with sheer brute force. Kelsey Garner didn't seem to mind his brutality, and reached suddenly between her spread legs to caress with eager fingers. Her tiny ass pushed higher almost instantly, allowing the powerful-looking man to penetrate her steaming pussy even deeper.

He kept up his frantic pace for what seemed an eternity. Suddenly, he pulled his engorged cock free, and sat down hard on the board. Irene Garner gasped, and her eyes widened in sheer wonder at how a small woman, like her daughter, could have taken such a massive tool. It actually looked like a big black spike, as thick, and as steely. He mouthed silent words that she could not hear through the glass, but her daughter rose quickly as if commanded. She turned, and straddled the board again. With her feet planted firmly on the pavement, she bent at the waist, and dropped her face into the man's muscular black lap.

Irene Garner stared in shameful awe. Her daughter's head bobbed greedily several times. Then, she slowed, and swallowed the long spike of a cock an inch at a time, until it all but disappeared into her mouth. The woman gasped again in shocked amazement at the ease at which her daughter gulped the glistening rod. At how her lips stretched so comfortably to caress the base of the black stalk just above his big, drooping ball sack, and at how her eager tongue lapped greedily at those bloated balls periodically.

Kelsey Garner abruptly pulled her head halfway up the broadness of the shaft, and held still there. Irene Garner felt shame at knowing that the torrid seed of this virile black stranger was spilling into her daughter's waiting mouth. And, worse, the young woman gulped ravenously like it was to be the last liquid of any kind that she would ever taste. An even deeper dread engulfed her as she watched her daughter's head continue thrusting excitedly, after even she herself was certain that the man must have stopped spitting his seed. It was as if she was coaxing the black stranger, begging him for more of his blistering sperm.

Her eyes rose to her daughter's tight heart-shaped ass, raised so lewdly and swaying before her eyes. The mound of her freshly fucked pussy was so swollen that it almost appeared too large for her rather slight frame. It glistened with her bodily lubricant. The fleshy pink lips drooped in ebbing excitement. The tiny dot of an opening that sat squarely between them was still visibly agape from the relentless pounding it had just absorbed.

* * * * *

"Christ, I didn't know what to do. I just left the house again, and drove around for a long while."

"Kelsey is twenty-three, right?"


"And, the young man?"

"He's anything but young. He's thirty-eight."

"Well, they are of the age of consent, but, you would have been well within your rights to confront them on the occasion you speak of. Did you confront them?"

"No. I...I couldn't have. It just wasn't something I had ever expected to happen. Not in our home, and certainly not with a black man who is so much older."

"Which is the true issue for you, Irene?"

"Look, we're not prejudice, Emily, and we didn't raise Kelsey to be either. I felt out of place in my own home, and I'm guessing that Niles would have felt as I did had he been the one to discover them."

"Of course. It was blatant disregard, and it should have been addressed. Why do you think it is that you didn't?"

"Walking in on something like that, it just takes your breath away. Whatever I would have said would not have come out the way it should have."

"I understand. You could still do it in a one on one conversation with Kelsey. I think that you should consider it to reaffirm your limits, and make your expectations known."

"No... It's water under the bridge now."

"... ...I see... What aren't you telling me here, Irene?"

"...What if I told you that none of this happened last week, that it happened last summer?"

"I'd ask you why the elaborate lie?"

"I...I'm sleeping with him."

"You mean, with the man?"

"Yes... His name is Jackson Nash..."

"... ... ... How long?"

"...Seven or eight months."

"No one knows about it?"

"No one."

"Well, that's not so very long. How did it begin between you?"

"He was so attractive, so charismatic and easy going. I forgave him for the circumstance of our first meeting and his age almost immediately. He's very good with Kelsey. I mean, he always seems to be able to persuade her to make the right choices. I admire that... I just never sensed that I was becoming attracted. One night, he kissed me, and I didn't object... I couldn't. Afterward, he apologized profusely for his inappropriate behavior. I just told him to forget about it, that I was as much to blame for it... I thought that would be the end of it, but in actuality, my inaction gave him permission to approach me in that manner again. It wasn't long before he did..."

* * * * *

Irene Garner stood at the curtained window in her darkened bedroom, and stared out at her daughter and Jackson Nash playing amorously in the pool below. The night was warm enough to make sleep impossible for her, and the erotic play she secretly watched, coupled with the soft constant snore of her husband from the bed behind her, were a constant reminder of the gnawing ache she felt deep inside.

She watched as the girl inched slowly toward the edge of the pool at the shallow end. She leaned against it, removed her bikini bottom, and tossed it onto the pavement above her. She chuckled sexily, and turned to the wall as Jackson Nash approached and moved in behind her. She braced her arms on the pavement, and waited.

Irene Garner sighed deeply as she watched her daughter flinch, throw her head back against the tall strong black man, and begin swaying slowly. She felt the sudden twitching between her own legs, and the warmth spreading rapidly from her belly. In no time, she was lost in the moment, the distant display, and her own starved imaginings of sex. It only served to frustrate her even more.

She willed herself away from the window, and moved back to the bed. She lay down beside her husband, and stared into his peaceful face. He had no idea of the burning passion that raged within her. She was absolutely positive that he never would. The realization of that brought her tears, and a level of anger that she had never felt before. She almost lurched from the bed, and moved back to the window. The couple was no longer there in the pool, and she felt her heart drop. Her rational sense returned, after a few more moments, and she immediately thought of the pool lights, and her daughter's carelessness in leaving them on. She grabbed her robe, slipping into it as she left the bedroom.

The house was quiet, except for the single light that burned in the den. She stopped, quite startled when she saw Nash near the sliding door. He just smiled at her.

"Jackson... I didn't know you were here," she gasped.

"Kelsey invited me over for a swim," the tall black man said, with a deep rich voice that almost melted your knees.

"I saw the lights on in the pool," the woman said, feeling a bit more at ease. "Thought I'd better turn them off."

Jackson Nash turned slightly, and flipped the switch at his side, but he never took his dark brown eyes from the woman. His eyes stared into hers, but even so, she felt naked before him. She unconsciously clutched her robe tighter for what little security the flimsy material offered.

When he began slowly toward her, she was like a doe trapped in bright headlights. Her eyes followed him, slowly rising as he got closer. When she could feel the heat of his nearness, she turned to make her escape. He gripped her arm, and pulled her to him almost effortlessly. She felt his mouth at hers, and she groaned softly. The smell of her daughter filled her nostrils. She struggled from his long snake-like arms, and backed away.

"You've had my daughter, and now, you want me?" She asked rather sharply.

Jackson Nash smiled knowingly, and Irene Garner was suddenly aware that she had said too much.

"I've wanted you from day one," Nash said softly, the smile still in place.

His confidence unnerved her, angered her.

"I think you'd better go," she said quickly, and turned away from him again.

Nash gripped her arm again, and pulled her to him. His arm was like a vise, and there was no escape. She slapped him hard instinctively.

"Let go of me," she said.

"Not until I know," he chuckled easily, as if he had not felt the sting of her slap at all.

Before she could respond, his free hand was under the flimsy robe, and between her legs. He instantly felt the radiant heat, and the slippery wetness of her aroused state. She tried to push his hand away with both of hers, but he was much too strong. She expended much of her energy and her anger in the brief struggle. His long probing fingers were driving her crazy. Finally, she collapsed against him. She shuddered under his touch, and sighed softly. She raised her head slowly, and glazed eyes stared into his.

"...Now you know," she half moaned.

"And, I'm going to give you a taste of what you want," he smiled.

He released his grip on her, and pushed down lightly on her shoulders. She stared into his eyes as she sank to her knees before him. When she finally looked at the semi-hard piece of black meat that half dangled before her mouth, something inside her exploded, and she put it into her mouth anxiously. Blood rushed into the length of it, hardening it fully, and within a minute, her mouth was stretched to a level of discomfort. She pulled her head back, and gasped hard.

"Oh, god," she moaned, and fed the hard black cock back into her mouth. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. The hardness, the girth and length, even the smell of it drove her wild. She loved the way it filled every bit of her hungry mouth, the ease at which it inched toward her throat. She felt a sudden surge of heat in her belly that coursed like a bolt of lightning into her pussy, and she knew she was cumming.

The sensation overtook her, and she sucked faster and harder. She felt the steel-like black rod jerk in her mouth, and before she could think to pull it free, it blasted its thick pungent seed. Her cheeks ballooned as the liquid filled her mouth. There was no alternative but to swallow, but the seed was flowing faster than she could. It splashed from her mouth, coating her lips and chin, and Nash's cock thickly. She swallowed hard, gasped, and collapsed on her hands and knees. The last remaining drops from his cock spilled to the floor before her. She coughed hard clearing her throat of the sticky seed that clung there, and dropped her head slowly from the sudden shame she felt.

"...No man's ever cum in my mouth," she said softly.

"But, you liked it, didn't you?" Nash said as he pulled up his trunks, and stared down at her.

"... ...Yes," she whimpered.

"You want more, don't you?" Nash asked, seemingly knowing the answer.

"...Yes," she sighed, and looked up at him with sad, but wanton dark eyes.

Nash only smiled. He thought Irene Garner comical, her face glistening with his thick sperm, on her knees, and practically begging for more.

"Next time," he said softly with a wink.

He walked to the front door, and let himself out of the house quietly. Irene Garner remained where she was on the floor. She began crying softly.

* * * * *

"He knew. He could have me anytime he wanted, and he knew it. Crazy, huh?"

"Crazy is simply another point of view. But, you do know the magnitude of the risk you're taking? The longer this goes on, the harder it will get to stop it. You do want to stop it, don't you?"

"...I know the correct answer here. I know what you expect me to say. The truth is though that I don't know that I want to stop. I need what Jackson offers me."

"He's the wrong man all the way around, Irene."

"I know that..., but I'm learning to live with the guilt."

"...Then, what is it that you want from me?"

"To be there, if I fall."

"... ...All right."

"Thank you for not passing judgement."

"That's not why I'm here."

* * * * *

Emily Todd stayed late at her office to transcribe notes from the day's sessions. It was not unusual for her to lose all track of time when she was working. Her clients were the essence of her life. She was thirty-five years old. She had been a licensed counselor for nearly eight years, and in that time, nearly her entire life had been played out within the confines of her office walls. There was nothing she hadn't heard about the human condition as it pertained to marriage and relationships. And, even though she found it hard to sympathize at times, she loved her work, the responsibility of helping her clients discover viable solutions in their lives, immensely.

She listened closely to the session with Irene Garner again, and wrote quickly as the tape played through to its end. Finally, she sat back in her comfortable chair, and thought long about the woman. Her client was in for a very bumpy ride, and there was little she could do to stop it. She rocked herself forward, jotted a last note, and rose to her feet. She stretched, and there was something very graceful about it. After a few minutes, she walked slowly to the window at the side of her desk, and stared out at the night.

She was tall, slinky, and elegantly curvy. Large perky breasts were the crown jewels that dominated those curves. Deep blue eyes, flowing brown hair and flawless milky skin combined perfectly to make her something several notches above attractive. Her manner was sexy without her meaning it to be.

The city roared and bustled below, but she didn't really notice. She was disconnected from it. She had been for eight years. Irene Garner crossed her mind again. Her willingness to sacrifice so much for the things she desired was very familiar to Emily Todd. She understood it completely. She too had once sacrificed greatly for a man. All that she had given up, she had also given up willingly. She too had never thought twice about it.

* * * * *

* Session, May 10th, 4:00 p.m. *

"During our last meeting, you said that you needed what Mr. Nash offered you. Tell me about those things."

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