tagIncest/TabooSaga of Littown Ch. 06

Saga of Littown Ch. 06


Author's Note: While this story and its various chapters are primarily incest themed, it will often contain things such as excessive cum, anal play/pegging, and whatever else amuses me at the time. Reader discretion is advised.


Emily had a very restful sleep. She spent the whole night spooned up behind her brother with her strapon filling his ass. It was a comfortable, soothing position for her, and helped melt away the effects of recent over-exertion.

Her body came awake in sections, rather than all at once. First her arms tightened around Jaime's chest, and she pressed her breasts against his back. Then her hips began rocking in slow, lazy circles, pistoning her fake cock back and forth inside her brother's butthole. She nuzzled at his neck as her eyes opened and she became fully aware of her surroundings.

Emily smiled to herself. She got to wake up naked in bed with the love of her life, already in the midst of fucking him. Even better, it was finally the weekend and they didn't have to get up for school. In theory, she could spend all day in bed pounding her brother's ass. Life couldn't get much sweeter than that.

Jaime moaned in his sleep as Emily gradually fucked him harder. She grabbed his cock and gently stroked him while she explored his anal cavity. He leaked copious precum as she found all his most sensitive spots, inside and out.

Jaime finally woke up when Emily rolled him onto his stomach and really started ramming him. His butthole was getting viciously slain by his adoring sister first thing in the morning. Typical.

"God, Em, you... hngg... didn't even let me... hngg... wake up first," Jaime said.

"I can't help that you're so much fun to molest in your sleep."

"Well, I'm glad I... hngg... amuse you so."

"Mmm, you really do. You've got such a hot little body. I'm so lucky you're my brother."

Emily held Jaime's hips and maintained a deliberate, rhythmic pattern of hard thrusts. She delighted in the way his body reacted every time she pulled almost all the way out, then slammed her way back in. His tight butthole gripped the invading dildo and really made her work for it.

Jaime adjusted the pillow under his head. The sun was just creeping high enough in the sky to come flooding through Emily's bedroom window. When his eyes fell on her mirror, Jaime had a clear view of himself and his sister locked in their incestuous, anal embrace. She had such an aura of radiance and life for first thing in the morning. He still looked half asleep.

Eventually Emily switched to a gentler, smoother stroke. It was far less jolting to Jaime's body than the hard thrusts, and the sensual rhythm lulled him back to sleep. She giggled happily when she realized that her softer ass-fucking could actually relax him that much. She leaned down to kiss his ear.

"My little butt slut," she whispered adoringly.

After some more tender, lullaby butt-fucking, Emily rolled her brother onto his back. She propped his hips up with a pillow, then kept right on sliding in and out of his rear entrance. She hummed a sleepy melody to help keep him in dream land while she violated his unconscious body.

It took a fair amount of delicate work, but Emily got her result. Jaime's internal areas could only take so much loving stimulation before he exploded. His cock twitched a few times in warning, then burst into a fountain of cum that showered both of them. Emily squealed in delight and fucked her brother harder to pump every possible ounce of liquid out of him.

Jaime woke up in a panic with his mouth and nose blocked, restricting his airways. Emily was enthusiastically pounding him while cum billowed all around. He swiped at his mouth to try and clear it, but cum was everywhere and he couldn't make any real progress.

"Oooh, Jai," Emily cooed. "That was a good one."

She squished down on top of him, pressing their slimy bodies together. She kissed and licked at his lips, cheeks, and forehead like a good little cum-slut until his face was somewhat cleared.

"Fuck's sake, Em."

Emily pouted and batted her eyes, though the effect was marred when her eyelids kept sticking together. "You don't like your horny sister all battered in your cum?" she asked innocently.

"No, I like that part. But I'm all covered too. And the bed... goddamn we're going through mattresses. Mom's gonna be pissed."

"Serves her right, passing on her pervy incest genes to us the way she did."

"That's one way to look at it."

Emily was already lapping at his neck. She flicked her nimble, kitten-like tongue over her brother's sticky flesh, gathering up all his tasty cum. Usually she didn't get to taste much of it, since it got shoved down her throat in such vast quantities. This time she got to savour every little bit.

The impromptu tongue-bath continued down over Jaime's chest and tummy. Emily put special care into his cock when she got that far. She licked every single inch of it two or three times over. The coating of semen was replaced with a lavish sheen of her saliva, and a few thick strings of spit stretched between her lips and his dick when she pulled back to get a breath.

"Ok, Em. We need to get cleaned up."

Emily shook her head. "Uh uh. I'm not even hardly full yet."

She sucked one of her brother's balls, then the other into her mouth. She delighted in being able to get cum from their outside instead of their insides.

Jaime tried to push his sister's head away from his crotch. Both her hair and his hand were saturated, and it was hard to get much of a grip. Even when he got a hold of her chin and lifted her face away from his cock, she simply sucked at his cum infused fingers instead.

"Seriously. I'm starting to stick to the bed, and if I don't move I'm going to be glued in place pretty soon. Besides, I'm actually starving. It feels like I'm constantly cumming my body weight, and not eating much of anything to replace it."

Emily tilted her head. She scooped a trail of cum off her tummy and extended it to her brother. "Wanna try some?"

Jaime rolled his eyes. "No, Em. You're the cum-slut, not me."

"Only 'cause you never tried. You might like it."

In spite of her argument, Emily was already lapping at the pool of cum in her hand. No point wasting it if her brother wasn't going to eat it.

There was a loud slurping and squelching sound as Jaime sat up. He was soggy and dripping everywhere, and really badly needed a shower. He pulled his legs free, and managed to stand up.

"Come on, shower time," he said.

Emily was still scooping cum off herself. "Sure sure. Right behind you."


There was no sign of anyone else in the house being up yet. Even after a long, steamy shower session and the time it took to clean up Emily's room, the siblings effectively had the place to themselves. They opted not to dress for breakfast. Why put clothes on when you could be naked instead?

Emily, having swallowed a great deal of semen already, wasn't particularly hungry. Jaime was ready to eat just about anything. He went straight for the refrigerator, only to be shoved out of the way by his sister.

"Hey, I wanted to see what's in there," he said.

"Don't worry, I'll make something for you," Emily replied. "You've been feeding me such lovely breakfasts lately. I feel bad not being able to reciprocate."

"Aw, you don't have to worry about that. I love filling your tummy up with cum almost as much as you enjoy swallowing it."

"Mmm, I know. But still."

Emily gave Jaime a quick kiss, then went back to examining the ingredients available to her. Jaime stared at her ass while she rummaged through the fridge. He hadn't been inside her even once yet today, and his hunger and horniness were warring internally.

"We've got a lot of eggs. Maybe I'll whip up a quick and simple salmon quiche with a side of seven layer waffle omelette," Emily mused. "Does that sound ok?"

"I do enjoy waffle omelettes. And seven is the best number of layers."

"Good. That's settled then."

Emily put on a cooking apron over her otherwise nude body. It protected her naughty bits from the front, but left her rear quite exposed. Since Jaime was mostly watching her from behind, he rather approved of the outfit. The way the apron strings draped down over her ass really drew his attention to her butt plug.

"God your ass is nice," Jaime said.

"Aw, thanks, Jai. That's so sweet of you to say."

As Emily gathered the things she needed, she put a little extra wiggle in her hips for her brother's benefit. She loved knowing that he was staring at her butt, and probably thinking about shoving his cock up it too. For that matter, she couldn't help sneaking peeks at her sexy, naked brother. She was very tempted to bend over the counter and get him to plough her ass for a few hours. He needed his food, though. They couldn't very well fuck all day if he died of starvation.

Jaime was exercising all his restraint to simply watch his unbearably hot sister instead of molesting her. He wanted her so badly his dick ached. She was preparing one of the most complex quick-and-simple recipes she knew, and needed to concentrate. However, try as he might, he couldn't resist the pull of their mutual sexual attraction.

Emily giggled as she was poked from behind. She was busy measuring and mixing ingredients, so she couldn't turn around. Instead, she stuck out her butt a little more and cooed as Jaime rubbed his cock all over it. Her pussy was forming tiny rivers down her thighs, and puddling at her feet.

"Be gentle, Jai," she warned. "I'm doing some precise measuring."

"I'm trying," Jaime said, his voice a sultry whisper in her ear. "I just can't help myself. You're too irresistible."

"What, just because I'm mostly naked and you're horny?" Emily teased.

"Partly that. Also you're the hottest girl ever, and I love you, and I get anxious if I don't get my penis inside you on a regular basis."

"Mmm, you're so romantic sometimes."

The siblings stood locked in a semi-sexual embrace. Jaime's cock slid up and down Emily's ass crack, then eventually far enough down to pop between her legs. Emily bit her lip and tried to ignore the sudden grinding on against her wet slit. Between that and her brother's hands running all over her body, she was having a tough time of it.

Jaime felt up his sister's wicked awesome tits under her apron. He thrust his cock along her perfect little pussy, driving both of them crazy. He needed to be inside her. Other than figuratively literally starving to death, fucking the shit out Emily was the only thing he could think about.

Inevitably, Jaime's penis penetrated his sister. It was physically impossible for their genitals to be so close together for very long without conjoining. The siblings sighed in relief as their background separation anxiety was sated. They were so incestuously in love that they simply weren't complete unless they were engaged in some form of depraved sexual act with one another.

Jaime ravaged Emily's pussy as gently as he possibly could. She moaned happily as she was filled up again and again with sweet, sweet brother-cock.

"Ok, I need to put this stuff in the oven now," Emily said.

"Got it," Jaime said.

They shuffled over to the oven together. Jaime didn't so much as break his rhythm as he fucked Emily every step of the way.

"Mmm, alright. Now we've got about an hour before everything's cooked," Emily said. "Whatever shall we do in the meantime?"

"Well, I could spend all that time wrecking your cunt," Jaime said.



Emily gasped as her butt plug shifted. Jaime fingered it, wiggling it back and forth, then grasped it and pulled it slowly out of his sister's super-tight butthole. Her ass gaped open slightly upon its removal, and it felt empty and lonely to her after having it plugged for so long.

"I don't like having my butt empty, Jai."

"I know, Em. Don't you worry about that."

Jaime reached around Emily's head and offered her the plug. She accepted it into her mouth to suck on like a pacifier. Jaime then ran his cock all over her butthole, coating it in cunt cream. He dipped his cock back in her pussy to relube it, then slammed into his sister's ass.

Emily exploded in orgasm the very instant her bottom was brutally entered. She screamed in pleasure, but the sound was muffled by her makeshift gag. Her pussy gushed with every thrust into her delicious ass. The floor beneath was getting slick, and she had to be careful with her footing.

The siblings spent the rest of the hour vigorously fucking. Emily was in a constant state of orgasmic bliss as she was anally destroyed by her loving brother. Her juices collected deeper on the floor, eventually lapping at their ankles.

Jaime timed his orgasm to go off just before the timer on the food. He kept pumping Emily's butt while his cum flooded into her. His semen cyclone filled and stretched her inner cavities until he was finally spent. He retrieved his sister's butt plug from her mouth, then carefully pulled his cock out of her ass and replaced it with the plug. Not a drop was spilled.

"Goddamn," Emily moaned. "That was amazing. You fucked the shit out of my little butthole."

"And filled it with cum," Jaime added. "It's the least I can do for my favourite sister slash butt slut."

Emily swooned into Jaime's arms. Partly she was feeling a bit faint due to his romantic sentiments, but part of it was dehydration due excreting so much pussy juice. Luckily, the cum inside her was automatically being synthesized into replacements for her lost fluids.

They'd made quite a mess of the kitchen and had to clean it up before anyone, especially their mother, saw the state of it. While Emily dealt with breakfast, Jaime opened the front door and let the sex juices drain out of the house, after which he mopped up what was left. By that time, Emily had set the table and served breakfast. Jaime dug in eagerly.

"This is so good, Em."

"Yeah? You really like it?"

"Sure do."

Emily doffed her apron and sat down to eat with Jaime. She took a much daintier portion, since her brother's cum was the majority of her diet these days. It was nice to have something different once in a while, just for variety.

It was midway through the siblings' breakfast by the time anyone else showed signs of life in the house. They heard footsteps and a repeated thumping coming down the stairs. Krissy came through the kitchen doorway moments later. She appeared bedraggled, and was dragging a soggy, sex-ruined mattress behind her. She wore only a partly buttoned blouse, and a pair of panties that tried in vain to cover her milfy ass.

"Morning, Aunt K," Emily and Jaime chorused.

Krissy had been hoping to avoid seeing the kids on her trek to the mattress incinerator. It undermined her authority somewhat to have them witness the result of her and Christine's sexcapades. Even worse, they were fully naked, and had a radiant, sexual glow about them. It made her want to tie them down and do terrible, incesty things to them.

"How come you two aren't wearing any clothes?" Krissy demanded.

"It's easier to fuck when we're naked," Jaime said.

"And it's super sexy," Emily added.

"Well cut it out with being super sexy," Krissy said. "Go get dressed."

"We're eating," Jaime said.

"And besides, you're not setting a very good example for us," Emily said. "Those tiny panties you're wearing don't hardly cover you at all. Walking around like that with your big bubble butt hanging out, poor Jaime's gonna get ideas. Aren't you, Jai?"

"I do kinda want to stick my dick in your butt, Aunt K," Jaime admitted.

Krissy went slightly weak in the knees, but had to maintain appearances. "Clothes! Now!"


Krissy was treated to a fantastic view of the siblings' bodies as they stood and left the room. They were so hot it was unfair. How was she supposed to be a good aunt to them when they were such fuckable little things?

Aside from merely getting crazy horny, Krissy also noted the heart shaped jewel sticking out of Emily's butthole. She assumed, quite correctly, that Jaime had purchased it for his sister. If he'd made Emily his butt slut, they truly must be in super incest love with each other. Krissy found the thought very romantic, and made it all the harder for her to maintain her discipline around them.

Jaime and Emily ran into their mother on their way to getting dressed. She was just coming out of the shower, with a towel wrapped around her otherwise nude body. Jaime's bobbing, erect cock was hypnotic as he walked straight toward her.

"Guess you and Aunt K have been having a good time, huh Mom?" Emily said.

Christine flushed. "You noticed that, did you?"

"Yeah. We're really happy for you," Jaime said.

He and Emily gave Christine a big hug from either side. They each independently reached under her towel for a quick grab of her large, firm mommy-butt. Christine squeaked and slapped their hands away, but her heart beat quite a bit harder afterward. She bit her lip and squeezed her thighs together as she watched them walk away.


It was a nice, sunny day out. After getting dressed, Jaime and Emily wandered outside to enjoy the sunshine. In deference to Aunt Krissy's wishes, they were properly dressed in shorts and t-shirts.

"It'd be a nice day for napping a in a hammock," Jaime observed.

"Mmm, good idea," Emily said. "I could go for some sunny hammock cuddles."

Jaime frowned as he gazed about the yard. "We had some lovely shady trees we used last year. Did we cut them down?"

"I don't think so. Maybe we put them in the garage for the winter and never got around to bringing them out again."

"Hm, that could be."

The sibling lovers waded into their messy garage to see what they could find. There was junk of every description, and no sort of filing system to make things any easier.

"Hey, I found some boxes with Lil's name on 'em," Emily said. "I wonder what she's keeping in here."

"Are you going to snoop?"

"Hell yeah I am."

Emily carefully peeled back the tape on top of a box marked "LILITHS STUFF STAY OUT THAT MEANS YOU EMILY." She pulled back the flaps, then squealed and jumped away.

"What? What is it?" Jaime asked.


"In the box?"

"Yeah. There's a whole nest. This must be stuff from her club, and it got infested before she stuck it in here."

Emily inched back toward the box, then gave it a shove to tip it over. Scantily clad boys and girls, all over eighteen, of course, tumbled out onto the garage floor.

"Shoo! Shoo!" Emily waved her arms and herded the strippers toward the door. After a moment of confusion, they scurried out, down the driveway and across the street.

"Huh," Jaime said as he watched the strippers scatter. "Do you think they were in there long? They might have gone feral."

"I think they'll be fine. They'll migrate back to Lil's club and be with their own kind again. It's all good."

Jaime nodded. "So what else is in the box?"

"Um... looks like sex toys."

"More of them? She's got a whole store's worth in her room, and you're telling me that wasn't all of them?"

"Basically, yeah." Emily fished around the naughty treasure trove. "Hey, check this out." She held up a collar. It was pink, and felt like leather in her fingers. She opened it and wrapped it loosely around her neck. "What do you think?"

"Makes me think about putting a leash on you and taking you for a walk."

Emily's panties flooded. "Done and done." She secured the collar in place, then dug around the box for a leash.

"Em, no. That's Lil's stuff."

"So? It's her extras. She'll never know."

"She will too. She'll be pissed."

"You mean she might... punish me? Sexually?"

Jaime saw the look in his sister's eyes. There was no reasoning with her.

"Fine, leave the collar on. I found the trees, though. Come help me with them."

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