tagIncest/TabooSaga of Littown Ch. 12

Saga of Littown Ch. 12


Jaime awoke to find his cock snugly holstered in his sister's throat, right where he'd left it. Emily was still adorably sucking on it in her sleep. She made quite a cute and sexy picture; so peaceful and serene, but also so slutty that she couldn't stop blowing her brother even while unconscious.

Jaime wouldn't have her any other way.

He just watched her for a while and enjoyed the gentle suction of her lips and warm wetness of her mouth and throat. There was no question that they were meant to be together forever, because no one else could ever possibly match Emily's dedication and raw, physical ability to make his penis feel nice. That was the most important thing in relationships. Especially between siblings.

Jaime felt so much love for his cockslut of a sister that he decided to do something nice for her in return. He pulled his cock free, much to Emily's sleepy distress, and rolled her onto her back. Her forehead was creasing and she began to stir, but he shoved his cock back down her throat, soothing her back to happy dream land.

From above, Jaime hammered Emily's cozy mouth like a jackhammer, sending drool flying everywhere. He simultaneously reached down and fingered her cute little pussy.

The combination of rough face-fucking and gentle pussy play kept Emily lulled securely in her sleepy state. She was the most relaxed and docile fucktoy a brother could ask for first thing in the morning.

Jaime pounded his sister's mouth until he came, unleashing a torrent directly into Emily's formerly empty tummy. Her eyes fluttered open as her belly ballooned out to accommodate her surprise breakfast.

Jaime pulled out slowly once he was finished, allowing Emily to lick his cock clean. She gave the tip a final soft kiss before he was out of range.

"Mmm, sleepy breakfast," Emily purred happily as she stretched, then patted her overfull tummy. "What did I do to deserve such a treat?"

"Just being your sexy little self," Jaime said. "I'll never stop loving how horny you make me."

"Aw, that's so sweet."

Emily rolled over and pounced on Jaime. She made out fiercely with him, while also rubbing her beautiful, soft boobies all over his chest.

The naked, loving siblings fondled and groped each other with unreserved enthusiasm. They certainly would have ended up fucking if not for an interruption by their occasionally strict mother.

"Ahem," said Christine from the doorway.

Jaime and Emily both turned guiltily to face her, though they were relieved that she wasn't truly angry. Now that they'd broken the awful, terrible anti-sex spell she'd been under, she was back to being mildly annoyed at inappropriate sexuality rather than furious.

"Hey, Mom," Jaime said. "Me and Em were about to fuck. Care to join us?"

"You know very well I don't," Christine said. "I don't approve of fucking around with my children. Or at least I pretend I don't because I'm ashamed of my desires, and I have to be cunningly lured into it somehow."

"That's true," Emily said. "You should have asked her more cunningly, Jai."

Christine belatedly realized she'd been a little too forthcoming. "I mean, not any of what I just said. Ignore that."

"Too late, Mommy," Jaime said. "We already knew those things."

"It's good that you're better at admitting them, though," Emily added cheerfully. "Pretty soon we'll have you fucking us all the time, like a good mommy-pet."

"You most certainly will not," Christine said defiantly. "Especially not this morning. I'm making sure you two get to school. No more missing important classes and lessons and things."

"Ok," Emily said. "We'll be right there. We just need a quick fuck first."

"Nope. Now."

"But mooommyyy..." Emily whined.

"We'll be ever so fast and speedy about it," Jaime said.

"Not a chance," Christine said. "Get moving. Now."

A very disheartened pair of sluts grumbled out of bed and got themselves dressed under their mother's watchful eye.

"Are you at least gonna make us breakfast while dressed all sexy?" Emily asked.

"I'll make you breakfast," Christine said. "I don't want my children going to school hungry and not learning anything because of it."

"We've got plenty of other reasons for not learning things," Jaime said. "I wouldn't worry about that."

"But I am not dressing sexy just so you two can perv on me," Christine continued as though she hadn't been interrupted.

"It's not just for that," Emily protested. "Cooking naked except for an apron gives a nice passive boost to your relevant skills. I tried it out yesterday. It worked really well."

"Plus the author's got a weird obsession with that outfit in particular," Jaime added. "So you'd score some points with him."

"I will not," Christine said firmly. "I'm your mother, not an object of lust."

"You can be both," Jaime grumbled.

He and Emily resigned themselves to sitting and waiting for their food without any sexy show at all. Christine wore her robe tightly closed, and never even bent over far enough to accidentally reveal her pussy and butthole. Sure she showed off some cleavage and most of her beautifully smooth legs, but it just wasn't the kind of lewd display her kids were used to.

Jaime still ate hungrily when presented with his plate of waffles, pancakes, bacon, eggs, toast, sausage, lasagna, hash browns, cheesecake, cereal, chicken noodle soup, eggs again, spam, baked beans, tomato, spam, hotdogs, spam, spam, spam, ice cream sundae, and spam. Emily only picked at hers and sneakily pawned it off on Jaime when Christine wasn't looking. She'd already eaten, after all.

The two horny teenagers were then sent off to school with nothing more than a light swat on the butt to get them out the door. That wasn't near enough intergenerational incest to satisfy either Emily or Jaime, and they were very disgruntled as they made their way to the sidewalk to meet up with Alyssa, their sexy neighbour-girl friend. Alyssa, at least, undisgruntled them a little with her cheerful bounce and cute, revealing outfit.

"Hey, guys," Alyssa said. "How you doing this morning?"

She hugged Emily and rubbed their boobies together, as was tradition, then fondled Jaime's hard cock through his pants. Just some normal friendly greetings.

"We're ok," Emily said. "Just disappointed that our mom didn't want to fuck around this morning."

"Oh, that's too bad," Alyssa said sympathetically. "You guys can come over to my house and play with my mom for bit, if you want. She won't mind."

"Nah," Jaime said. "We should go catch the bus. Mom'll be pissed if we skip school again. That's very nice of you to offer, though."

Emily nodded. "Very polite of you to let us use your mother for our deviant sexual gratification. You're so lucky to have such a cool mom." She rolled her eyes. "It's much dang work seducing Mom every time we want to fuck her."

The three of them walked down the street, Jaime in the middle with the girls flanking him. Emily and Alyssa casually rubbed his straining erection while he slipped a hand under their skirts and squeezed their tight butts.

"You know what might be cool?" Alyssa said. "What if my mom and your mom got married?"

"Why would they want to do that?" Emily asked.

"You know. So that then we'd all be one big family. That way you guys would have a mommy to play with whenever you wanted, and I've have a brother and sister to play with too. It'd be great!"

"Hm, maybe," Jaime said. "But it would have to be super-marriage, not just regular marriage. Otherwise we'd all be step-related, rather than actual related. I mean, I'd love to fuck you as a step-sister, don't get me wrong, but it's not the same as an actual, blood-related sister. It's just not as hot, no matter what the porn sites try and tell you."

Alyssa hastily rummaged through her stash of coupons. "Shit. I only have free regular marriage offers. Nothing for super-marriages. I don't know about you guys, but I can't afford for our moms to get super married with the extremely limited income I have. Which is to say, no dollars per hour."

"Yeah, us either," Emily sighed. "Our income is related to plot-convenience, and rarely very much even then. Maybe one of our moms would pay for it?"

"I kinda don't think so," Jaime said. "I mean, Mom and Mrs. Alyssa's Mom haven't even spoken to each other since the first chapter, so I suspect they probably aren't in love. And it'd be a bit much asking them to get super-married, and even pay for it, when they have no reason to want either of those things."

Alyssa sighed in disappointment. "Why does everything have to be so hard and complicated? All I wanted was to get some hot sibbos and a new mom in order to satisfy my spurious sexual whims. It's like the universe just never wants to cooperate."

It was Emily and Jaime's turn to console their friend.

"We know how you feel," Emily said, patting Alyssa's tit empathetically. "Despite how we totally deserve to have everything we want, whenever we want it, sometimes that just doesn't happen. Even though we're wicked hot, which should mean we get our own way every time, according to the laws of physics."

"That's true," Jaime said. "I mean, I still haven't been able to fuck Lilith-who as you know is our almost equally hot older sister-due to her semi-demonic heritage. Talk about unfair."

The three horny and disconsolate teens cheered each other up by fucking around at the bus stop. They had to be fantastically sneaky, so as not to be seen doing anything inappropriate in public, but they had lots of practice with super duper sneaky stealth missions of exactly that nature.

They erected a quick watch tower and Emily clambered up to keep lookout while Jaime and Alyssa fucked down below. Emily as a scout didn't work quite as well as they might have liked, since she kept getting distracted watching her brother and friend engage in very public sex, rather than keeping an eye out for cars and pedestrians like she was supposed to.

After the third time getting caught and having to offer awkward and unconvincing explanations for why it looked like she was getting her pussy destroyed in broad daylight by the side of the road, but really wasn't she promised, Alyssa switched with Emily and did a significantly better job watching for danger. Emily was much happier getting pounded by her brother than just watching.

Jaime eventually took his turn as lookout, and the girls casually felt each other's boobies and pussies.

All three of them were in much better moods when the boarded their school bus. The girls took turns riding Jaime during the trip. Neither had panties on under their skirts by this point, so it was pretty easy to slide his cock into one of their snug little holes without anyone being the wiser.

Having engaged in lots of sneaky fucking-which was, after all, their very favourite thing-Jaime, Emily, and Alyssa exited the bus at school with fresh springs in their respective steps. However, something was soon noted to be amiss.

"Where is everyone?" Emily asked, peering around. "I know everyone's had their sex drives replaced with utter nonsense, but our classmates are still usually hanging out before school starts."

Jaime and Alyssa examined their surroundings as well. Aside from the students on their bus, and a few stragglers, the area was deserted.

The interior of the building wasn't any better. There were still only a few streams of late arrivals making their way down the halls.

"Better follow them, I suppose," Jaime said. "Maybe we'll get some idea what's going on."

"You guys go on ahead," Alyssa said. "My pussy's dripping down my thighs. What with being so horny and all, you know. I better go buy some panties at a vending machine before class."

"Good thinking," Emily said. "I keep forgetting that underwear has its uses. Get me a pair too, would you?"

"Sure thing."

Alyssa and Emily kissed and patted each other's butt before Alyssa skipped happily off in the direction of the vending machine aisle.

Jaime and Emily trailed along after the rest of the students who seemed to know where they were going. Their cunning method of navigation led them to the auditorium, which was full up with captivated eighteen year olds. The curious sibbos hung out at the doorway and watched just long enough to get a sense of what was happening. They then proceeded to run back out, screaming in terror.

"Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!" Jaime yelled.

"What you said!" Emily concurred just as urgently.

They stopped and panted for breath several turns later, far enough away not to be any immediate danger.

"Was that what I thought it was?" Jaime asked.

"It looked to me like a pre-class prayer meeting," Emily said, still pale and shaken. "And... and a seminar on the benefits of sexual abstinence."

They clung to each other for comfort, but it only helped their shaking a little.

"They can't do that, can they?" Jaime asked. "I mean, there have to be child protection laws or something, right?"

Emily shook her head. "We're technically adults. That's why we're allowed to be depicted in sexual situations within the medium of text on certain websites."

"When did you get so good at knowing about laws?"

"Back in episode one when I read the Littown Legal Code for a couple minutes. I learned lots of neat shit."

"Sure. That makes sense." Jaime disentangled himself from his sister, despite how nice it felt to press their warm, nubile bodies together. "Anything that can help us?"

"Alas, no. The legal code is surprisingly silent on the subject of brainwashed teenagers and the presenting of disgusting and morally reprehensible materials to them. It's more to do with murders and things. And taxes."

"And incest, of course."

"Yes, right. Murders, taxes, and incest. The big three."

Jaime pondered their situation. "Miss January could help, couldn't she? She should be able to shut this whole down if anyone can."

"Seems like our best bet," Emily agreed. "Do you think she'll mind us bothering her?"

"I can't imagine. Not compared to the filth going on in her school. Besides, last time we saw her, we all had a lovely time fucking in her office. She's bound to be happy to see us."

Thus decided, Jaime and Emily skipped urgently off to the principal's office, hand in hand, with autumn leaves twirling to the ground in their wake.

"Hey, Cheryl," Emily greeted the secretary. "Is Miss J. in?"

Carol frowned. "It's Carol," she said. "Not Cheryl."

"Is it really? Has it been this whole time?"

"Since I was born."

"Huh." Emily shrugged. "Anyway, is she in? It's important. There's impressionable teenagers being taught that not having sex is a good thing."

"Sorry," Carol said. "She left early."

"Incredibly early," Jaime observed. "Seeing as how school hasn't started yet."

"Maybe she saw the assembly and had to go home sick," Emily suggested. "I know I feel nauseous."

Carol narrowed her eyes. "She's gone. That's all I can say. But if there's some kind of assembly, shouldn't the two of you be there?"

"Pff, hardly," Emily said. "We're main characters. Rules don't apply to us."

Jaime nodded. "Speaking of disregarding the law of the land, want to go rifle Miss January's office for clues to her whereabouts?"

"Hell yeah I do," Emily said. "Being a teenager, I do of course enjoy disrespecting people's things, and also causing mischief and mild property damage."

"As do I," Jaime said. "After you."

"Um... hang on a second," said Carol, who had the feeling she ought to be stopping delinquent behaviour. Such a situation had never come up before, however, and she really didn't know how to stop anyone going in Miss January's office. She was more used to students desperately trying to get out.

Jaime and Emily poked around the deserted office with increasing levels off hooliganism. Emily sent papers flying off the desk as she searched for anything of value to them, while Jaime carefully tilted the picture frames on the wall slightly to one side.

"Ooh, check this out," Emily said while pulling drawers open at random.

"What is it?" Jaime asked as he scooted a potted plant a few inches to the right so it no longer got the best light.

"Confiscated sex toys, I think. Or possibly Miss. J's secret stash. It doesn't really seem her style, though."

Emily held aloft a vibrating dildo of remarkable girth. It was an impressive toy, and she was tempted to take it. She only put it back because she was worried her butt plug might get jealous if she started inviting random toys to come play in her tasty holes.

"Hm," Jaime said thoughtfully, "dildos, vibrators, anal beads... must be from before The Incident."

"Well obviously," Emily said. "No one would be smuggling such contraband these days. Good to know it's here, though. Just in case."

"Sure, sure."

They explored a little more, until Emily stumbled across what they were looking for.

"Hey, Jai, come look at this," she said.

"More sex toys?"

"No, but still kinda interesting, maybe. Looks like it might be a teleporter."

"Why do you say that?"


"That's oddly specific," Jaime said. "Are you touching it?"

"Of course I am. It's a teleporter. What the hell am I gonna do? Not touch it?"

The siblings examined the teleporter in silence for a moment.

"Well, it's pretty sweet looking," Jaime said. "And cool and glowy and shit."

"Sure is," Emily said. "Shall we try it out?"

"I can't see why not. What could possibly go wrong?"

Moments later, after Jaime and Emily had become horribly mangled in a teleporter accident and had to reload their save state, they stared at it a little more closely.

"Ok, so at least one thing could possibly go wrong," Jaime admitted. "Should we try again?"

"I don't know," Emily said. "I didn't much care for all my insides ending up outside. It wasn't pleasant at all."

"It probably won't happen again."

"I don't know." Emily pointed at another sign below the one she'd read. "It says here 'DANGER EXTREME RISK OF MANGLING AND DISMEMBERMENT ABSOLUTELY DO NOT TOUCH SERIOUSLY EMILY FOR FUCK'S SAKE STOP PLAYING WITH THIS.'" She folded her arms and pouted. "I don't know why she's gotta pick on me like that. It could have been anyone stumbling across this thing. Not just me."

"Sure," Jaime said. "But to be fair, you're already fiddling with it again."

"I just wanna see if I can fix it," Emily said as she pulled a long tangle of wires out of an access hatch. "It's not my fault that there's a cool but dangerous toy in here where anyone could get at it. Besides, Miss January probably went through this thing, so if we go through too we'll be bound to find her."

"That's some questionable logic," Jaime said. "For all we know, it'd tear her apart too."

"Yeah, right. Like Miss. J'd let some stupid machine mess with her just because she was violating the laws of space and time." Emily spliced together the wires in a brand new order, based almost entirely on which colours she thought looked nice together. "There, that ought to do it."

"Do what, exactly?"


Emily slapped her hand down on the big red button labeled 'DO NOT PRESS,' and she and Jaime were off on their second journey through the fishnet fabric of reality.

Jaime was very pleased to arrive all in one piece this time, and with all his bits where they should be. Emily had never doubted for an instant that they'd arrive intact this time, and was more immediately interested in where they were.

They appeared to have landed right in the middle of a road, which fortunately had no traffic at all to be seen in either direction. They were also right next to a toll booth of some description. A bustling metropolitan area was visible not too far past said blockade.

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