tagMatureSaheen's Red Panty

Saheen's Red Panty


Saheens husband Mr.khan was working in a pvt concern in the purchase department and had a good income. Their son Sahabaaz was 18 and in jr college and their daughter Nargis, 13 was studying in a 9th class.

Saheen was a beautiful woman to say the least, fair and around 5’4”. She had a longish face with long dark hair. Her eyebrows were thick and she only just shaved them. Her nose and cheek bones were sharp and she was slim.

The news came as a shock to all their neighbors that Mr.Khan had lost his job, apparently the company he was working in closed down after a few years of disputes and court cases.

Being immediate neighbors Douglas’s house had only a common wall with that of the Khans, the main balcony was joined and one could just jump over onto each other’s balcony. The building was old and in those days privacy and such matters were rarely considered in detail.

It was common for Douglas to go and stand in the balcony after bath with only his shorts on, he would face the Sun and dry his hair and also dry his body. One such day he saw Saheen come over into her side of the balcony, the towel on her head suggested she had just had her bath. She looked at Douglas standing in the balcony and smiled and Douglas returned the smile and exchanged hellos.

Saheen was stretching some clothes, which she must have washed. As she was stretching them Douglas noticed her spreading a red coloured panty over the string, which extended to the length of the balcony from the outside. After the panty Saheen stretched a couple of bras over the string and then vanished into her house.

The red panty remained in Douglas’s view for quiet some time as his thoughts drifted a bit.

In a few months time Mr. Khan who was unemployed now was looking restless and after trying various options decided to go to his native village and see if he could do something with the land and farm he had over there. He was around 53 while saheen though had teenaged children looked to be in her late thirties. It was a traditional arranged marriage between Saheen and Mr.Khan and in such marriages normally the girls parents never considered the groom’s age, only his occupation and wealth were considered.

Sahbaaz their son had just finished his 12th standard exams and Mr. Khan decided to go to the village along with him. Saheen and daughter Nargis were required to stay at home because Nargis was preparing for her next class which is considered very important here in India, the 10th class. For which she was required to go to some private tuitions everyday in the evenings for about four hours.

Once on a Saturday Douglas was playing with the children from the building in the small garden that overlooked their balcony. It was kind of a backyard for the building and children would use the place for their own merry making. It was around 4.pm and Douglas was sipping tea in his balcony when he noticed the children and went down to amuse and play with them, He enjoyed playing with kids.

Just as he went down, right below Saheen’s balcony he saw her red panty lying on the ground. He quickly picked it up making sure no one really noticed and slid it into his shorts, the panty was some kind of a shrinking material and shrunk into his shorts very easily.

Douglas took the panty with him and hid it in his almirah. He was sure Saheen would go looking for it once she discovered that the panty was not on the string.

Douglas waited in the balcony for a long time but there was no sign of Saheen for well over half an hour. He kept looking in the direction of her house but she was being elusive. It was about 6.pm when Saheen finally came and started taking clothes from the string, Douglas was in the balcony and as usual she gave him a broad smile. Smiling back he told her “Hello how are you” to which she replied “fine” and continued her task.

She went inside with the bundle of clothes and after about five minutes came back to the balcony and checked the string again. She started peeping over the balcony downwards trying to look for something.

Acting innocent Douglas asked her “ What are you looking for Saheen” She looked at him and smiled and said “Nothing, I thought I dropped something, but its ok”

Now Douglas was a real stud of a guy, a bachelor, all of 26 and a state level athlete, though he had average height he could pack a punch when needed. He had a few girl friends but never committed himself to anyone, believed in having fun. He had sized up Saheen many times but being immediate neighbors and the fact that the families were very good friends stopped him from any adventure.

He had a wicked smile on his face as he persisted with Saheen and asked her

“What was it that you dropped Saheen”

She looked at him with shyness on her face, but always smiling as she gazed at him and replied

“ It is nothing Douglas, its ok”

It was at this moment Douglas realized how stunningly beautiful she was, he could not help but admire her beauty and his eyes sought to explore Saheen’s body visually.

She always wore cotton Night Dress at home. She had a very shapely and slim body. Saheen relaxed a bit and stood leaning against the balcony, looking towards Douglas. As she leaned towards the balcony her boobs were getting squeezed. Douglas had never had the opportunity to look at her with any intensions. But then he was looking at her with intensions right now.

His eyes kept looking at the bulging boobs and Saheen noticed that, but instead of steadying herself she continued leaning and her boobs continued to grab most of his attention.

As they looked at each other Douglas kept talking to her about her husband and her children. She explained that her husband would be long gone as he was setting up something at his village. The entire conversation went on for a long time but all that Douglas remembered about the conversation was her boobs as they were getting squeezed.

They spoke for almost an 15 20 minutes and as they looked around it was already dark and Saheen excused herself and went off giving a great sexy smile back to Douglas.

The smile had a lot of promise to it and the experienced fucker Douglas knew she would come again in the balcony later in the evening.

The evening was very windy and there was a cool breeze blowing across the balcony. After showing his face in the house and doing some work on the computer Douglas returned in his T-shirt and shorts to the balcony. Within a few minutes he saw Saheen come over into her side of the balcony, she was wearing a more sexy sleeveless night dress now and her hair was let loose. Saheen looked amazingly beautiful and Douglas knew not if this was real or just a dream.

She looked sobered down her face showed a bit of desire and smoothness. She once again stood leaning at the balcony and as she looked at Douglas, smiling, he looked at her and gave her a much more desiring smile.

They spoke about some odd things but taking the initiative Douglas told her that she looked beautiful in her nightdress. She felt shy and said nothing, just smiled and looked at the open sky above. Encouraged by her soft response which turned him on he went closer to her side and repeated “ Saheen did you hear what I said” she pretended not to have heard and just smiled again. Her shy and soft smiles were turning him on. Controlling his emotions he told her again “Saheen you look beautiful” She smiled and said nothing for sometime, his pulse was high and he was mad for an answer, she delayed her answer just a bit more and replied “ you think so “ he said “yes!” “You look most beautiful”.

Saheen felt his voice reverberate into her being, probably for the first time she felt a desire to be pampered and cajoled by Douglas. The look in her eyes suggested that she really liked what was unfolding. Her folds were also feeling the unfolding I suppose. Having a young man admire you and nakedly acknowledge your beauty does have its effect on a woman. And in this case Saheen looked as if she was not banged for quiet some time, given all the problems her family was going through.

Douglas was not a naiveté at such matters he had banged quiet a few women. He was seizing up the initiative as it was being thrown towards him. He urged her to come closer to him so that he could look at her properly. She agreed hesitatingly and after inspecting other houses and all possible directions she gingerly moved closer to him. He told her

“You know Saheen I have got what you were looking for in the afternoon”.

The look on her face changed suddenly to that of a pleasant shock!. She kept looking at him with her eyes gone big and smile increasing in width. She said

“What!, you’ve got…..No! No! not possible, how can you have it……You are just kidding”

Douglas was deft at playing such games and the BASTARD was not letting her go off, he said.

“Saheen is it red in color”

At this she covered her face with both her hands and turned away from him. He told her

“Saheen I was down with the kids and found it there”

At this she turned back to face him, but her face was still covered with her two palms.

He told her “ Do you want it Saheen” She immediately uncovered her face and looked at him and pleaded

“Please give it to me Douglas, its dangerous to keep it with you, please return it at once. How can you do it…….???.”

He said “I cannot return it just like that, I need something in return “ to which she once again smiled at him with all the shyness of a woman and said

“What something in return!!, what do you mean” . He said “I want something in return for keeping your panty safely with me”

Saheen was feeling shy and was kind of surprised at his demand. Douglas realized it and offered her some solution.

He told her that she should treat him to some tea on the morrow in the evening just him. Saheen protested for a while but Douglas knew and could see it in her eyes that she was protesting for the sake of it, she actually did not mind treating him at all. Actually the whole game that was being played made her feel warm inside where it matters. And in almost over 20 years she was feeling this way for the first time. She agreed to the exchange but just then Douglas the BASTARD cautioned her about her daughter Nargis and told her that HE wanted no-one to be in the house. Saheen once again showed a bit of surprise at the nudity of his request and explained to him that she will try.

The BASTARD knew that Saheen would be alone in her house at the appointed time.

The next day was Sunday and Douglas wanted to avoid the balcony completely. He also kept himself busy by visiting a friends place and indulging in a game of cricket close to his house. Returning back in time he showered and changed into his jeans and t-shirt. He could not help but shake off his dong just to make sure he was ready for the ordeal to unfold.

Douglas had arranged for his friend to call him at around 4.pm so that he could move out of the house. Since it was a Sunday everybody was sleeping after a late lunch and only his brother was awake he explained to him about his friends call and closed the door as he slid out of his house.

Saheen’s door was the immediate next door and he just made a small tap at her door and Saheen promptly opened the door. Saheen was wearing her traditional dress, a long blouse almost like a frock but one, which embraces the body till knee length and a kind of a pyjama, which was also the same material as the blouse. It was yellow in colour and the material looked soft and silky.

Saheen looked as if she had just had a bath, there was a kind of freshness in her movements and her hair was half wet. She welcomed him into her house, not that he had never visited her house before. But this was a special occasion.

She asked him how he managed to sneak out, and he asked her about her daughter Nargis. She explained that Nargis went visiting her friend to exchange notes and study and will be returning only late in the evening.

Saheen had this beautiful smile, which was perennial. She excused and went into the kitchen to make tea. Douglas asked her if he could go along with her to help. She did not mind and replied in the affirmative.

As she put the vessel on the stove and started preparing tea Douglas spoke to her about her long hair and how well it was maintained. Saheen mentioned that she did not do anything special for her hair it was just a natural thing.

Even Douglas was getting a bit nervous, various thoughts were occurring to him, but he knew he had to just keep his cool and let the conversation keep going. Saheen looked relaxed and cool as she quickly made the tea, the only help she got from him was when he passed her the Milk pouch from the refrigerator.

The tea was ready and there were some sandwiches, which she had prepared and kept, she led him to the living room and placed the tray on a center table as they sat facing each other.

The tea was poured and after questioning him about the number of sugar spoons Saheen passed it to him. She poured a cup for her self and both of them were sipping tea. She offered him the sandwich and he obliged her with one piece. And Douglas kept praising her culinary skills to no end.

Saheen had very little idea about what he did for a living and she kept him busy with questions about his work and computers and other things. The tea session helped them relax a bit and the initial nervousness was gone for good.

Gaining confidence from the easy situation Douglas asked Saheen the secret of her stunning figure. Saheen was surprised at his question and laughed at it. He insisted that she had a great figure and that she did not ever looked like a mother of teenaged children. Saheen was sitting cross-legged in front of him and her legs were swaying a bit. She was smiling and just brushed aside his comments.

She asked him if he wanted one more cup of tea, which he declined.

Douglas now was getting ready for the situation, here was a beautiful mature woman looking half her age and willing to get her tissues erected and here was this Stud who all the while had only one thing in mind and that was to fuck this woman in every way possible.

He requested Saheen if she could sit on the same Sofa as he was, She immediately asked him


He replied saying

“So that I can see you more closely, you are very beautiful Saheen and I want to look at you from close”

Saheen did not know what to say, she changed her leg position to “open” and leaned her hands on her knees. As she leaned her breasts came into Douglas’s view the dress had a V neck and Douglas tried to take a peek at what could be just a snapshot of what was to come.

Douglas was requesting Saheen to go close to her, but Saheen was hesitant and felt nervousness in her veins. She wanted to do it but her womanhood was stopping her. Here was a lady of almost forty; a mother of two teenaged children and here was a man, only 26 and a neighbor. Saheen was really feeling shy though her cunt was already feeling the itch.

Douglas was a bull headed guy and he got up from his place and went towards Saheen and stood in front of her. He extended his hand to her and said

“Come! What are you feeling shy of, come on, come close to me”

Saheen extended her hand to Douglas and he pulled her up and holding her hand took her to the larger sofa where he made her sit. Her movement was sluggish and Douglas had to pull her to the Sofa.

Both were looking at each other, Saheen was quiet stunned by the sudden development and her heart was pounding as she pretended to behave normal. Douglas was also feeling the juices run into his veins his blood was already warm. Saheen’s blouse was tight and one could see her boobs taking the entire available textile inside.

As they sat Saheen had quickly withdrawn her hand from Douglas’s grasp. Douglas then put his hand into his jeans pocket and removed the red panty from there. Saheen quickly tried to pounce on it. But Douglas had none of it as he maneuvered it away from her swing.

Douglas was dangling the panty in front of Saheen and she was trying to grab it, saying “Please” all the time. Douglas cleverly put the Panty at his side and as Saheen tried to grab at it, in the process her breasts brushed his thighs and there was fever all around.

Now taking the panty in his hand Douglas let Saheen take a hold on it. As she held the panty he tightened his grip and pulled Saheen towards him.

Saheen was enjoying the tussle, she was breathing heavy and her hair was getting scattered in the tug of war. Douglas was a strong athlete and he was only playing with Saheen, cleverly changing the grip. And he made her believe that she had the better exchange of the two.

Saheen was getting carried away as she tried her best. Both the bodies were warm and Douglas in a moment of power and desire pulled Saheen towards him with force and she just gave herself away, or the power of Douglas the BASTARD was such that she just could do nothing. Douglas held her from behind, his left hand was holding her across her stomach, just below her boobs and the hand was touching both the boobs. Saheen was struggling to come out of the strong grip but after a few tries gave up and now she was totally at Douglas’s mercy.

Her nipples had already firmed up during the tussle and the juices in her system were working their way towards her cunt. She could feel the heat coming form Douglas’s breathing, as both of them said nothing. Douglas slowly moved his left hand upwards towards the bulge of Saheen’s boobs. Saheen was feeling the current run through her brain as Douglas moved his hand ever so slowly towards her boobs.

Saheen was speechless and she just closed her eyes and gave herself totally to Douglas.

Douglas had a hard on already and since he was holding Saheen from behind, Saheen was resting on his body and she felt the bulge grow on her shapely ass as she was resting on Douglas’s bulge. Douglas was now easing his way onto Saheen’s boobs and as he started cupping the boobs Saheen started wriggling and her legs became straight and started parting and swaying. Douglas himself opened his leg to accommodate more of Saheen onto himself.

Douglas caressed her boobs and felt her firmed up nipples and kept caressing them with slow strokes. Lowering his grip he had Saheen’s face in his view. Saheen opened her eyes and smiled at Douglas who bent towards her and kissed her on her forehead. Saheen adjusted her position to be better placed for a kiss and both of them indulged in a wet kiss of life. Douglas all the time kept working on her boobs holding the nipples in tight grips and then releasing them. Saheen was not sure what she was enjoying most the kissing or her nipples being worked upon.

Saheen was the more desperate of the two as she grabbed Douglas by the back hair and roggered his lips. She thrust herself onto him and made him feel her tits against his body. Her legs were swaying and her cunt was obviously wet. They kissed each other in a passionate embrace and Saheen was red all over her face. Douglas found his hand stroking Saheens legs through her clothes. Saheens hand was holding Douglas tightly as she tried to make her boobs be felt on his body even as they kissed each other. Saheen was never kissed this way her husband would never exchange saliva with her, but this Stud Douglas spared no effort and sucked her mouth nonchalantly to the delight of Saheens’s cunt. She liked the wet, hot kisses and only longed for more.

As Douglas was working his hand on her legs she spread her legs wide almost urging Douglas to fuck her with his hand. Douglas just caressed his way upwards into her channel and started to frig Saheen. Saheen parted her legs even wider as Douglas started frenetic work on her cunt. The rubbing was so severe that Douglas could feel the crack with his fingers through all the clothing. He could separate the labia and even move inside a bit.

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