tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSail to Despair Ch. 02

Sail to Despair Ch. 02


When Angela had gone forward with the sandwiches for her husband and Callum, Nat had prepared himself for a sudden confrontation should she decide to tell her husband that she had just been raped. Not only had Nat armed himself with a 25 centimetre filleting knife from the galley, but he had also armed himself with the short spear-gun from the rack beside the port settee he'd been sleeping on.

Although only vaguely familiar with spear-guns, he nonetheless had worked out the simple mechanism quickly and drawn back the surgical rubber loop to the second notch on the spear to maximize the weapon's power -- he'd also cut the line that would normally be used to retrieve the spear when discharged underwater -- this he felt would give him better range on the yacht.

And then he'd waited with his back against the forward bulkhead facing the companionway hatch -- the most likely approach of Ross should he rush him in a fit of rage.

Silently, he listened to the muffled voices on the bow as Angela spoke with the two men who'd been busy working on the yacht's anchor winch. He could just imagine the look on Ross's face as he learnt what had just happened to his pretty wife. He felt a surge of adrenalin when he pictured Ross with a spear embedded in his chest when he came for him in his anticipated but foolhardy retribution. Taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly, Nat eyed the weapon of his choice -- he was unsure if it would kill Ross cleanly, but if need be, he planned to quickly dispatch him with the filleting knife -- a calculated slash across the jugular should do that.

Of course, a thought had crossed his mind to take the offensive and go topsides to spear Ross regardless of whether Angela told him what had just happened to her. But he had discounted this for two simple reasons. Naturally he was looking forward to fucking the arse off Angela again soon -- and his threats earlier of hurting her husband should she try to resist him certainly paid off; the second reason was of a more practical nature -- he needed Ross to sail the yacht for him a little longer -- at least until he himself had picked up some more of the fundamentals of sailing.

Nat heard footsteps on the side deck -- he could see thru the cabin port-lights Angela's smooth, tanned calves as she made her way aft to the cockpit.

Feigning sleep, Nat listened intently to Angela as she stepped down the companionway into the main cabin. He heard her take a deep breath, followed by the sound of the aft cabin door closing.

He waited several minutes longer -- totally focusing on the sound of the two men on the bow. Nat wondered if she had warned her husband -- Nat also wondered about the loyalty of his jailbird friend, young Callum. What side of the fence would he sit on, should it be necessary to take on Ross? It was plainly obvious to Nat that his young artistic accomplice had more than a passing fondness for Angela now since she modelled for him. Just how would the young man take it should he know that Angela had just been raped by his older friend?

Nat surmised that had Angela warned her husband, perhaps she had been told to lock herself in the sturdy little aft cabin prior to any confrontation -- he was sure that Ross had several screwdrivers and a hammer to arm himself, along with either of the sturdy winch handles in the cockpit. Nat knew that he had only one shot with the spear-gun too -- and although very fit, Nat conceded that Ross was several years younger and also quite fit-looking!

But was Ross capable of containing the rage he would now feel should he know that his wife had just been violated? Could he contain it long enough to plan an attack of his own? And besides -- did Ross have the courage to take him on?

Some ten minutes had passed since Angela had gone to her cabin. Nat could wait no longer -- he'd made a decision. Should Angela's cabin door be locked from the inside he would take it as an indication that perhaps she was indeed hiding herself from a pending confrontation. Nat would then take the offensive -- he would surprise Ross from the forward hatch in the vee-berth where he had an opportunity to shoot him at almost point-blank range! He would take his chances with sailing the yacht without Ross's expertise -- besides, Angela certainly seemed a proficient sailor at least!

A wry smile crossed Nat's face. With Ross out of the way, he could then do with her as he pleased -- and when he pleased! Then maybe in a week or so -- or maybe even a month's time -- once they had entered the myriad of small islands of the archipelago and if their stocks ran low, he would prostitute her for fuel and food if need be. Or if the price was right -- he'd sell her to one of the brothels he guessed existed there -- he couldn't imagine that there would be too many attractive blonde western women available to the natives in those parts!

Nat was psyched up for it now -- a surge of adrenalin coursed thru his veins. Raising himself from the settee, he placed the loaded spear-gun under a towel on the table and he took a couple of steps aft till he faced the cabin door. Placing his hand on the doorhandle -- he tried it slowly...

The handle moved downward freely, making a soft audible click -- it was unlocked!

Just before he pushed the door open, he had a sudden vision of Angela hiding herself behind it with a knife -- waiting for him. Nat withdrew the filleting knife from the band of his shorts and standing sideways to make a smaller target, he opened the door inwards...

Nat sniggered to himself as he peered into the small dim cabin -- he needn't have worried himself by the looks of things -- quite the contrary!

Just near the open doorway lying on the cabin sole was Angela's discarded sarong -- and to the left of it lay her bikini bottoms. Nat shook his head in disbelief -- there on the small neat bed, face downwards, laid Angela -- completely naked!

The tension of a pending fight waned almost immediately. Stooping slightly, Nat stepped inside the cabin and quietly closed the door behind him -- snibbing the lock at the same time.

Angela didn't move a muscle. Her small, delicate feet were closest to Nat, her ankles some thirty centimetres apart. Nat let his eyes wander up from her feet, along the backs of her calf-muscles and toward her shapely thighs -- not a blemish anywhere he could see -- they were beautifully toned and tanned and her womanly hips flared out nicely. Her waist cinched in to a diameter that Nat could come close to encircling with his hands if he tried. Apart from a small, pale scar about fifteen millimetres long midway up her back and to the left of her spine, and but for a few freckles here and there, her back was a very attractive feature too -- firm and tanned of course -- it vee'd outward to her athletic shoulders that were now partially covered by her long blonde ringlets splayed out in all directions.

Nat diverted his gaze back downward to her buttocks -- to him they represented perfect symmetry. Her orbs were full and round -- the cleft between them a paler shade of an otherwise lightly tanned overall appearance -- she obviously sun-baked wearing a G-string on occasion.

With her legs slightly parted as they were, Nat could just make out the smooth, darkish pink of her engorged pudenda -- the delicate folds of her inner labia just peeking out from her small slit like the bright pink petals of a blossoming flower...

In Nat's mind, everything about her screamed to him to fuck her again!

And with that thought his cock hardened rapidly. Still without a word spoken between them, he untied his board-shorts and let them drop to the cabin sole, close to Angela's sarong. He too was now naked -- and his cock jutted out rampantly at a virile forty five degree angle!

Moving closer, Nat sat on the foot of the bed and reached toward her -- he felt her tremble briefly as he touched her right calf with the palm of his left hand. Resting his hand there for several moments -- she didn't move a muscle. Encouraged, he gradually worked his hand up along the back of her leg -- caressing her thigh in a series of exploratory figure-eight circles.

Soon his hand is running back and forth along her right buttock -- Angela doesn't so much as flinch when his fingers trace the cleft between her buttocks, downward until his fingertips flick over her budding pink flower...

Nat's tender touch is now somewhat ironic, considering how he had taken her earlier. With his palm now facing her pudenda, he uses his middle finger to slowly work her open. What seems almost reflexive to his touch, Angela bent her left knee, drawing her foot up the bed and parting her thighs wider at the same time -- effectively giving Nat's probing fingers greater access to her moist slit.

Moments pass quietly -- just the waves against the hull and the rigging creaking occasionally -- and barely discernable squelches from between Angela's thighs as his fingers explore her, gradually working her pliant flesh open...

With her face still buried in the crook of her folded arms, she softly grunts for but a moment, just as Nat's calloused digit slipped into her vagina. Ever so slowly, it glided in and out -- soon a sweet, musky aroma began to waft thru the still air of the cabin.

He lowered his face to her buttocks -- and nibbling lightly on her firm flesh, he continued to finger her. Soon he withdrew his slickened finger from within her, and then with both hands, he pulled her buttocks apart to expose her brown bud. Moments later he was running his tongue from side to side, downward toward her beckoning anus...

Angela moaned softly, and drew her knee up higher as Nat's coarse stubble rubbed against her inner thighs -- his tongue darting over her sensitive anus caused ripples of nervous pleasure to cascade up and down her spine...

Seconds later, she drew her other knee upward too -- and pushed her stomach into the firm mattress, arching her back concavely and thrusting her buttocks up wantonly...

Nat needed no further encouragement -- lowering his mouth onto her pudenda, he flicked his tongue along the length of her slit -- her sweet musky juices and some of his own semen from earlier have combined and the taste to him is not unpleasant in the slightest. It had been seven long years since he had tasted pussy -- and Angela's was by far one of the best that he could ever remember!

She was almost kneeling now as he darted his raspy tongue up and down her slit and every now and then she would gyrate her hips slightly when his tongue found her shiny little bud for a moment or two. The temptation to position himself behind her and slam his cock in was almost too much!

And then as if she sensed what he was thinking, Angela dropped her hips back onto the bed and in one fluid motion, she rolled onto her back and pulling back her left knee, she opened her legs either side of Nat's semi-prostrate body.

Nat looked up at her -- her mouth was partly open and her chest heaved slightly, but she had raised an arm so that it covered her eyes as if hiding from the truth of what she was now plainly offering him. Looking down at her almost hairless pussy, he smiled inwardly -- there was just a narrow strip of short, fair-coloured pubic hair that seemed to point like a guiding arrow from her mons veneris to the retracted hood of her shiny, bright-pink clitoris.

Nat quickly repositioned himself and lowered his face to her once again and Angela mewed like a kitten as his inquisitive tongue focussed on the nub of her erect clitoris...

It had been quite some time since she'd received the pleasure of cunnilingus. Ross, although such a good husband to her in many ways, had been sadly neglectful in the bedroom for over a year now -- work stresses he had put it down to. He'd actually taken long-service leave for the sailing adventure in the hope of solace and to make some sort of recovery toward renewing his vigour. Angela of course had hoped their relationship would blossom again once at sea too -- and up until now it had shown signs of improving...

Now she lay before a horrible, heavily-tattooed old thug as he attempted to pleasure her -- but what choice did she have? And although she was not to know how close Nat had come to just murdering her husband, she knew that giving herself to her assailant was the best course to take for both her and her husband's sake. And if she was going to give herself to Nat -- she would do it convincingly -- whether it was just something she would have to do in secrecy until the two unwelcome guests left them, or to bide time until Ross could overpower the brute. Angela stole a glimpse of the man between her legs as he worked on her -- swallowing deeply, she ran her tongue around her lips -- there was no denying that the old coot was good! Running her hands down to his almost bald pate, she began to grind herself into his face. Yes -- it was an intoxicating feeling to have a gifted tongue work her over after such a long time!

Soon, a finger entered her pussy again for a few moments and then withdrew... She was so close to an orgasm that she barely registered as Nat's calloused finger now prodded her wet, puckered anus. His well-lubricated finger slid into her rectum quite easily and he began to draw it in and out... It was a totally new sensation for her -- a finger up her bottom at the same time that her clitoris was thoroughly licked... And she was surprised at how good it felt -- almost too good!

Nat felt her fingers digging into his scalp as she tensed up -- but still he continued to flick his tongue rapidly over her clitoris. Suddenly she let out a guttural moan as she arched her back into his face! It had taken barely two minutes, but without a doubt she was coming!

His finger in her arsehole was pistoning back and forth as she came, extending her orgasm for perhaps half a minute or longer. Then gradually Angela's clenched thighs relaxed and she lay there breathlessly, while Nat continued to lick and rub his nose into her wet hole...

Almost a minute passed...

"If you're going to fuck me... you... you better hurry up...We haven't long..."

Nat looked up from between her open thighs -- he could see that her chest was still heaving slightly as she recovered from her orgasm. He focussed on her breasts and their beautiful nipples -- hard as ever and inviting to say the least...

"So ya didn't tell ya 'usband I take it?"

"Of course not... I... I don't want any trouble..."

"So, ya jus' gonna let me fuck ya whenever then, are ya?"

"I... I guess so... So long as you don't hurt us..."

Nat was surprised by her total capitulation to say the least -- it certainly wasn't what he had expected a short time ago!

"That's very fucken 'onarable of ya, Angie," he sniggered, as he began to manoeuvre up her body.

Angela closed her eyes as she felt his lips take in one of her nipples -- he suckled for a few moments and then moved to her other nipple and continued...

"Nat... we haven't time for this now... I nervous... Just do it please!"

Nat looked up at her as he bit lightly on her large nipple -- he increased the pressure until he felt her flinch slightly -- then he drew back on it and let it pop from his mouth...

"Fucken gorgeous nipples Honey! I could chew on 'em all day long!"

Raising himself, he repositioned between her open legs and grabbed a pillow from next to her head and roughly forced it under her buttocks so as to raise her hips and allow an easier entry.

"I want ya to open your eyes, Angie... I want ya ta see me big ol' slug goin' in to ya hungry cunt! It is a hungry cunt, ain't it? I'm guessin' ya like a cock more'n what ya been gettin' it?" he sniggered.

"Please don't flatter yourself, I'm doing this because I have no choice!"

"Yeah, okay... But ya still like cock, don't ya?"

"I... I like sex, yes!" Angela blurted, "With my husband though, you bastard!"

Nat laughed at her mockingly. His cock was fully erect of course -- he held it with his right hand and was stroking it slowly.

"Tell ya what... I want you ta guide me in! Gimme ya hand."

Angela allowed her hand to be coaxed down onto Nat's cock -- with some initial trepidation, she wrapped her fingers around the shaft some halfway down from his big knob and with no further encouragement she tilted his length until it brushed against her splayed pudenda...

Nat chuckled lewdly.

"Just stick it in would you!" Angela said abruptly, "We haven't time to muck around!"

"Rightio then!"

Nat lent into her and watched as her inner labia stretched around his knob and then disappear back inside of her vagina -- he withdrew partway and quickly pushed in even further!

"Oh gawd!" Angela groaned, as her hand slipped from his shaft, allowing him to enter her completely.

"Still gotta tight little cunt!" Nat exclaimed, as he began to screw her, "Even after ya already been fucked once today!"

Nat reached behind her legs and drew them up until he was gripping her by the ankles -- and then he began to fuck her with earnest!

He watched with delight as her small breasts jiggled back and forth with his every thrust. Her hands now gripped the back of her own thighs, holding them open as far as she could manage.

Nat fucked her like that for a few minutes -- he knew that he wasn't going to last much longer, the feeling of her tight vaginal wall was like a thousand tiny fingers caressing his shaft and knob with every stroke!

"I... I want you to do me from behind..." Angela blurted, "Like before... I want to feel what you did to me again..."

Nat chuckled again, "Ya fucken love it don't ya, ya married slut!"

"I'm... I'm not a slut, you old bastard! I could count on one hand how many men I've slept with!"

It was true of course, Angela, now nearing her mid-forties, had been with no more than five different men in her entire life! To Angela, her past lovers had been decent men that had never pushed the boundaries with her. What Nat had done to her earlier had been new -- totally new -- and now in her heightened state of arousal, it was a feeling she was eager to experience once more.

Nat withdrew his cock unceremoniously and rolled Angela over -- quickly he pulled her hips upward so she was now kneeling, but with her head resting on her forearms. Her wet pussy glistened with her copious lubrication -- it didn't look so small anymore now.

"Ahh... ahhh... gawd... tha's it..." Angela moaned, as Nat's slug sunk back into her, "Do that thing to me again... mmm... aww... gawd..."

Nat coaxed his long cock in further until he was sure that he was pressing up against her cervix -- that was what she wanted...

"So ya like that do ya?" Nat snarled sardonically.

He felt the resistance of her cervical opening dilating before the pressure of his pointy knob.

"Huh? Is that what ya wanted?"

Nat gripped her hips firmly and pushed in even further -- he listened to her groan painfully for a few moments as her cervical opening began to envelop his glans...

"Oh gawd... oh gawd... tha's it! Tha's it! I'm coming! I'm coming!" Angela blurted, "Yesss... yesss...Don't stop! Don't stop!"

Nat was as far in as he could go -- and most of his knob was in an almost vice-like grip as Angela orgasmed. She writhed and pushed back against him as her fingernails dug into his buttocks in an attempt to force more of his cock inside of her. For several moments she shuddered and moaned -- then she collapsed like a ragdoll, her orgasm finally spent.

"Ya do like that, doncha? You've come like a fucken great geyser too!"

Nat slapped her arse with the palm of his hand, "Well? Was that what ya wanted?"

She didn't answer him -- and he slapped her buttocks again.

"Ooowa! Yesss! That's what I wanted... Happy now?"

Her orgasm had been intense -- far stronger than the one brought by her stimulated clit. It was a combination of pleasure and pain that she just couldn't quite put her finger on -- but she had liked it indeed!

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