tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersSaleswoman For a Day Ch. 02

Saleswoman For a Day Ch. 02


I expected Liz to return wearing her clothes but instead she came back to the dressing room wearing the suit she had worn all day at work. She commented that I looked great and said, "I am starved. Let's go eat!"

I was a little dumfounded. She told me not to worry and that the place we were going to was very accepting and she reassured me there would be no problems, except that she might have to worry about men hitting on me! I took a deep breath and walked out of the store with Liz. She took hold of my arm and I must admit that it was both exhilarating and nerve racking walking to the car. I tried to relax and enjoy the sound of my heels clicking on the parking lot, but I was also terrified I would be made. Like a true gentleman Liz opened the door for me and we were off.

It took a little more courage to walk in the restaurant but as we were quickly seated without any stares I was able to relax a little. I kept peering around to see who was watching us and Liz she said not to worry as no one even gave us a second look. The waitress smiled brightly at us and complimented me on my shoes. I thanked her and after ordering some drinks I began to relish the moment. We enjoyed a great dinner and I found myself totally relaxed and immersed in my feminine role. Near the end of dinner I hinted I should get home. It was then that Liz said, "No, silly. You are staying with me. Besides, I have your outfit for tomorrow at my place."

I suppose I should say that I had planned on driving the hour home to my house but I knew that this might be tricky walking in as a woman. My wife was out of town for a couple of days so I knew that was not a problem but my neighbors might question why a woman they didn't recognize was entering the house so late. In reality no one would probably notice but I had to be concerned about this. I should also state that at 5' 8' and 145 pounds I have prided myself on having a pretty well defined masculine body but I was also small enough to wear what I was wearing and pass as a well shaped woman too.

So I accepted Liz's offer and we made it to her place. She immediately requested I put on something sexy and I jumped at the chance to try on one of her baby doll lingerie sets. I grabbed a pair of her five inch black pumps, changed quickly and walked out to greet Liz who was lying on the couch still wearing her suit. I can't say what came over me at this point but I do know the woman in me was unleashed as a walked over to Liz and climbed on top of her. I whispered that I needed her inside of me as I released her cock from her pants. I placed myself on her cock and it slid into me. I was wild with desire and Liz was very turned on too. After a few minutes she flipped me on to the floor and fucked me like crazy. I sighed and cried out in ecstasy as she pounded me.

We somehow made it to the bedroom and she kissed me good night and reminded me that tomorrow I was going to be her star saleswoman. I was more than willing to continue this experiment. However, little did I know the twist of fate that would occur the next day.

Liz woke me up early and told me I had an appointment at the salon in an hour. I shaved all over and Liz handed me some jeans, tall boots, a casual top and a coat. She explained she had my work clothes on a hanger and would bring them to the salon. She also reminded me very seriously that I was to be every bit of a woman as I could be. I was not a guy in drag working in her store today. I was a fellow saleswoman and she needed everyone in the store to believe the same. After another full salon treatment I was given a dress that accentuated my body quite nicely. I guess Liz knew I liked the pumps I wore last night as she included them with the dress. As I walked in the store I noticed there were two different saleswomen working today. Liz introduced me and we immediately went to work getting the store ready to open. The day flew by and I can't say for sure no one made me but if they did they never let on. Everyone was very friendly and I made an incredible amount of sales! Right at the end of the day a tall pretty woman walked in the store and I heard Liz let out a gasp. I walked over to her and asked what was wrong. She whispered that the woman was her general manager! This was a totally unexpected visit. Liz pulled me aside and implored me to not do anything to give away I was a man or she would face severe repercussions from her general manger.

Liz introduced me to the general manager (Cheryl) and then tried to whisk her away from me but Cheryl started some small talk with me. I thought I was going to blow it for Liz for sure but after a few minutes Cheryl moved on to meet the other saleswomen. She then went into Liz's office for a meeting. After about thirty minutes Cheryl came out of Liz's office and announced she was taking the top saleswoman of the day out to dinner......yes me! ....To be continued....

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