tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSally, Summer of Sex Ch. 04

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 04


Sarah at the Beach

Sarah was lying face down on her beach towel with her bikini top untied in back. She had untied the top to attract guys, not to get a more even tan. She wasn't here for a tan. She was here with her friend, Sally, to pick up guys to fuck.

Sally had just left with some guy she had picked up down at the water. Sally was plain with little figure and Sarah had helped her pick out some suits to emphasize her minimal assets. She had convinced her to wear one that showed her nipples and slit ever so slightly when wet. It had apparently worked. Sarah hoped she was getting a good workout.

Sarah wiggled her ass in anticipation of her own vaginal exercise and spread her legs to set the bait. She felt the ocean breeze caressing her dampening crotch and visualized how the dampness might reveal just a hint of her genitals.

She became aware of a couple of guys standing several yards away. They were making frequent glances in her direction while talking to each other. From the furtive glances she was sure they were talking about her. She smiled and turned over, holding her top to her breasts while making sure that one nipple was clearly visible to the guys. She watched them out of the corner of her eye. Now they were staring at her intently.

She turned to them, making a pretense of struggling to tie the top in place while feigning modesty but uncovering the other nipple in the process. "A little help please," she pleaded in her most helpless voice.

The guys tripped over each other in a rush to her side.

"Could you tie this please," she said, reaching back to the lower ties. She dropped the upper tie she had been holding behind her neck, baring both breasts. "Oh no!" she cried, rapidly using both hands to pull it back up while letting the lower tie fly loose.

One of the guys was on his knees at her side taking in the sight. The other was behind her and gently grabbed the loose ends. He took a quick feel as he brought them to her back and tied them loosely. She liked the feel of his rough fingers on her hardening nipple.

"Could you do the neck too, please?" Sally asked, holding the straps behind her neck for him.

He complied. "There, all set!"

"Thanks," Sarah replied with an artificial shyness. "I guess I'll know better than to untie both top and bottom next time."

"Glad to help," the guy who had done the tying said. "I guess you don't get to the beach a lot."

"Why do you say that?" Sarah asked.

"Don't know how to get your top up without flashing strangers," the other guy said.

"How much did you see?" Sarah feigned embarrassment.

"Quite a lot, I'm afraid," the first guy admitted.

"Oh," Sarah said quietly. "Well my breasts weren't so big last year," she lied.

"How old ARE you?" the second guy asked.

"18, I just graduated," Sarah told him. "How old are you?"

Their names were Damon and Rick. They said they were 25 and 27, respectively. Damon was the one who had tied her straps. Sarah tightened her crotch in anticipation. It was fun being 18 and able to fuck any guy she wanted.

The guys jabbered away trying to impress her by lying about their cars and adventures. She nodded in encouragement and lay back, flirtatiously stretching and rubbing her body.

They told her they had a beach house just a few blocks away. "We have a great theater set-up," Rick bragged. "Why don't you come over there with us. We can watch some videos."

Sarah didn't want to watch videos but she was pretty sure that was just a line. She debated whether to head out or wait for Sally. After all Sally had her own guy already. But there were two guys here and even though Sally knew she had enough bodily orifices to handle them both she knew she'd have an even better time with Sally there. She licked her lips thinking of watching one of these guys' penis sinking into Sally while feeling the other push inside her own fuck hole. One thing she knew was that Sally had a insatiable sexual appetite, maybe stronger than her own. She decide to give Sally a few minutes to finish up with that guy she was with.

"I'm here with my friend Sally," Sarah she said to the two guys. "Can she come too?"

"Sure," Rick told her. "The more the merrier."

"Just to watch videos?" Sarah fished for confirmation of the expected fucking.

"We've got a pool table," Rick responded.

Sarah decided it was time to drop the sweet and innocent act. "I'm not too good at pool. But I can handle a stick and balls." She rolled to the side, reached out, stroked Rick's penis through his shorts and lightly squeezed his testicles. "You sure there's not something else we can do?"

Rick was suddenly speechless. Damon replied, "Sure, we even have something in mind." He gave Rick a knowing glance.

"Oh?" Sally said innocently, extending her had to give Damon's groin a slow caress.

She had no problem keeping them occupied until Sally showed up and without hesitation Sally also accepted the invitation to "watch videos" at the guys beach house. "Are they porn videos?" she asked wide eyed with a put on innocence as they walked down the beach. One thing she knew was that guys liked thinking that girls were inexperienced but interested. She decided to play that role even though she had had her own "stable" of a couple of dozen guys in high school and never went a week without at least two good fuckings.

At the Beach House

They guys had led the girls to believe they had a huge flat screen display but when they entered the house there was only an old, small TV on a crate with almost no furniture. Both girls knew that "watch a video" was just an excuse to get them in the house but they had expected the guys to follow through by starting a video, maybe a porn video like Sally had suggested, and then slowly convincing the girls out of their bikinis.

"Where's the theater setup?" Sarah asked.

"We don't need a theater," Damon said, taking Sarah by the hand and leading her toward the back of the house.

"We have something better in mind," Rick smiled as he grabbed Sally's arm.

The girls were surprised. Sally started to resist but Rick held her arm too tightly. "You don't need to rape us," Sally said, giving up the struggle after jerking her arm away. "We expected to have sex with you."

"We don't want to rape you." Damon said over his shoulder. He took Sarah down a hallway and into a bedroom.

Rick took Sally into another bedroom where there was a four poster bed with straps attached to the posts and overhead bars. A video camera sat in one corner.

A shiver of fear ran up her spine, "What's this?" she asked as the door lock clicked behind her. She turned to see another guy standing next to the camera.

"I thought you wanted to see a video?" Rick asked rhetorically. "I think a video of us would be a good choice." He grinned.

"Who's this?" Sally asked pointing to the other guy.

"Friend. Cameraman. Another cock." the other guy introduced himself with a wide grin. He stepped forward with his hands behind his back. He extended his right hand as if for a handshake. Instinctively Sally began to raise her right arm. His left arm sprang forward and she found her right wrist in a velvet covered handcuff. In surprise, she grabbed her wrist with her left hand only to have it cuffed as well.

"What's this?" she exclaimed. No answer came.

Each man quickly grabbed an arm and a leg and deftly threw her onto the bed before she knew what was happening. The cuffs on her wrists were quickly attached to straps at the head of the bed.

"Hey!" Sally was used to being in control. She had trained most of the guys she had sex with to please her and they all followed her lead. This wasn't what she was used to. She started to struggle and they pushed a soft foam ball in her mouth and tied it in place with a soft ribbon. The ball was like a NERF ball and easy to breathe through but she found it impossible to make much of a sound. Only muffled moans could escape her mouth. She decided the best she could do was relax and do her best to enjoy it. She had her doubts.

"Let's get rolling," the self proclaimed cameraman said as he adjusted the camera to focus on Sally's body, started recording and returned to the bed.

Rick said, "let's see what we've got," and slowly pulled Sally's bikini bottom down and off exposing her shaved pussy with its large soft lips and two thin labia extending from the slit.

"Very nice," the second guy said as he massaged the exposed vulva and then spread her labia to reveal her vaginal opening. "Nice and wet," he said, inserting a finger and running it around inside her vagina.

Sally enjoyed the feeling but felt distant from the activity. She'd rather be an active participant.

Once Rick had the bikini bottoms off he attached cuffs to her ankles. She was now completely restrained, arms and legs spread on the bed. The second guy licked her vulva and then moved off of her. "Tastes good too," he told Rick. reaching up to pull her tube top down to her waist exposing her small, flat breasts with their huge nipples. He twisted the nipples between his fingers causing them to harden and enlarge even more.

"Want to see?" he said and moved off the bed. Sally watched as he turned a screen so she could see herself spread naked on the bed.

He picked up the camera and moved close, scanning her naked body. He paused at her flat breasts and once again twisted her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. The nipples responded by enlarging and extending a half inch from their base. They looked huge in close-up on the screen. "Wow, these are something!" he exclaimed. He leaned in and sucked at them, hard enough so they hurt. Sally winced..

He rose and continued scanning her body with the camera finally moving between her legs to focus in, close-up, on her crotch. Sally watched the close-up of her genitals as he manipulated them for the camera. He spread her labia, pinching them and stretching them to their maximum extent. He pushed up her clitoral hood to expose as much of her clitoral bead as possible. None of the action gave her much pleasure, but she couldn't protest or suggest how he might please her. This wasn't what she had wanted when she decide to come to the beach house.

"That's got me hard," the cameraman exclaimed as he unzipped his fly and reached inside to pull out a stiff, modest sized cock. He stroked Sally's nipples and face with it as he recorded the action.

"My turn!" Sally heard Rick say and turned her head to see him standing naked on the other side of the bed. He was stroking a smallish cock to get it hard, pulling a substantial foreskin back and forth over the deep pink tip. "You're supposed to record ME this time, I'M doing the fucking!"

Sarah in the Bedroom

Sarah's experience was the same as Sally's but yet completely different.

She was led into a similar bedroom but since she liked the guy having complete control she asked, "Who gets tied up, you or me?" when she saw the set-up.

"You," was the simple, almost emotionless answer.

"Goody!" she answered. "Do you want me naked?"

Before he could answer she noticed the video equipment. "Ohhh! Do you want to tape me?

Before he could answer that, another guy came into the room.

"Ohhhhhh! a threesome!" Sarah exclaimed with a smile. "Any more surprises?"

"Maybe," Damon said.

"So shall I strip for the camera?"

"Sure," the second guy said picking up the camera.

"Can I watch?" Sarah asked and went over to the monitor, positioning it so she could see.

She did her best tantalizing strip as she watched herself on camera. Turning her back to the camera as she undid her bikini top and turning slowly around as she exposed her ample breasts. Again with her back to the camera she untied her bikini bottom and slowly removed it, sliding it seductively between her legs and enjoying the sensation as it stimulated her genitals. then she bent over and slightly spread her legs to reveal her womanhood to the camera before standing and facing the camera fully nude. "Like it?" she asked, twisting her torso so her breasts shook.

Then she jumped on the bed and spread her arms and legs, "Tie me up, tie me down," she giggled.

She immediately popped back off the bed, asking, "when do you get undressed?"

She reached for the camera,"let me film you getting naked."

Unsure of what else to do the cameraman handed her the camera and as she focused it on Damon he removed his beach shirt and swim shorts. She had seen his thin but buff chest at the beach. She brought the camera in for a close-up of his 4 inch, partially erect cock. It stiffened more and lengthened to 6 inches or so as she held his balls and caressed the cock along its length.

She gestured at the other guy and turned the camera on him, "Your turn."

He hadn't been at the beach and was fully clothed. He began by removing his shoes. "You can sex it up more than Damon here!" Sarah instructed him.

He had no idea how to "sex it up" and just began twirling his sock over his head causing Sarah to laugh, "Okay, just undress."

He had a thin body lacking musculature. His cock was a stiff and skinny eight inches. "Nice," Sarah complimented as she fondled his scrotum and caressed the shaft while recording it in close-up.

She handled the camera to Damon and spread out on the bed once again. He took the camera and slowly scanned the voluptuous body. He paused to caress her breasts and nipples with one hand, holding the camera in the other. Then he handed the camera off and let the other guy record as he licked and sucked Sarah's generous mammaries. Meanwhile he moved a hand to her crotch, caressing her labia and inserting a finger. Sarah moaned lightly in pleasure.

Damon tied her to the bed while the other guy set the camera on its tripod. When she was fully restrained, Damon massaged her genitals and spread her labia for the camera before positioning himself for penetration.

Tale of Two Bedrooms

In the other bedroom, Sally involuntarily tightened her vaginal muscles out of reluctance to allow Rick's entry.

"God, she's tight!" he exclaimed as he tried to get his cock in. He grabbed some lube, spread it on his finger and pushed it into her cunt. then he spread some on his cock and shoved it inside her. The lube and the fact that her muscles tired meant he didn't encounter any more resistance.

As he repeatedly jammed his cock into her up to the balls Sally was surprised that feelings of sexual pleasure filled her body, despite his not caring about her.

He moaned loudly and jerked, shoving himself fully inside. He stopped his movement and then withdrew. Sally felt warm cum oozing down her butt crack. "Nice!" the cameraman said as he brought the camera in for a close-up. He put the camera back on the tripod unzipped his fly, unbuckled his belt and pulled out a thick, short, partially erect cock. He stroked it to full erection and knelt between her legs.

Sally watched the monitor as he drove the thick member into her. Then she closed her eyes. She felt the thick penis ripping into her and then being withdrawn only to be shoved in again and again and again. She was just beginning to really enjoy it when the assault stopped and the intruding member was slowly withdrawn. Sally felt empty and unfulfilled as warm semen dripped once more down her butt. Then she felt the limp cock being slapped against her breasts as it expelled the rest of the warm liquid which quickly cooled. She kept her eyes closed and fell asleep.

In the other bedroom Sarah relaxed and enjoyed the sensation as Damon entered and began pumping in and out. Despite her restraints she managed to push up her hips so he brushed her clit at the deepest penetration. But she was still unsatisfied when he groaned loudly and shot his load into her. She wiggled her clit against him as he held himself deep inside before withdrawing. She liked being bound when the guy was really pleasuring her but she found this frustrating. Not only hadn't he given her much enjoyment, she couldn't use her hand to get herself off.

The cameraman was recording the semen dripping from her in extreme close-up and she wiggled her cunt to the camera. Because of her willingness they hadn't gagged her as had been done with Sally. She asked him, "Don't you want some?"

"I plan to get some when I'm done here," was the gruff response.

"If you untie me, we can really have some fun," Sarah told him.

"Yeah, you'll run out of the room," he replied.

"No! I mean we can do it doggy style or I can sit on you, I'm good at getting guys off. I give good head too."

"If I stick it in your mouth you'll bite it off."

"Hey, I just want to enjoy myself. I guarantee you'll enjoy yourself more if I do."

She watched as he considered. "OK, But if you start to run away, you'll be right back in the restraints. And they'll be tighter this time."

He released her right arm and she reached over to rub his cock as he released the left. He then released her legs and she reached around his waist to undo his belt. He stood, smiled at her and dropped his pants and shorts to reveal an eight inch long, thin, fully erect cock.

"Ooooo!" Sarah exclaimed, knowing how guys can be proud of their size. "I like that!" She reached out and began stroking it. "Lie on your back so I can feel it sink all the way in me."

He lay down and she positioned herself on top and let her vagina slide over his erection. It went in easily because of Damon's semen which she felt spreading out onto this guy's pubes. She began sliding up and down while moving her body back and forth, to and fro. Meanwhile she rubbed away at her clit with a finger. She began moaning and groaning each time she went down, not involuntarily but because it was her experience that it excited the guy.

He began to moan and was thrusting up into her as she descended. then he froze and tried to keep his penis fully inside as she rode. He made a series of huge grunts and then fell back. "Good?" Sarah asked as she stopped her movement and felt his cock shrinking inside her.

"Yeah," he moaned.

"I told you it'd be better without the restraints," she replied as she rose, allowing the limp cock to fall out along with much of the ejaculated semen.

"W'at chou doin' Jake?" Sarah looked up to see two young guys standing in the doorway. The taller of the two was the speaker.

"Fuckin', what's it look like?"

"Yu're not s'pos'd to untie 'er" the other said.

"She promised me a good time," Jake told them. "And she delivered."

"You looking to party with me too?" Sarah asked, getting up from the bed and approaching the pair.

They looked at each other and the taller responded quietly, "Yeah."

"Well, let's get to it!" Sarah said, expertly unbuckling his belt, unzipping his fly and pulling down his pants and shorts to reveal an average sized, uncircumcised cock. She put her mouth around it and grabbed the others balls through his pants squeezing gently.

The second guy quickly pulled his pants down revealing another average penis, but circumsized.

"Who has first shot at my fuck hole?" Sarah asked.

The Abuse Concludes

Sally awoke to a sharp pinch on her left breast. Some guy she'd never seen was pulling on her nipple! Another guy was fiddling with her labia, pulling them apart and seeing how far they would stretch. Neither seemed to have any concern about her pleasure or even whether they might be causing her pain. She shook her head violently, so violently that it shook her entire body and the two guys moved away staring at her.

"Whoa! she's alive," said the one who had been pinching her nipples. As he backed away Sally noticed his nude, stubby body, protruding belly and huge testicles with a tiny prick.

"Let's do this cunt," said the other from the foot of the bed. Sally could see only a thin face, bony arms and ribs showing on his chest. Then he got up and knelt between her legs. He positioned his long thin cock at her cunt and drove it home. It was so thin, she could barely feel it despite the fact that he was thrusting violently at her crotch.

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