tagGroup SexSally, Summer of Sex Ch. 08

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 08


Sally at Home

Sally Czarwitz lay in bed thinking of the events of the past days. She had been at the beach with her friend, Sarah, and they had gone with two guys to have sex. They had gotten sex alright! At the guys' beach house they had been tied down. Sally had been left unsatisfied and angry. Sarah had been fine with the whole thing and had called Sally a control freak.

Sally realized that much of her anger was due to Sarah being right. She hated being found out. She knew that she liked being in control. She disliked being tied down because she was used to being in charge during her sexual encounters. In high school (had she really graduated only a week ago?) she had her "stable" of guys she could call up for sex and most of them had been virgins when she met them. She had "trained" them to fulfill her sexual needs and desires.

She wanted to apologize but was also held back by the certain knowledge that she didn't want to be in that situation again. Sarah was desperate to find and fuck as many "men" as possible this summer. She had said she was tired of high school "boys" and now that she was 18 and out of high school, she wanted older guys. And she was on a quest to pick them up wherever and whenever she could.

Sally went along because she, like Sarah, was enthralled with sex. But after that experience at the beach, she didn't want to be out tracking down strangers any more. She wasn't sure how to tell Sarah. Most of the reason they were friends seemed to be related to tracking down guys for sex.

She was debating calling when she got a call from Sarah. She hesitated but realized now was as good a time as any.

"Hey, Sally guess what?" the voice at the other end was cheerful, as if the beach incident had never happened.

Sarah suppressed the anger she felt, after all Sarah had enjoyed herself. "What?" she responded.

Sarah sensed the tone of displeasure but ignored it, "My Mom and Dad are letting me come to one of their swingers parties!"

Sally knew that Sarah parents were swingers. In fact Sarah had mentioned it occasionally, even back when they were in middle school. And she usually made some comment about wanting to joining them. "Oh?" was the simple response.

Sarah had hoped for a more enthusiastic response but forged on. "Guess what else?"

"Sarah, I have no idea."

Sarah, in her enthusiasm, missed the impatient tone. "They said you can come too! You can come too! Isn't that great?"

Sally was surprised but not enthused. She wasn't sure it would be so great. Doubts and questions flooded her mind.

It might remind her of the time at the beach house. All those strangers. No control over what they might want. "No control,"

she thought. "But then maybe that's just what I need."

She began to ask Sarah questions, "What goes on there?" "What kind of people?" "Do you have to have sex with everybody?"

Sarah's answers were totally unsatisfying and Sarah sensed that so she put her mother on the phone.

Sarah's mom explained that the party would be at a private home with a pool and hot tub. "but only a limited number of people will be allowed in." She said there would be mattresses on the floor for couples to use.

"You mean everyone has sex in front of everyone else?" Sally asked.

"Well, yes. Some of the people like to watch rather than have sex. There are a lot of couples where one has sex and the other watches. There will be two or three private rooms available but they need to be reserved for a price."

"I didn't know this was for money," Sally heard Sarah exclaim in the background.

"Yes," her mother replied to Sarah and then told Sally, "the owners of the house need to be compensated for their effort and they have expenses. each couple is expected to make a donation when they come in. $75 or $100 is appropriate. And then for limited resources like private rooms they will make another charge. Young women like you are at a premium. You should expect the gentleman to pay for the room."

Sarah gasped in the background and Sally expressed dismay. Sarah's mom answered, "You should find men to go with you who can afford to pay the donation."

Sally heard Sarah speak up, "Mom you said something about not having sex with the guy you come with?"

Her mother repeated that to Sally adding, "It's not a rule but it's bad form. The point of the party is the opportunity to have sex with someone else. If you want to have sex with the guy you come with why not just do it at home."

Sally asked the question she was most concerned about, "Do you have to have sex with whoever asks?

"No. It's the number one rule that 'no' means 'no' and that no-one is forced to have sex with anyone else. Like I said, some come just to watch. Young women like you and Sarah will be in demand and it wouldn't be polite to be too picky. It would be nice if you accepted all requests. I also suggest that you consider a time limit on how long you spend with anyone. You can just say that someone else is waiting. Everyone will understand."

"What do we wear?" Sally asked.

"Anything you want. I suggest you wear jeans or something there. We'll have a locker to put your street clothes in. Most women wear whatever they can to show off their assets.Young women like you will be best off spending your time nude. Most of the more attractive women don't wear anything. I wear a see through bra and panties to kind of hide my stretch marks but yet show I have the equipment."

"What do the guys wear?" was the obvious next question.

"Many go naked. It's just easier. Some of the less well endowed wear briefs that emphasize what they do have. A few will be in boxers, those show off erections real well." She laughed thinking about how in some cases, penises would stick out of the fly.

Sally licked her lips thinking about seeing all those penises on display and maybe having many, perhaps most inside her. She was almost obsessed with the male sex organ.

"How old is everyone anyway?" Sally asked.

"Most are 30 to 40. Probably no-one under 25. Some 50 and 60's. There's one 70 year old couple who show up rarely."

That made Sally pause. Was she ready for older guys like that? It seemed a bit creepy.

Sarah's mother interpreted the pause to mean Sally had no more questions. "The club has a set of rules that everyone must follow. I'll have Sarah email you the rules.

"Do we need to bring condoms?" Sally asked, remembering how the guys at the beach house hadn't used any. Sex with strangers without condoms was not something she was going to do.

"No, there will be plenty there and the guys are expected to use them we don't want to be spreading diseases. One of the expenses those holding the party need to cover."

When Sarah was back on the phone she told Sally, "You should wear one of those tight bathing suits." She was referring to the bathing suits they had bought for Sally to wear at the beach.

"I think Sally should go nude too," her mother mentioned in the background. "Any young girl will be appreciated regardless of the size of her 'assets'." Sally had almost no breasts or figure so she knew what was being referred too. What she didn't know is that Sarah's father was also listening to that end of the conversation and unsuccessfully trying to hold down his erection as he thought of the slim friend of his daughter's in the nude.

Sally told Sarah she'd think about it after she saw the rules. "I don't know who to invite," she confided in her friend.

"Yeah, I had the same problem. But I have an idea and hope he'll agree." Sarah insisted on keeping it a secret. "It'll be a surprise," was all she'd say.


When she got the rules to be followed. Sally was happy to see "'no means no'," at the top of the list. There was also a rule that condoms were to be used for all genital contact. In general the rules were logical and even reassuring.

She began to feel comfortable with the idea of going and thought that it might be a good way to work through some of the issues resulting from the beach incident. And it seemed more and more like it might be fun. "All those penises," she thought, tightening her groin at the image. She absent mindedly began to stroke her clit.

Now is all she needed was a guy to go with. That might present a problem. The guys she knew who were still in high school were definitely out. The ones who had graduated with her would never be able to handle the price and would be reluctant to take on 30, 40, 70? year old women. She hadn't even kept in touch with those who had graduated a year or two before her and she doubted many of them would be interested in a party of much older women. Of course "cougars" seemed to be in now. She wondered how many of the women at the party would actually deserve the term. "Sarah's mom would anyway," she thought.

And it needed to be someone who would be okay with not having sex with her. More importantly, someone she wouldn't mind not having sex with. She wasn't entirely comfortable with allowing one of "her guys" to be having loads of sex with other women. She was self conscious about her looks. Thin, with no breasts and almost no figure, her nose was too large and so was her mouth and her mousy hair would never stay in any decent style. She often felt that many of her guys would start turning her down if they could have other women.

She didn't doubt that anyone she managed to get to come would demand sex before and probably afterward as a condition. "Not that that's a bad thing," she thought in anticipation of the possibility.

She called Sarah to tell her she was coming. "But I still don't know who to bring," she added.

"Yeah I know," her friend answered. "None of the high school guys are right are they?"

"But I don't know anyone else. You said you had an idea, what is it?"

"A secret, and I think it's going to work out. I think I've got a guy. We're meeting in a couple of days to talk about it."

"It's someone you don't know?"

"Oh, I know him, and you do too. He just wants to talk in person before he decides."

"Please tell me how you know this guy. Maybe I can find one like that."

"Nope, a secret. Hey! I know, you do know someone outside of school."

"Someone who would do this? Who?"

"Don't know if he'd do it, but probably. You know, the guy you met at the beach?"

Sarah was horrified, "One of the guys who took us to their beach house?"

"No, silly. Those guys were jerks and I know what you thought of them. The other guy. The one you went off with. Before the beach house guys. You know. What was his name?"

Sally remembered. "Jason," she said with a lilt in her voice. He had been a great guy and a fantastic lay. Even though it was in the confines of his surf van. He was 26 and would certainly be up for something like this. He'd singled her out at the beach and she didn't consider him definitely part of her group of guys so she wouldn't be jealous. Being older than her other guys he'd probably more up to a swingers' party with older women. And she had his number and a promise to get back together.

In her excitement she almost forgot to say goodbye to Sarah before calling Jason.

Jason remembered the young woman with no figure but great sexual skills as soon as she called. "Yeah, I'd love a party."

"It's a swinger's party."

He missed the point at first. "Yeah a party. What's so different?"

"A Swinger's party. It's for people to have sex with someone other than their usual partners."

He caught on, but not completely. "I don't have a usual partner."

"We'll go together, you'll be my partner."

He thought about having sex with her again. "Oh, so we'll have sex." He smiled.

"No, we'll have sex with others, not each other."

"Like an orgy?" He vaguely remembered other parties he'd been to that had turned into sexual free for alls with everyone naked and lots of swapping. His memory wasn't too clear because he'd been drunk or stoned at all of them.

"Not exactly. A bit more controlled. I have a set of rules you should look at."

He wasn't sure about a party for having sex but with rules. They made a date to meet for lunch at a mall food court.

At the Party

Jerry Malone sat naked in the entry way of the house where the swingers party was just starting. He had arrived early with his wife, his daughter, Sarah, and the guy his daughter had brought along. He was waiting for his daughter friend, Sally. He had seen her only once. Well, only once recently, Sarah had claimed he had seen Sally when the two girls were in middle school.

He'd been obsessing about her since he learned she would be coming. He just couldn't get her out of his mind. He pictured her standing topless the way she had been in their home. An almost anorexic girl with no real figure and no breasts. Wet, brown hair plastered against her head, a large thin nose and large mouth with thin lips. That seemed unattractive but the girl had exuded an irresistible sexuality.

She had huge nipples and had been wearing very tight panties that had been dampened and showed almost every aspect of her genitals. The gap at her crotch seemed to provide easy access to large, soft labia and she had piercing eyes. Her expression seemed to say she wanted him, or at least his cock since she had clearly been looking at his crotch where his cock was partially erect due to her half nakedness and his daughter's full nudity at the time. He couldn't control his cock now, it pointed straight out in front of him. He was fully erect and became more and more anxious for the slim girl to come through the door. He wanted first shot at that cunt.

Jason had picked up Sally in his van, the van in which she'd now had sex twice with him, once at the beach and once at the mall after she convinced him to come to the party. When they arrived at the party she was surprised to be greeted by Sarah's father. He was completely naked and, being the cock lover she was, she admired his fully erect, uncircumcised, slim penis. almost eight inches long.

He took the two of them to the lockers and when she undressed down to her white tight fitting swimsuit he looked at her approvingly. "You like it?" she asked him.

"Yes! Certainly!" he answered. "But you'll look much better naked." His stiff cock nodded in agreement

She suppressed a giggle at the reaction and the way it bounced slightly as he tightened his muscles. She smiled, unable to keep her gaze away from the cock which protruded from his body almost vertically, the bright pink tip fully exposed from the foreskin. She was always amused at the way men's genitals seemed to have been stuck on as an afterthought and his especially looked that way They were darker in color than the rest of his body and the substantial dangling pendants of his testicles hung in the fleshy sack below the hard shaft and were attached by a thin stalk of skin. "Oh my," she said covering her mouth.

Her reaction and the way she looked at his crotch excited Jerry Malone all the more. He felt like his cock would tear out of its skin.

She decided to go along with his suggestion and removed her top, exposing her flat chest with its prominent nipples. She slipped out of the bikini bottoms showing her cunt with its fleshy lips and week old growth of pubic hair.

Jerry's excitement reached an almost unbearable level. His heart pumped wildly.

She reached a hand towards his genitals, "may I?"

"My God! what next?" he thought, saying with a tremble in his voice, "Of course." He smiled and moved his body to her hand. He had looked forward to this all day. When he first saw her he had admired the cameltoe between her thighs and imagined what he could do there. Now he was even more attracted by the fleshy pillows with the thin labia extending maybe a quarter inch from her slit. He closed his eyes as she gently cupped his testicles in her hand and then gently stroked his penis. He felt like he might cum just from that activity and pulled away, opening his eyes and looking down at her.

She knew exactly why he had pulled away and had put her finger at the tip as he did so. She looked up at him, gave her best alluring smile and said, "look," showing him the string of pre-cum stretching from her finger to the tip of his penis. She moved her finger into her mouth. "Mmmm, you taste good," she told him.

"God, she knows how to use her sexuality," Jerry Malone thought as he led her through the house to the hot tub, leaving Jason to his own devices.

Sally watched with interest as they passed the large room with several mattresses on the floor. One was in use. The woman was Sarah's mother and the guy looked a lot like one of the teachers at her high school. She noticed a bowl of condoms and stopped to look at them. each bowl had a collection of sizes and flavors. She'd never really thought much about flavored condoms, preferring to have penises in her vagina rather than her mouth. There were 6 guys present besides Jason and Sarah's father, all were naked and she admired their nice-sized, though relaxed penises. one was wearing boxers and the other had a very tight pair of briefs that showed a large bulge that might have been tissue paper rather than flesh. The final one was a guy in his 50's who was sitting in the hot tub with Sarah, feeling her up. She was leaning back, with her eyes closed, enjoying the touches. Sally wondered what she would think when she saw Sally in the tub with her father.

"Thank you Mr Malone," Sally said as they settled in.

"The pleasure is mine," he said, "and call me Jerry."

"Okay, Jerry," she said reaching over to his penis. "You do seem to be enjoying yourself." She smiled and gave a slight giggle.

The sound got Sarah's attention and she looked over. "Hi, Sally, you just get here? Hi, Dad"

"Yeah, your father was showing me around. You enjoying yourself?"

"I haven't been here long but Larry here has wonderful hands." She smiled, moved one hand from her breast to her crotch, closed her eyes again and lay back.

Jerry had been lightly stroking Sally's leg under the water. Sally took it and gently moved it to her crotch where she pushed one of its fingers into her slit and partially up her vagina. He took the hint and pushed further in, rubbing inside and moving his thumb to her clit. She wrapped her hand around his penis and began stroking.

"No sex in the hot tub." he said gently, reminding her of rule number 6. "If you want to do that we better get out and go to one of the mattresses."

She smiled. "What's this you're doing?" she said, reaching down and pressing her hand against his, jamming his fingers further inside.

"No sex really means no semen in the pool," he explained. "Want to grab a mattress?" His cock was still trying to expand beyond its physical limits.

She gave a coquettish smile. "Well ..." she paused feigning thought knowing full well that's exactly what she wanted but also knowing he wanted it more than she. She shouted over to Sarah. "Your dad wants to fuck me."

Sarah answered, "He's only my step dad, and he's already told me he's not going to do me so it might as well be you." She laughed and turned to her companion, "You wanna fuck, Larry?"

The four of them got out of the pool and Sally grabbed a towel which she used to dry off Sarah's father. She paid extra attention to his rock hard cock, getting it very dry. She fondled the large balls hanging in their sack and kissed the tip of his penis before handing the towel to him. "Your turn," she said, spreading her arms and displaying her body, legs apart for drying.

Jerry Malone took the towel and carefully dried the slim body, inspecting and feeling every inch as he did so. He knelt to dry between her lags and took a good look at her genitals, spreading the lips, rubbing her large, hard clit and pushing a finger briefly inside the very moist cavity. He considered verbalizing his thought, "I don't think I can get it dry in there," but kept silent.

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