Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 08


Swinger Sally

In the main room every male eye went to Sarah but Sally noticed several quickly switched their gaze to her. Sally had wondered what happened to Jason but now saw him. A group of women were watching a fifty year old riding his cock while he relaxed on his back.

Sally took a condom from the bowl as they passed and sitting on a mattress, unrolled it onto Jerry Malone's cock. "How do you want to do this?"

"Want to do this?"

"What position, missionary, doggy?"

"Oh, lady's choice."

Sally looked around for a pillow. She liked a modified missionary with her back supported so she could present her cunt directly upward. Not seeing one she went to her second choice and kneeling on all fours she moved her chest to the mattress, presenting her ass to Jerry's cock. He was enthralled with the presentation and spent a minute examining the large genitals, feeling their softness and spreading them apart to examine the wet pinkness inside. Then he positioned his cock to point directly at the delicate softness he had been thinking about all day and slowly pushed it inside.

He put his hands on her breasts and gently squeezed her nipples. She felt the sensation of being filled and then he began moving in and out with his balls bounced against her clit. She moaned in pleasure with the rhythm as he rubbed her hard nipples between his fingers.

Jerry Malone felt so satisfied as the warmth and softness surrounded his excited penis. He was soon filled with a feeling of an upcoming climax and slowed his thrusts. The feeling was concentrated in the swollen shaft and moved to the tip. He held himself hard inside, stopping all movement. He leaned forward, placing his hands on the mattress and his chest against Sally's back. He moved his mouth to her ear and whispered, "I have to stop. If I continue I'll cum and I don't want that so early in the evening. Maybe later we can do this to a proper climax for both of us."

Sally was disappointed that it had to end so quickly but she accepted the situation, "I understand. That would be fun."

Jerry waited for his feeling to subside and then pulled his shrinking cock out of the warm cavity.

She heard another voice that sounded familiar but she couldn't place it. "If you're done, Jerry, and the young lady doesn't mind. Maybe I could have the opportunity."

"The more the merrier," was Sally's response. She liked being asked and didn't even bother looking though she would like to see the guy's cock.

But she felt it enter. It was thick. The guy jammed it home powerfully and removed it from her sheath slowly. Meanwhile he kept a firm grasp on her hips, pulling her towards himself with each thrust. He placed one arm around her waist and used a finger to stimulate her clit as he rode her. She was beginning to appreciate the differences in technique as well as the feel of the differing cock size when she was surprised by a sudden orgasm. She gasped loudly and felt her cunt grab the thick cock so hard that she was pulled backwards as he attempted to withdraw.

He let go of her hips and moved his hands to her small breasts. Her nipples rubbed the palm of his hands as he lifted her head from the floor. The cock slipped out and was driven back in, hard. She gasped again. This time he left the cock fully inserted as her vagina spasmed. He put his head close to hers. "You enjoying that, Sally?" She was sure she had heard the voice before and turned her head to get a look at the speaker. It was Mr Horton who taught English at her high school. He had been in charge of the debate team her Senior year.

"Why yes, Mr Horton," she replied with a smile. "Maybe some more?"

"Later," he said pushing into her hard and then releasing his grasp and pulling out his cock.

She turned over, first to check out his penis. It had shrunk and was now a limp 4 inches long, but over an inch thick. Secondly, she just wanted to talk. Ignoring the other two older men who clearly wanted her, she looked Mr. Horton in the eye, "Can we go somewhere to talk?"

The two of them went into what was the family room of the house. It held a serve-yourself bar and a makeshift dance floor. A multiple disc CD player had been set for random selections and some couples would dance when a danceable selection was played. There were a couple of small tables and three small love seats. Sally and Mark Horton sat in one of the love seats.

"Well, Sally. Are you enjoying yourself?" Sally had been one of the brightest students at the high school. She'd never been in any of his classes but he remembered her from the debate team. Not much of a looker, but there was something about her and his penis had responded.

"Yes I am. I enjoyed having you inside me," she said bluntly looking at his expanding cock and stroking it.

"I sensed that you did," he laughed. "I'm surprised to see you here."

"Not as surprised as I am to see you. Are you married?"

"No, I came with one of your classmates, Sarah Malone. Maybe you remember her?"

"What?" Sally exclaimed. "So the rumors of you having affairs with students are true?"

"Oh no, I've not had an affair with any student. Sarah called me out of the blue and asked if I would come. I'm not even supposed to have sex with her here."

"What about the rumors that you have dated cheerleaders after they graduated?"

"All untrue. So what brings you here?"

"Sarah asked me too. She told me her 'date' was a surprise and it sure is."

"I didn't know you even knew each other."

"We were best friends in middle school, kind of drifted apart and got back together after graduation."

"You don't seem to have much in common." He was thinking of the bright student with a scholarship to Stanford heavily involved in the debate, math and science clubs vs. the less that average student probably headed for a job as a waitress who had spent her time as a cheerleader openly pursuing every male athlete.

"Oh we enjoy a lot of the same things We have similar tastes in movies and music. And there's the big one."

"The big one?"

Sally pointed around and laughed, "this. We're both a bit of nympho-manic."

"I never realized," he knew Sarah had been a boy chaser but ... "You?"

"Yes, I had sex with almost everyone on the debate team. Girls too." She laughed at his reaction. "And now the adviser too. And the math and science clubs, but there's a lot of overlap."

"So what are you doing this summer?"

"You sure you want to know?"

"Why wouldn't I?"

"Well," she paused. "I'm planning to have a lot of sex."

"I see. Like this?"

"Only one guy at a time. Probably only three or four times a week. Hey! you could be one of them if you want."

H e was thinking "only 3 or 4?" but said, "Wouldn't you prefer guys your own age?"

"I've had lots of those. Now that I'm 18 I can have anyone!"

"Including a former teacher."

"Adviser. I was never in one of your classes." She smiled.

The conversation moved to the hot tub where Sally brought him to full erection: slightly more than five inches long but over two in diameter.

She told him, "I like your cock. It really got me going. Wanna do it again, maybe for a bit longer?" She continued stroking the subject member.

He felt like he was being seduced. A very flattering feeling. She made him feel like if he said no she'd never approach him again and that if he said yes there would be more opportunities than tonight. He let his penis do the thinking, an easy, if not the wisest choice, "Yes, that would be nice."

Back to the Mattress

They went back to the mattresses. She took a larger sized condom from the bowl and slipped it over the hard cylinder extending from his body. This time she found a pillow, positioned it under hips and spread her legs for him.

He examined the labia which spread open for him almost like magic as he stroked them. The were so soft, so inviting. He felt inside, so wet, so warm. He had to have a taste so he moved forward and licked, pushing his tongue inside as far as it would go. Salty and sour with a taste like, well, mushrooms, maybe. he kept licking until her sudden yelps and abdominal shaking let him know she had come. Then he immediately moved away and slid his cock inside. Entry into a willing woman was always such an exquisite feeling. She had her ankles on his shoulders and she demonstrated her experience as her body moved sensuously with each of his moves. He began slowly and gradually picked up the pace. .

She felt the thick cock spread her vagina as it moved slowly in and out. He varied the position of his hips with each slow movement. After having climaxed with his oral administrations her clit was still extremely sensitive and now the wide cock pulled her labia in with it, tugging at her clit hood and further stimulating the clit. She began moaning and then gasping in pleasure with each thrust. He was moving faster now and as she reached another climax he was beating in twice every second.

He felt her climax. She had been groaning loudly for a couple of minutes. Her legs had begun quivering seconds before. Now her cunt grabbed his cock and began massaging it with involuntary vibrations. He drove in harder and faster, coming with his own loud groan just as her shrieks of pleasure were ending. As his testicles were emptied and his cock lost its stiffness he rolled to the side, causing her hips to fall from the pillow. He hugged her tightly and felt her large, hard nipples rubbing against his chest.

"Thank you, Mr. Horton," Sally whispered in his ear. "That was fabulous."

"Fabulous for me too Sally, please call me Mark."

"Can I call you?" she whispered.

"Uhh, yes. What for?"

She laughed lightly. "Sex, you silly man. I want to do this again sometime. I'll add you to my list."


"I told you. My list of guys to have sex. I'm doing one a day or two. I hope to get through the list before I go to Stanford."

He did some quick arithmetic, "you have a hundred guys on your list? And expect to have sex with all of them?"

"Only about 50." She realized where the mistake in his arithmetic was. "I'm leaving in only two months. Maybe I'll call you a couple times." "Or three or four," she added to herself, "or five or six."

Then she added,with a laugh, "And I think the rumor about having sex with students after graduation has been verified."

"God, you're not going to spread this around? The rumor is that it's cheerleaders anyway"

"No, it's our secret." The she whispered even more quietly, "and I bet you have a chance with a cheerleader."

"Oh, you mean Sarah? Do you think she'll tell?"

"No I don't. But I bet that if she invited you here, she'll want you here," she reached down and cupped her genitals to make clear the meaning of the second "here." She gave him a long kiss with plenty of tongue.

"What have I gotten myself into?" Mark Horton wondered as they moved off the mattress. "You better clean this up," the plain but extremely sexual and mentally brilliant young student told him. She pushed the condom, which was beginning to slip off, back onto his limp penis. "50 guys on her list, sex several times a week," he wondered how she made that happen without rumors circulating throughout the school. "And the entire debate team?" he shook his head in disbelief. Later he realized that most of the "geeky" guys on the team would be easy prey for any girl offering her body to them. But, still, not a single rumor?


Sarah's father had been watching her session on the mattress. The sexuality of the thin, figure-less girl with the huge nipples had him hooked. He had to have her again. His cock was stiff as he went over to her.

"Hi, Mr. Malone," she greeted him.

"Jerry , Sally, Jerry please."

"Oh, sure, Jerry," she still felt uncomfortable using his first name even with both of them nude and having let him sexually penetrate her.

"Sally, I'm wondering if you'd spend the rest of the evening with me?"

There were a several guys around and a couple looked like they'd love to get inside her and she thought that was a long session but she answered affirmatively. "Is this mattress OK?"

"I have a private room. For the entire night."

The room sounded great but, "All night?"

"Yes, our hosts have agreed to let us spend the night."

"What about Jason?"

"He'll be staying the night too?"

"You want a foursome?"

Jerry hadn't thought of that. "If you want. I've arranged for two rooms."

Sally wasn't into group sex unless there was only one woman involved. She insisted on being the center of attention when she was being fucked. "I'd prefer one on one," she told him with a smile. "Where do we go?"

"Not now, after the party ends. I'll meet you when it's over. I'm going to pick up some stuff for the night, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Do you want anything?"


After Jerry left Sally wandered into the area with the dance floor. There were 4 couples on the floor, swinging wildly to a rock beat. She sat at one of the tables and watched the penises swaying and bouncing. There was a long, thin one, a short, thick one and a couple of average ones, all seemingly partially erect.

"Hello," a reasonably good looking guy in his early thirties stood over her chair. "You enjoying yourself?"

"Sure," Sally replied, not sure what the proper protocol was here. She couldn't help checking out his package, maybe a bit longer than average with nice, large balls.

He caught her glance, "like it?" he laughed, took her hand and moved it to touch his balls. Then he sat next to her. "Do you mind?"

"Of course not," she smiled.

"Greg," he said, holding out his hand.

Sally took the hand gently, "Sally."

"This your first time at one of these?"


"You married?"


"Oh, I thought everyone here was married."

"I think you have to be a couple but not necessarily married."

"So you came with a boyfriend?"

"Well, a friend. Actually I was invited by my girlfriend. Her parents do this a lot"

"I think I saw her, short, cute, blond with ..." he hesitated.

"big boobs, yeah that's her."

"I saw only one younger guy, not two."

"That's my date, Sarah brought one of her teachers"

You're still in school?"

"Just graduated." Then she added for clarification, "We didn't do anything with teachers while we were in school."

"Oh, You don't look old enough?"

"Old enough for what?"

"To be done with college."

"Oh," she laughed. "I just graduated from high school."

He looked surprised, "So how old are you?"

"18. What about yourself?"

He hesitated, "Well, I'm 35."

She laughed lightly, "No I meant tell me about yourself. You must be married."

"Yes, I think my wife is upstairs in a bedroom."

"You come to these much?"

"It's only our second time."

The loud rock beat stopped and a slower, softer song began. He stood and held out a hand. Want to dance?

She wasn't much of a dancer. The freestyle rock dancing suited her best, but she was here for sex and if this was the way this guy got into it. "Sure."

When he first came up her gaze had moved quickly from his face to his cock and she hadn't noticed his body. As they got up she saw he had a nice, flat belly with defined abs.

On the floor he took her hands and guided her into position. With his arm around her waist he pulled her close she noticed his arms and legs were all muscle, not large, just muscular. She felt his stiffening cock against her belly and her thigh brushed against his balls as they moved. He kept his legs close to hers and shuffled his feet. All she needed to do was keep her leg against his and follow his lead. She paid little attention to the music, instead she just felt his body against hers, his chest hair rubbing on her nipples, his stiff cock trapped between their bodies, his balls gently stroking her thigh, and, best of all his thigh rubbing against her genitals with every step. His thigh was getting damp from her moistness.

The music stopped, He gently took her chin and raised her face to his. He looked into her eyes, lowered his lips to hers and gave her a long, gentle kiss. She responded, moving her tongue into his slightly open mouth. A chill went through her body, raising goosebumps. He ended the kiss before she was ready and, without a word, they went to a mattress in the other room.

One More Time

He lay down on his back. She put a condom on his vertical 7 inch shaft and he guided her into position over it. She knew what to do and, holding the stiff rod, guided it to her opening as she settled onto his thighs. He played with her nipples as she moved herself up and down enjoying the feeling of the slim member sliding in and out. He picked up her rhythm and began thrusting his thighs up into her. She found herself slipping off the cock twice with each of his thrusts, once at the top as she flew off and then dropped down and again at the bottom as he pulled it out in order to thrust up again. He held her by the sides, a thumb firmly planted on each nipple and controlled her movement so the cock always slipped back in.

Sally was gasping for air as her squeals of pleasure filled the room. Sweat was covering his chest as he continued to move his hips.

Then he wrapped his arms around her waist and sat up, pulling her breasts to his chest. "Lock your legs around me," he instructed her and as she did so, he stood with his hands under her butt. He then began to move her body up and down on his cock, almost like she was a large masturbation toy.

But he wasn't just masturbating. His chest hair rubbed against her sensitive nipples and he held her so his pubic hair rubbed her clit. She must have come several times while he was laying down and now she came even more intensely, squealing loudly in pleasure. He continued to move her up and down as he groaned with his own orgasm.

He gently, sat back down and then lay back, keeping his cock inside her. She collapsed onto his chest.

Sally felt a gentle hand on her back and a female voice asked, "Enjoy yourself, dear?"

Sally didn't recognize the voice and started to answer in the affirmative when Greg responded, "Yes I did!" Then as Sally looked at him, he looked directly into her eyes, "Yes I did!"

The female voice responded, "Well I'm glad, but it's about time we leave."

Sally looked at the speaker, an attractive thirty year old woman with brown hair, moderately large breasts, slightly chubby.

Greg introduced her, "Sally this is my wife, Charlene."

Sally was totally unsure how to address a woman when she had just had great sex with her husband especially when his cock was still inside her. She sat up and held out her hand. "Hi," she said shyly.

"He's good isn't he?" Charlene asked rhetorically.

"Yes he is," Sally answered and decided to add, "You're lucky."

"Yes I am," Charlene replied but Sally detected a bit of sadness in her voice and face.

Sally stood and Greg's limp cock fell out but the condom remained inside. Semen poured out onto his groin. "I'll get some tissue," Sally said, carefully pulling out the dripping condom.

"I've got it," Charlene said and moved her mouth to the spreading pool. She lapped it all up and cleaned off his cock with her mouth as well.

Sally said her goodbyes and went to discard the condom.

On her way to the waste-bin she was approached by Sarah's father.

"Are you ready?" he asked.


"To go upstairs for the night."

"Oh," she had forgotten the promise. "Oh, sure. Now?"

"Wait here. I need to talk to Sarah."

He left her alone for several minutes. She turned down requests for sex from a couple of older men telling them honestly, "I'm really just too tired, now."

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