tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSally, Summer of Sex Ch. 13

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 13


Sarah's News

Sarah Malone pushed the speed dial for her friend, Sally. She had just returned home from picking up some groceries for her mother. She was anxious to call Sally and tell her about who she had seen at the grocery.

Both Sarah and Sally were nymphomaniacs. They just seemed to need sexual activity constantly and if they couldn't find a guy they'd please each other, though having guys was best. The summer after their graduation was being consumed by looking for guys to fuck.

Meanwhile, Sarah's mom was on her case every day to find a job. "You've graduated and have no plans for more education. You need to get out on your own." was the daily refrain.

Her mother hinted at "cutting her off" but she knew her stepfather would never permit it. He was a complete pussycat with her. In any case all she needed to do was "accidentally" encounter him in the upstairs hallway with no top every few days and he was putty in her hands. Even better, she'd wander out of the shower naked when she knew he was coming down the hall.

When her friend answered, Sarah rushed to tell her, "Sally, guess who I saw at the grocery?"

"No idea."

"Maylee Davis."


"Maylee Davis, the head cheerleader. She graduated a year ahead of us."

The two girls had been best friends in middle school but had been in different social groups in high school. Sarah had been on the cheer leading squad while Sally had been the best student in school. Sarah had been fucking the athletes while Sally had her way with the academic club members. They had reconnected after graduation.

Sally responded "Oh?" still having no idea who Maylee was.

"Yeah, guess what she's doing?"

"Don't know. I don't even remember her."

"Oh. Really? I thought everyone knew her."

"Not me."

"Well, anyway, she works at Pete's Place.?"

Sally was unfamiliar with it, "Pete's Place?"

"Actually Pete's Play Palace it's north of the city."

"Pete's Palace?"

"They have that big pink sign right on the freeway."

"The one that says 'NUDE GIRLS'?"

Yeah that's the one."

"She's a stripper?"

"Yeah, isn't that a kick?"

"A real kick, okay." Sally wasn't sure where this was going.

You wanna come with me up there. Please?"

"You want to watch her strip?"

"She told me I could make good money there. Said she'd show me around if I came out."

"You want to strip?"

"If there's money in it. I don't care if guys see me naked. Maybe some will fuck me. And you know my parents have been on me to get a job, at least by the end of summer."

"And you think this will satisfy them?"

"Hey they're swingers, what're they gonna say?"

Sally could think of several things they might say.

Sarah considered Sally's silence an affirmation, "Maylee said she'll be there Friday afternoon, I'll pick you up at noon."

Sally decided to watch it play out. "Sure why not? Like you say, it could be a kick."

Pete's Place

Two days later the girls drove into the parking lot in front of Pete's Play Palace. Sarah parked away from the half dozen or so cars in the large gravel lot. She jumped out and marched to the door. Sally followed feeling a bit conspicuous..

Sarah told the guy at the door, "I'm here to see Desiree."

"Sure, it'll be $11 for each of you."

"She didn't say it would cost money. Can you call her?"

"For $11 each I'll let you in and you can look her up."

"Forget it," Sally said, "here's $20."

"$5 each for entry and $6 for one drink minimum. $2 more. You got ID?"

"How old to we have to be?" Sally asked, afraid she'd need to be 21. Sarah had a phony ID to get her into bars but Sally didn't.

"18, and $2 more," the slug said.

"Don't you have to be 21 to drink?"

"No alcohol here ma'am," was the condescending answer.

"What do you have?" Sarah inquired.

"Water, lemonade, ask the waitress."

"They better be big," Sarah said pulling $2 out of her purse.

The guy gave them two small receipts, "for your drinks. Give them to the barmaid."

"Geez what a jerk, Sally mumbled as they walked down a dark hallway into an even darker room where loud rap music was blaring. Sarah didn't recognize the rap and noticed that the lyrics were exceptionally sexually explicit.

They made their way to the dimly lighted bar and presented their tickets in exchange for two small lemonades. The barmaid tapped a jar with the label "TIPS" as they turned to leave. Sally dropped in a few quarters. Their night sight was beginning to work and they could make out that the room was filled with small round tables. Each table had three or four comfortable looking chairs. They sat at one away from the bar and one row of tables away from a reasonably well lighted, raised stage with a pole. They could make out maybe a half dozen guys sitting at other tables and two sitting in chairs right next to the stage. Two of the guys sitting at the tables were chatting with women wearing nothing but their underwear.

The music stopped and an announcement, "For your pleasure, the beautiful Angel." A hard rock song started and a blond, with big breasts and slightly thick in the middle wearing sheer underwear and probably in her late 20's walked onto the stage. She began sort of dancing to the music but mostly strutting around and wiggling her breasts and ass at the guys sitting by the stage. After a minute she undid her bra and slowly slipped it off the substantial breasts. One of the guys at the stage had flipped a couple of bills on the stage and she approached him, knelt down and rubbed her breasts over his face.

When the song ended, the announcer said, That's Angel with her first dance. Now Angel with her second dance completely nude." He stretched out the word "completely" for emphasis. "Show her your appreciation, gentlemen."

A slightly slower song began and "Angel" gyrated to the rhythm. After about a minute she pushed her panties off her hips exposing a butterfly tattoo above a shaved pussy with a prominent clit hood. She let the panties drop to her feet, stepped out and kicked them to a corner. Then she lay down on the stage and began stroking her body. She moved her crotch to face the guys who had dumped several bills onto the stage and spread her legs. She reached down and spread her cunt, then stuck a couple fingers of her other hand inside, withdrew it and sucked on it. She did the same for some of the other guys at the stage. Then she got up and "danced' around exposing her cunt in various manners, pausing for a long time above the big tipper.

The music ended and the announcer said, "That's Angel. She's available for those private or VIP dances. Next up, Rebecca."

Angel put her underwear back on and went around collecting the tips on the stage. The loud rock music blared again. She talked briefly with the big tipper and then took him through a door at the side of the room.

"You really want to do that?" Sally asked her friend. "Tacky!"

"Maybe, if the money's right. I don't see Maylee. I'm going to ask where she is." Sarah got up and went over to the bar to ask for "Desiree."

At the bar, in response to Sarah's query, the waitress tapped the "TIPS" jar. After Sarah dropped a dollar in she put her head into the DJ booth and returned to Sarah, "I told her you're looking for her. She'll be right out." She gave Sarah a look that implied adding at least five to the "TIPS" jar would be necessary to get anything more.


When Sally returned to the table Sally was engrossed in the current dancer, a slim brunette with a colorful tattoo covering her left side and back. "They're getting $10 to $20 each time they dance," Sally mumbled to Sarah. "Not bad for a few minutes work." Then she added as an afterthought, "I wonder how many times an hour they get on stage."

After her dance, the tattooed dancer, Lilly, stayed naked and spent quite a bit of time talking to one of the guys at the stage as she picked up his tip and after she left the stage the two of them walked to an area partitioned off from the rest of the club. Sally couldn't make out what they were doing back there but it was clear Lily was doing a lot of movement on the guy's lap. She was mesmerized by the action and didn't notice the new arrival at the table.

"Sally, Sally" Sarah interrupted Sally's focus. "Sally, this is Maylee."

Maylee was slim with long brown hair, highlighted with red and blond streaks. She had a round, cute face and her body was a bit on the chunky side with very large breasts. "Are you two enjoying the show?" she asked.

"A bit on the tacky side," Sally answered and then inquired, "What's Lilly doing back there?"

Maylee looked, "A lap dance. We offer three kinds of private dances here. A lap dance for $10 a song, a topless dance for $20 a song and a nude dance for $100 for 15 minutes."

"It almost looks like she's fucking him," Sarah mentioned.

"Well, he's not supposed to have his cock out but she can rub him through his clothes. The guys pay to have the special attention paid to their man parts. Most of them like to have some access to the lady's parts too."

Sally asked, "In the nude dances, you're both naked?" She was fascinated by the male sex organ and was turned on by the possibility of seeing a guy's cock.

"Only the dancer," Maylee responded and the whispered, "but just between us girls, that's not always the case. Some guys like to show themselves off or have the dancer work the stick directly. It's not exactly legal but if no one sees ... And the tips are better." It was clear she wasn't averse to "working the stick directly."

The announcer said "Desiree" was up next and Maylee excused herself to go to the stage. She danced really well, using some of her old cheerleader moves, including a couple of splits that ended with her displaying her genitals,small major labia but long thin minor labia to maximum effect. As she picked up the tips, one of the guys who had been sitting at the back came up and handed her a bill. She went with him and the two of them spent quite a while talking.

Sarah and Sally watched the next couple of dancers repeat performances like the one given by "Angel". Sally thought them uninspired and even silly.

'Desiree'/Maylee came over to them, with the guy in tow as the second dancer completed her set. "Sarah and Sally, this is Andy."

Andy was young, short and stocky with a round, cute face. Both girls responded politely.

'Desiree' continued. "Andy told me he'd love to have Sarah come with us to the VIP room. I told him you're not dancers but for an extra fee he can bring a 'girlfriend' back with us."

"I know you're not my girlfriend," Andy spoke up, quietly. "I'll pay for the extra."

"He can't pay you," Maylee added, "that wouldn't be legal. Sarah, do you want to come back and see what it's like?"

"Do I get naked too?" Sarah asked. She knew what she wanted. The idea of getting naked in front of this guy was exciting.

"I'll explain the rules in back," Maylee told her.

Sarah agreed to go and Sally was left on her own to watch the dancers perform their on-stage routines.


Maylee/"Desiree" led Sarah and Andy through a door labeled "VIP Suites, Nude dances $100" and down a hallway lined with small rooms each with a small couch. She went into the room at the end, pulled the curtain shut behind them and motioned Andy to sit on the couch. "Here's how it works," she told Sarah, knowing that Andy knew the drill. "I'll undress and then begin my dance. Andy, you can touch me anywhere you like but I won't allow any penetration. If you both want, Sarah can also undress down to her underwear. Sarah you're not supposed to show your nipples or genitals. Any touching or such is up to the two of you but, Andy, you can't pay Sarah. Oh, Sarah you asked if Andy can show his cock."

Sarah interrupted, "that was Sally."

"Anyway, Andy, you should keep it in your pants."

Sarah interjected, "I thought you said ..."

"Andy should keep it in," was "Desiree's" reply.

She pushed the button on an antiquated intercom. "Dan, it's Desiree, fifteen minutes."

"Desiree, fifteen," was the terse reply.

"Thirty," Andy interrupted.

"Okay," 'Desiree' told him, "you'll need to pay $300."

"$250?" Andy offered hesitantly.

"Andy I've already reduced the $200 for 15 minutes I should charge to have two of you back here. I can't go down any more."

"Okay," Andy said quietly. "I'm sorry."

"You're a sweetie and so understanding," Desiree told him and gave him a peck on his cheek.

Went back to the intercom, "Dan, Desiree again, make that forty and restart the clock."

"Desiree, forty, starting now."

I said thirty," Andy protested.

"You're such a sweetie I threw in an extra ten," Desiree smiled and unhooked her bra.

"He'll let us know when time is almost up and when it's done," she commented to Sarah as she dropped the bra exposing her breasts and pierced nipples. "The two of you get comfortable."

Andy responded by unbuckling his trousers and pulling down the zipper. Sarah could see the outline of his modest sized cock hardening and pushing against the fabric of his briefs.

Maylee began by moving close in front of Andy who moved his hands to caress her breasts. "Oh! that feels so good," she told him, arching her back so her breasts stood out toward him. She moved so one leg was firmly in his crotch and began moving her body so the leg rubbed his cock.

"Andy, tell Sarah if you'd like her to do anything."

"Can she undress?"

"Sure, Andy," Sarah replied and stripped quickly to her underwear. She was wearing her plain white Lycra panties and a stiff "under-wire" bra.

Andy put one hand to a breast, keeping the other on Desiree. Desiree reached out and touched Sarah's other breast.

Andy pushed his hand down the top of the bra to her nipples. "Tell him if you don't want him to do that," Desiree told her.

"I like it. I wish I could take the bra off," Sarah responded.

"You're not supposed to do that," Desiree explained.

Her emphasis had the clear meaning that "not supposed to" didn't mean "couldn't" so Sarah unhooked the bra and threw it to the side.

"And, Andy isn't supposed to expose himself either, nor are you. But you should get comfortable."

The meaning was clear again and Sarah reached for Andy's slacks.

Andy responded by lifting his hips so she could slide his slacks down. His stiff cock made a huge bulge in his exposed white, cotton underwear. Sarah reached out and gently slid her finger along its length. Andy reached over and thrust his hand inside the band of her panties pushing his fingers down to her slit. Desiree grabbed Andy's balls through his underwear.

"Can I see it?" Sarah asked, moving her hand to the waistband of his briefs.

Andy responded by pushing both hands under her panty waistband and tugging, implying, "Show me yours and I'll show you mine."

Sarah lifted her hips and her panties were pulled to the floor. Andy began to spread her labia with his fingers.

Desiree grasped his wrist and pulled him away, telling Sarah, "Don't let him do anything you don't want." Explaining to them both, "a short yell and the bouncers will be here quicker than you know what happened."

Sarah took advantage of the distraction to pull Andy's briefs down to reveal seven inches of skinny, hard as rock cock. "Oohh nice," she said. She knew guys liked being complimented.

Desiree stepped in, "Andy, Sarah is thinking about becoming a dancer. How about you let me show her how we do this. Then she can try." She gestured Sarah to the side.

VIP Dance

Sarah sat on the arm of the couch and watched as Desiree moved in front of Andy and began her "dance". It was more of a slow writhing, starting away from the seated guy and slowly moving closer, Andy reached out for her breasts and began to knead them, one in each hand. Desiree moved closer and placed one leg at his crotch, rubbing his exposed cock with it. She positioned her hands on the back of the couch and leaned in, allowing his head to nestle between her breasts. She moved her body close and moved one hand to his cock and began stroking it. Sarah watched as the skin of his cock moved with her strokes covering and then uncovering the tip. Andy leaned back, enjoying the sensation. Sarah's hand went to her crotch and began rubbing her clit.

Andy moved one hand between Desiree's legs and began massaging her lips. As he attempted to insert a finger, however, Desiree pushed it aside gently saying, "stay outside you naughty boy."

Sarah spread her legs from the excitement of watching and moved her fingers to her crotch.

Andy saw what she was doing and pushed his hand in to replace hers. He began stroking her labia and she threw her head back, enjoying the sensation. He massaged her sexual parts causing the lips to spread and giving his fingers access to her clit. She drew a quick breath as his fingers moved over it. She closed her eyes and pushed down against his hand forcing his finger against the clit. He moved his hand and slid his finger inside her. She welcomed the intrusion, grabbed his hand and pushed the finger all the way in. His other hand had moved to her breast and was massaging it vigorously. She gasped again as his thump found her clit and began rubbing it.

She felt Maylee's face next to hers. Maylee whispered, "We can get in trouble if you're found doing this, Keep it quiet. I can have him stop if you want."

Sarah opened her eyes. Andy had lowered his face to one breast and began sucking at her nipple. He was gentle but not too gentle. She knew it wouldn't take a lot of this to get her off and she didn't suffer orgasms quietly. She reluctantly reached down and gently pulled his hand away from her crotch. That caused him to move his hand and mouth from her breasts. "God, that's nice, Andy," she told him, "but we have to stop."

Maylee still had her hand around his cock but had stopped her dancing. As he moved away from Sarah, she released her hold and turned around. Resuming her slow writhing she spread her legs and sat on Andy's lap. His cock disappeared into her butt crack as she slowly moved her crotch on his hard-on. He grabbed her waist and tried to keep her in contact as she began bouncing on his lap. Sarah could see that there was no penetration but plenty of contact between the two sets of genitals. She began masturbating in earnest, thrusting the fingers of one hand up her vagina, across her G-spot and pushing against her cervix. She rapidly massaged her clit with the fingers of her other hand. As she came close to climaxing she remembered Maylee's warning and stopped the movement, keeping her fingers in their place.

Maylee rose from Andy's lap and turned around. Placing a foot on each side of him she stood over him and gyrated with her pussy less than a foot from his nose. As she watched Andy reach up to play with the soft flesh above him, Sarah had an idea. She pulled the fingers out of her wet pussy and thrust it in front of Andy's slightly open mouth. The odor of her juices caused him to look and as his mouth opened wider, she inserted the damp fingers for him to taste. As he sucked she grabbed his cock and began stroking.

In her position, Maylee couldn't see what Sarah was doing. She began lowering her body, rubbing her crotch against Andy's chest as she came down. Normally this would result in her sitting in the client's lap with his cock pushed down and nestled between her pussy lips. But Sarah, in a mischievous mode, had another idea. As Maylee descended she positioned the cock directly at the descending vagina. Maylee came down and the cock slipped in. Maylee immediately felt the penetration but was not in a position to stop her descent. She felt it bury itself to the hilt. At first she thought Andy had managed to do it and was angry at him. But then she noticed Sarah's guilty smile.

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