tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSally, Summer of Sex Ch. 16

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 16



Sarah Malone waited nervously in the dancers' lounge at Pete's Play Palace. She had no idea why she was so nervous. She'd been nude in front of lots of guys and had sex with most of them. So why would the prospect of getting undressed in front of a few more make a difference? Sure, this was her first day at the club. Her first day as a stripper. Soon the DJ would announce her and she'd be on stage for the first time. She hadn't gotten up the nerve to go into the body of the club yet but when the announcement came she'd have no choice.

It came, "and no for the first time here or ever, the lovely, the beautiful, the sexy, Astrid."

She and her friend Sally had spent much of the previous week deciding on a stage name. She had at first wanted to use the name she had given to all her dolls when she was young -- Mathilda. Her best friend, Sally had convinced her that "Mathilda" wasn't sexy enough. "It sounds like an old lady, and you're anything but."

Sarah had felt that her small, well proportioned body, large breasts, cute face, and flowing blond hair would make up for that but Sally had ultimately convinced her not to start with a disadvantage. The heroine from the movie "How to Train your Dragon," became the immediate choice when they had been looking on-line for a movie to watch. Except for the smaller breasts, the cartoon character was Sally's double and both young women loved her take charge, take no prisoners attitude.

Sarah approached the stage trying to adopt an Astrid-like attitude. There were maybe a dozen guys at the club and one whistled as she came up the steps. Sitting almost in front of her, at the stage seats were her mother and father. Her father flipped a twenty dollar bill onto the stage as she walked to the center.

After deciding to begin stripping at "Pete's Pleasure Palace," she hadn't been sure how or whether to tell her parents. Her mom had been on her about needing to get a job now that she was no longer in school and she had looked into stripping just to get her mom off her back. Sally had pointed out that her parents were swingers and had once invited the two young women to a swingers parties. "Hey, we both know your dad did it because he wanted to fuck me. Hell, he wants to fuck you. And your mom went right at it with my date. How can they judge this choice?"

So, as soon as Sarah got home from the nude club after making the decision she went into the family room where her mother was watching a movie and her dad was absorbing the sports page.

"Mom, I've got a job," she announced.

"That's great, honey, where?" The announcement was monumental enough that her dad had put the paper aside.

"Pete's Palace." She omitted the "Pleasure" from the name. It seemed a bit too embarrassing to say.

"Never heard of it," her mom said, "Is it an amusement place."

Not surprisingly, her step-dad had heard of it. "You might say that, dear. 'Pete's Place' is that nude bar on the highway just north of the city. You're going to strip, sweetie?" His cock was swelling at the thought.

She hesitated and then admitted it in a low voice, "Yes."

She was surprised at her mom's response, "That's a good option for you, dear."

Then her mom went on, "With your equipment you can probably make a lot. Just be careful the club doesn't take it all and put as much of it aside for the future as you can. That's not a lifetime career."

Sarah just asked, "Mom?" in an incredulous tone.

"I stripped before and for a few years after you were born," was the quick answer. "Topless, not nude, but I learned by making mistakes. I hope you'll let me help you avoid those mistakes."

"Oh, mom, of course!" Sarah gave her mom a big hug.

Mother and daughter then spent some time discussing the business of stripping, at least as it had been 15 years ago. Her step father seemed to return to the sports page but listened intently, his cock pushing against his briefs. Sarah realized that much of the advice applied today, some even more so, like the prevalence of drugs. Issues of dancer payouts and club cuts were less obviously the same but her mother had a lot of ideas about how to keep some of the earnings hidden from the club so their cut would be smaller. "I guarantee you that most club owners are taking advantage of the dancers," she told her daughter.


As she strode to the middle of the stage, she untied the short cloak she had tied only at the neck and allowed it to fall behind her.

Sarah, her mother, and Maylee Davis, a dancer and friend who had introduced her to the club had gone shopping for her dancing outfits at lingerie stores, adult video stores and at a store that specialized in sexy outfits for those who wanted to look sexually exciting. All she needed were a few G-strings, bikini panties and bras but Sarah wanted to fill out the Astrid personality a bit. She found some short dresses that were made of strips of fabric that hung from her waist and wanted to wear tube tops. Maylee pointed out that tube tops were hard to get off and would muss her hair as the came up. Sarah suggested she pull them off over her hips but Maylee told her she'd have trouble doing that without pulling off her panties. Her mom pointed out that the top can just be pulled to the waist and kept there until she wanted to get naked. "Of course that will hide your beautiful, slim waist," she added.

Sarah had bought three tube tops but at another store she found some that zipped up the back, solving the problem.

At Maylee's insistence she had also bought a couple pair of "stripper shoes" two inch high platforms with a four inch heel. Her mother had insisted she wear them constantly at home in order to get used to them and she had practiced dance routines in them. She hated those shoes. Now, on stage, she decided to lose the shoes and took them off, tossing them in the corner with the cloak.

She had become so enthralled with the Astrid character that she picked music from "How to Train your Dragon," to dance to. Starting with the opening theme and then for her nude dance she would use the faster paced music from the scene where Astrid and Hiccup ride Toothless.

She started her dance by moving to the twenty her step-father had dropped on the stage. she presented her back to him and allowed him to unzip her tube top which she tossed to the corner of the stage. She turned to face him, took his hands and placed one each on her breasts then she buried his face between them. Her mom had talked to her about this. It was important for the others at the bar to see that tips would get them special attention. The bigger the tip, the more special the attention. She finished by presenting each nipple in turn to her step father so he could give each a quick kiss and suck. She grabbed his head and pushed his mouth hard against her left breast before sensually dancing to the left where another customer had dropped a five.

She had collected $45, including her step father's 20 by the end of the first song. She started by unhooking the skirt and allowing it to drop in the center of the stage, She was now wearing only a pair of white panties. The guy who had thrown the five out earlier, put another five on the stage. She went over to him and sitting at the edge of the stage put her legs over his shoulders and brought his face into her crotch. She had been told that was okay as long as she was wearing something. He reached up and held her hips as he smelled the scent of her pussy. As she pulled away she made a last second decision and held his hands so the fingers were at the panty waistband. She pulled away, leaving her panties behind in his hands and flashing him her clam shell pussy lips. He threw another five on the stage along with her panties and after taking a big whiff at her naked crotch. Ones and fives rained onto the stage from every guy at the stage and she did her best to give them all a good look, pulling her pussy lips apart for those who had dropped a five.

She estimated $540 more as she went around the stage, nude, collecting the tips. Three guys asked for private dances as she went by and her step father slipped her another $20 saying , "Beautiful job sweetie."

She intentionally went to a guy who had given her a ten and as she picked up the bills, leaned over the edge, took his head, planted a big kiss on his lips, then grabbed his hands and held them briefly to her breasts. "A dance?" he gasped out.

"Sure sweetie," she replied and went to gather up her clothes. She didn't bother to put them on and went to the first couple of guys who had asked for a dance telling them, "I'll see you later," and giving each a peck on the cheek. Then she went to the guy who had given her the ten, "What kind of dance do you want big fella?" She was getting into the hang of this.


Sarah's step-father watched her go into the VIP Suites with the guy. He wondered what she was doing back there and expressed his thoughts to his wife. Marlene had been trying to think of some way to distract her husband. "Why don't you go back and see," she suggested.

"I don't think I can just wander in there and snoop around." He eyed the bouncer standing near the entrance.

"I mean go back with one of the dancers," Marlene explained.

"You think so?"

"Sure, I've seen you eying Desiree all night, go back with her." Marlene looked around, caught Desiree's eye and motioned her over.

Desiree was Maylee's stage name. She had been a cheerleader with Sarah and had spent quite a bit of time at the Malone household where Sarah encouraged them to encounter her step father in various stages of undress just to see his reaction. As a result Jerry Malone lusted after most of them.

"My husband wants to go back to the VIP suites with you and see what it's like," she told the dancer when she got to the table.

"$100 for 15 minutes" Desiree said.

"Spend a couple hundred," Marlene told her husband. And as he got up to go she added, "and tip the lady."

As soon as he disappeared into the suites Marlene got up, went to the car and returned carrying a small sports bag. She went to the bar and asked the bar maid to see Carl, the manager.

The bar maid, tapped the tip jar on the bar.

"You don't need any tip to tell me where Carl is," Marlene replied forcefully. "Where is he!"

A guy who had been standing behind the bar listening came over, "I'm Carl. What do you want?"

"My daughter is a dancer here," she started.

Carl immediately became defensive, "Hey we make sure all our dancers are over 18. They have to be certified by the sheriff. All old enough to decide what to do without parental consent."

Marlene laughed, "oh, no, I'm not complaining. I even helped her get ready."

"So what do you want?"

"I want to dance here too," Marlene answered.

Carl looked her over. "A bit old but still attractive," he thought. "First you need to audition," he told her.

"Audition?" was her reply.

"Yeah, I need to see the goods," he gestured at her body.

"Oh sure," Marlene said and reached to unbutton her blouse.

"Come in back," Carl said and led her into the dressing room where several dancers were sitting around chatting. Marlene quickly took off her top.

"Very nice," Carl said, "No sagging, a few stretch marks. Real?"

"Go ahead, feel."

Carl put his hands to the offered fleshy pillows. "Yes, very nice, soft, pliable, definitely real. Let's see the rest." He pointed to her crotch.

She dropped her slacks and panties to reveal her shaved pussy with its small triangle of neatly trimmed hair above.

"Yeah!" Carl said, "You take care of yourself. Who did you say your daughter is?"

"Didn't say. It's Sarah Malone, Astrid."

"Oh yeah the cute new gal. I see the resemblance. A mother daughter pair should get some extra action, not that either of you need it. You sure you are up to do this?"

"I did it before, up to a few years after Sarah, Astrid, was born. I can handle it. You don't think Astrid made up that routine all by herself did you?"

"Hadn't thought about it."

"Well, I helped. A lot."

"You know you'll need a sheriff's stripper card."

"Already have one," Marlene handed over the card which she had surreptitiously obtained when Sarah got hers. "And I have my outfit in the bag." She lifted the sport bag. "Ready to go."

"$75 rent due before you can go on," Carl said.

"It was only $50 for Sarah."

"$25 late fee, you need to get here on time."

"Maybe you can let it slide this time since I just started." Marlene smiled and pushed her hand at his crotch.

"Hey, I stay away from the girls."

"That's because they're just girls. I'm no girl. We could have a good time together."

Carl hesitated. He'd have fewer concerns about being involved with an older dancer. But then there was the issue of the others seeing favoritism."Okay, I'll forgive the $25 this time."

"You're a sweetie. " She kissed him on the lips, "Oh, I understand there's a bonus for girls bringing in new girls."

"Yeah, but they have to work regularly for at least two weeks and the bonus comes out of the new girl's cut."

"Be sure you note that I'm here because of Astrid."

"When you're ready tell the DJ and give him your music. What's your name?"

"Marlene Malone."

"Stage name!"

"Valkyrie. Goes well with Astrid, don't you think?"


Desiree realized he was Sarah/Astrid's father and gave him a half hour for only $150 saying, "You've seen it before." remembering how she and other cheerleaders had gone around his home nude and semi-nude to get a rise out of him. She allowed him to explore every part of her lovely body both visually and tactility. Then she noted the huge bulge in his slacks. She remembered the bulge from her time at his home. Sarah had told the cheerleaders he had a big cock. Now she could see it in person so she unzipped him, reached in and pulled out eight inches of hard flesh. After she gave him a combined hand job and blow job, both of which he stopped before he came, he tipped her $100.

On his way out he thought of his step daughter doing the same for strangers. He had mixed emotions about it. It wasn't any sort of a surprise. Sarah had known and used the power of her naked body over boys since she was six or seven. And he saw her naked around the house much more than could be accounted for by chance and coincidence. God, he wanted to have her doing those things to him. No, he didn't have mixed feelings. It wasn't very fatherly but he had to admit he had only one feeling: jealousy. He wanted to be in the VIP suites with her in place of the other guys.

He wanted to go home and take out his horny feelings with Marlene. He looked around but didn't see her. He saw Sarah's friend, Sally, sitting by herself and went over to her. Here was another case! Sally didn't seem attractive and had the figure and proportions of a wooden plank but she somehow exuded sexuality. "Have you seen my wife?" he asked as he sat next to her and placed his hand on her thigh.

She didn't flinch at his familiar touch and stroked his thigh in return. "No, I haven't seen her for some time."

"Do you know where Sarah is?"

"'Astrid' came out of the VIP suites, immediately picked up another guy and went back in."

He continued to sit with Sally, gently rubbing her thigh, much closer to her crotch than propriety would dictate as he looked around for Marlene.

The DJ announced, ""a definite Cougar and absolute MILF, Valkyrie!"

The classical music of Wagner filled the room as Valkyrie mounted the stage. Jerry Malone was still looking around for his wife and a sudden jab from Sally got his attention and directed his gaze to the stage where Marlene began to strip for the men in the front row. Every guy who threw out a tip got a breast massage in is face and when she was fully nude she spread her labia and gave close-up views of her vagina to those who tossed out $5 or more.

When the music stopped, she went around picking up the tips and giving the better tippers quick kisses. The DJ announced, "This lovely MILF is Astrid's mother. You can get an exclusive mother-daughter show with the two of them in a VIP room here at Pete's"

After leaving the stage "Valkyrie" came over to Jerry and Sally.

"You can't be serious," Jerry said.

"Oh, but I am. When Sarah said she wanted to do this, I got the bug again. I've already got two VIP requests and another if I can get 'Astrid' to come with us."

"So you'll be here all night?"

"Plan to."

"I think I'd just as soon head home."

"OK, I'll ride home with Sarah."

"You want to stay here Sally?" he asked. Sally had come with Sarah and he wanted her to leave with him.

Sally answered, "I think I'd like to head home too."

"I can take you," Jerry responded quickly.

"Sarah will be disappointed. Weren't you planning to stay at our place tonight?" Marlene asked.

"You're welcome to stay at our place. I'll take you to your house or ours," Jerry interjected, hoping that she'd consent to go to his home and maybe spend some time in his bed.

"Sure, thanks," was Sally's non-committal reply.

"I have to be off to my first VIP room appointment," Maylee said knowing exactly why her husband wanted to take Sally home. She had her own plans. "See you at home." She kissed Jerry, waved and gave a knowing smile to Sally before heading over to the VIP suites entrance where a 50 year old guy was waiting for her. He took her by the waist and they went inside.

Jerry and Sally

"Well I guess we're on our own," Jerry said. "Your place or mine," he said half jokingly.

Sally had no qualms about what she wanted, "Yours." She lightly squeezed his cock to indicate what she expected.

"We should tell Sarah," Jerry said.

"Won't her mom tell her?" Sally was anxious to get going.

"At the rate things are going in back they may never see each other. And Marlene wants me to tell Sarah there's a guy who's waiting to take them both back."

"Oh, Yeah," Sally responded.

Sally and Jerry waited, watching the ladies stripping. Sally was bored and anxious to be on their way home where she anticipated plenty of non-boring entertainment. Jerry was aroused and becoming more and more aroused. Not from the strippers but because of the young woman next to him he expected to be fucking before the night was over. He put his hand on her knee and moved it towards her thigh and then towards her crotch. She didn't stop that action and responded by placing her hand on his thigh and moving it towards his hardening penis.

"There she is," Sally noticed Sarah coming out of the VIP suites.

"Sarah," Jerry rose and shouted to his step daughter.

"Astrid," Sally corrected him. Repeating, "Astrid," when he looked at her quizzically.

"Astrid," he yelled out again and walked to the table where she was talking to another guy.

"Jerry," she said, when he came up to the table. "I'm talking to Dave here. You'll have to wait."

"This can't wait."

Exasperated she rose, telling Dave, "This won't take long. I just need to get rid of this guy."

"What is it?" she grumbled as he led her to the table where Sally sat.

"Sally and I are leaving," he told her.

"Fine." She looked around, "what about mom?"

"She's back in the VIP suites. Wants you to take her home."

"She's with another dancer?"

"No, she's dancing here herself."


"Yeah," Sally interjected. "She suddenly appeared on stage, dancing under the name Valkyrie."

"My gosh. I know she's attractive, but isn't she a bit old?"

With a bit of pride Jerry defended his wife, "She's definitely still got it. Raked in a bunch of cash and immediately got an invitation to the back."

"Oh, one other thing," Sally stated.

"Yeah?" Sarah asked with suspicion.

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