tagGroup SexSally, Summer of Sex Ch. 17

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 17


Sarah's Dad

Sally was almost giddy. She didn't usually feel this way about guys, even though she was a nymphomaniac and was always looking for sex. She never felt this way about the prospect of sex with anyone. But here she was with a smile on her face working to suppress a giggle, if not an outright laugh.

There was something about Jerry Malone. Well, not something, a lot of little somethings. The somethings started with the fact that he was her best friend, Sarah's, father -- well, step-father, a distinction without a difference. He had been obviously interested in Sally since he had seen her half naked at their house at the beginning of the summer. And then he had had sex with her several times at the swingers party she and Sarah had attended.

It wasn't really about his eight inch long cock and huge, pendulous testicles, though Sally was anxious to see them again and experience the cock deeply implanted inside her. She squeezed her thighs in anticipation.

The giddiness had a lot to do with the way he acted like a 13 year old boy as he looked for his wife and daughter in order to tell them that he would be taking Sally home. He acted like he'd never had sex before and couldn't wait. He seemed frantic that the two women were nowhere to be seen. "I don't see how we can go without telling them," he kept saying to Sally before rushing off to another corner of "Pete's Pleasure Palace" a strip bar where his daughter had just started working under the stage name "Astrid". "After all, Sarah's expecting to take you home and Marlene is supposed to come with me."

And besides, Mr. Malone was one of two guys who really treated her right. As she reflected on that she thought of the other, Kyle Peterson. Kyle was the only guy who really made love to her, a sensation she found way past enjoyable. There was something about being with Kyle, a widower, who had three kids that went beyond the sex. All four of them adored her and made her feel so important. She thought of the fact that next weekend was the Fourth of July and she'd be spending the entire three day weekend with them. Jerry Malone was different. He didn't make love to her, he just treated her like a valued object, one to be treasured and cared for in the most gentle way. If any of her sex partners in high school had treated her like that she'd have cut them off. But with Mr Malone it was different. Maybe it was because he was older, maybe it was because he was her best friend's step-father, more likely it was just because he was so cute and adorable in the way he did it. Of course it wouldn't have been so cute if he weren't older and her best friend's step-father.

Then Mrs. Malone appeared dancing on stage under the name "Valkyrie". After dancing she came over to the table and Jerry told his wife that he was going home and taking Sally with him. The Malones were swingers and Marlene took her husband's announcement in stride. Then she went off to give a private dance to one of the customers.

Finally Sarah came out of the VIP suites where customers could get private dances with the strippers. Jerry, with no sense of decorum, shouted to her across the room. Sarah/"Astrid" was talking to another guy and left him to come over. They told her that her mother was also stripping under the name "Valkyrie" and that they were leaving for home.

"Well I guess we're on our own," Jerry said after she left. "Your place or mine," he said half jokingly.

Sally had no qualms about what she wanted, "Yours." She lightly squeezed his cock through his slacks to indicate what she expected.

On the drive they sat in silence for a bit and out of discomfort Sally asked, "What do you think of Sarah stripping?"

"Honestly, it makes me a bit uncomfortable but her mother seems to think it's a great choice for her."

"I bet you don't mind seeing her naked." Sally knew he liked seeing his step daughter in various stages of undress but as soon as she said it she regretted it.

"Uhhh," Jerry hesitated, uncertain whether to admit the truth.

Sally forged on, "I've seen the way you look at her and she's told me she tries to be naked in front of you 'cause she knows you like it."

Jerry made a partial admission, "well she is very attractive."

"And what about Mrs. Malone? What do you think about her doing it?"

"Before we were married I knew I couldn't control her sexual desires, urges and actions. I knew I'd have to be okay with anything she does."

"So it's entirely okay with you?"

Jerry dodged, "It has its positive side. She encouraged me to go back with another dancer. That was fun."

"And it gives you a chance to take me home with you." Sally smiled at him.

Yes, it does," Jerry smiled back.

The Malone Home

As they entered the house, Jerry Malone closed and locked the door and then turned to look at the skinny young woman. She looked back with those intense, sexy eyes, opened her mouth as if to speak, but instead planted a firm, open mouthed kiss on his. He opened his mouth slightly in response and her tongue entered, exploring his mouth while her hands held his head firmly in place against her.

She released the kiss and walked up the stairs. She looked back at Jerry who was standing speechless in the entry, "You coming?" she asked in her sweetest voice. Jerry followed her up the stairs and into the master bedroom. She stood next to the bed as he came in and walked over to her.

Quickly, taking advantage of the element of surprise she spun him around and pushed him onto the bed. She grabbed his feet and swung them onto the bed so he lay on his back. She jumped on top of him and with her knees on his arms pulled his shirt tail out and began to slowly unbutton it from the bottom to the top. "You remember when we spent the night after the swingers party?"

How could he forget. Still speechless, he nodded his assent.

"I was tired."

He lay silently.

"But I'm not tired tonight."

She finished unbuttoning and pulled his undershirt up and then struggled to get both undershirt and shirt off over his shoulders. He helped by lifting his shoulders off the bed and then pulled his arms from under her legs so she could remove the garments and cast them aside.

He reached for her breasts but she slapped his hands gently aside. She moved down and sticking out her tongue to its full length she licked him. She started just above his belt buckle and moved up to his belly button and then over his abdomen to his breast bone, making occasional forays to either side. From his breastbone, with visits to his nipples, she moved over his adam's apple and his chin. He had his mouth slightly open and when she reached it, the tongue went inside and their lips met in a kiss. He held her body close as she pressed her face against his and gently massaged his sides.

She moved away and quickly moved to the foot of the bed where she untied and slipped off his shoes. The she pulled off his right sock, Massaged the foot gently, sucked each individual toe into her mouth and licked slowly up the soul. He squirmed and let out an unmanly giggle. She looked at him.

He looked down at her, fascinated by her eyes, "that tickles."

"Good!" she replied and licked again with the same result. Then she did the same with his left foot.

She straddled his legs and unbuckled his belt and unhooked his fly. "You know I wanted this amazing cock inside me the first time I saw it."

"At the swingers party?"

"Yeah, you were standing there waiting for me with your amazing penis." She began pulling his slacks off and he lifted his hips to allow them to slip off easily. His white cotton briefs had a large, damp stain on them and were wet over the tip of his penis. "I think you've been having wet dreams," she commented.

His voice was back, "I think it's been more a wet reality," he said, thinking of having just spent over half an hour with Desiree in the VIP lounge at the strip club while she hand and mouth stroked him. And the ride home with Sally wasn't exactly a non-sexual experience.

Sally put her mouth over the tip of his penis, still inside the underwear, and allowed her saliva to further dampen them. She sucked and savored the salty, musky taste of the dried and not so dry pre-cum. "Mmmmmm, let's take a look at this beauty again." She pulled his briefs to his knees. "You know, I really like penises. I'd love to collect 'em. cut 'em off, stuff 'em, hang 'em and display them in all their variety.

Jerry made a noise of concern. "Oh I'd never do that," she giggled. "They're so much more interesting, fun, and pleasurable when they're attached."

She fondled his balls, hanging between his legs and rotating slowly in their sack. "Oh, you have one of the nicest penises I've ever seen, but you know you have absolutely the best testicles!" She felt them, the size of medium eggs in his pendulous scrotum. "see how they squirm and rotate in excitement ... never would do that if they weren't attached. HEY! wait a minute! Why didn't I ever think of this?" She got out of bed and went to the purse she had dropped on the floor.

Out came her cell phone. "I have a camera. I can collect penises, or at least their picture." She snapped off a few closeups of Jerry's erect cock. Her talk and now taking pictures had him fully aroused. "And I can take videos!" She started a video recording and focused in on his balls moving in their sack, holding them in the palm of one hand to get a better shot. "You're the first in my collection! Well, excluding the half dozen or so guys who sexted me theirs in high school"

She put the camera aside, unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off exposing her slightly sagging bra. She never could find one that fit well and often thought it would be better to do without altogether but for the way her huge nipples would poke out of whatever she was wearing at inopportune moments.

Jerry reached up and slid his hands under the bra cups, one at each breast. He felt the hard, huge, half inch long nipples on their soft pad of pliable flesh. He pinched them gently between two fingers, while massaging the thin pad that covered her ribs with his hands. She gasped in pleasure.

He took the opportunity and lifted himself up, easily picking up the skinny woman and laying her down with him on top. He pulled the loose fitting bra up over her head, forcing her arms up to allow it passage. "Woman, do you know how sexually exciting your small breasts and their large nipples are?" he asked as he lowered his head and sucked first one and then then other into his mouth, moving his tongue around each in turn.

As he used his mouth on her small, flat breasts with their huge protrusions he moved his hands to her waist and pushed under her waistband. He moved up, rising from her breasts and pulled her jeans down to her ankles. Her vagina stained panties and a large portion of her pussy were exposed to his view. The crotch lay to one side and half her labia were outside of the covering. "God, woman, look at that site of pleasure."

He didn't pause, taking her panties in his hands and pulling them down to her ankles where, getting up from the bed he pulled the remaining clothes off her body. He spread her legs and dove at the huge, fleshy cunt with its delicate labia, like pink flower petals blossoming from within. He licked off the wetness. He had tasted her cunt once before when he'd kept her overnight after the swingers party. That time her genitals had tasted sweet with the heavy perfumed bitterness of the soap with which he'd just cleaned her out thoroughly in the shower. Tonight she'd been wearing her panties and jeans all night in the strip club. She'd been fingering herself all night and he'd helped out. So tonight she tasted of sweat with a lightly fishy odor. This was the taste of a real woman and he lapped it up eagerly. His cock at its full eight inches strained for release inside its skin.

Sally loved being eaten out, especially by an experienced cunnilingus expert. She felt herself approaching orgasm but there was something missing. She wanted his cock! "69, Mr. Malone, please," she manged to gasp out.

Cock, Cunt and Cum

Without losing a beat of his tongue on her clit he swung himself around and presented his cock to her face. She admired the eight inch slim shaft of flesh. It seemed to be tanned like he had spent time in a tanning booth naked, except that his body where the shaft emerged was a light pink. The shaft had a bright pink tip which protruded from the foreskin which came just to the base of the head. The large testicles hung halfway down the shaft which pointed down at her mouth. She reached up and slowly pushed the foreskin back along the shaft exposing an almost white skin beneath covered by a network of thin red and blue blood vessels. She explored the organ, tracing the blood vessels gently with her fingers, then grasping the skin and moving it up and down on the hard inner shaft. She put out her tongue and licked a small droplet of pre-cum that was extruded from the tip. She moved the foreskin back and forth on the shaft as far as it would go and then quickly engulfed as much of the shaft as she could with her mouth. and ran her tongue around it. The huge testicles slapped at her nose and she giggled at the feeling.

"My God, she knows how to excite a penis," was Jerry Malone's thought as she caressed and then sucked at his. Most of his sexual encounters with women other than his wife were at the swingers parties and they didn't spend a lot of time working on the guy, it was up to him to get his own pleasure as they got theirs. Marlene was okay at blow jobs but vaginal intercourse was her preference. Jerry began swinging his hips in response to the intense pressure building in his cock and balls. He noticed that Sally was also wriggling her hips as he worked on her clit so he moved to her labia, licking up and down on her genitals, separating her vaginal lips with his fingers and inserting one, two, three and then four fingers inside, felling her cervix and rubbing against her G-spot.

Sally was unaware of what she was doing. She was just enjoying herself. Mr. Malone's fingers in her vagina, his lips and tongue at her pussy, his long, thin cock fucking her mouth were overwhelming her senses. Her tongue was lapping at his cock as it rapidly stroked past. She tasted the salty muskiness of the pre-cum that was dribbling from the tip. She arched her back in pleasure, pressing hard against his mouth. The orgasm quickly built up, starting at her crotch the ticklish feeling moved through her body and then struck deep in her abdomen. Her stomach muscles twitched, then her vaginal muscles. Then the twitch turned to a rapid pulsation and every muscle in her body participated in the siezure. Her mouth clamped on the rod as it fully embedded itself down her throat. Her head was bounced up and down as he moved his hips up and down. Her eyes saw only a swirl of colors with colorful blinking stars.

Jerry had never known a woman to cum like this. He needed to get his cock out of her mouth. Otherwise he'd shoot his wad down her throat and might not be able to get it up in order to experience the pleasure of being inside the delicious vagina. He tasted and swallowed the copious secretions coming from the softness of the vagina which was massaging his fingers. He wanted to experience his cock being massaged like that as he came inside.

Sally released the hold on his cock to get a breath. The intensity of her pleasure subsided and she could see again. She watched the hard cock move away. It was replaced by a head and a face.

Jerry kissed her lips. First gently and then with more pressure, more passion. Their tongues touched and intertwined as he slid his cock quickly and easily into her well lubricated vagina. His fingers found her large, hard nipples. He squeezed them gently. His palms massaged the pads of flesh over her ribs,

Sally responded by lifting her legs and placing them over his shoulders. The long shaft sank fully into her. She grabbed his butt and pulled his hips as hard as she could into her crotch. He barely moved as she thrust and twisted her hips. His cock slid in and out of the tunnel of pleasure. His testicles slapped against her butt.

He felt the cum rising in his shaft. He didn't want it so soon. He grunted as he tried to hold back but it wouldn't be denied. Not only couldn't he deny it, he no longer wanted to deny it. He embraced the feeling and began rapidly thrusting in and out of the young woman. He groaned in pleasure as the semen rushed into her. Thinking about it later, he realized he'd likely never be able to feel her vagina massage his penis the way it had massaged his fingers. He'd had practically his whole hand inside her and was licking away at her. His penis was long but not nearly as thick as his hand, nor could it stimulate her vagina they way his fingers could. He'd need to be a contortionist to lick her while fucking her and his finger, even if he could keep it lubricated, would be a poor subsitute for his tongue.

Sally felt his body tense up and then jerk in orgasm. She moved her hands to his head and firmly held his lips to hers as he groaned in pleasure and she felt the warmth of his semen flow into her. As he relaxed, she released her hold. She felt the semen dribble out of her and down her butt. They hadn't used a condom. Sarah's father was probably disease free, but he did go to those swingers parties! She'd have to get herself tested.

If there was anyone whose naked cock she'd really want to have inside her it would be Kyle, not Mr. Malone. She thought of Kyle. They'd be together for the fourth time in only a few days. She imagined sitting with him and his kids, watching the Fourth of July fireworks. She tingled in joy at the thought and a warm feeling filled her. "God," she thought, "here I am with a guy's cock not yet soft inside me with his semen dripping down my butt and probably still oozing out and I'm thinking of someone else." She wondered why. Was it the sex? Kyle was the only guy that she felt really made love to her. There was no way the sex with him would be nas intense as what she had just experienced with her best friend's father. And if it was the sex why was she always picturing Kyle with his kids rather than naked in bed with her. She fantasized about being in bed with Kyle and who intruded upon her fantasy but his two year old daughter, Charlette. "Can I get in bed with you," she asked her father, exuding cuteness. Then in bed with them she smiled and said, "Hi, Sally," and went to sleep with her arms around, not her father, but Sally. Sally shook her head. That was not a sexual fantasy. She lowered her legs.

Jerry Malone's cock softened and slipped out of her damp cavity. He got up and went to the bathroom to clean it off, bringing back some tissue for his daughter's slender friend. He admired her form, the huge hard nipples and the large labia covered with his semen as he handed her the tissue.

She came back from the bathroom. He had pulled the bedspread off and pushed it into the corner. He was under the sheets naked. "That was the most incredible orgasm I've ever experienced," she told him as she crawled in next to him. She lay on her back and fell asleep thinking of Kyle, his kids and the Fourth of July. He lay on his side, his cock pressed against her, and fell asleep fingering her nipples and genitals.


Sarah came in the house from her first night of stripping. Being nude in front of the guys and then going to a VIP room for private dances where they touched her everywhere, inside and out and where she rubbed and stroked their penises,sometimes to release, had her both tired and horney. She thought of her stepfather having taken her best friend home. She knew they meant her home, not Sally's. There was no noise upstairs so she moved quietly and opened the door to her parents' bedroom and peeked in. Whoever was in the bed was fast asleep.

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