tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSally, Summer of Sex Ch. 19

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 19


Amateur Night

"Next Tuesday is amateur night at the club, You ought to come and enter the contest. It'll be a kick. You'll like it." Sarah Malone was talking to her best friend, Sally. Sarah had been stripping at Pete's Pleasure Palace for a couple of weeks. Both girls were nymphomanics and exhibitionists.

"I don't know." Sally was skinny with almost no breasts and, she knew, a less than beautiful face with a large nose. She had no problem undressing in front of guys she was going to fuck. They didn't care what she looked like as long as she had an available vagina. "What's in it for me?"

"Getting naked in front of several dozen guys. The place is packed on amateur night. You'll be a hit. Prize is $1000."

"Oh come on, Sarah, I've got no figure. No way I'll win."

"Most of the entrants are cows, you'll be a hit. And you'll love having all those guys staring at your body. You know you will. It's a real thrill."

"Maybe just to see what it's like," Sally resigned herself. It did sound like it might be stimulating and Sarah was not likely to let the subject drop.

"Here I'll show you some moves. The more you show yourself, the more likely you'll win. A lot of the girls can't even get their tops off once they're on stage and see all the guys looking lustfully at them. But I know you, the more the guys stare, the more you'll show."


The day came and the place was packed. There were 10 entants in the amateur night contest. Looking at the women seated in the club, Sally suspected that a couple weren't amateurs at all but strippers from another club.

The contest began. An announcer came out onto the stage and introduced each amateur dancer who then danced for three minutes. The guys were whistling and calling out for clothes to be removed.

The first girl was a bit on the chubby side and quickly stripped to nothing before walking around the stage showing herself and stroking her shaved slit.

The second girl was also a bit on the heavy side. She managed to get her bra off her substantial breasts but then hesitated at removing her panties. As the guys shouted for their removal the most she managed was to pull the waist band down enough to reveal a hairy bush for a few seconds.

The third was one of the women Sally thought was a stripper. She acted like one on stage too, dancing to the music, swinging around the pole and removing her clothing slowly, becoming completely nude for the last half minute or so and lying on the stage pulling her pussy lips open for vaginal inspection.

Sally was scheduled fifth and the woman before her was going to be hard to follow. Sally thought she was the sure winner. A tall redhead with substantial breasts and a great figure. She swayed gently to the music and removed her clothing while acting completely shy about removing her bra and hesitating to remove her panties. Sally wasn't sure whether it was an act or she was actually hesitant but the effect was very erogenous. Topless, the beauty exposed pink aureoles with similar colored nipples that contrasted only slightly with her pale skin. The guys stopped yelling as they hung on her every movement, waiting for her to drop the final item of clothing. She finally pulled her panties slowly over her perfect hips and allowed them to drop to the floor. She shyly stepped out of them, covering her genitals with her hands. Then she let her hands fly away from her body as she rotated to the music and exposed herself and her neatly trimmed fire crotch to an enthusiastically appreciative audience.

The winner would be determined by the amount of cash tips and there were dozens of bills in various denominations scattered on the stage. After picking up the cash, the redhead left the stage naked, just picking up her clothes and making no attempt to cover herself as she walked through the crowd collecting more tips from those who weren't near the stage.

Sally's Dance

Sally approached the stage with trepidation. She wore a plain, white, front button blouse, a plaid, pleated schoolgirl skirt, knee high stockings and a pair of saddle loafers. She clutched a notebook and schoolbook to her chest. She and Sarah had come up with the idea that she would portray a schoolgirl coming home and undressing. To look bookish she wore a pair of clear, black rimmed spectacles and had her hair up. She took heart as whistles of appreciation greeted her appearance on stage. She pranced around the stage once before laying her notebook and book in the center of the stage, leaning over so those in some of the front row seats could see up her dress. She was wearing a pair of very sheer panties the crotch of which was already wet from watching the other women perform.

Then she danced around the stage as she unbuttoned and removed her blouse. Underneath she wore a sheer tube top, more like a six inch wide, see through, elastic band. Since she had almost no breasts she had chosen that instead of a bra to show off her dark aureoles and large nipples. She folded the blouse and placed it on the book, exposing her see through crotch to another set of observers. Cheers greeted every removal of an item of clothing and loud clapping erupted behind her when she bent over. She was fully energized and danced as she played the role to the hilt.

Then she unzipped her skirt twirling to the music and allowing the skirt to fall to her feet. She kicked the skirt into the air, caught it and then bent over to place it neatly in the center of the stage. Now everyone behind her could clearly see her large labia enclosed by the rapidly dampening sheer cloth. Cheers erupted from behind as she bent over and from the front as she stood, exposing her slit and neatly trimmed patch of hair to those in front. She absentmindedly pulled up on the panty waistband, lodging the crotch tighly into the slit. Her labia slipped out to each side.

Gaily turning to the music she pulled down on her thin tube top, pullling it to her waist and exposing her small breasts with their fully erect, half inch long nipples. Again, cheers as she turned, showing the small breasts and huge nipples to all in attendance. She was sure no one was paying attention to her face.

The next part of her routine was to sit on the stage with her legs spread wide as she removed one shoe and then the other. After removing each shoe she placed it carefully on the pile of clothes in the middle of the stage and while doing so repositioned herself so a different section of the audience saw her partially exposed vulva. After her shoes came her socks and as she stood and began prancing around the stage shouts of, "pussy! pussy! pussy!" rose from the assembled men.

She put her fingers on the top edge of the elastic tube at her waist and began pulling it down. As she passed the waistband of her panties she grabbed that too and pulled them both together. To the audience it appeared that she was just pulling the tube top down and off but when her hands came all the way down exposing her completely, a loud cheer came. She allowed the panties and tube top to fall to her feet and bent over to pick them up. She slowly carried them around the edge of the stage, twirling them over her head and moving to the music and finally placed them neatly in the center of the stage.

Then she gave herself over to the music, prancing and dancing around the edge of the stage with her arms free and giving everyone a full look at her skinny, naked body. She used her entrancing brown eyes to full effect, looking longingly with a "Fuck me" expression at every face in the audience. The music ended to loud cheers and she picked up the pile of clothes and went around the stage picking up the cash, mostly ones, a few fives and even a twenty. "Top that," she thought as she left the stage naked. As she walked around collecting more tips there were frequent slaps on her behind. She stroked the ocassional face and allowed a few hands to feel her hard nipples. One guy offered a twenty and she pulled his hand to her crotch and pushed it against her genitals. A few others noticed the action and she collected over a hundred dollars in twenties in exchange for a feel.

High School Buddy

Before she began dancing Sally had noticed a group of three guys sitting at a table away from the stage who seemed to be looking at her. She observed them while trying not to allow them to notice her glances. They were definitely looking at her. They'd look over and then put their heads together as if whispering about her. Once she was sure she caught one of them pointing in her direction.

As she came to the stage she had looked more closely at them, It was dark in the room and even darker where the table was but she immediately knew why they were paying attention to her. On the left was Derek, a member of her high school math club and one of her school fuck buddies. His back had been to her when she was seated. As their eyes met, he raised his right hand slightly in a wave of recognition. She winked back as she went on the stage for her routine.

After collecting her tips she went behind the bar to deposit the tips for counting and put her clothes on. She came from behind the bar in her schoolgirl outfit with the blouse tied in front rather than buttoned, exposing her waist. She turned the top of the skirt down so it was extremely short.

She walked directly to Derek, barely recognizing the gestures of invitation to sit with other guys who were there. Derek was one of the better looking guys in the math club though he struggled to keep his hair from lookinng like Side-show Bob's. Only 5-7 he was also muscular, unusual among Sally's high school friends, most of whom spent their time studying rather than working out. On the way over she reflected on his thick, average length cock and fantisized about having it inside her.

"What are you doing here?" he asked as she came to the table.

"Jeez, I thought you were smart," was her reply as she grabbed a chair and sat, "I'm dancing in the amateur night contest. I could ask you the same question."

"I mean, why are you dancing in the contest?"

"Really none of your business," Sally shot back playfully. Banter like this was par for the course with her high school crowd.

"Didn't think it was your style."

"Oh, let's see I got naked for you, what, a dozen times? Seen you naked as many. Fucked your brains out a similar number of times. Got naked in front of the entire debate team at the hotel, let any guy who wanted feel me up if they'd show me theirs. Fucked most of the other guys in the math club, and you don't think this is my style?"

His friends sat with their mouths open at her bluntness and the revelations. They had thought Derek was just yanking their chain as he told them about fucking Sally when he had spotted her.

"You never answered my, question, What are you doing here?" he asked. "Doesn't seem like your style."

"I'm here with a friend, Sarah Malone, she was one of the school cheerleaders."

"I didn't know you hung out with cheerleaders."

"She's been a good friend since before high school but we didn't spend a lot of time together at school."

"Where is she?"

"In back with one of the dancers, another cheerleader from school."

"Two of the dancers here were cheerleaders at our school?"

"Yeah, Sarah and Maylee Davis."

"Is Sarah the cute short one with big bazzooms?" He held his hands to his chest as if he was holding a couple of cantaloupes. The other guys laughed.

"Yeah that's her," Sally admitted with a look of disgust at his phrasing and gesture. "She dances here as Astrid."

"I thought she looked familiar."

"She's the one with the hot mama that dances here too?" one of the other guys, a middle aged Hispanic with a slight accent, asked.

"Yes," Sally answered, "Valkyrie."

"I'd like some of that MILF," the Hispanic responded.

Derek ignored the interchange, "Who's the other?"

"Maylee, Maylee Davis," Sally responded.

"Don't remember any Maylee."

"I didn't remember her either. Sarah said she was head cheerleader a year ahead of us. Dances as Desiree."

"Desiree," the three other guys at the table repeated, symbolically and literally licking their lips.

Sarah decided she had enough of talking about other women. "You haven't answered my question. What are you doing? Who are your friends?"

"Guys from work." He introduced them as Ryan, a big guy, mid twenties, with muscular arms and a big gut, Jay, over thirty, maybe fourty, a thin, wirey guy, and Ramone, the Hispanic.

"Why do you sit way back here?"

"We don't have much money for the dancers and we don't get bothered as much for tips back here."

Sally remembered that his father owned a construction company and was pretty sure that's where he went to work after graduation. "Oh, come on, you could afford to tip, your dad owns the company."

"I only get what the rest of the employees get. My dad will pay for school and I'll have a fast track to the top but right now, financially, I'm a regular laborer."


During their discussion the amateur contest had concluded and the announcer went on stage. "Attention! Attention! I have the results of the first round. The top three ladies will now compete for the final prize. They are ..." He paused for effect.

"You'll be one for sure," Derek said. Sally wasn't so certain.

"Dancer number four, 'Firebrand'!" That was the redhead that Sally felt was the sure winner.

"Dancer number five, 'Innocence'!" Sally was shocked. That was her! The guys slapped her back and high fived.

In the excitement she didn't even hear the announcement of the other dancer.

The guys pushed her up as the announcer asked the finalists to come to the stage. Sally noticed the third was one of the women she suspected of being a stripper from another club. Well built, definitely enhanced breasts and an exotic Asian/Hispanic face.

"Okay, ladies, in an hour you'll have a chance to add to your tip total. I'll tell you that less than $50 separates you. First, though we return to our regular dancers. Guys, you can't get those private dances from our amateurs but our regular dancers are available for your pleasure.

Sally went back to Derek and his friends. Sarah came over with Maylee. Sally introduced them to the guys and Sarah congratulated her. "Isn't this as much fun as I said?" she asked. Sarah agreed.

"That was an inspired routine," Maylee commented. "You should be thinking about something different for your encore. Most of the contestants usually just repeat the same thing but having a different routine is a winner." Then she added, "You ought to get out among the voters." She pointed to the other two finalists who were walking around chatting up different guys. "They'll tip more for a girl they think they have even a fleeting relationship with."

Lily, another dancer who had met Sally when she and Sarah were checking out the club had come by and was listening in. "And a little contact doesn't hurt," she suggested, whispering, "your hand on their crotch, letting them touch you. But, be careful, don't let the bouncers see you doing too much. They'll ignore incidental contact."

Sally took the advice and began touring the room starting with the guys who had passed her a 20 for a feel. She loved feeling the hardened cocks, even if it was through the fabric of their slacks. The only difficult part was getting away. The guys wanted her to hang around and continue to stroke them and allow them to stroke her. She developed a line, "I need to see someone else. Loved spending time with you. Be sure to vote for me." Then she punctuated it with a kiss on the lips and a squeeze of the balls.

After doing the guys who had tipped her earlier she concentrated on three guys Lily had pointed out. They were sitting in the back. "Those guys come to the stage for their favorites but sit in back for the others. If you can get them to like you they tip big!"

She was sitting with the third of the guys when the announcer called the finalists to the stage for the dance-off. They drew straws for the order and Sally was last.

The Finals

First was the "stripper". She gave an excellent stripper performance, getting naked early and showing herself to the crowd. She collected a lot of ones and fives.

Second was the redhead who repeated her earlier performance. She clearly collected more than the "stripper" with a few twenties among the ones and fives.

Taking Lily's advice, Sally decided this time to be the school slut rather than an innocent. She set aside the tube top, tied rather than buttoned her shirt and wore the skirt low on her hips, folded over to make it shorter. She let her hair hang loose, brushed it to get as many kinks out as possible and selected a fast rap with a heavy sensual beat and explicit lyrics as her dance music.

She prepared herself by imagining she was just coming home from a fast but unsatisfying fuck with the handsome school quarterback.

Sally mounted the stage to cheers and jeers, her head held high in an attitude of superiority. She tossed her hair side to side and began dancing along the edge of the stage marching and striding to the music rather than shuffling. She quickly lost her shoes throwing them to the side of the stage and made a quick circuit.

Two of the potential big tippers Lily had pointed out were stage side. The other was in the second row since there were no more stage-side seats. She paused in front of the last guy she had been sitting with and pulled off her panties. She made a pretense of smelling them and presented the crotch o the guy's nose. She dropped them in his lap, "keep them. I've got another pair."

She moved on noticing that he was struggling with his pants' pockets. As she moved around she made eye contact with those sitting at the stage and mouthed, as clearly as she could, blatant come-ons, "I want you", "Let's fuck", "Take me" ...

As she came again to the guy she had given her panties he flipped a fifty onto the stage. She stopped and crouched in front of him, her legs spread wide. She took his hands and moved them to the knot of her blouse. "Untie" she whispered. He pulled and the knot came loose.

A couple of twenties floated onto the stage. Sally went to one of them and allowed him to finish untying. Her blouse opened and he quickly squeezed one of her nipples. She didn't pull away but waved her finger at him to signify disapproval.

She removed the blouse and flung it into the second row. Now fully naked she strode confidently around the stage, showing herself and looking into the eyes of every possible individual. Unconsciously she was making effective use of her most sexual feature: her large, golden brown, penetrating eyes. The audience quieted, mesmerized by the performance.

The music stopped. There was silence for several seconds as Sally stood proudly naked and looked out at the audience. Then pandemonium, cheers and bills in all denominations rained onto the stage. There would be no doubt as to the contest winner.

Invitation to an Orgy

After the prize presentation the second place redhead congratulated Sally, "You're a good dancer."

"Thanks. I was sure you would win. You're not only a good dancer but stunningly beautiful."

"Well, I do usually win."

"You come every week?"

"Finalists can't compete again for a month. Didn't you read the rules?"

"I didn't pay a lot of attention to the winner's section. I didn't expect to win."

"Why enter then?"

"A lark, a BFF dances here and convinced me. She came up with the routine."

Sally had a thought, "You up for a fuck?"

"What? Girl on girl?"

"If you want, but I've got some guy friends here and they're gunna want to fuck. 4 on 1 is a bit too lopsided."

"So, 4 on 2?"

"I might get a couple more women."

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