tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSally Takes Mo Home and...

Sally Takes Mo Home and...


Mo had just left the pub, a little disappointed but not surprised. She'd gone down there without any real expectations – more the hope she might find someone to share time with and perhaps buy a drink for. She'd been careful to select a pub where she knew a lot of women would gather on their way out for a night of clubbing. The men all seemed to congregate at the more sleazy establishment a few blocks away. Mo knew she didn't want to have to put up with their behaviour.

In the end, though, it seemed to Mo as she headed to the carpark she'd have been better staying at home watching one of her not-so-favourite TV shows. There'd been a few smiles and even a couple of quiet 'hellos' but Mo had ended up feeling everyone in the place knew she was 'dateless and desperate'.

And suddenly a voice called out – 'Hey!'

Looking around in surprise Mo saw a tall, brown haired woman approaching her with a brisk pace. She kept walking. Though she recognised the woman, having sat close to her at the bar for a time, Mo couldn't imagine she was the one being called to.

'Wait' came the further call and this time Mo did stop.

'Going for the car?'

'Yes' answered Mo politely. 'Time to curl up in front of the TV.'

'Lucky mine's in the bedroom then.'

Mo wasn't sure what to make of this exchange and she reached into her small bag for her car keys.

'Come on then' said the tall woman. 'Lets get in the car and get out of here.'

Mo assumed this was just her way of asking for a lift. Well, Mo knew she was kind enough to provide a lift to even a virtual stranger. And at least it offered the prospect of enough conversation that the evening would not be a total waste. Strange, though, that this woman had become so chatty all of a sudden.

They reached the small green hatchback and Mo unlocked the doors. Her new friend stepped in close right then and Mo suddenly felt like her personal space was being invaded.

A hand reached up and grabbed the back of Mo's neck – tight. 'Thought you were just gonna walk out of there without me?' asked the tall woman. Mo started...tried to speak. Hell that grip hurt!

'I just...' she began to say.

'I saw you looking' came the retort. 'You just didn't have the guts to ask.'

Mo was shocked. What could she say? Yes, she'd been 'looking'. She'd even tried saying hello. Mo had been looking for female company. It wasn't more than that she'd been after – was it?

'Come on, get in' said her new friend. 'What's your name girl?'


'Didn't even ask mine.'


'I'm Sally. Can tell you are new around here cos most of the chicks in this place know me pretty well. Turn left on the way out.'

'Well I...' started Mo. 'Just turn left, OK' insisted Sally. Of course thought, Mo, she was the one giving the other woman a lift home – to her home.

'So you wanted some but were too shy, is that it?' asked Sally suddenly.

'I was just having a drink' answered Mo. 'I thought I might find someone nice to talk to for a change.'

'Uh huh. Well I am very nice' said Sally. 'Don't you think so?' she asked suddenly and her right hand reached up behind Mo's head and pulled sharply on her hair.

Mo was shocked now. Firstly, this was not exactly a safe manoeuvre even in the slow traffic on these streets. But, secondly, what the hell gave this bitch the idea she could just do that sort of thing? The mild pain and the humiliation stirred something inside Mo. Instantly she was determined to meet any challenge Sally could throw out. Any challenge? She almost immediately started to wonder at the wisdom of her private bravado.

'You're pretty sexy y'know' Sally went on, now relaxing her grip on Mo so as to gently stroke the back of her head. 'I knew you were looking for someone like me.' Mo wondered like what, exactly?

'You were looking, weren't you?' came the further question.

'I...I've never...' spluttered Mo. 'I don't know. I just wanted to talk to someone.'

'Uh huh. Talk. Y' know, you'd get more talk if you looked more sexy. You should wear your shirt like this.'

And with that Sally reached around and began to unbutton the top of Mo's shirt. Again, Mo was not at all sure this was a wise action when she was behind the wheel. Even stronger, though, was the feeling of being put upon by her new 'friend' – and a little anger at Sally for presuming she could just act any way she pleased!

But by now Sally was opening the third button and spreading Mo's collar wide. Undoubtedly the intent was to display Mo's ample cleavage. 'Nice bra' was, however, the only further comment Sally made. Mo drove on in silence with the cool night air now flowing over her breasts and two of Sally's fingers running over her skin.

Mo now could feel the fear beginning to take hold of her. She wasn't intimidated by lesbians – it was just that, as she'd tried to explain to Sally, to date she'd never actually gotten as far as sexual intimacy with a woman. Yet, here she was feeling trapped in her car, with this woman beginning to touch her in a decidedly sexual manner, apparently driving to a strange house and with no idea what was in store for her other than the fairly strong impression that Sally was, indeed, a lesbian with designs on Mo's body!

Sally was smiling broadly now – it was quite obvious in the glow of the streetlights. Was she enjoying Mo's humiliation or the fact she was starting to play with her tits? Mo knew she was turning red – mostly with shame, though mixed with a little anger. Surely she would not let this woman just dictate to her. There was nothing wrong with having a lesbian fantasy. That did not give anyone the right just to impose themselves as Sally was trying to do. Violation was exactly the word she was looking for.

'Pretty close now' said Sally. Her free hand went to Mo's left thigh. 'Not sure I really like jeans on a chick y'know' she said. And with that the hand moved down towards Mo's crotch. Her response was to try to move her legs together. But Sally simply pulled hard on that left leg and, sternly and without any hint that she might be disobeyed, said quietly to Mo 'put your legs apart!'

Mo was shocked. She was angered. She did exactly as Sally demanded!

Why?!! As Mo slowly parted her legs the red flush in her face flowed down to her neck. She knew Sally was so far in the wrong it wasn't funny. She knew there was no way she could let this bitch just take over. Mo also knew, however, that the churning in her insides was about more than anger at Sally's advance.

Sally was domineering – she was crude. Mo now was even more sure about what lay ahead...and sure she should have no part of it. But deep inside her was the thought she wanted to meet the challenge. Deeper still was the realisation she was enjoying Sally's touch - as rough as it might be.

'In here' came the command. 'Up the back on the left – number 17 is me.' Mo saw the designated parking space marked with the number of Sally's flat. It had been short trip but more than eventful. Mo was shaking as she climbed out of the car and faintly aware that her cunt might just be moistening from Sally's caressing. As they headed to the stairs Mo was acutely aware of how wide open her shirt was. It wasn't a normal practice of hers to go around looking like a hussy. But something about Sally warned her not to try to cover herself now.

At the top of the stairs Sally produced her keys. But before opening the door she again moved towards Mo – this time to pin her against the wall and press her mouth hard against Mo's.

'You better kiss me back next time, ya little slut' she muttered with a note of warning.

Then they were through the door and into Sally's flat. 'In there' and Sally pointed to the door through to the bedroom. 'I'll get some drinks.'

Mo hesitated. Wouldn't it be enough just to sit in the lounge room? They could talk some more. She knew what Sally was after – or so she thought. But the pace of things...Mo had just wanted to talk.

'Go on, get in there' came the further command as Sally dragged two bottles from the fridge.

Somehow Mo knew better than to argue. And she knew there was no real choice.

'Let's get comfortable' said Sally and spread herself over the bed. Mo sat quietly next to her – still shaking. If Sally noticed she didn't care much because her next act was to begin undressing as she lay there next to Mo. Off came her shirt and then the skirt. 'No underwear' observed Mo silently.

Holy shit – she was sitting on a stranger's bed next to a stark naked woman! Now what – stare openly as if accepting the challenge? Or try to ignore the situation in the hope Sally would get the point?

'Come here' said Sally softly, reaching up to grab Mo's hair once more. Her head was pulled down, to the bed, to Sally – to her naked breast!

'Yeah, suck it you little slut. This is what you were looking at, so get a good look now.'

Mo wanted to reply. She hadn't been 'looking' at all. She was affronted by Sally's demand. Plus there was the fact that she'd never sucked on another woman's breasts before.

Instead, Mo found herself slowly, tentatively, trying her best to obey. It wasn't easy to open her mouth given the shock she was experiencing. But, ever so slowly, she took in Sally's nipple and began gently to suckle. Fuck, she had no idea what to do and she felt a sudden stab of fear that she might displease Sally. And then what?

But the next thing she heard was a deep gentle sigh escaping from Sally's lips. Mo felt the slightest relief that she seemed to be doing it right. 'It'? – hell, what was she doing lying on his bed suddenly sucking a woman's teat and listening to her getting aroused?

'Yeah' murmured Sally and the pressure on the back of Mo's head increased slightly. She'd had that experience before of course – anytime a man had decided all by himself that Mo really wanted to deepthroat him!

But this was so very different. Mo liked her own nipples and had explored them so many times. Her skin was hot still with the anger and shock - but she was excited by the feel of this strange nipple as it hardened and swelled in her mouth. Mo pulled back slightly to lap gently at the turgid flesh but Sally seemingly wasn't interested in anything gentle. She moved her position and pulled Mo's head once more to position her over the other tit. 'Yeah, the other one now bitch' came the soft command.

Now Mo allowed herself to take in the naked form of her assailant. Sally was leaner than she was and Mo was silently pleased that her breasts were somewhat larger than those of this cocky dyke bitch. The extra weight on Mo's bones was something she'd often felt self-conscious about...but maybe there was no need since Sally had so eagerly chosen her? She noted Sally had a clean-shaven mound. Mo was about to ponder how Sally's might react to her own soft covering when she was drawn back to her predicament.

'Harder' came another soft command and Mo guessed she was supposed to bite down on Sally's nipple. Gently she dug her teeth in, copying the amount of pressure she herself liked most. Her reward was another soft sound - this time a strong moan. Sally seemed to soften now as warmed up under Mo's nibbling of her nipples. She kept control all the same, guiding Mo's mouth back and forth but her moans somehow seemed to be encouraging her. It couldn't last though!

'Get your clothes off, bitch' came the next command. Mo moved silently to stand by the side of the bed and quickly fumbled at her clothing. She was acutely aware of Sally lying there staring at her as she undressed. Mo really could not recall a time when she'd ever been completely naked in front of another woman and the heat of her embarrassment was mixing with the growing warmth in her cunt. She stood up from removing her knickers and her tits jiggled. 'Nice' was the only comment she got from Sally but there was no mistaking the look of lust in those eyes!

'Kiss me' ordered Sally and Mo leaned over to press her lips against the waiting mouth. Of course Sally knew what she wanted and reached up to pull Mo in closer. This was not a delicate kiss, not the touch of a lover. It was hard and urgent. Mo remembered the earlier warning and as soon as she felt Sally press her tongue forward Mo opened her mouth and allowed herself to be invaded. Not so different from the way most men had kissed her and the taste of stale alcohol only confirmed that!

'Go down on me' sighed Sally next, again in a tone that made it clear she would brook no questions. Those long tanned thighs slid apart and Mo's brain was struggling to comprehend all that was happening now. Somehow, though, her body was able to respond to the command and Mo awkwardly climbed onto the bed and knelt between Sally's legs.

'Now – do it' hissed the other woman. Mo was shaking again. Having her tits exposed, her cunt rubbed though her jeans...even mouthing those hard nipples – with each step Mo had felt her control stripped away. But Sally was more intimidating than the challenges she'd thrown down so far. Mo knew what a woman's cunt tasted like – she'd savoured her own often enough. She had often thought about how another woman's cunt might smell and taste to her. But those fantasies had involved a kind lover slowly teaching and guiding her. Sally, on the other hand, simply demanded Mo perform and she knew she was frightened she might disappoint.

'Fuck – stick your tongue in there, bitch' called out Sally as she spread her legs even wider. She was horny and not in a mood to wait.

So Mo simply crouched down between a woman's legs for the first time in her life and began softly to run her tongue along the smooth, wet flesh and dipped into the folds of Sally's hot cunt. God that smell...and the taste!!! And the feeling of that smooth bare flesh. Mo had only once shaved her pussy and the problem was the regrowth had been a killer! But for sure the touch and feel of that skin was something she could learn to enjoy. Mo realised that going down on a woman was not so hard as she'd imagined. She knew now that she could enjoy another woman's taste as much as her own! Still there was the fear that maybe she wasn't performing it the right way – or whatever way would satisfy Sally.

Not that Sally would have been the least bit interested. She was insistent and urgent in her needs and reached down to take a firm handful of Mo's hair which she then used to pull her mouth even tighter against her sex.

It was painful but for Mo it also was thrilling. She had never minded rough sex play where there was real passion involved. Besides, somehow Mo felt safer as long as it seemed Sally was getting what she wanted. So the yanking on Mo's hair suited her fine if it prevented something worse.

'Stick it in me – inside!' Soon Sally replaced her hisses and moans with more direct coaching of Mo's efforts. Here, there, higher, harder...again and again came the orders. Mo was sure she was doing her best but Sally seemingly could not be satisfied. And always her orders came with calls of 'little bitch', 'you whore' and 'cunt licker'.

And then, after many long minutes, Sally's body tensed and her grip on Mo became still tighter. Surely this was it!...surely Mo had succeeded and Sally was about to cum!...Mo's first ever experience of another woman's orgasm!!!

Sally's hips lifted up, her legs stiffened. In this position Mo was acutely aware of how tightly her face was pressed against the other woman's gushing wet cunt. It wasn't easy to breathe like this. Was going down on a woman really this hard?

Yet all this was overwhelmed by the continued surging of Sally's orgasm. Her moans and harsh commands were gone now, replaced by short gasps and grunts. It sounded almost painful - but Mo knew the certain signs of a massive climax in her tormentor. And there was the taste!!!...a sudden surge of wetness into Mo's mouth as the hot waves of Sally's orgasm surged out of her hole. It was powerful and it was strong tasting...yet smooth and musky. A totally new and amazing experience for Mo. Her own cunt reacted in the nicest possible way.

Sally, however, barely acknowledged Mo or her reactions – the 'cunt licker' was nothing more than a means to an end it seemed. Mo had thought perhaps now she'd satisfied her captor she might finally be allowed to go on her way – but it was not to be.

'Again' came the rasping voice. 'More.' Mo once more bent to her task. What would it take to satisfy this hard bitch? But Mo also felt a rising eagerness this time as she lapped at the still spasming cunt. At least part of that was caused by the deep twinges in her own sex. She hated Sally and she hated being used and abused like this – but there was no denying her own arousal.

Sally's clit was standing totally erect. Mo was fascinated by it but she sensed perhaps it was still too sensitive to be worked on. So instead she took to thrusting her tongue into the hot, wide hole before her. There still was concern at her inexperience and lack of oral skills. But Mo soon realised that whatever she did Sally would keep on cursing and abusing her – 'dirty whore, 'teach you to look, fucking dog.'

A second orgasm followed soon after! Again Sally's hips bucked and her cunt thrust against Mo's open mouth. This time her hands moved up to her tits and began squeezing and pulling on her nipples. Mo recognised that, too, as a sign of sexual demand since she did the same thing when masturbating alone or when she thought one of her clumsy male lovers was not watching.

But how much more of this could there be?!! She knew about multiple orgasms of course and had always been proud and satisfied by her ability to climax several times in a night. But this... As long as Sally could keep cumming Mo was trapped here.

'Fingers! Stick two fingers in!'

At this Mo truly was grateful. Easier to breathe like this and she suddenly realised just how sore her mouth and jaw were becoming with the incessant demands to minister to Sally's hungry cunt.

Sally resumed her coaching now too – 'deeper...harder...yes...aargh...oohh!!!!!'

Of course she came again – it seemed there was no stopping the lesbo whore. Mo was sure not all lesbians could cum like this. Could they? She enjoyed the realisation that now she could abuse Sally in return by ramming her fingers deep and hard into her sex. But none of it seemed to bother Sally at all - if anything it only helped her to cum even harder and longer!

Mo's knees were sore, her back was aching – God please not more oral so soon! But Sally, for whatever reason, had different plans.

'The drawer. In the top' she pointed. Mo moved over to the bedside table and there in the top drawer found a collection of sex toys (and noted she'd never been brave enough to do more than hide hers in a towel in a bottom drawer even though she lived alone!). Mo raised one toy cock only to be met with a furious shake of Sally's head. The second choice seemed more to her liking – a long, smooth red object with a simple switch at its base.

'Use that' she was ordered. 'And bring your hips around up here so I can reach you.' Mo wasn't too sure she liked that idea – hadn't she been 'in reach' enough already and had her hair pulled cruelly as a result?

Tentative again, wanting to please but not wanting to disappoint, Mo slowly brought the buzzing toy to the edge of Sally's cunt. Fingers, even a tongue, had seemed easy enough. Mo knew her own cunt and how best to use her own toys. The concern now was whether she'd be able to use it to Sally's satisfaction. Again the urgent insisting of Sally forced Mo to act. 'Go on, do it' came the order and Mo gave a firm push to the vibrator and inserted it deep into Sally's hole.

Her moan of pleasure was one thing. Sally, however, chose that moment to deliver a stinging blow to Mo's bottom! Fuck – that hurt!!! Surely she could turn around and just pound on the ungrateful bitch and fight her way out? But the second slap came quickly and gave Mo just enough pause for thought.

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