tagMatureSally's Birthday Surprise

Sally's Birthday Surprise


I told Sally I had a birthday surprise for her. As we dressed for the evening she kept asking what it was. My only reply was that she should wear my favorite top, a loose white blouse that scooped low to reveal her large tits. It was her 46th birthday and she looked great. Her short blonde hair framed her blue eyes and full lips in a most beguiling way. Sally has always looked much younger than her age and tonight she looked like she was still in her thirties. The blouse scooped low to reveal much of her large firm 38C breasts and she had on black pants that accented her round ass. Sally has a figure more like the women in Rubens paintings than the skinny models on the cover of Cosmopolitan. Her full body has a sultry sexiness that has attracted many men.

What Sally did not know was that I had rented a motel room and we were going to meet two men at a local bar. They also knew something else Sally did not know; the three of us were going to fulfill her fantasy of being the main attraction at a gang bang. As we walked in the bar, I got a table in the center of the room so they would have no trouble finding us. All these strangers knew was that she would be wearing a red rose. As Sally and I sat talking, I scanned the room, wondering which men would eventually approach our table. The first man was in his fifties, blonde, tall and cleanshaven. "Happy Birthday Sally, I'm Jim," he said as he came up to the table. Sally looked at me with questions in her eyes. "This is a birthday surprise to help you realize your deepest darkest fantasy," I replied. Her face became uncertain, although her eyes twinkled as she began to realize what was in store for her.

Sally fucks like a whore once she gets started, but she has to get a little drunk to get warmed up to the idea of fucking strangers. By now she was halfway through her first drink, which she tossed down. I went up to the bar and ordered another drink for her. As I returned from the bar I saw another man approach our table and wish her Happy Birthday. He was fairly short, had a beard, and looked to be in his late forties. I had arranged for men who would be older; Sally has always been attracted to older men. While she was still single and in her thirties she had made many divorced forty and fifty year olds happy. We met around six years ago and, even though I was a year younger, got married after a year of dating.

After about 15 minutes of conversation with Dave and Jim, Sally was ready to get going. We told the men where to find our motel room and headed out. Sally went into the bathroom to change into some even sexier clothes while I waited for our guests. She came out in another one of my favorite tops, a tight Hooters t-shirt, and in the kind of panties I prefer her to wear, the ones that tie at the sides for quick release. As each of them entered the room, she gave him long kiss with plenty of tongue. After serving everyone another drink, I popped a video in the VCR to get everyone warmed up. It was a video of Sally I had made while we were dating. In the video she wore a short skirt, thigh high stockings, and a small tight blouse. Sally sat between Dave and Jim while we watched her strip for me on the video. The short video ended with her on her knees sucking my cock. By now Sally was wiggling against both men and they each had hard- ons.

"I brought you a birthday gift," said Jim reaching into a bag. Sally unwrapped it and discovered a baby doll top and string bikini bottom. "Let me try it on for you," she said, heading for the bathroom. In a few minutes she emerged. The top barely hid her large breasts with their nipples already erect. Jim, Dave and I stood there admiring the feast we were about to enjoy. Sally walked to Jim and gave him a long kiss, "I really like my new gift." Then she dropped to her knees and undid Jim's pants. Pulling out his already erect cock, she licked it and then engulfed it in her mouth. Jim moaned and put his hands behind her blonde head, pulling it back and forth on her cock. Watching the two of them, Dave and I dropped our pants and pulled out our cocks. "Circle suck us Sally," I said. "Mmm, that sounds good. I want to taste your dicks in my mouth," Sally replied. Then she proceeded to suck on each of us while jerking the other two off with her hands.

"I want you to fuck me," Sally said after it was clear we couldn't get any harder. "I want a dick in my pussy and one in my mouth." She laid on the bed and Dave slid off her bikini panties. She spread her legs and Dave shoved his cock deep in her pussy. "It feels so good," Sally moaned as she wrapped her legs around his waist and caressed his back. Jim and I climbed on the bed, presenting our cocks on either side of her head. Sally sucked on first one and then the other of us. "Your pussy is so wet and ready, but I don't want to come just yet," said Dave. He pulled out and watched as Jim pushed his cock into my slut wife's cunt. "You're so big," Sally gasped. And he was. His 9 inch cock was over two inches in diameter. Sally groaned, "Unh, Unh, Unh" as his heavy cock filled up every inch of her pussy. After a few minutes she gasped,

"Your cock is so big, I can hardly handle it. Let me suck on it while Stan fucks me doggy style." Jim pulled out his cock, slick with her pussy juices and shoved it into Sally's mouth as she got up on all fours. She spread her legs and I shoved my cock into her pussy. At first it was rather loose, having been stretched by Jim's cock, but Sally tightened her muscles and soon the fit was tight as a glove.

Sally bounced back and forth between Jim's cock and mine as Dave stood by, pulling on his dick to keep it hard. After a few minutes I back out and offered my wife's pussy to Dave. He shoved it in and the three of them got to work. I sat in a chair and watched the action. It was hard to believe that only a few months early we had fantasized about Sally being gang banged but never expected it would come true. In fact, during the previous three months Sally had fucked two other strangers while I watched. And she had sucked off a black DJ behind the console at a dance club. My wife had turned into a total slut and I was enjoying every minute of it.

"I'm about to cum but I think you should do the honors of being the first to cum with your wife," said Jim. I walked over to the bed and had Sally flip on her back. I straddled her face and shoved my cock in her mouth. "What are you?" I asked.

"I'm a whore and a slut," Sally replied. "Do you like being a whore?" I asked.

"Oh yes, now cum on my face," Sally said between sucks. I felt the cum build up in my balls and then rush to my dick. Pulling my dick out of Sally's mouth, I shot my first shot into her hair. The next spurt went across her check, nose and between her eyes onto her forehead. Then several short rapid spurts deposited cum on her lips and chin. "That looks great," said Jim. "She is so hot," said Dave. Sally licked the cum from her lips and turned to Jim, "Your turn."

"Get her while I fuck her," said Dave. Sally got up on her knees into the doggie position again (her favorite position). As Dave shoved his dick into her pussy Jim shoved his massive cock into her mouth. Soon Dave's fucking became more rapid and his breathing more labored.. "Shoot your cum into my slut wife's pussy," I told him. Sally turned around and told him, "I want your sperm inside me." It was more than Dave could take and he started gasping as his cock unloaded into my wife. He came and he came and he came. "Oh yes, I can feel you fill me up," my wife moaned. Spent, Dave pulled out. As he pulled away, a string of cum briefly connected him to my wife, then parted and fell onto her thigh. Sally wiggled her ass as she continued to suck on Jim, both Dave and I watched as his sperm oozed from her cunt.

"I want to work on your cock with my hands too," Sally said to Jim. She got off the bed and knelt by it while Jim stood in front of her. Both of her hands worked on his huge cock as it plunged in and out of her mouth. Dave and I encouraged the two of them. "Cum on my slut wife."

"Fill the whore with your jizm."

"Suck him, you slut." Jim began to shudder as the cum built up in his cock. "I'm cumming, swallow it slut," he ordered. Sally obligingly sucked and swallowed as he unloaded in her mouth. When Sally finally moved away from him, Dave and I could see the whiteness of Jim's cum on his cock and on her lips. Licking her lips, Sally thanked them both for the birthday surprise.

Like a good whore, Sally prefers fucking strangers and, once they have cum, expects them to leave. With most men this is just fine. Jim and Dave had gotten their piece of ass and were ready to split. We said our goodbyes and went back to the bed. One reason Sally can fuck and stay wet for such a long time is because she rarely cums. Now was Sally's special time. She got out her vibrator and laid back. As Sally used the vibrator on her clit, remembering what she had just experienced, I sucked on her breasts. Soon she began to moan and buck as the vibrator and my attention to her sensitive nipples brought her to orgasm. When Sally and I first met, she used her vibrator while fantasizing about fucking strangers and being the center of a gang bang. Now she had a new memory to add to the fantasies.

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