tagFetishSally's Cream Pie Surprise

Sally's Cream Pie Surprise


I feel that you reach a certain stage in your life when you feel like, and need, a change. I suppose that is what happened to us. Sally and I had both reached our late forties and our children had flown the nest and left home for college. Our life was reasonably content, we loved each other, we had a nice house and both had good professional jobs which paid well. We had both kept ourselves in good shape at the local gym so were reasonably fit and had trim figures. In fact Sally looked a lot younger than her years suggested.


One night as we were lying in bed before we settled for sleep we had a long honest talk about sex, what we enjoyed and what fantasies turned us on. We both decided that we had enjoyed a fulfilling sex life in our marriage and that we had tried to add variety to our lovemaking. For example Sally knew that at times I liked to be submissive and would take control in the bedroom, she also understood my enjoyment of sometimes eating my own sperm out from her used pussy after we had made love. We had always been faithful to each other in our relationship; however I certainly felt that Sally had always wanted to spice things up and be a bit nastier than I did. As we talked together we realised that there were many things that we could do to become more adventuresome in bed, and spice up our routine sex life with each other, especially now that the children had finally left home.

Sally asked me if there was anything that I would like to try in the bedroom that would really turn me on that she could arrange for me as a special treat. I thought about her question for a while. I was reasonably happy with our sex life but did have a couple of fantasies that I had not really openly discussed with Sally for one reason or another. Over the years there had been a few occasions when we had watched a porn film together, then made love afterwards. I told Sally that if it could be arranged as a special treat I would love to film us as we made love so that we could have our own sexy porn film of ourselves in action to watch together. I know that this may not seem like a very extreme request but it is something that in the past I had never brought up with Sally.

Sally seemed quite content with my request that we film ourselves making love together. She told me that it would be quite a turn on for her to act like a porn slut and make love in front of a camera. We talked about how we would be able to arrange such a thing as we didn't have our own camera and didn't even know how to work one. I suggested that we could buy one from the local camera store and learn how it worked, then film ourselves. Sally told me not to be so stupid. She said that we wouldn't be able to make love and film ourselves properly at the same time, and that if we did try such a thing the film would be very poor quality without any close ups. She told me that if we were going to do it she wanted it done properly.

"So how do you propose that we actually go about doing it then?" I asked her.

"Well, if you want it doing properly with close ups of the action we would need someone else to do the actual filming."

"I don't think that we could do that, it would be private just between ourselves and it would be embarrassing performing in front of another person." I replied.

"Well if you want our own porn film made so that you can wank over it when I'm at work, someone will have to film us. We could both spend some money and hire a professional cameraman, or we could use someone that we know and trust to help us."

"What do you mean?" I replied.

"Well instead of spending money to hire someone, we could ask someone that we know with a camera if they would be willing to film us making love together." Sally said.

"But that would mean someone in the bedroom with us watching what we were doing to each other as they were filming us."

"Would that really be a problem Sally said? I don't mind someone I know and trust seeing me naked making love to you. In fact I feel that it would be quite an added turn on to have someone watch us."

"Who did you have in mind then?" I asked.

"Mandy and Phil have a really good camera. They bought it to take movies of their grandchildren, but I know that they use it for other, more private, things as well." Sally told me winking her eye suggestively as she spoke.

Mandy and Phil are good friends of ours and we have known them for many years. We first met them along time ago when Mandy worked for the same firm as Sally. Mandy moved on to a different job but we still kept in touch and grew quite close to them as the years went on. They are a few years older than us and live the other side of town. They have grown up children who have now given them young grandchildren. We regularly meet up with them and get together about once a month for a few drinks and a night out.

"What makes you think that they would want to film us anyway?" I asked Sally.

"You might be surprised," Sally said.

"I don't think that I would like Phil in the bedroom with us." I told Sally. "It wouldn't feel quite right having another man there, especially as I would be naked."

"Why not? He would only be filming us." Sally said. "I don't think that Phil would be at all interested in looking at your cock, although he may be more interested in me."

"I know, but I wouldn't feel comfortable performing with another man so close." I said.

"So if I could get Mandy to come over with her camera and lights you would let her film us?" Sally asked.

"Yes, it would be great to have a film made of us." I said "It would really turn me on to make love to you and have a film of the action to watch again and again with you afterwards."

"So if I talk to Mandy, and she agrees to film us does that mean that you will be a happy man?" Sally asked.


"So if I make you happy by agreeing to be filmed for you while we make love does it mean that I can have a sexy evening to make me happy in return?" Sally asked me.

"Yes, I can do things to make you happy if you make me a horny film." I replied.

"Will you do anything for me?" Sally playfully asked.

"Of course if it makes you happy."

"I'll make your film for you then, if sometime in return I can have my own sexy evening to make things equal, is that a deal?"

"Sure is." I replied as I was happy that I was going to get a sexy film of us together out of the deal and did not give much thought as to what Sally would ask for.

"I'll let you know soon when I want my sexy evening then." Sally said with a wry smile and a wink.

A couple of weeks later I came home from my work and Sally was already home preparing our evening meal. Sally told me that she had not been that busy at work so had she had given herself the afternoon off and had driven across town to visit her friend Mandy, who she knew was also at home that day. She got my undivided attention when she told me that. Sally explained that she had been at Mandy's house all afternoon and that amongst other things they had had a long discussion. Sally explained to her that I wanted a porno film made of us together but that we needed a camera person in order to do it properly. Sally told me that Mandy had readily volunteered to come over and film us in any way that we wanted with her camera. She had arranged that Mandy would come over to our house the following Friday evening with all her equipment and would film whatever we asked her to do. I was really excited when Sally told me that as I realised that one of my fantasies was finally going to come true. That night in bed we made love with a passion that we hadn't done for quite some time. I even managed to come twice inside Sally's pussy within half an hour, which was a feat that I had not managed for a few years!

On the Friday that Mandy was due to come over to our house we both finished work early to get ready. We were both exited about the prospect of being filmed as we made love. Sally had asked me what I wanted her to wear for her performance in front of the camera and I had asked her to wear something really slutty for me. I knew that the day before she had been shopping in town before she came home from work as I had seen her shopping bags hidden in the bottom of her wardrobe.

Mandy said that she would arrive at our house at seven o'clock, so about an hour beforehand we both had a shower and got ready. When we were showered we remained in our dressing gowns and poured ourselves a glass of chilled white wine and waited for Mandy to arrive. Mandy arrived, as she had promised, just after seven. We gave her a glass of wine to help her relax and then helped her carry her lights, tripod and other equipment up the stairs to our bedroom. We had pushed our bed out into the middle of the room so that Mandy could walk all the way round it in order to film us from all possible angles.

When Mandy had set up her small extra lights for filming and had got her expensive video camera ready with fresh batteries installed she asked us if we were ready. She explained that as we made love on the bed she would concentrate on filming us and that she would walk round the bed to get better angles for close up shots of the action. She explained that if we could we were to try and forget that she was there in the room with us and just get on with enjoying each others bodies.

Sally stepped out from her dressing gown and lay down in the middle of our bed. I heard Mandy click her camera on and start filming us. Sally looked absolutely fantastic. She was wearing a tight fitting red lacy bra which had slutty peepholes for her nipples which were poking out of the lacy holes. As Sally slowly parted her legs I noticed that the matching red lacy knickers that she was wearing were crutch less. Sally had shaved her pubic hair away from the area around her love lips and the panties perfectly framed her smooth pussy. I slipped my dressing gown off to reveal my naked body and rapidly hardening cock and joined Sally on the bed.

As I lay next to her we started slowly kissing, letting our tongues swirl round and explore each others mouths. I was very conscious of Mandy and her camera next to the bed pointing at our faces to get a close up of our erotic kiss. As we kissed I ran my hands over Sally's body feeling her smooth back and firm ass.

We broke from our kiss and I moved my head lower moving my lips towards Sally's hard nipples. Her engorged nipples stood proudly out from her breasts and poked rudely out of the round holes in the peep hole bra. I took her large hard nipple in my mouth and as I sucked on it Sally let out a low moan. I licked and gently bit on both her nipples while Mandy filmed me.

I knew that Sally was getting very turned on and was starting to get wet as I could smell her musky woman scent. I slowly moved down her body with my tongue making a trail of saliva over her smooth belly. I tickled her belly button with my tongue, and then moved on downwards. As my tongue reached the top of her red lacy knickers I was aware that Mandy had moved round the bed and was getting a good close up of my tongue on her bare flesh. Sally opened up her legs wide to reveal her freshly shaven pussy framed by the new red crotch less knickers. I could smell her musky scent as she used her hand on the back of my head to push me in towards her pussy. I ran my tongue up her juicy slit tasting the wetness in the soft crinkly folds of her skin. As my tongue made contact with her pussy Sally let out a long low sensual moan. I found the engorged little button of her clit and gently flicked my tongue rhythmically over it. As I stimulated her clit with my tongue I slowly inserted two of my fingers deep into her sticky pussy and rhythmically pushed them in and out as I knew that Sally really loved this.

As I buried my head between my wife's wet thighs and licked her clit I looked up to see Mandy filming it all. I was most surprised to see that my wife's hand had found its way underneath Mandy's short skirt and was clearly rubbing her friend's pussy through the thin material of her panties. Mandy looked directly at me and winked! As I thrust my fingers deeper into Sally, Mandy moved round the bed so that the camera could get a better view as they stretched Sally's pussy. As I lapped at my wife's pussy I could feel that she was getting close to coming so I reached up with my free hand and squeezed and roughly twisted her hard nipples. This quickly sent Sally over the edge and she shuddered as a large orgasm ripped through her body, and I felt her pussy spasm and grip my fingers as they were buried deep inside her.

I moved up the bed from between her thighs and deeply kissed her, pushing my tongue deep into her mouth. My mouth and chin were covered with her wetness and as we kissed Sally tasted her own sticky juices from my lips.

"That was lovely," Sally said. "I had a great come, did you get all of Pete's tongue and finger work on film Mandy?"

"I certainly did." Mandy replied. "In glorious close up sticky detail as well."

"Good," said Sally "as I'm going to suck on his hard cock now."

With that Sally pushed me onto my back and moved down between my legs. She opened her lips wide to slide the tip of my hard cock into her mouth. Mandy moved round to the other side of the bed with her camera to get a good angle as Sally slid my hard cock further into her warm wet mouth. I looked down and watched as Sally moved her mouth up and down on my cock. She used her other hand to hold me at the base as she skilfully used her tongue to alternate between flicking the head and sucking me deep into her mouth. Sally looked directly at the camera as she gave my cock some attention. As I pushed my cock into her mouth her lips stretched wide to take as much of me as she could. As I started to move my hips and thrust into her mouth Sally stopped sucking me and said

"I'd better stop this now as I don't want your sperm wasted in my mouth darling."

Sally moved away from my thighs. I was still lying on my back and my cock was standing proudly in the air, almost at right angles to my body. It was wet and shiny from the saliva left by Sally's licking and sucking.

"You look really hard tonight Pete," Sally whispered. "Would you like me to sit down on you and make your cock disappear?"

I nodded in agreement and Sally moved to position herself over me and she straddled me facing away from me. I had a marvellous view of her lovely rounded ass and the back of her lacy crotch less panties as she hovered above my cock. I watched as Mandy moved into position at the foot of the bed so that she could film Sally as she sat down on my cock. Mandy nodded that she was ready then Sally eased herself down on my cock making it slowly disappear inch by inch inside her wet pussy. Sally sat completely down on me and I could feel my cock buried deep inside her warm wet pussy. Sally leant back on her arms and began to ride me. I knew that Mandy would be able to see my cock pushing apart Sally's smooth wet long love lips as I thrust in and out of her. I reached round Sally's body and massaged and squeezed her breasts as she rode me, tweaking her hard nipples through the small peepholes of her bra. Sally rode me hard and fast, gradually increasing the tempo of her thrusts. All I could hear in the room was the steady whir of Mandy's camera and the rude squelching noises that Sally's wet pussy made every time that she sat down and I completely filled her up with my cock.

"Does it feel good darling?" Sally turned her head sideways to ask me.

"It feels great" I replied. "Your pussy is so wet and slippery you're going to make me come soon."

"Good. Come deep inside me darling." Sally said.

I pinched Sally's nipples and she rode me with more urgency. Sally knew me well and realised that I was close to coming inside her and she twisted her hips with each downward thrust as she rode me. As the tension built in my balls I suddenly groaned as I came and I spurted several loads of my thick sticky sperm inside Sally's wet warm pussy.

"Get ready to film Pete in close-up now Mandy." Sally said. "I'm sure that Pete won't want you to miss any of this."

Mandy moved from the foot of our bed quickly to the head and pointed her camera directly at my face. I knew what was coming next as Sally quickly climbed off from my softening cock and straddled my head. I looked up and saw her gaping open just fucked pussy. She lowered herself down until she was only inches away from my face. Using both her hands Sally gripped the headboard of our bed to steady herself. I could smell the mixture of her juices and my sperm which was buried deep in her pussy. Her long love lips were wet and shiny and hung down from her smooth pussy where she had shaved. I could see a trace of my white sperm as it started to trickle out from her open, gaping, hole.

"Open your mouth wide for me Pete."

I did as I was told and opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. Sally squeezed her muscles deep inside her pussy and a great wad of my sperm whooshed out from inside her landing directly onto my tongue. I swirled it round in my mouth and swallowed it down tasting the salty metallic taste as it coated my tongue and the back of my throat. As I swallowed my own sperm down Sally lowered herself and sat on my face. She ground her pussy on my mouth, chin and lips. This released even more of my sticky sperm from deep inside her pussy and I swallowed it all down. Mandy was moving round the bed as she filmed Sally sitting on my face groaning as I was eating her pussy out. It did not take much of my licking in her wet sensitive pussy and over her clit before Sally loudly groaned as she enjoyed another thundering orgasm.

As Sally's orgasm subsided she slid off me. Mandy used the camera to get a good close up of my face which was shiny with the mixture of our love juices. I still had some globules of my sperm sticking on my chin, which Sally sexily scooped up with her finger and pushed into my mouth for me to eat.

"That was really horny," said Mandy. "I was not expecting you to do that Pete; I've never seen anyone eat their own sperm from a pussy before, does it taste good?"

"Pete just loves the taste of fresh sperm in my pussy." Sally answered for me.

Sally and I cleaned ourselves up and we slipped our dressing gowns back on to go downstairs. Mandy plugged her camera into our TV to check that the filming had come out OK. She told us that she would take the film home and edit it for us then burn a copy onto DVD for us. We thanked Mandy for all her help and as she loaded her lights and equipment in her car we sat quietly recovering from our sexy play. Mandy left us and said that she would drop the DVD round to us the next evening.

As she had promised Mandy dropped the DVD round to us. She said that she was busy and couldn't stop but that it had come out really well. We both sat comfortably on the settee and put the DVD in the machine and watched spell bound for the next forty minutes or so. Mandy had done a marvellous job of the filming and all of our lovemaking had been captured in fantastic detail. The scene where Sally sat on my face and expelled my sperm from her smooth pussy for me to eat was absolutely tremendous and we both got turned on again watching it.

I did mention to Sally as we were watching ourselves that I thought that she had been a bit too friendly with Mandy.

"What on earth do you mean?" Sally said.

"Well, I thought that I saw you with your hand up her skirt stroking her pussy," I said.

I'm sure that Sally blushed a little as she replied "I can't remember doing that, but maybe I got carried away, I have known Mandy for a long time and we are good friends you know."

I wasn't exactly sure what Sally meant by this but was not prepared to push her for information. Her blush made me feel as if there was more going on between Sally and Mandy than I actually knew about. I made a mental note to ask my wife about this on another occasion.

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