tagIncest/TabooSally's Life

Sally's Life


Sally was in the shower her tears were mingling with the water on her face. It was her second shower that morning but she still couldn't get clean. How could her life have become like it was? Only last year they had been a happy family, her husband of twenty years, had loved her and her son of seventeen had always been attentive and obedient to her and everyone else. This morning something had happened which she knew was her fault but how could it have happened?

All of their troubles had started when Dave, her husband had been sacked from the job he had had from the day he left school. He had been caught stealing ten pounds from a petty cash box. Ten pounds! He had been on twenty thousand a year at the time, what could ten pounds matter to the people he worked for? Worse still was the fact that he had been about to be made redundant, his pay off was what they had been hoping for, for years. It would have set them up for the rest of their lives. Now at fifty-three no one would even give him an interview.

That was a little over a year ago. Their son Paul had to leave his school with only two terms to go, as they now couldn't afford the fees. He didn't settle at his new collage and failed just about all his exams. But worse than that his new 'friends' were all into drugs.

Dave put all their savings into a new business. His partner promptly disappeared, along with all of the money. Now they lived in a semi on a scruffy estate and she knows no one. Dave would sit around the house all day drinking beer. He used to keep himself fit but now he had a beer belly and looked like death. She had got a job, on a till at the local supermarket. At first she had hated every second she was there. But now it was the highlight of her day. To have people actually speak to her and to be with other women was what kept her from ending it all.

The depression that overtook Dave led to him hitting Sally whenever something went wrong. This morning that had included his egg being too runny. It wasn't the fact that he had slapped her in front of Paul, which was making her cry. It was because after Dave had stormed out of the house Paul had come up behind her, she had thought to hug her, but in fact he had slid his hands under her jumper and squeezed her breasts. She had been too shocked to move or say anything and he had taken this to mean he could carry on. Before she had recovered herself, he had pushed a hand under her skirt and was feeling her pussy. By the time she had come to her senses he was in front of her and removing her top. She was too slow to stop him and he quickly pulled it from her. She hadn't properly dress yet and hadn't put her bra on. While she tried to cover her breasts he had taken hold of her skirt and with one quick pull had lowered it, along with her knickers, to her ankles. He then sat on the table and held her at arms length to look at her.

Sally had been so ashamed of herself, she couldn't think what to do. She tried desperately to cover both her exposed pubs and breasts. Whatever she did though wasn't enough to stop him seeing her just about completely naked. After he had looked at her and squeezed her tits again he turned her around and pushed a hand between her legs. Once there he felt her and rubbed her before she was able to break away, kick off her skirt and knickers and run upstairs to lock herself in the loo.

Now as she washed herself for the second time she still felt dirty. How could her once loving son have acted like he had. It was his new friends, she always knew they would lead him astray but it still didn't explain why he had done it. Between showers she had heard an outside door slam. Either Dave had come back or Paul had gone out. Sally carefully opened the door and silently crept to her room. She quickly dressed in tight jeans and several thick shirts before going downstairs and then quickly outside. She was already late for work and ran most of the way to the shop. She managed to make a mistake with every order and the manager sent her home after the tenth one. He could see she wasn't right and said she should go home to rest. To 'go home' was not something she wanted anymore. Instead she stayed out as long as she could before she knew she had just enough time to get home and get Dave's tea ready.

As soon as he had eaten he went into the lounge without a word to fall asleep on the couch. Paul came in about then and acted as if nothing had happened that morning. Before long sally relaxed a little and began to think that he was all right now. But when he had finished eating he stood behind her as she was at the sink and whispered in her ear the most disgusting things. He told her how he was going to screw her and fuck her because she was just a useless piece of skirt. He was going to strip her and bite her as soon as dad went down the pub. As he whispered in her ear he also slowly fondled her breasts. He did it so softly at first she hadn't noticed, she was so shocked by what he was saying. She was gripping the sink as so hard her knuckles had turned white. But worst of all she could feel her self becoming aroused! This sickened her more than anything else had in her otherwise sheltered life. How could hearing her son saying such terrible things while touching her like this, possible turn her on? When he moved away from her she ran upstairs and once more shut herself in the loo. This time instead of showering she knelt by the toilet and was sick into it immediately.

Afterwards she sat on the floor and cried. She held a bottle of pills in her hand and looked at them with blank eyes for over an hour. The sound of the back door slamming woke her. Dave had gone out. Even before she could get to her feet she heard Paul's footsteps on the stairs. How could he think of doing what he said he would? When he was outside of the bathroom he told her to unlock the door, or did she want him to kick it in? She knew immediately that he could and would do what he said, so she had no choice but open it.

She couldn't look up to his face as she felt his hands on her arms. He pulled her towards his room and she meekly followed him. She was hopping with all her heart that he wouldn't do what he had said he would. Once in his room he pushed her onto his bed and undressed himself. Sally only looked at him as he lowered his shorts. She hadn't seen her son naked for about five years and never in the state he was in now. As she looked at his fully hard dick she felt her self blush with the first signs of arousal. Paul saw this and began to call her every name he could think of. The worse the names became the more she felt herself slipping. All of a sudden her came at her and started to remove her clothes. She knew she should struggle and try to stop him but she knew it was hopeless. He wanted to fuck her and God help her, she wanted him to. She wanted him to call her every name he could. She wanted him to do what Dave hadn't in months. She wanted him to fuck her!

Paul did what he wanted to Sally. After he had finished he called her a slut and told her to get out. As she got up to leave he told her to crawl on her belly. This she had done. For the third time that day she was under the shower. She tried for nearly an hour to clean herself but gave up in the end because she knew she would never be clean again.

If Sally thought her life had reached its lowest point, the next day took it even lower. At breakfast, after Dave had gone to the loo, Paul whispered in her ear that he had a job for her that evening. When dad had gone out after tea he would tell her what it was. Then he had started calling her names again, felt her bum and tits and gone out. He left her standing ridged at the sink, a trickle of her juices already leaving the folds of her vagina. When Dave came in he found her frozen at the sink. He had called her a lazy cow and kicked her bum. Shortly after that she left for work. Today she made fewer mistakes but still a couple. All the time, what had happened last night and what was going to happen tonight, was on her mind.

The day took forever to finish. Sally stayed away from her house as long as she dared but knew she had to go back eventually. She got Dave's tea but there was no sign of Paul. Dave went out at seven and it was then that she heard the back door open as Paul came home. The surprise for sally was that there was a man with him. Paul she asked why is he here? This is Mike, I told him he could fuck you so get your clothes off slut, he hasn't got all day. Sally couldn't move. Paul and Mike pulled her to her feet and quickly undid and removed everything she had on. When she was naked they both laughed as they pushed her from one to the other all the time spinning her around. Just as she felt she was about to be sick they stopped and pushed her onto the couch Mike lowered his jeans and with out any hesitation he got between her legs and entered her. Paul watched from an armchair. Just as Mike was finishing she saw Paul get up and lower his jeans in readiness. His dick was as hard as yesterday and seeing him today had the same affect on her as yesterday. Paul saw her looking and started to call her names again, this time whore, slag and prosy, were amongst them. When Mike got up, Paul quickly took his place and Sally couldn't stop the moans that came to her mouth. She hugged him as he screwed her, all the time he called her every name he could think off, only stopping as he came.

When he got up Sally saw Mike give him some money. Mike had paid Paul for 'her services'! Sally cried after they left, on the way to the shower, in it, and afterwards. The pain she felt at what had happened was immeasurable. Whatever happen from then on would never feel as bad as what had happen that evening. When she stopped crying she felt different some how. What Paul had done had been the worst thing any son could ever do. Therefore he now couldn't do anything worse. This thought actually cheered her up a little. She knew that what ever else he did she would be able to cope.

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