tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSalma's Sexual Evolution Continues

Salma's Sexual Evolution Continues


This story is a continuation from "Salma's sexual evolution".


The effect Nitin left on Salma was indeed deep and had a profound influence on her sexuality. The cloud of demureness; eventually subsided. The traces of guilt left after the eventful episode; soon disappeared. Her mind became clear but temptation remained whenever she saw Nitin, and in spite of the temptation she still remained taciturn towards him.

This kind of conservative view on sex might be depriving her of any meaningful relationship, but deep down the dark side needed a trigger to be unleashed. It almost happened the morning when she secretly saw Nitin masturbate in the narrow lane from the kitchen window. The episode was over but it gave the necessary kick to her dark side that would soon bring her in conflict with her aesthetic sensibility. In one way, he triggered her wild fantasy in another, it debased her impression about him. Such an act would disgust her in any normal circumstances.

The conflict she was feeling needed serious contemplation, and every decision she maked would have a long term impact on her self image. This indecisiveness was similar to how she felt initially when she broke away from religion and tradition, and started living independently. Wearing whatever she wanted. Her sexual instinct was in conflict with her upbringing. This dichotomy was taking her towards unnecessary guilt trips.

After a good thought, the only remedy was to talk to her fast friend Sonia Sharma. Sonia's open marriage was going smooth, she got a new fuck-buddy who was an artist, and a college drop-out. Her husband was relocated to a different branch, in another city by his company, for couple of months to work on an important project. They would meet once a week, depending on their schedules. It was not easy for Sonia to take timeaway, as her interior decoration business kept her busy.

Sonia's friends and acquaintances were limited to few like-minded individuals with taste, class and aesthetics. She deliberately avoided the company of narrow-minded and traditional people, which also included her parents and in-laws. The entire open marriage thing would bring ignominy as it was in direct conflict with the existing mainstream belief. So only a clandestine approach towards her ultra liberal views would safeguard her marriage and reputation.

One fine day, she casually went to her apartment. Sonia was relishing a veggie sandwich with a glass of wine and her lover holding her from behind in a loving clasp; comfortably placed on the sofa. Sonia was in a pink V-neck nightgown with cut sleeves revealing the sign of Oum tattoo on the right arm, nothing religious, just a fashion symbol. Salma was in traditional, Muslim attire a Salwar kameez.

Somewhere during the conversation, the topic of Nitin appeared. Sonia had revulsion towards Nitin because of his murky reputation. Salma never challenged her opinion and played it safe never to let Sonia find out her intentions. Sonia started a spree of ranting against Nitin . The character assassination continued for a couple of hours. She was quite animated and disgusted to even speak about him. For some time, it seemed like she almost lost touch of her dear host and the never-ending mudslinging would continue for eternity. Finally, when she halted, Salma was having all sorts of mixed feelings. Strange, Sonia never asked her, in the heat of moment, why she wanted to enquire about him when his reputation was murky.

Finally, when Sonia probed to find her intention, Salma candidly stated that she was interested in his ideas and loved his rhetoric, finding him intellectual and eccentric. However, she never showed any sign of romantic interest. Well, she got a clear warning from Sonia not to get involved with Nitin and never to break the cardinal rule of getting into relationships with anyone living in neighborhood.

Sonia was like her sister, and quite protective towards her, and the instruction had some wisdom because getting into a relationship while living in the colony would attract unnecessary, unwanted attention. It would give rise to gossip and living alone would not help her cause. The suggestion was to look for lovers outside the neighborhood.

Perplexed with her extreme reaction, she returned to her apartment contemplating whatever Sonia had said. She wondered; could it be out of Sonia's own prejudice? Well, she loved Sonia and had plenty of respect for her. Her sound reasoning and lucid explanations were always convincing. She admired Sonia's independent mind and the way she balanced her deviant lifestyle with societal norms and expectations.

Sonia was way past getting labelled as prude. Nor could she be considered an absolute slut. Salma needed to balance things out, although her attire and outlook had changed incredibly. She wore all sorts of skimpy outfits, but still seemed to be drowning in the abyss of obscurity when it came to her own sexuality. She loved the attention and never felt embarrassed if strangers drooled over her body when she was in skimpy outfit. On certain occasions, it was quite a thrilling experience for her. There was a tease in her, desperate to be unleashed.

The city she in which she lived had changed considerably, people's out-look had changed. However, there was still a struggle between modernity, tradition, religion and secularism. Although she could go to places semi-nude, with Sonia, traditionalists would still stigmatize her and even liberals were of no help, often shocked when they would come to know her Muslim name.

Time was ripe, all it required was a shift in the value system. It has been quite a long time since she was divorced and a single mother. She never got into any meaningful relationships after her divorce.

Indian subcontinent winters are great. It is as good as springtime. The afternoons are slightly warm. The weather is balmy. Warm daylight remains until evening. One Thursday afternoon, she returned home by twelve noon from work, lazing around for a while reading the newspaper and fashion tabloids until 1pm.

She dozed off, waking at one-thirty. It was still quite sunny outside. She went to the washroom for a leak and then splashed water on her face to refresh herself. She then decided to visit Sonia, maybe they might go to a pub. She walked towards her bedroom and turned on the light. While looking at herself in the mirror, she thought how garish the dress looked, with all those deep gaudy designs on the salwar.

She stripped off the Salwar and pajamas that would abandon her reserved, traditional demeanor, and padded across the bedroom in a black push-up bra and string, jockey underwear. She was in her early-thirties and in great shape. Her apple-bottom butt was firm and round and her boobs were supple, well-toned. The nipples were dark pointed upward, a nice contrast with her whitish complexion. She was blessed with a great body, nothing needs to be hidden or enhanced since her shape was already in proportion and she could pull off just about any dress.

It was a good time to wear something skimpy because most of the people would be at work or relaxing in their apartments, not many ogling eyes around the colony. Although, she did not mind it, sometimes it could be annoying.

She pulled out a tailored, black mini-skirt from her wardrobe. When she put on the skirt, it held tight around her hips, accentuating her curves. The skirt finished slightly high, above her knees and loose towards the thighs. It would turn plenty of heads. She then wore a black deep V-neck wrap top. By any standard, she was dressed sexily. The devilish idea of removing her string jockey underwear came to her mind, but she decided against going commando.

She was about to wear flat, buckle shoes when suddenly the doorbell rang. She rushed towards the door and saw through the peephole that it was Kareem, the postman smirking. It had almost vanished from her memory that she had subscribed for a women's magazine. Slowly and sluggishly, she opened the door. Kareem's smile soon turned into astonishment when he saw her in miniskirt. Kareem always delayed when delivering anything to her and that was annoying. Kareem was tall, handsome in his early 20's with a fair complexion, and a Caucasian look. Everyone knew him well in the colony, because he'd been delivering post for long time. Salma was secretly fond of him.

She was almost petrified to see Kareem at the door. However, after the initial astonishment, he somehow tried to lighten up things a little bit, and facetiously said, "You must be in a hurry, madam."

While giving the magazine he said, "five hundred Rupees for 6 month's subscription". Well, all she had was thousand rupee notes. He had no change either. All he had left was a few coins and ten rupee notes. "Not to worry", he said with a grin, and rushed to fetch some change. Whew! That gave her a breather. It would take at least 5-10 min to fetch some change, until then she could plan something. This was a sudden jolt.

It took two minutes for her to gather some thoughts and come up with something naughty, which should be subtle and subliminal. However, she decided to go with the flow, and let things be spontaneous. Kareem was surprised. The attire she was in definitely must have tantalized this handsome, young lad.

The door remained open; Salma was sitting on the sofa with her legs locked revealing a good view of her thighs, and slightly exposing the inner-thigh with her skirt slightly lifted upwards. She was glancing over the magazine and a list of other magazines to which she could subscribe, eagerly waiting for Kareem.

She kept her left foot on the sofa while reading the magazine when suddenly Kareem entered. The raising of her foot caused her skirt to ride up as well, and he got a good view of her undies. The skirt slid slightly higher, along the top of her thigh and revealed the censored area of her black string jockey underwear that was tight against her pussy; it must have clearly revealed her bikini line.

Kareem was dumbstruck to get a peek of the scandalous region. It was definitely luckiest day of his life. He could never have dreamed to get an inside view of her skirt. It definitely had a surreal effect on him.

For few seconds, Salma was engrossed in the magazine not noticing Kareem. Kareem meanwhile had a good look of the scandalous region. Then, he knocked at the door. Salma quickly adjusted her legs, looking confused. She never expected him that early and was deeply engrossed in the magazine. She had all sorts of mixed feelings, mostly confusion. That must be very kinky, she thought. Wondering what he must have seen. She was extremely confident of the fact that he had a good look of her underwear.

She adjusted her skirt and maintained her composure. Kareem pulled out the remaining five hundred rupees. He seemed quite exhilarated. Never had he shown much interest in her until she came out, skimpily dressed. Kareem always saw her in traditional or professional attire. Her impression on him was more of that uptight professional woman. Now, that impression had completely changed.

Kareem showed more excitement; now went out of his way to help her, suggested other magazines for subscription, which he would normally avoid. It wasn't even a part of his job as a postman. It was an addition duty out of goodwill.

Salma was overwhelmed with the kind of attention she was receiving, and she felt empowered because of his sudden burst of excitement, which was obvious.

His suggestions were naïve but still she loved the active attention. She checked the list, and decided against any further subscriptions. They were too creepy and shallow for her taste. He then sat on the opposite sofa and pulled out another list. Well, he seemed to be going out of his way now. Salma had her charm working on him. While he pulled out the list, she bend down in front of him to pick up the pages, flashing that wonderful cleavage, giving a clear view of her black push-up bra.

She then sat back and lifted her leg straight out in front of her. It seemed as if she didn't care, or maybe was ignorant to the fact that Kareem was able to look directly up her skirt, at her pussy, pressed against those panties. He could even see the outline of the lips, and was completely mesmerized. He tried to regain composure and struggled to pretend that he hadn't noticed anything. She was conscious of the fact that she was flashing, and was thrilled about it.

She had a good look at the list, and decided to go for a sports magazine. Salma loved cricket and tennis. This was quite surprising for him. Not many women that he knew would normally opt for a sports magazine. However, Salma loved non-fiction and sports stuff. Sports magazines were ridiculously cheap. She decided for an annual subscription of Sports Star. This would cost only two hundred rupees.

She got up to fetch the money, parting her legs just a tiny bit, once again giving a perfect view of her panties under her skirt. It was a little dark but he was able to see the dark, jockey underwear again. She went to her room to fetch some money, completely turning him on by allowing him to peek up her skirt, and she loved that confused look on his face. He couldn't get the image of her crotch out of his mind. Was she fucking with him or was she flashing him?

Meanwhile, she was looking for hundred rupee notes and found a couple of notes in an old drawer. When she was about to go, the devilish idea of removing her jockey again flashed in her mind. Without a second thought, she removed her undies and headed straight to the hall.

This should be fun, she thought. She was excited and wondered how Kareem would react if he would get to see the most forbidden area. Her heart was racing and there was a subtle wetness between her legs. She rushed towards the sitting room and while sitting on the sofa made half-twirl, which gently lifted her skirt.

This got the skirt entangled and lifted it higher above the knee while seated. She placed her legs close, touching each other, and placed her hand on the tiny opening. Meanwhile, Kareem was filling in the subscription details and stealing glances. He was fumbling and giving incorrect details related to the subscription. It wasn't his mistake, of course.

She made sure not to show him too soon and wanted to create more tension, enjoying the nervousness that Kareem showed, adding more to her own excitement. Kareem kept waiting expectantly for the golden moment, he seemed to be quite desperate to get a peek again, but Salma kept him waited. To add to his disappointment, she carefully and deliberately locked her legs. This gave a good view of her knees and inner thighs. He kept stealing glances at them.

Once he finished the subscription formalities, Salma gave him her two hundred rupee notes. Kareem took the money and quickly got up. Not expecting any more show, he stopped for a moment and asked for a glass of water. That was a good way to buy some time. She went to fetch a glass of water.

For her, nothing could beat the thrill of teasing him, and this time she thought of doing something shocking and kinky. She gave him a glass of water and he quickly started gulping it, making sounds. His mouth seemed dry. Salma sat on the sofa again, this time carefully placing her left leg on right one and locked them. This was making things difficult however, by this time, Kareem lost hope of any further peek.

When he bend down to adjust his shoes; Salma, pretending to read the magazine by placing it in front of her face, slowly shifted her leg, making a very tiny space for viewing but nothing was clear through it. That rekindled his hope and made him excited. She then slowly lifted her leg to lock it again, this time giving a split-second glimpse of the forbidden region. That was an unexpected jolt. He was in complete disbelieve as to what he saw.

She started turning the pages and ignoring Kareem. Once again, she lifted her leg slightly; to unlock, this time he had a good view of her pussy. She then steadily parted her legs giving a good view of that danger zone, spreading her legs. Kareem got the ultimate view of her pussy. Her vagina was partly shaved on the bottom around her brown labia, but unshaved from her clit upward, revealing a rich, but perfectly shaped dark bush of oriental pubic hair. It just looked adorable and got Kareem aroused. There was a nice bulge in his trousers by now.

She observed from the corner of her eye that his eyes dropped to her exposed pussy, which was blatantly there for him to see. She didn't bother to cover this time and decided to give him a good show. She felt hot about it, and it was an instant turn-on for her.

He gazed at her pussy, with wonder, for some time. This was, indeed, the best day of his life. He slowly left the place, pretending not to have seen anything, a big, stupid grin on his face.

She didn't leave anything for his imagination. The show was subtle and neat. The poor boy would have plenty of wanks, thinking about her pussy. She closed the door after he left and kept recollecting the event. Every time the thought came, she felt thrilled; the very idea of exposing her pussy was driving her wild. She was delighted to have executed her fantasy to perfection.

She gave a buzz to Sonia and there was no reply. It was just a 5 min walk from her apartment so she decided to make a move. It was quite a sunny day outside. The colony has a deserted look during those business hours. When she reached B-block, she saw a couple of college boys pause in their conversation and cast an admiring glance. Enjoying the attention, she moved nonchalantly and slowly, feeling good. Their gaze was more out of genuine admiration. It never purported any vulgarity, which really helped her confidence. The boys must be in their late teens.

She took a gentle step when suddenly a piece of sticky chewing gum stuck on her sandal, which disgusted her. Well, she wanted to get rid of it. Those college boys were still staring at her. She then realized that she was all commando and forgot to put on her underwear. It was too late. She tried to remove the chewing gum by rubbing her sandal against the ground, but that did not work. She wanted to get rid of it permanently by rubbing against the water pipe running through the building. This would look awkward but she was desperate to get rid of it.

She sat on the pipe lifted her knee to remove the sandal first, that lifted her skirt up good enough to expose her pussy again; the boys had a terrific view of her hairy pussy. Their jaws dropped in awe. They couldn't believe their luck. Her nipples tingled as she imagined those two chaps who sneaked a peek at her pussy. She felt jubilant showing herself off. She took her time to remove the chewing gum left over by rubbing hard against the pipe. Meanwhile, their eyes remained glued to her hairy pussy.

She then sashayed past them, and they kept staring at her until she was invisible to them. It was strange that they did not go after her. In no time, she reached Sonia's place. Sonia was suffering from bad cold. She was surprised to see her in this outfit after a long time. "You must be having a great time", she said with a smile. Salma was having a great day so far. It was quite an eventful afternoon. She didn't want to reveal the sleazy incidents that had happened so far.

Sonia's sickness meant no night-out at a pub. That made her undecided and slightly disappointed. She walked out of her place wondering where to go. Well, library would be an ideal place. However, this outfit would definitely shock those geeks and intellectuals who normally hang out there.

There was a library inside the colony build by Professor Gordon. Professor Gordon was an Anglo Indian and a former school principal. He had a diverse collection of books and magazines ranging from various subjects. Fifteen years ago he separated form his wife. He often visits England to meet his daughter and grandchildren. He lives alone and only interacts with his close intellectual group. Professor Gordon is fair and tall in his mid 50's.

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