"Oh god!......... oh!..... please!...I love... Oh! Fuck!"

When I had been working two fingers in and out for a while he started begging me.

"Please, fuck me now! Fuck me now before I come! I want you! I want you so bad!"

I hurriedly fumbled on the rubber, feeling grateful that the package was open as my hands were shaking badly. I positioned myself and pushed. Jeez it was hard work! It felt like pushing against a solid surface. Suddenly something gave in and my dickhead slipped in with a sudden 'pop' that made my whole body hum. He hissed and I was very afraid I had hurt him after all. So I held there. And held. Finally he croaked:

"Are you ok?"

I wheezed in a deep breath and felt a drop of sweat make it's way down my nose.

"What do you mean 'am I ok'?! It's you I'm worried about!"

He gasped and wheezed just as much as I did now.

"Shit I'm fine, I just thought you weren't when you stopped!"

I was shaking now from holding back.

"Are you sure?"

He reached down and spread his ass cheeks wide open.

"I'm sure! Now fuck me dammit!"

With deep sighs from us both, I slowly shoved in until I was at the hilt. God I never knew there was a feeling like this in the world! My heartbeat pounded in my head like a huge drum and my dick seemed to feel for my whole body. Every sensation from that tight place sent echoes through my entire being. I never even noticed it myself when I began thrusting. It felt like the most perfect and natural thing in the whole world. I don't think I could have stopped for anything at that moment.

Luckily, Sam's crying and begging only told me how much he loved it, and his voice rang through the room, spurring me on. The sexy sound of our moist flesh clashing together drove me quickly to the edge and I tumbled over when I heard Sam screaming at me:

"I'm coming babe!"

I collapsed on top of him, while I was still pumping my load deep inside him. I felt his dick twitch against my stomach and the wet spot forming between us.

We just lay like that for ages. Maybe hours, I don't know. I think I even blacked out for a time. The first thing that penetrated my oxygen deprived brain, was Sam's gentle hands stroking the back of my neck.

"God I love you so much."

I smiled and wrenched my eyes open. They felt like they were glued shut. I could see Sam's eyes catching some faint light form a streetlamp somewhere outside. Or maybe he was just glowing on his own. He kissed me so gently I hardly felt it and the moment was so tender it almost made me cry. I had to relieve the tension before I went mad, so I mumbled:

"Yeah, I bet you say that to all the guys."

He laughed. God I loved hearing him laugh.

I felt the rubber slipping off as my dick slowly deflated and I tried to reach down for it, but found that my arms were tangled in the bedspread behind Sam's head. Thankfully Sam felt it too, and quickly grabbed it before it escaped. We both giggled manically at the situation and ended up squeezed awkwardly into the bed beside each other. The wall was cold behind my back so I covered us both with Sam's sheets. He snuggled up against me and sighed contently. I felt very comfortable too and felt myself getting sleepy. I was snapped out of it though by a loud banging on the door.

"If you fags are done screaming in there like a pair of fucking porn stars, then maybe the rest of us can get some sleep!!"

The angry male voice faded and footsteps thumped all the way down the hall.

Sam stiffened against me. I got slightly red in the face, but at least this saved me the trouble of telling everybody I was sleeping with my roommate. The whole college knew now anyway. I heard Sam sniffle.

"What's up stud? Don't tell me that asshole got to you?"

He shook his head.

"No it's just... I'll understand if you don't wanna continue this."

I rubbed my eyes and groaned. Still I couldn't help grinning stupidly.

"Ok, let me get this straight... you've just been fucked sideways by me, making sure we were both loud enough for people at the Maiden's Mug to hear us and now you tell me you'd understand if I went out there and tried to convince everyone that I didn't just have the most incredible experience in my whole damn life!"

He looked at me and held his breath.

"You know I'm used to being the dumb one between us, but it seems more things than my sexuality have been shaken tonight."

He sniffled again.

"But... I thought you just wanted to try. I didn't think you'd want to start a relationship or anything. So I just went with it and enjoyed what you could give me."

I felt slightly annoyed, but still amused.

"Seriously, in all the time you've known me, have you ever seen me treat my friends that shitty?"

He blinked surprised.

"No but... why would you want a relationship with someone you don't love?"

I held his face in my hands and leaned in until our noses touched.

"When did I say that I didn't love you?"

"You just said I was special to you..."

I was impatient for him to understand this.

"Yes, yes, but I'm still figuring this out. I've loved you as a friend for years, but the borders are pretty blurred right now. Aw man... how do I put this..."

I slid one hand behind his head and pressed his forehead against mine, as if I could mentally transfer my emotions to him.

"I love you. And sleeping with someone you love usually means a relationship, right? And... God I sound stupid."

He giggled nervously.

"Ok! Bottom line! I want more, ok?"

I breathed heavily. Damn this feelings crap was hard! Sam kissed me and stroked my forehead.

"It's ok Babe. We'll just take it once step at a time."

I could have cried. He had it totally wrong!

"No, no! That's not what I meant! I mean that either I'm in this completely or not at all!

I started making my way clumsily out of the bed.

"What are you doing?"

I cursed under my breath about stupid twisted sheets and stumbled when I finally released one I could wrap around me.


Sam's voice told me all to clearly he didn't have a clue what I was up to. No matter, he would get it soon enough. I twisted the sheet around my body like a lumpy toga, unlocked the door and stomped down the all too brightly lit hall. I got to the junction between the dorms, where most of the hallways of our dorm spread out from. A perfect place to announce something that would be heard all over the building.

I stopped there, cleared my voice and bellowed out as indecently loud as I could:

"Ladies and Gentlemen!!! I would like to announce that I now play for the opposite team! Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just had hot, fabulous, sinful, sodomizing sex with my best friend and roommate Sam! So all you girls can just fuck off and cry about what you are missing, cause I'm now officially Sam's boyfriend and fucktoy! I don't care what you think, just wanna make sure we're clear! Goodnight to you all!"

I took a deep bow and strode off back towards our room. I saw faces poking out of doors and heard distant wolf-whistles and applauses. I also heard an angry voice shout from another hallway:

"Whatever! Just shut the fuck up!"

Sam was standing in our doorway with a blanket around him and a stupid grin on his face.

"Holy crap, you didn't just do that?!"

I bowed to him and grinned back.

"I most certainly did, my dear. And I'm not done yet!"

With that I grabbed him, swung him around and dipped him down like a dancing partner and kissed him passionately for the whole hall to see.

I've never been good at this feelings crap, but he finally got it.

And I certainly got to know myself better.

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