tagBDSMSam Meets the Neighbor Ch. 03

Sam Meets the Neighbor Ch. 03


This is my third installment of Sam's saga. I hope you all enjoy it. Thanks ahead of time to those that will comment. I really appreciate you taking time to tell me what you think.

Warning: This story contains adult themes including adultery. If you are not 18, you may not read this. If you find adultery within a fantasy upsetting, you probably shouldn't read this either. You have been warned.

The following Monday started like any other work week. Scott had risen early and gone to work. Sam didn't have to be in until one o'clock so she was doing a little work around the house. She really enjoyed doing her house work nude and today was no exception. She loved to feel the air moving over her body as she walked. She had her hair pulled back in a ponytail again to expose her neck as well. As she was picking up some of Scott's clothes and putting them in the hamper she heard a loud truck stopping and starting in the street in front of their house. "Oh damn! That's the garbage truck. I bet Scott forgot to put the can out at the street again." She raced to the front window and her suspicions were confirmed.

The can wasn't out there and the truck was two houses away. She sprinted to the bedroom and grabbed a light robe and hurriedly put it on. Then she ran out the back door and grabbed the can. Pulling it down the driveway, she met the garbage truck just as it pulled up at their curb. The two guys on the back gave loud whistles and shouts as they saw her standing with only the practically see-through robe on and obviously naked underneath. Her face turned bright red showing her embarrassment. Her nipples hardened under the sheer fabric further betraying her modesty and delighting the workers. She turned as one of the men grabbed the can and she ran back to the house. Completely embarrassed by the experience, she didn't stop until she was at the back door.

As she grasped the knob and turned, she realized the door was locked and she couldn't get back in. "Oh, great. I have to be at work in a little over an hour and I don't have keys, or phone, or even clothes. Now what am I going to do?" She thought for a minute and decided to try Robert, next door. Maybe he will be able to get her back in her house. She pulled the sheer robe tightly around her and walked next door. There were two cars in his drive. She knew one belonged to him but she didn't recognize the other. Standing at Robert's back door, she pushed the doorbell button. She heard the bell inside so she waited for Robert to arrive. After several minutes she looked back to be sure it was Robert's car in the drive. No way he's sleeping at this hour of the day. And he even had company.

She rang the bell again and gave a few quick taps on the glass. She could see inside his kitchen but nothing was stirring at all. A couple more minutes passed and Robert hadn't come to the door. Now what was she to do. Robert was the only neighbor that she had met thus far. One last look in the glass and just as she was going to turn she saw movement in the house. Robert came to the door and opened it. He was standing in the doorway with an angry scowl on his face and only shorts on his body. "What the hell do you want?" She had obviously not picked an inopportune time for her request of him.

"Oh I'm so sorry Robert. I've interrupted something. No worries. Forget I was here," she said as she backed away from his door.

"You didn't answer my question missy. What the hell do you want?" She continued to back away. "Stop!" he commanded. She immediately froze. "Come back here to me." She felt herself slump and she did as she was told. "What do you want? It's obviously important or you wouldn't be here dressed like that." She gathered her robe around her and tried to hide the arousal she felt in her stomach.

"I'm afraid I have accidentally locked myself out of house," she said in a soft sheepish voice. "I was hoping you might be able to help me get in or perhaps call Scott for me so he can let me in." She hated herself for acting so weak. How did he do this to her? She could feel her nipples hardening. She hoped he didn't notice but how could he miss them. Double D's under a silky robe were impossible to hide. Hard nipples on those boobs were impossible to not notice. He stood silently for what seemed to her like several minutes with a big grin on his face.

"Sure, I can get you back in your house. Let me grab my wallet." He went back in the house and re-emerged seconds later with his wallet in his hand. They both started walking toward her house. This was the first time she had seen him without a shirt. He kept himself in good shape. There wasn't any fat you might expect on an older man. His chest was full and hard. His arms were lean but heavily muscled. His waist was relatively small and his stomach firm and there was a distinct bulge in his shorts revealing his ample endowment. His gate was so masculine and self assured, she had to break almost into a jog just to keep up with him. As she walked, she realized that she was becoming moist as the air passed through her robe giving her a cool sensation between her legs.

"Ok, let's see here," Robert said as they approached her door. His booming deep voice snapped her out of her deep thoughts. He pulled his driver's license out of his wallet and slipped it between the door and the jamb. A few quick tugs and pushes on the card and the door opened.

"Oh, wow! That wasn't hard was it? Sure makes a girl feel safe." she said in a sarcastic tone.

"That's why you should always lock your dead bolt. If it had been locked, I wouldn't have gotten you in." he replied as he returned his license to his wallet and his wallet to his back pocket.

"Ok, well thank you so much Robert for your help." She turned her back to him and began to squeeze past into her house.

"Wait a minute missy. You are not getting off that easy."

"What do you mean, that easy?"

"You didn't answer my question when I asked you what you wanted. That was very disrespectful." He answered as he stepped into her house. "You must be punished." With that he pulled out a chair from the kitchen table and sat down. He motioned to his lap and looked up at her. She stood silently for a moment contemplating his actions and then responded.

"Oh no. You are not going to spank me again." She lifted her hands as if fending him off and backed away.

"I will sit here for one minute and wait for you to present yourself for your punishment." he responded. He glanced down at his wrist watch.

"What do you mean, present myself?" she asked.

"You will kneel in front of me with your hands behind your back and your head down. You will respectfully request your punishment." The mental picture he was putting in her head excited her. She could feel her nipples responding to the idea. Her cunt began to moisten again and she felt the yearning build as it had after her first spanking. She was a strong woman and controlled her world. A fact for which she was very proud. So why did she so want to give that up to this man? Why would she submit to him? Why would she betray Scott? She wouldn't. She gathered her robe around herself and stood tall.

"No. It's not going to happen again. I hope we can be friends Robert but I will not let you do that to me again."

"Very well Sam. Of course we can be friends. I respect your decision and I will not offer this to you again." he said with a warm smile. He rose and made his way to the back door. "Enjoy your day Sam."

"Thank you Robert. And thank you so much for helping me get in." She closed the door behind him and locked it. She made her way back to the bedroom and removed her robe. She caught a glimps of herself in the mirror causing her to stop and admire her figure. Her big full double D breasts hung from her small frame. Her large pale areoles and swollen dark pink nipples cried out for her attention. She gently stroked the underside of her breasts with both hands and turned back and forth before the mirror watching herself. She firmly pinched each nipple between her finger and thumb twisting them and felt the familiar pulse of pleasure run from her nipples to her moist pussy. Glancing at the clock, she realized she had and hour to get to work. Plenty of time for some fun.

She turned and fell backwards into the bed. She was aware that she was aroused but did not expect how wet her pussy was. Her juices had seeped out and were running down the inside of her thighs. She dipped two fingers into her sopping cunt and pulled them up to her clit. She began making slow circles on her button while squeezing each breast and twisting each nipple. Robert always seemed to have this affect on her. She wasn't sure why and she certainly wasn't comfortable with that fact but here she was again. She thought about how commanding he looked when he sat and waited for her in the kitchen today. She thought about how his hand stung her ass with every strike the first day she met him. How she struggled against him but was forced to submit.

She pulled and twisted hard on each nipple, almost to the point of crying out. The pain was considerable but it felt so good too. She began to spank her drenched pussy, hard then harder. Oh fuck that felt good. She frantically reached into the bedside table drawer and pulled out her dildo. She shoved it into her wet cunt as deep as it would go all in one stroke. She was getting close. Her breathing was faster but shallow. Two or three strokes in her pussy and then she pulled it and shoved it deep into her ass. Ohhhhhhh fuck! Again intense pain shot through her. Her ass hole stung and burned for being stretched so quickly. She slapped one tit and then the other hard. Her senses were being overloaded.

Her eyes rolled back in her head as she slapped her clit and her body began to convulse. Spanking her pussy, she uttered an almost primal moan. Her mouth opened as she screamed silently, her diaphragm and core straining and locking up. Wave after wave of extasy flowed through her. She had never experienced an orgasm so intense. Slowly her body returned to her control. She was soaked with sweat from head to toe. She had never done those things to herself. She had never slapped her clit or pussy lips before. Never had she slapped her breasts or rammed her dildo in her ass so violently. Yet it felt amazing.

Something had happened; something seemed to have awakened within her. It was frightening and yet so natural. Was this who she really was? How did Robert cause this in her? What else might he awaken? Why didn't he just grab her today as he did the first day? She realized she had been rubbing her pussy and clit while she was pondering her situation. She was close again. She continued rubbing her pussy while again fucking her ass with the dildo. She thought about Roberts cock. How the bulge was so prominent in his shorts and how thick it must be. How she wished it was him in her ass. That pushed her over the edge and she came again. Not as intensely as before, but satisfying none the less. After several minutes to recover, slowly she pulled the dildo from her butt and looked up at the clock. Forty minutes left. Better hit the showers.

While showering, Sam had to resist her urges to masturbate again. She had cum twice on the bed and she was still horny. She quickly did hair and makeup and was soon out the door. She paused at her car door when she saw Robert and a woman exiting his house. They stood by what must have been her car for several minutes engaging in small talk. The woman was very attractive. She was dressed in business attire, black jacket and skirt. Black high heels made her already long legs look very sexy. A white collared shirt completed her look. She had very short black hair parted on the side and wore gold earrings and bright red lipstick. She leaned into Robert and gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek before stepping into her car.

Robert noticed Sam watching and gave her a short wave as the woman got into her car. Sam flushed red with embarrassment and quickly got into her own car and backed out of her driveway. Driving to work, Sam wondered who the woman was and realized that she had seen her car that morning when she went to Robert for help. She had to have been at Roberts house all morning. All day at work Sam thought about Robert and the woman she saw. She found that she was strangely gelious of the mystery woman. What was the nature of their relationship? Maybe she was his daughter. Sam couldn't concentrate on work at all. She noticed that the yearning to be with Robert never passed. By the drive home she was a wreck. Her evening wasn't much better. Several times she was caught thinking about Robert and completely missed what Scott had said to her. It was becoming an obsession for her.

Tuesday started just as Monday had. Scott left early for work. Sam straightened up around the house naked. She was still completely distracted by thoughts of Robert. After her cleaning was done she went to the bedroom and retrieved the same thin robe from yesterday. She wrapped it around herself and went out the back door. She knew what she must do. Reaching Robert's back door, she rang the doorbell. Then she stepped back, dropped to her knees, put her hands behind her back, and dropped her head. She stayed motionless for several minutes before she heard the door open. With his low commanding voice Robert spoke saying, "I expected you this morning."

"Sir, may I please receive my punishment?" Sam requested in a soft almost whisper.

"Rise and come inside slut."

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