tagBDSMSam Meets the Neighbor Ch. 05

Sam Meets the Neighbor Ch. 05


Warning: This story contains BDSM, Adultery and Cuckoldry. If you dislike or disapprove of such practices, I suggest you not read it. If you do and then feel compelled to write a nasty comment, please understand that I don't give a crap what you think and your comment will be deleted.

All constructive criticism and comments are encouraged and will be given serious consideration. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy it.


Sam shut Robert's back door behind herself and grabbed the sides of her robe wrapping it around her as she walked back to her house. She could still taste Roberts essence and hoped that she would be able to all day. Entering her house, she checked the clock in the kitchen. Oh damn, she would have to hurry as it was already 8:35 and she was due at work at 9:00. She hurriedly showered and threw on some clothes. Makeup would have to be applied in the car.

As she exited her house and moved towards her car, she noticed the dark haired woman's car was once again parked in Robert's drive. A wave of jealousy overtook her as though she were a school girl seeing another girl talking to her boyfriend. She wanted to wait and see the woman again but she had to leave. During her short drive and most of her day, she obsessed over who the woman could be. As she neared her house that afternoon she found herself looking for the car but it wasn't there.

The next day, Wednesday, was like any other. Sam didn't obsess over Robert or the woman. Things were good with Scott. They had made love twice since she had seen Robert and Sam was satisfied and never thought about or longed for more. Thursday afternoon, Sam got a call from Scott while she was at work. Scott began,"Hey babe. Some of the guys are going to the beach for the weekend to play golf. Do you mind if I go?"

"No. Of course I don't mind," she replied.

"Well I didn't know if you had any plans so I thought I would check with you first. We will be leaving tomorrow after work and coming back Sunday. I'll keep my phone with me in case you need anything, and you can always go to Robert next door if there is a problem."

"Oh don't worry Scott, I'll be fine sweetie." She actually enjoyed her time alone and she had plenty to do to keep herself occupied for the weekend. That afternoon as she arrived home she saw the woman's car in Robert's drive again. As she pulled into the drive, she could see Robert and the woman standing on his back deck. She was again impeccably dressed in a navy suit coat and skirt. Matching navy heels and a navy bag completed her look. She certainly looked to be someone of importance, her perfectly coiffed hair and matching bright red lips and nails accentuated her striking beauty. Sam couldn't decide whether she was jealous or had a girl crush; perhaps both.

Sam watched intently as they talked. She noticed that the woman took Robert's hand and kissed it as though paying homage. Was she also his sub? The idea unsettled Sam. She didn't like the possibility of being one of many. Of course then she realized that she wasn't really his sub. She had had a couple encounters with Robert. That was all. She wasn't even sure that she would ever do it again.

Suddenly she was aware that she was staring at Robert and his guest, and he was looking back at her! She quickly averted her eyes and felt the flush of embarrassment well up in her. She sat motionless in her car hoping Robert wouldn't say anything. She glanced back at Robert and saw that he was still looking her way as his friend walked to her car. Again Sam flushed. She heard the car back out of Robert's drive and leave. She waited with head down...

She finally glanced back up hoping Robert was no longer there. He was... staring at her still. Her heart sunk. Without a smile, he turned and went into his house. Damn, why did she do that! Now she would have to go over there. She didn't know how she knew that, but she was sure. Reluctantly, Sam exited her car and walked to Robert's back door. She knocked... After about twenty seconds she heard Robert. "Come," was all he said. She opened the door and entered with her head down.

"Kneel", commanded Robert and she quickly complied. "What you did was very rude wasn't it?"

"Yes Sir, and I'm very sorry." she said quietly.

"You know what you must do, don't you?"

"Yes sir. I must be punished." she answered. "But please not now Sir. Scott will be home soon."

"Yes I realize that that would be a problem. So when do you suggest?"

"I just found out that Scott will be leaving town for the weekend tomorrow Sir. Perhaps Saturday will meet with your approval."

"Yes, that will be suitable. You will be here at the door at 6:00 a.m. Do not touch the bell or the door. Simply kneel and wait. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir. Oh, what shall I wear?"

"The same robe you did last time will do. Now go," he commanded.

Sam dropped her head lower and rose to her feet slowly. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she turned to leave. She was so excited that she could barely grip the door knob to turn it. She left quickly but quietly and slowly pulled the door shut behind herself. She took a few steps toward home and realized she was unsteady on her feet. She leaned against the corner of the house for a moment to gather herself.

As she headed toward her house, she felt the familiar sensation of wetness between her legs. Sam was very aroused and had to do something about immediately. She rushed into her bedroom and fell into the bed. Scott would be home in twenty minutes or so but that was plenty of time.

She reached into her shirt and pushed her bra up releasing her right breast. She firmly pinched and twisted the nipple. Her breath caught as the sensation shot through her. She thought about Roberts big hands and how her flesh stung beneath them as he spanked her. With the other hand she unsnapped her pants and pushed them down enough to rub her sex. The crotch of her panties were soaked as she rubbed through them and against her clit. She could almost feel how Robert had controlled her with his hand holding both her arms.

She moved her first hand to the other side of her chest and pushed her bra up on that side as well. She firmly squeezed her other breast and pulled on the nipple. She could feel Robert's girth as she imagined him in her mouth again. Her fingers pushed her panties aside and she thrust two of them into her pussy. She remembered the smell of Robert's musk. Now the first hand joined the second frantically rubbing her clit as she fingered herself. Her soft moans became louder as her orgasm built. She could taste Roberts seed as he shot streams down her throat.

Her back arched and she stiffened against her orgasm as it flooded through her. She screamed and strained silently as wave after wave overtook her. Oh god that felt so good. She was motionless as she enjoyed the afterglow. Suddenly she heard Scott's car. She jumped up and tore off her clothes throwing them about as she headed to the shower. She stood aside as the water flowed waiting for it to get hot. She heard Scott enter the house and call to her. "I'm back here baby!" she yelled to him. She screamed slightly as the hot water hit her boob.

"You okay?" he asked her as he entered the bathroom.

"Yeah, I just slipped a bit," she replied.

Scott opened the shower door and asked, "Mind if I join you?" He was already taking off his clothes.

"No baby, come on in." She stepped back as Scott entered. He grabbed her and held her close to him. They kissed deeply.

"Thanks for understanding about the beach trip," he told her. "I guess you will be bored to death while I'm gone."

"Oh I'm sure I'll find something to do, she answered. She kissed him again. His hand dropped between her legs and he inserted a finger into her sex.

"I think you are ready for me," he said with a smile.

"I'm always ready for you baby," she answered in hushed tones at his ear. She parted her legs slightly to give him easy access. Her hand dropped to his member and she was not surprised to find him already hard. Sam slowly stroked Scott's cock as his mouth found her nipple. He gently sucked as his hand held her breast. His other hand was still busy fingering and rubbing her pussy.

Sam lifted one of her legs and placed it on Scott's shoulder as she guided his firm shaft to her ready opening. Scott pushed forward and slowly buried his cock into her pussy. She moaned at the sensation of being filled. He withdrew and slowly pushed deep filling her again.

Withdrawing and re-entering her, he established a slow sensuous rhythm while caressing both breasts; kissing and licking each nipple in turn. She grabbed his face and kissed him passionately. She adored how he made love to her. Always attentive, eager, and yet gentle, she felt his love for her with every movement.

As his breathing became ragged, Sam could tell Scott was nearing orgasm. She held him close and looked deeply into his eyes. His eyes closed and he pushed deep for his release. She loved the feeling of being bathed from within by his warm cum. She squeezed down on his pulsing member, milking the hot seed from his cock.

They held each other tightly as he softened and slipped from inside her. He kissed her deeply once more and then moved away from her carefully while lowering her leg from his shoulder. They continued to kiss and caress as they soaped each other's bodies.

Finishing their shower, they went about having a normal, typical evening. As the night ended with them in bed, Sam felt a mix of emotions about the coming weekend.She was excited about the coming session with Robert and finally getting a real taste of the Ds relationship. But the guilt was there as well. She felt so loved and safe with Scott and he was so good to her. She just couldn't bring herself to tell him that he wasn't enough for her sexually.

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