tagNonHumanSam the Christmas Fairy Ch. 01

Sam the Christmas Fairy Ch. 01


I have to tell you... none of us are named "Tink" or "Sugerplum," and we're nothing like you see in the movies or on TV. Don't look so surprised. Yes, I know about all things human. We don't live in some fantastical magical forest, we don't glow in the dark, and there is no such thing as "pixie dust." We live in the real world, just like you do. We're around you all of the time. You just can't see us, because we don't appear in your light spectrum. You know how only dogs can hear dog whistles? Well, it's kind of like that.

Me? Oh, I'm Sam. And this is my job. You think I'm kidding? Look, fairies don't grant magical wishes or transform wooden puppets into real boys. That's for the fairy tales. (And how our names got attached to that lot, I'll never know!) What's my job? It's boring, really. You don't want to hear about...

You do? Alright then... Fairies keep track of and fulfill what you humans call "fate." Ever looked it up in the dictionary? From the Latin, fatum, literally, "what has been spoken," from neuter of fatus, past participle of fari, "to speak." Fari... Fairy... you see what happened there?

So, basically, I listen to The Voice and do its bidding. That's my job. I told you it was boring! Like today, I'm sitting on the arm of a recliner, next to Joe, here, who hasn't worked in two years. In fact, he's practically not left this recliner in two years. But today, Joe's got a job interview. How did that happen? Well, that was me. Joe used to work CAD in the auto industry. Today, he's got an interview with Boeing. He won't get the job. Of course, he doesn't know that. The important thing is, he needs to be late to his interview.

His wife, Lynn... that's her, over there, wiping her hands on the dish towel. She's been waitressing and borrowing money from her family, trying to keep them afloat. She's thrilled that he's got an interview, and is probably happier with him today than she's been in years. I can use that. Watch.

Joe's easy. Men are, you know. The power of suggestion is huge with them. All I have to do is stand on his shoulder and whisper into his ear. It's not talking, really, in case you were gonna call foul on the whole you can't see or hear us thing. You can't, trust me. It's more like... breathing. I just kind of lean in and breathe into his ear. It might translate into something, in words, like, "Look at your wife," and check it out, Joe's turning his head! See what I mean? Easy peasy.

"Are you ready, baby?" See how she comes to stand next to the recliner like that? That was me. Look at the way she's looking at him. So hopeful. Now she's staring at the Christmas tree in the corner and thinking about how they're going to afford presents, and hoping he'll get a paycheck again before then. God, this job sucks sometimes. I hate knowing what's going to happen next. It's like knowing the ending to every book. Why read, then, you know what I'm saying?

"As I'll ever be!" See how he smiles up at her? The way his eyes move over the front of her t-shirt? Yep, me again. Ahh, there we go. Lynn isn't as easy, but for women, I don't even have to be close. It isn't breath with them, it's more like a "push." I guess you'd call it a thought, a suggestion. It isn't really, but whatever it takes for you to at least sort of understand...

See how she's straddling him? Well... we know where this is going, now, right? If there's one thing I enjoy, it's watching humans interact this way. We fairies have no gender, you know. That whole masculine and feminine thing doesn't translate. So if you were wondering, if I was a girl fairy or a boy fairy—I'm just Sam, that's all. We don't have all those interesting, fleshy parts.

I mean, look how they fumble with each other, their mouths and tongues mashing together like that? This is the only time I wonder what it must be like, to be human. The look on their faces at that moment of joining... see? The way his eyes close and his mouth opens, the way her head goes back and she grips his shoulders and digs her nails in... there's something there. Something really... interesting.

"Harder, baby!" There's that raspy gasp and clutch as she rocks on him, and you can actually hear their flesh coming together, like wet music that fills the room. Me, I just sit on the back of the recliner and enjoy the ride. All the thrusting and grunting and rocking is happening so fast, I have to hold on tight. Their whispers and moans grow louder, in spite of Lynn's words, "Shhhh, the kids are napping..."

"Ohhhh fuck, baby, I'm gonna cum!" Ahh, now this is the moment I love. How fleeting, how powerful... watching them arch and grab each other! The whole chair is shaking with the force of it, shuddering and rocking, and I'm holding on tight, that funny feeling kind of glowing in my middle as I watch.

Now's the time. It's just late enough. Hopping back onto Joe's shoulder, I breathe into his ear, just a little reminder.

"Ohhhh god, Lynn!" There, he's looking at his watch. "I'm gonna be late!"

Off she scrambles, and he's zipping up and grabbing his briefcase. That kiss and wave and the call of "Good luck!" she gives him out the door would break my heart if I had one. Damn, but he's cruising! I might have to slow him down again. That cell phone call he's making, telling them he's stuck in traffic—it isn't going to matter.

Ah, here we are. Parking structure, down the elevator, out into the street. Two blocks to walk. He's hustling, but I give him a slow down, make him look into a store window. There's a toy display, a train running through the center that says, "Santa's Express." He's thinking about his son, Peter, who asked Santa for Thomas the Tank Engine this year. Good. Peter won't get his toy, but Joe's slowed just a little. Just enough.

Here we are. The intersection du jour. How many times have I done this, I wonder? Joe is in a hurry, and I give him that last push not to wait for the light. He does the right thing, looks left, right, then left again. Off he goes, puffing across the street, between a small gap in the busy traffic.

"Whoa, little one, where are you going?" Joe grabs the child, toddling in a fat blue snowsuit, into the road.

"David!" The child's mother screams, grabbing him from Joe and hugging him close. Her attention had been diverted just for a moment by the baby in the stroller on her left. "Oh my god, thank you! You saved his life!"

Yep. Joe mumbles something and takes off toward the interview for a job he isn't going to get. The mother—her name is Anna—is still rocking and admonishing little David. I move around them to follow Joe, but... damn, there's The Voice again. Looks like I'm gonna be with Anna for a while. This time of year is so damned busy!

At least this next one turns out a little better for everyone. Stick around and see. I tell you, a fairy's work is never done!


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