tagFirst TimeSamantha Falls for Internet Bad Boy

Samantha Falls for Internet Bad Boy


"What should I wear?"

"I don't know! I can't believe he's coming over there. You're crazy girl!"

Was I crazy? I didn't think so. Just infatuated with an older boy -- not a boy, a college guy. And he was on his way over to my house! I didn't have much more time to plan and this phone call with my friend Jenna wasn't helping.

I had to put on something hot for him, throw everything into the closet so it looked clean, and somehow tell my Mom! Yeesh.

"Samantha -- do something shocking and put on a bathing suit! A bikini or something!"

"Hmm, that is good. He'll really be into me I bet when he sees that!"

"I know, right! A college guy, I can't believe it...you're so lucky," said Jenna.

"Well, he said he has a friend, so maybe we can double after today if he still wants to hang with me." I said.

"Why wouldn't he want to hang with you, Samantha!? You're hot! Are you scared about seeing him for the first time -- you only met online last week! What if he sent you a fake pic or is all psycho?"

"I don't think his pics are all fakes. He's so cute! And we've talked on the phone, I think he's nice and sweet and a little dark! Look, I gotta go, he'll be here soon" I said.

"OK, call me as soon as he leaves and tell me everything! Actually, text me while he's there and let me know what's going on!" said Jenna.

"You're nuts. OK, bye Jenna!"

"Byyyyye Samantha...have fuuuuun!"

I had 30 minutes left. I threw everything in the closet even though I didn't think we'd be up in my room. Then I went to talk to my Mom.

"Hi Mom!"

"Hey honey, what's up?"

"Uuum, I have a friend coming over, is that OK?

"Yeah, sure. Who is it?"

"John -- he's a friend, um, of Jenna's."

"A boy? Hmmm. I don't know. With your father out of town I don't think you should have company like that."

"Oh Mom, he's a good guy, I know it! Please??? I want to hang out with him a little. Maybe he'll ask me to prom next month!"

"OK, but no closed doors and no nonsense. I want to meet him too."

"Thanks Mom!! You're the best, I love you!"


My Mom smiled after agreeing and I couldn't be happier. I could see she was a little worried like any mother would be. What with her 18 year old daughter about the graduate from High School in a month and a boy coming over to the house. I've dated before but it was always boys of parents my parents knew. I wasn't about to tell my Mom this guy was older. 21 to be exact. And in college. She would never say yes.

I ran up stairs to get on my bathing suit. I figured I did look great, and it would seem like I was just chillin' out at the pool -- not frantically trying to impress him.


I couldn't get there fast enough. My Mom beat me to it. The look of shock was obvious on her face. This wasn't a boy. This was a man. John was tall, 6 feet probably. He was built like a football quarterback. He was a little dark -- his skin was tan, but his attitude was also little rough. But he was pleasant at the same time. It was strange. There was something evil and mysterious behind his dark eyes. And he...brought a friend?

"Hi, I'm John. This is my friend Steve."

"Uhhh, hi" my Mom muttered. She was flustered and unsure and upset.

They stood there awkwardly for a few seconds so I knew I had to act fast to get things moving.

"Hi John!" I said from the top of the stairs.

All three of them looked up at me. John's eyes met mine and he slowly scanned my body up and down. Steve just looked right at me and smiled a bit. I didn't think it was possible, but my Mom's jaw dropped down even further.

I was wearing my one piece swimming suit and some sandals. I try to cover up a lot because boys do tend to stare at me. I'm told I have a fantastic body -- boys look at me like they want to eat me alive. I don't understand the appeal; I think I'm just normal.

I'm 5'5, 110 pounds. I have dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I have an athletic body from years of sports, but I don't really play much anymore because...because of my very large breasts. They do get in the way for almost everything and tend to hurt when I run or get hit in the chest. They are embarrassing for me, and sometimes my family when others stare. But the boys are sure taken with them.

"Hi Samantha. It's good to see you..."

Before he could finish I needed to set the story straight for everyone!

"Yes, it's been a while since we hung out...with Jenna right?"

John smiled out of the corner of his mouth and nodded. "Yes, how is Jenna doing."

Before I could answer, John looked down at my Mom who was still in shock and said "I'm happy to finally meet you. Samantha has spoken very highly of you and Chuck."

"Uuuuh, thanks. I'm sorry to say she hasn't mentioned you to me OR Charles." My Mom said this as she scanned from John, to Steve and finally at me. I was probably in a bit of trouble. But my Mom is cool and would wait until out guests left to yell and punish me.

After a few more silent seconds, I happily bounced down the steps and took John by the hand to go outside to the pool. We all three quietly made our way out and my Mom still didn't leave the doorway...or close her mouth.

John, Steve, and I talked for a while outside. We appeared to be just catching up, but it was more like just getting to know each other. John and I met online through friends of friends. We hit it off online and quickly started talking on the phone. Now that we met in person I knew the chemistry was there between us for real! I was so excited. I really liked John -- he was HOT and great to talk with. Steve was rather silent, but chimed in from time to time with sarcastic remarks.

I could see my Mom watching from the kitchen window. We weren't going to be able to get away with anything from here. She came out a few times to bring us lemonade, some snacks, and then once without anything. She just stood there like she had a reason but forgot or just wanted to break up the party and thought better of it. I was a bit stressed out about it, but spending time with John was a bit more important to me at the moment.

Steve went inside to use the bathroom. My Mom wasn't in the window. As we sat on the edge of the pool next to each other, John dropped the straw from his glass. We both bent down to pick it up and as our faces were an inch apart I felt the blood rush from me in a flash and I was on fire. I wanted him to kiss me desperately.

We stared at each other for a long second and then he slowly, slowly moved his lips closer to mine. He lightly brushed his lips across mine and slowly moved them across to my cheek. My mouth involuntarily opened and I exhaled breathlessly to coax him back over. He came slowly back and kissed my top then bottom lip and I moaned out loud.

My hands went up to the side of his head to pull him in closer. One of his hands did the same and the other went to my side to guide me closer to his hard body. Our lips parted and I felt the tip of his tongue enter my mouth. I hadn't kissed much. It was mostly lips closed, and little pecks. I was a bit inexperienced to say the least. Rare for a girl my age. And from what I'm told, rare from a girl who looks like I do.

We kissed passionately like that for a few seconds until I heard the patio door slide open loudly. John and I both jumped back, hearts pounding from the sexual tension and fear. It was just Steve.

"Uuuh, oops, sorry. You have a TV or something. You know, so you two can have some alone time."

John and I looked at each other. John was smiling a bit and I was embarrassed and a bit on edge. I did want alone time but John was so new, and my Mom was home, and we just met and there was Steve. I was confused and excited and just overwhelmed from the kiss.

"Um, sure. Follow me into the den. It's the other door off the patio."

I felt them following behind me as I led them to the den. "Here, TV."

"WOW!" Exclaimed Steve. "This is nice! This is your den."

"Yes, our den is here, and my father's office is through there."

"Steve, why don't you pick out something good to watch and we'll join you in a minute. Samantha was going to show me her father's office."

I looked up at him puzzled. I was? I didn't remember even mentioning it, nor was there anything interesting in the adjoining office room. Was I that dizzy from our kiss?

"Haha, sure no problem. I'll find a nice movie to put on."

John pointed with his head to the office in the next room and we walked together, he followed again behind me. As we got in there I walked to my father's desk. It was clutter free without his laptop there. Behind his desk was a giant book case with a reading ledge at its middle. It is kind of at the same height as the desk so he could swing his chair from the desk to book case to read or work.

John stood behind me as I faced my father's desk and before I could turn around I felt his hands on my shoulders rubbing them. I instantly turned to mush in his hands and leaned backward into him. My head fell to his chest as I relaxed in his hands. I felt his head closer to mine, his hot breath on my neck, and then his lips. I gasped out loud "OH!". I was caught by surprise and my body was again on fire.

His tongue worked over my neck and ears and I was breathing heavily. My eyes, once closed were now wide looking around -- was Steve watching? My Mom? Oh my God, what if we got caught!? The door -- it's closed! I was nervous and John could tell. His hands stopped on my shoulders and his head rested at my neck.

I relaxed a bit as I felt his hands leave my shoulders and run down my arms. I wanted him badly but I didn't even know what that meant. And we weren't alone! As his hands settled next to mine he gently touched my hips. I was burning again inside. And then he violently grabbed me and roughly jolted me back into him.

"OH!" I gasped out even louder this time. I knew Steve heard that in the other room. I was a bit in shock, but I also felt something exploding inside me -- and outside me something was rock hard at my rear end. I was bent a little at the waist by the force of the movement and I looked back over my shoulder at John, eyes wide in a bit of a panic and anticipation of what was going to happen next.

He gripped me tightly against his groin and I felt his hard dick. I had never felt one or seen one in person. My girlfriends and I would laugh at internet pictures or videos. But now there was a giant hard one behind me and I could feel it. He ground forcefully into me. I was nervous but hot and exited by the entire thing at the same time. Each time I felt him gyrate a bit behind me I let out involuntary groans, gasps, and moans. I was in big trouble if I didn't stop this soon! My eyes burned into him -- both pleading to stop and go on at the same time.

His hands moved from my hips inward to my thighs as they crept closer and closer to middle of my legs. He wanted to touch me "there" -- and I wanted him too badly, but it wasn't safe! I tried closing my legs but he was having none of that and was able to hold my legs open with his arms alone.

"WAIT! NO!" I said in a loud, panting whisper, eyes pleading. My hands grasped at his to try and stop him but it was too late. His finger tips were brushing over my hot little spot and my body was working against my judgment.

My hands, once fighting to keep him away, now loosened a bit, and actually helped move his hands closer. His touch there felt fantastic. Better than any feeling I have ever had. My mouth was open and the lust I felt in my eyes was starting to match the lust I saw in his.

"Oh my God John please we can't do this. Steve is right there. My Mom is...somewhere. And I..I've never done anything like this. Please -- oh God, please it feels so good. We can't."

John didn't respond with words, just actions. A forceful shove from behind with his hips and hard cock, hands fighting to get under my swimming suit at my hot pussy, and lips now planted firmly on mine. It was a full assault on my body and he was winning. I wasn't even trying to stop him anymore.

I felt the tips of his right hand push under the bottom of my swimming suit and then gently rub me. I was panting like crazy and slowing losing my grip. I fell forward a bit and clutched his right hand with mine. I was scared he would go further and scared he would stop. His left hand had moved up and was now just beneath my large left breast. I reached up to hold that hand too but did nothing has he slowly moved it over my breast and clutched it hard.

"Oh my God, this feels so good. My head is spinning John, what are you doing to me!?"

"Do you like the way I'm touching you Samantha? Your body sure likes it."

"I want you so badly John. You're driving me crazy! I've never felt this before."

"What do you want Sam? Tell me, I want to hear you say it."

"I don't even know. I don't want you to stop. I want you to do more."

"Tell me what you want Sam."

"Your hands. Your fingers. Deeper." I swallowed hard as I said it and then let out a loud moan as his fingers invaded me. I buckled over and had to grasp for the edge of the desk for support. I was bent in half now. He had some fingers deep inside my pussy, and others rubbed me from the outside. I was getting soaked and I didn't even know that was possible.

John's left hand was working over my left breast. He grabbed at the material of suit to squeeze my nipples. They were getting rock hard at his touch and it felt amazing as he rubbed and pulled them. But that wasn't enough. He reached up and pulled the strap down over my shoulder and my large breast popped out of my suit. His hand immediately mauled me at the top and bottom.

"John what are you doing with your hands. Oh my God, it feels so good. What are you doing to me? Please don't stop! OH MY GOD, WHAT IS HAPPENING! OH! UUUHHH! OOOOH JOHN! JOHN! JOHN!"

"Cum for me Sammy. Come on baby, that's it. Yes, cum Sammy!"

I was panting and shaking and gushing stuff from my insides all over John's hands and my legs. It was my first orgasm and it was amazing! My first orgasm quickly became my second one too fast.

"Stop! OH MY GOD, not again! Please, I can't take it, stop! JOHN! JOHN! OH MY GOD, here it comes again! PLEASE NO! UUUH! UUUH! AAAHAH GOD JOHN YEEEES!

I wasn't whispering loudly anymore. Or panting loudly. I was just being loud. I was probably near yelling at this point and I couldn't stop it nor did I want to. I knew Steve heard all of this. My Mom though, where was she? She must have heard this if she was anywhere in, or even near, the house.

I looked back over my shoulder finally at John. I was coming down off my high and was now a bit embarrassed, and a bit mad, and still quite a bit horny; I knew what that meant now just like I knew what an orgasm was, and how a real kiss felt.

John slowly helped me up and turned me around. I adjusted my suit so that I was covered up again. We turned around 180 degrees. My back was to the bookcase now. He kissed me again and I melted into his body -- completely in love and lust.

I took the lead this time and reached down taking his shirt up and over his head. His body was perfect; hard, sculpted, tan, rough and smooth at the same time. I kissed his chest and sucked on his nipples each for a few seconds.

Before I knew what happened, he had me up and sitting on the flat middle of the bookcase -- the reading ledge. His hands disappeared down below us as he mouth invaded mine again.

I felt his hands at the bottom of my suit again and waited for the amazing sensations of his fingers and orgasmic bliss. He roughly pulled at my suit moving it far over and it felt like he was trying to put all his fingers in me at once, but...it was different.

I felt him push at me and it hurt this time a little. "Ow, easy, it's too many."

"Too many what, Sam?"

I looked down and it wasn't too many, it was too much of one thing. "OH MY GOD NO WAY! John, I am a virgin! Steve is right in there; my Mom! WE CAN'T! STOP!"

But it was too late. I felt the tip of his cock enter me a little. There was pain and lust and longing and fear all at once. He moved my butt a little closer to the edge of the ledge and pushed harder into me.

"OW! Please, no not here! Not now! It's too big you can't do it here!"

"Samantha -- I want you more than I've ever wanted anything else and I am going to have you right here and right now."

I felt another push and more of him went into me. My head snapped back and my arms cautiously went up to his neck. I lifted my legs up a bit to ease some of the pain and pressure on my insides and it felt better -- maybe even good.

John took this opportunity to bury his face in my neck and kiss, lick, and suck while his hands were down at my ass trying to move my body for me. His thrusts got more powerful and his hard cock went deeper into me. He was quickly jabbing into me. I was getting more wet which helped but he was a monster.

It hurt -- he was so large and I was so tight. "Please, you're too big for me, I can't take it!" We have to stooooooooo..."

But I was cut off by a hard thrust that broke through my interior defenses. I held my breath for a few seconds and I waited. John pushed with a long deep stroke into me and I felt completely full and much less pain now.

I had to see -- I looked down and saw about half of his raging hard on in me. My eyes were wide and watery. This wasn't over. There was more -- much more. And there was a little blood here and there.

My hymen. It was gone. In its place was this magnificently huge cock from a guy I barely knew that already brought me to two mind bending orgasms in my father's office while his friend sat outside and my Mother somewhere roamed the house.

He got a better grip on my ass and pushed forward again driving his cock deeper and harder into me. I groaned and my head fell back again resting on the bookcase as this man used my body. His thrusts got more and more urgent and my once tight innocent womanhood accepted all of this man's giant meat.

My legs involuntarily moved up higher and higher until they were wrapped around John's back. It felt much better this way. My arms lagged around John's neck. I was being used and letting it happen and worst of all it was starting to feel really, really good.

John was pounding into me now. There was no pretense of love, just lust and power. The pain was gone and replaced by my own longing from the inside. My desire grew and I wanted him in just the way he was taking me. Roughly and passionately and immediately.

"It feels good John." I panted through quick breaths between his powerful strokes into me. "It feels really good. I do want you so badly, John."

"I want you too Sammy, so fucking badly."

We were fucking now without a doubt. I knew what fucking was too now. This was fucking. I was getting fucked. With a big, large, thick cock. By a man. And I loved it.

He was pounding into me furiously now. I was moving my own body in time with his. "Yes John, I want you! Come on baby, do it! It feels so good!"

"What do you want Sammy!? Tell me what you want! I need to hear you say the words."

"I want your cock baby. Please give it to me. Harder! GOD YES, harder! Don't stop, please don't stop baby!"

Then he stopped. "NO" I shouted.

"You want my cock Sammy?"

"Yes! Please now!"


"FUCK, I want your cock now JOHN! FUCK ME UUUUUUHHHHHH!"

John slammed his hard cock back into me. I was bucking widely back at him and cursing at him loudly to fuck me, use me, take me. His free hands now reached up and ripped the top of my suit down and my large breasts flew out bouncing in all directions. He quickly clamped his mouth down on my right nipple and sucked hard on it.

"AAAHAHH YES! Oh my God that feels amazing, YEES!"

His tongue swirled around my nipple as his teeth bit down with just enough pressure.

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