tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSamantha Meets the ADT Security Rep

Samantha Meets the ADT Security Rep


I was driving in the hot Atlanta traffic when my friend Samantha called. She asked if we could meet for drinks that night and told me that she had a favor to ask. I instantly agreed; I'm pretty much always up for a few glasses of wine, and besides the fact that Samantha was my old college roomie, she was an attorney. She had just been extremely helpful to me negotiating my prenuptial agreement. (I got pretty much the best deal ever, but that's another story.) The point is that I would do anything for Sam, just as she would for me.

That afternoon, I joined her at a table at the restaurant, and we began our small talk. Eventually, she got to the point of the meeting.

"Brittany, I need your help with something," she began. "I have received a few threats at work."

"Oh my God! What happened?" I exclaimed.

"No, no, don't worry," she continued. "I'm sure that it's nothing that serious. I handle many negotiations for my law firm, and every now and then, of course, someone isn't happy with how it turns out. Sometimes they take out their frustrations by threatening me. 99% of the time it is simply someone venting or somehow trying to intimidate me. Something like that."

I had seen Samantha negotiate, if you could even really call it that. While she was an excellent attorney and could professionally negotiate strongly if she needed to, like in group meetings or board rooms, her true strength was in one on one meetings, specifically with male adversaries. Samantha was in her upper twenties now, but she still had the looks that she had back when we were Florida State cheerleaders. At 5'6" with a gorgeous face, a toned, tan body and a penchant for sexy suits, heels and even a hint of lingerie flashing when needed, her most effective "negotiating" truly consisted of Samantha flirting with the other party. She would pretend to pout when her counterpart suggested something she didn't like, and then she would giggle and smile and encourage him on as he eventually came around and began agreeing to all, or at least most, of her suggestions.

Many of her negotiation meetings followed the same formula. First, she would ask her opponent to go through, in detail, his entire proposal. She would pay attention as he started, but fairly quickly, she would appear to lose interest. As he droned on through the specifics, she would begin to nonchalantly fiddle about with a loose button on her shirt or begin to dangle a heel off her foot or start to straighten or smooth her stockings. It was always something slow, gentle and almost hypnotizing. As the man would inevitably begin to stammer and lose his place, Samantha would move closer, often lightly brushing against his arm, and begin to soothingly suggest her changes to the agreement. Most of the men were very receptive to her ideas at that point. Many guys tended to agree to things while not even realizing it.

It obviously didn't take much of a leap of faith to believe that some of these guys, or maybe even their clients, were getting pissed later after regaining their senses and realizing what had happened.

"So what do you need from me?" I asked.

"Well, I've decided to put in a burglar alarm, just to be safe, but I'm having some problems," Samantha went on to say that the pricing seemed outrageous.

"I thought that security systems were like $99," I said.

"I did too," she agreed, "But they're not. At least not exactly."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"According to the various companies' websites," and they are all about the same she clarified, "The basic system is only $99, but that only covers putting sensors on the doors to my condo. If I want to protect the windows, it can run from $50 to $100 per window."

I started to finally see where we were headed. "I take it you're not asking me to loan you a few hundred bucks for the window things," I joked.

She laughed, "No, just some help in haggling with a sales guy."

I was always the shopper and haggler of our group so I agreed to help. I went to her office the next day and collected all of the information that she had collected regarding a security system. She had certainly done her research; she had printed out the info from probably half a dozen companies. And, it looked like she was right, all of the offers seemed about the same price. I started calling the companies, and found that most try to sell you the things over the phone. This wasn't what I had in mind. I knew that we needed to meet with a sales rep in person in order to get the kind of deal Samantha wanted. Finally, one of the companies, Safe and Sound, agreed to send over a representative. I was told that the lead would get forwarded to the rep and that he would meet me at the condo at 5:00 the next evening. Samantha and I dressed like we were going clubbing the next evening and as the doorbell rang at 5:00, we were ready to work our plan. As I opened the door though, I knew that our preparations had been useless.

"Hi, I'm Lydia with Safe and Sound; I'm looking for Sam Jones."

There was a red-haired beauty standing there. She was younger than I was, and I was only 26 at the time, and she was wearing a short black skirt and a Safe and Sound polo shirt. I could tell that she was wearing it in such a way that it would meet exactly what her company's dress code said she should wear, but clearly she had stretched the spirit of the guidelines. Her skirt was shorter than professional, even for someone in her early 20's, and she had bunched together the side of her shirt and tied it off on the side; the effect was that this tightened the shirt all over her body, better displaying the firmness of her chest and flatness of her stomach. Lydia, I'm sure, was a Samantha style negotiator who probably was as disappointed to find out that Sam was actually Samantha as we were to determine that our sales rep was Lydia. I was thinking that this would be awkward, when Sam walked up beside me.

"Hi, I'm Samantha; this is Brittany; please come in," she said. As we walked over to the sitting area, I couldn't help think how ridiculous the three of us looked. Without a guy in the room to focus our attention on, we practically looked like we should just go stand on a street corner somewhere. It truly is amazing that guys don't ever pick up on any of this when we are doing it to them. I guess it's because they simply don't want to.

After a few minutes of small talk, I decided to bring up the obvious, "Lydia, you thought Sam was a guy, right?"

"Well, I don't know that I thought about it," she lied.

"Lydia, let's be honest," I wanted to get past the fakeness and quit wasting our time, and hers for that matter. "Look at the way your dressed. You're beautiful, but clearly dressed to be provocative to a male customer. Hell, it's smart; I'm in pharma sales; I do the same thing to get in to see doctors, but it's obvious that you were expecting a male to be here. It makes sense as I think it through; I made the appointment under 'Sam Jones,' I said 'none' when asked about a spouse.

Lydia just looked at me, as I continued, "It's not a big deal; look at Samantha and I. We were obviously expecting a male. You don't think anyone really dresses this way to meet with a sales rep, do you?"

Now, the three of us were laughing. Lydia admitted that she usually did very well with male prospects, and Sam agreed that we did as well. Lydia asked why both of us were there, "I would think that either of you could handle this on your own."

"Lydia," I explained, "That's true, but please hear me on this. It's really not safe to just have one of us here. Particularly not knowing who is going to show up. I don't want to tell you your business, but if we had been two guys and you had come in here and acted as you probably like to, it could have gone badly. Most of the time, you get good sales, but there are people to watch out for out there."

"I actually have worried about that," she said.

"Then get a partner and watch yourselves; seduction works and can get you things, but it's a slippery slope and can get dangerous."

"But if I have a partner, I'm only getting half of my commissions; I can't do that," she objected.

"Lydia, you're commissions will grow exponentially, dear. Besides, it's much easier to do this with two of you."

She didn't understand how it was easier with two of us, so I continued, "Here's an example, if you are alone with a guy, your options are more limited. You can tease a little, but anything stronger and any guy will notice. With two of you, one can say or do over the top things and the other can explain or apologize for it, and the guy will accept any explanations. You see, most guys like it and want it to continue, so they'll accept even the most ridiculous explanations."

We continued talking, and Lydia thanked us for our pointers and asked if she could help us in any way. We asked her to explain in better detail the sales process of a security system.

Lydia then helped us tremendously. She explained that there were actually two costs; the first was the system itself, including the installation; the second part was the monthly monitoring fee that would be paid for three years. She told us that the individual reps had great latitude in pricing and that the reps who had been there a while and were good could basically do what they wanted. She also told us that the typical upfront portion would be between $300 and $1500 depending on what type of equipment you chose and the monthly fee would be between $25 and $40. The last items covered were that the sales reps usually made around 30% of the upfront price and the fact that the company policy was not to accept cash, as it was harder to track, but that many of the reps would take cash and simply pick up a money order at a convenience store before turning the paperwork in at the office.

Armed with our new information, we said goodbye to Lydia and called ADT to schedule an appointment. Not wanting another mishap, this time I asked to speak to the scheduler in the local branch.

"This is ADT Atlanta; how can I help you?" I heard.

"Hi," I said. "My name is Brittany, and I am trying to schedule an appointment for my friend, Samantha Jones. I met one of your sales reps recently, but I forgot his name."

"Well, I know all the reps here; could you describe him please?"

I knew I had to give vague physical traits as I didn't know any of the sales reps, but I would stress the attributes that Lydia had told us were good, as well as the ones that should lead to his being more receptive to our teasing.

"I would say he was in his thirties, medium build; if it helps he did tell us that he had been there a few years and was one of the top reps; I know this is unrelated, but I think he mentioned that he had recently gone through a divorce."

She interrupted me, "Oh you mean Andrew," she said. "Poor guy, his divorce really hit him hard."

I agreed that it must have been Andrew and set the appointment.

The next night promptly at 7:00 the doorbell rang. I answered the door in a nurse uniform that I had borrowed from a friend. This was an actual uniform, not one of the "sexy nurse" costumes that are easy enough to find. Samantha and I knew that our seduction would work, but we needed to go slowly, ease Andrew into our trap. Most guys have a thing for nurses anyway, so a standard uniform, maybe unbuttoned a little more than need be, and a pair of white thigh high stockings would do the trick without being obvious.

Samantha wasn't home yet, so I invited Andrew into the living room.

"Is there a place I can set up my laptop?" he asked, "I've got a presentation to go through with you."

I directed him to the sofa as Samantha entered through the garage door. "Sorry I'm late," she announced while smiling at our unsuspecting sales rep. Samantha was in a short black skirt and silk blouse, somehow both professional and sexy. It didn't hurt that she had an absolute killer body.

"No problem, I'm just setting up my computer so I can start my presentation." He was logging onto his computer and barely looked up. I guess he really was focused on his work. We would have to change that.

Almost immediately he told us that he was ready and asked us to sit down. Samantha sat across from him, on another sofa while I sat to his left in a chair. He had a better view of Sam, but I was closer, about an arm's length away.

"Before we get started," he began, "What prompted you two to make this appointment? Is there something going on in the neighborhood? Burglaries or robberies that I should know about?"

"No, nothing like that," Samantha slowly replied using her slow, soothing voice. "I'm an attorney, and I've apparently made a few enemies. I've started receiving some threats, and though they are probably nothing I think I would rather be safe than sorry."

"Oh, okay," Andrew continued. I was paying attention to him and noticed that his words were slowing a bit; he had finally noticed Samantha's looks.

"Anything specific?" he asked.

"No, just generic threats; some name calling," Samantha said. "I'm not worried about anything in my condo; I just don't want anything to happen to me, or my body."

Samantha stood as she said this, letting his eyes follow her whole body. "Will you excuse me for a moment, Andrew?" "You can continue with Brittany, I've just got to get out of these work clothes."

His eyes widened a tad at that thought, but he was still in professional mode. "Well, why don't we wait; both of you should probably see this."

"It's okay, Andrew," I assured him, "We're okay to go on."

I winked at him as though Samantha couldn't see, and whispered, "She'll get whatever system we decide on."

He glanced down at his computer & mumbled, "OK, I guess."

As he pulled up his presentation, I moved over to the sofa next to him, allegedly to see the computer screen better. In reality, I just wanted to be closer, letting him inhale my perfume and notice the stockings on my legs.

He started going through the slides of his presentation as I nodded and pretended to be interested. I would ask him for more time to read each slide, not because I needed it or for that matter even wanted to read the info; I just needed to slow it down a bit, keep him from getting into his "professional" mode. During my time "reading" the slides, his eyes would drift to my stockings. As a test, I began shifting slightly, putting my boobs on better display. Though he certainly noticed, he would still pay more attention to the legs.

Samantha reappeared in the doorway to the room, now dressed in a cheerleader uniform.

"Sorry to interrupt," she announced, "Brittany, I forgot we've got that damn costume party tonight. Do you think this will be okay?"

I had seen her in that uniform 1000 times; we had been cheerleaders together in college after all. I didn't need to look at her to know, so I paid careful attention to Andrew. He noticed that she looked good, but her outfit didn't seem to truly mesmerize him.

"I don't know Samantha; the cheerleader thing seems it has been done a lot. Do you have anything else?" I asked. I extended my leg, and Sam caught on that we had ourselves a leg guy.

"Sure, I'll check," she said as she smiled went back to her bedroom.

"Didn't you say wanted to look around the house, at the windows and doors and stuff?" I turned my attention back to Andrew. "Let's do that." I smiled and stood before he could answer.

I knew he didn't really want to stand, as he was right now rock hard, but after some awkward adjusting, he did stand. I was glad that Lydia had told us about this step in the process. We walked around the unit as he made notes, and truly, he was focused on his job way too much. I tried to tease and distract without being obvious, but was having very little luck.

When we hit the stairs to head to the second floor though, my luck began to change. I discretely raised my skirt while leading him up the stairs letting him catch a few glances of the lace border of my thigh high stockings. By the time we reached the second floor, I had him. He was now looking around the rooms and making notes, but really, his primary focus had become my legs. His eyes now spent more time here than on the rooms. As we went down the stairs, I suddenly stopped; I pretended to see a spider, allowing him to bump gently into me. His gasp, and his hardness, proved to me that he was aroused.

"Let's walk around the outside of the condo now," I told him as I opened the front door.

He did a good job checking the windows; I didn't want him too distracted at this point, as I wanted to make sure that he got this done correctly. When he was done with almost all of the windows, I led him over to the last one; it was around back and on the way to it, I tapped on another window out front, but in the same room as the last window. Although Andrew had no way to know it, this was Samantha's bedroom, and my tapping had just alerted her to begin her show. There was a fence that we had to go around, but as soon as we got within site of the window, I excused myself.

"Andrew, sweetie, I have to make a call on my cell phone. You walk on over and check the window, and I'll step back around the fence and make my call. Just come on back around when you're done."

He just nodded and headed to the window.

I went around where I was on the other side of the fence from him, but really no more than 10 feet from him. He couldn't see me, but he would definitely hear every word of my call. (Actually, my pretend call, as there was no real call.)

As Andrew got to the window, he couldn't help but notice that Samantha was standing in the room in a short, silk robe. She was looking into a mirror, not at the window, so he thought he had a view that Samantha wouldn't notice.

I called out, louder than necessary, "Take your time back there Andrew; I just got through on my call."

"Hey baby. I'm glad I caught you. Everything going okay on your trip?" I had begun my fake call. "I'm just over here at Samantha's. We're meeting with a sales rep."

Samantha was applying her makeup in the mirror. First her eyes, then her lipstick. She mouthed kisses at the mirror and traced her mouth with her tongue. She could see in the mirror that she had a captive audience. She fluidly moved to her bed and began gently rolling a white stocking up one of her legs.

My conversation continued, "Oh maybe you ought to be jealous honey, this rep's a cutie. He might have a shot with me or Sam as the night goes on." I giggled as though I was teasing whoever was on the phone.

Samantha was now rolling her other stocking up.

"Oh, we're going to a costume party later," I continued.

Samantha stood, gently dropped her robe, revealing a bra and panties that matched the white stockings. She put on a short, sexy plaid skirt, as Andrew watched.

"I don't know, honey, I may just wear my nurse uniform; It's kind of a costume anyway. Samantha is trying stuff on. She's already tried her old cheerleader uniform on. I'm sure she's trying on her schoolgirl uniform or her sexy police uniform. It'll be something that shows off those sexy, toned, tan legs."

I knew Andrew was enjoying both my conversation and Sam's show since he hadn't moved and had clearly had plenty of time to check out the window.

Samantha had completed the schoolgirl outfit, but she had posed in the mirror in in a while, for Andrew's benefit, and pouted to the mirror as though she didn't like it. She began to slowly unbutton her white blouse, and when she was done she let the blouse drape her and slowly unzipped her skirt. She was an incredible stripper and had our sales rep completely entranced. She then moved out of his line of vision into the walk-in closet. We needed him excited, but we certainly didn't need him finishing off.

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