tagFetishSamantha's Panty Boy Ch. 01

Samantha's Panty Boy Ch. 01


Special thanks to Angel Love for editing.


Waking up to the smell of bacon and eggs I looked at the clock flashing 7:30AM and for a second thought I was going to be late for work. Remembering it was Saturday morning I got up, put on my robe and walked to the kitchen. My beautiful wife Samantha was already awake, had taken a shower, and was dressed to kill. She was standing at the stove with her pink lacy apron on cooking the bacon and eggs that had woke me up.

She greeted me saying, "Good morning Jack," as my eyes adjusted to the light of the room.

I sleepily gazed into her deep blue eyes; the same eyes that first caught my attention when she introduced herself to me at a business conference we were both attending five years ago.

I responded, "Morning beautiful."

I am an average looking guy standing at least two inches shorter than her 5'10" height. In her heels she towered over me. I took a chance and asked her to dinner that night and was surprised that first of all this beautiful lady would even give me the time of day and second that she said yes. We really enjoyed each other's company and the rest is history.

Standing in the kitchen my eyes were immediately drawn to Samantha's incredibly beautiful and sexy body accentuated by her outfit. She exercised and worked hard to keep her body in shape. I noticed she was wearing one of my favorite outfits consisting of a sheer white top and a curve hugging short black skirt. Her makeup and hair were already done, which surprised me on a Saturday morning. I then remembered she had an important meeting at her office to finalize a client proposal that had to be at the client by 8AM Monday.

I followed her nylon covered curvaceous legs upwards until they disappeared under her skirt. I could almost see the tops of her nylons that were held up by the straps of her garter belt. She preferred panty hose but after my continued pushing for her to wear a garter belt, because it really turned me on, she conceded. Also, upon my insistence she stopped wearing plain old white cotton panties and now wore a variety of styles and colors, most being satin or nylon.

I wondered if she was also wearing my favorite color of panty today, pink. I had to ask and she slowly raised her skirt, while still facing the stove, over her perfect ass stopping just short of her panty line. She continued to slide the black material against her smooth skin up to her waist.

"Is this what you were hoping for?" she asked.

She was wearing a pink French cut satin bikini and a black garter belt that looked beautiful. All I could do was nod. She laughed and dropped her skirt. Her dark brown hair was pulled back in a pony tail. She looked so sexy in a pony tail.

I sat at the kitchen table which Samantha had already prepared for breakfast. I noticed it was only set for one and asked her why. She told me she had to leave for the office but wanted to make sure that I had a good breakfast prepared before she left. I told her shortly after we were married that being the head of the household I expected a hot breakfast every morning. She accepted my being the boss and never pushed back on any of my requests or I should say demands.

I decided that the domestic chores were woman's work and her responsibility. I occasionally would help out but did not want it to be a habit. As she left for work she asked me to please help her out by washing the dirty clothes and putting them away while she was gone. She would not have time after getting home late and jokingly said he would have to wear a pair of her panties tomorrow morning if the laundry was not done because all my tidy whites are dirty.

She apologized for having to ask but she was putting in way to many hours at work, keeping up with the domestic chores and had a full day at the office ahead of her. Jack reluctantly said yes. She thanked him and said she would be home at 6PM and asked what he would like for supper.

"Something easy", he responded, "I don't want you to have to spend a lot of time making it when you get home, I will be hungry". She had hoped he would offer to make something or suggest they go out but as usual he thought cooking was woman's work and would never think about taking her out to lessen her load.

Samantha kissed him gently on the lips and left for work. Once gone, he went where he always went when he had time alone, their bedroom and their laundry basket. He felt himself becoming erect as he reached in and felt the soft satiny material of his wife's soiled panties. Pulling them out he placed them on their bed and then moved to his special hiding place on the top shelf of their walk in closet. In the small box in the back he found what he was looking for, a pair of pink panty briefs with lace around the waist and leg openings.

Jack took off his robe and pajama bottoms. His cock was now hard and pulsing with expectation of what was about to take place as it had many times before. He slowly stepped into the panties and pulled them up his legs and over his engorged cock. His cock was now encased in pink satin and pushing hard against the material. Lying on the bed he stacked the soiled cotton crotches of Samantha's panties one on top of the other. Pulling the panties over his head he placed the crotch material over his nose and face while pushing the cotton liners into his mouth. Breathing deeply he inhaled the sweet fragrance of his wife's pussy juices lingering in the material. Sucking he enjoyed the remnants of her pussy secretions.

His wife was unaware of how intense his panty fetish really was. She knew he liked to see her in lingerie and he would buy it for her but she never would have guessed that he secretly has been wearing pink panties and enjoying the womanly scent produced by her pussy. He told her he didn't want to lick her down there because it was dirty but had no problem with her mouth on his cock. She did not know that her husband was wearing and sniffing panties long before they met and married over five years ago.

It started when he was a freshman in college. Tricia was a junior and the girl everyone wanted to be with. With the body and looks a guy drools over she had her pick of the litter. With the high heels she typically wore she stood taller than he. Tricia had no problem wearing the shortest dresses and skirts she could get away with which had students and teachers alike trying to catch a glimpse of her panties as she bent over or uncrossed her long nylon encased legs just long enough to allow a peak.

She liked the senior jocks but occasionally would go slumming and pick out a helpless freshman to dominate. She was a bitch and she knew it. If they wanted to be with her it was her way or the highway. He was surprised and nervous when she asked him out but said he would love to.

"I will pick you up at 6PM sharp and we will go to a great place I know of downtown to eat," she told him.

He seemed to have no say in the matter but she was drop dead beautiful and he did not want her to change her mind. At exactly 6PM she pulled up to his apartment where he was anxiously waiting. Getting out she walked over to the passenger side of the car, kissed him on the cheek and opened the door for him. He felt weird getting in and her closing the door behind him. She got back into the driver's seat with her skirt pulled up to the tops of her nylons. He could see little snaps attached to the tops of the nylons and although he had only seen them in magazines and on the internet he knew it was a garter belt. She saw him looking at her and smiled as he quickly looked straight ahead. He continued to steal glances, just as she had planned, as they drove to the restaurant.

When they arrived the hostess seated them and asked if they wanted menus. Jack started to answer when Tricia cut in and told the hostess only one menu was necessary because she would be ordering for both of them. The hostess looked at Jack who was feeling quite embarrassed and handed Tricia the menu saying please take your time and the waiter will be right with you. While waiting for the waiter she looked at him and asked if he would do something to please her and it would really turn her on. He said anything she wanted he would gladly do.

"That's a good boy," she told him.

She excused herself and went to the ladies room. When she returned she handed him her still warm panties across the table. He knew the tables around him could see what she was doing.

Looking at him she said, "I want you to go into the bathroom, remove your underwear, throw them away and put mine on, now".

People were laughing after hearing what she had said to him. He thought to himself OK she is nuts, I should get up and leave now but she is beautiful and I really want to be with her. He took the panties from her and excused himself.

Undressing in the bathroom stall he stepped out of his tidy whiteys and into the panties. He slowly pulled them up his legs and over his penis. The panty material felt great against his skin but he was not going to tell her that. They were pink briefs and had white lace around the waist and leg bands and fit tight against his body. He could feel a damp area where they had pressed against her pussy and now his cock. He dumped his underwear in the trash and returned to their table. When he returned she asked if he did as he was instructed.

He said, "Yes I did."

"Prove it", she replied. "Pull them up to your waist so I can see them".

He did what she ordered and the white lace now resting on his waist came into view. Laughing she told him he was a good boy for following her orders.

The rest of the supper went without any more embarrassing moments. She paid the check and they left. She told him they were going to her apartment for a few drinks. If he did not want to go she would pull over, retrieve her panties, drop him off and never think about dating him again. His cock felt so good and was rock hard as it was rubbed against the silky pink panty material.

He imagined what the rest of the evening could bring so of course he answered he would love to go to her place. She smiled at him and put her hand on his thigh. Her hand wandered to his crotch.

She laughed at him and said, "I think you must really like my panties by the way your cock is pressing against them." "Look at your pretty little cock standing at attention, it looks more like a little boy's cock than a man's," she laughed while rubbing her hand against the silky material covering it.

Once at her apartment she immediately took him to her bedroom. She removed her blouse and skirt but left her matching pink bra and garter on, along with her black nylons and black high heels. She almost tore his clothes off leaving him standing only in her pink panties. Taking hold of his erect cock through her panties she forcefully guided him to the bed and onto his back. She told him to put his hands under his ass and leave them there. She would be in control and if he did not like it he could leave now with just her panties on. Again his cock brain did the talking and he submitted to her.

She loved dominating boys this way after realizing how much power her pussy had over them while in high school. She found out early that she could control them quite easily. Control their cocks and you control them. She mounted his panty covered cock and started sliding her wet pussy back and forth over the slippery panty material. Grabbing his nipples with her long pink painted nails she twisted them as he cried in pain.

"Stop crying you sissy panty boy," she yelled.

She loved making her boys feel the pain she inflicted and they gladly accepted with hopes of entering her very inviting pussy. The sensation was more then he could handle as he shot his full load of cum onto and through the pink panties seconds after she started twisting his nipples. She couldn't believe he had cum already without waiting for her ok to do so.

"Since your little sissy cock couldn't get me off your tongue will have to do it!" she yelled at him.

She quickly turned with her back facing him and pushed her wet pussy and ass down onto his face. He had never had nor wanted to have his face even close to what he considered an unsanitary place, a woman's pussy, let alone the rosebud of her asshole pressing against his nose. He freaked out and started to push her off. She quickly grabbed his balls through the pink panties and squeezed. He felt the immediate pain, stopped pushing her and focused on her hand and the pain it was causing on his jewels.

She calmly told him to be a good boy and put his hands back under his ass as instructed previously and leave them there, or else. She continued to squeeze and he quickly did as he was told. She let go of his balls and sat straight up pressing her wet crotch harder onto his face and pressed his nose tight against her asshole. He could taste and smell her special nectar and it intoxicated his senses more than he ever could have imagined.

She pushed down harder screaming, "Lick me, suck my clit you pussy slut!!"

Slowly she started rocking back and forth pushing his tongue and nose deeper into her two holes. She kept this up for what seemed like an hour letting up just long enough for him to catch an occasional breath of air. Her pace picked up and digging her nails into his nipples she told him to push his tongue and nose harder and deeper.

He could feel her legs tighten around his head as she yelled, "I am going to cum on your sissy face you bitch, lick me, suck me!"

She pushed hard one more time and then it seemed as if a dam had broken as her warm juices flowed from between her legs and onto his face. Her orgasm subsided and she continued to keep her pussy tight against his face and his nose buried in the crack of her ass leaving just enough space for him to breathe.

Coming back to her senses she instructed her sissy bitch to suck and lick her crotch and ass clean, and do a good job. To make sure she had his attention she once again attacked his nipples with her long fingernails and dug in. He quickly started to suck and lick the juices from her very wet pussy. Once she was satisfied that the front had been appropriately cleaned she positioned herself so he could do the same to her asshole.

She made him ask her for permission to do so. Once again grabbing his balls to make sure he complied he quickly asked if he could please worship her asshole. She laughed at him saying to first kiss her rosebud to show respect and then he may proceed. He did as instructed first kissing and then licking her asshole then her perfectly formed ass as she desired.

He didn't know why but his cock was once again rock hard as he finished his task and got her approval. Seeing his cock once again pushing against the pink panties she laughed and said, "I think you like being my panty slave and licking my ass you little bitch."

She finally lifted her cleaned pussy and ass off his face. She slid her panties down his legs, and put them over his head letting the wet crotch press against his nose and pushed the pussy juice and cum drenched material into his mouth to taste. She ordered him to use his hand on his little cock and jack off for her while smelling and tasting her special panty juices. He quickly did as he was told and the fragrance and taste quickly pushed him over the edge and within seconds exploded his wad; shooting cum onto his stomach and chest.

"Good thing you have a mouth and tongue cause your cock is worthless," she laughed. "You should be wearing panties all the time you little sissy boy," she added.

She told him to get dressed, find his own way home, and don't ever expect to go out with her again. She needed someone with a real cock.

"Since you love wearing my panties so much they are yours to wear, smell and lick whenever you desire," once again laughing at him.

As he was leaving she taunted him by saying, "If I need an ass licking I may demand your services in the future but don't count on it."

Walking home he swore he would never let a woman control him like that again and never give them the pleasure of orally satisfying them. From that day forward he found himself obsessed with wearing her pink panties when masturbating and an overwhelming need to smell and taste the fragrantly soiled crotch of a woman's panties.

As he had done many times before he again found himself laying on his and Samantha's bed with his face covered with his wife's soiled panties. He loved the smell and taste of his wife Samantha's panty crotches which filled his senses as they pressed against his face. He remembered the first time Tricia placed her panties over his face and started him down the road to his panty fetish.

Jack knew he should tell Samantha about his love of panties and the circumstances of how it all started but was afraid of how she would react. He liked his control over his wife and did not want her to know about his secret sexual needs. He figured it would make him look like less of a man in her eyes. He slid the pink panty material down releasing his hard cock so his hand could work its magic as it had done the first time with Tricia.

Within seconds he shot his load onto his stomach and chest. He lay there for a few minutes before getting up and returning his pink panties to their hiding place. Throwing his wife's panties back into the laundry basket and putting his jeans back on he went into his typical Saturday couch potato mode thinking he had plenty of time to do the laundry if he would even get around to doing the laundry. After all it is woman's work.

He fell to sleep watching college football and woke up about 3PM. He figured he better at least make an attempt to get the laundry done. He went to their bedroom to grab the laundry basket, sort the clothes, and take them to the laundry room. He was surprised how much dirty laundry had collected and how his wife had been neglecting her duties around the house. I shouldn't have to do this its woman's work he thought to himself.

Even though he had an orgasm a few hours earlier he was getting turned on by handling the many pairs of his wife's soiled panties as he was sorting the laundry before going to the laundry room. He lifted a well worn pair to his nose and breathed in her scent. He checked the clock and it was only 3:30PM leaving plenty of time to do what he loved before his wife was to return home from work.

Going to the closet he once again took his pink panties from their hiding place. Taking off his jeans and underwear he pulled them up his legs to softly encompass his cock and balls. Pulling a pair of Samantha's fragrant panties over his head he laid down in their bed. He pressed her used panty to his face with the cotton panel tight against his nose. He slowly removed his hard cock and balls from their panty covering and started to masturbate. With his eyes covered by panty material and intoxicated by her scent he did not notice his wife standing in the bedroom doorway. She could not believe what she was seeing but now knew why her lingerie drawer always looked out of place and some of her panties seemed stretched out.

She quickly went to the guest bedroom where the digital camera was kept. Returning to find her husband in the same position as when she left she could hear him moaning through her panties he had pressed tightly against his face. She knew he would soon shoot his load and started to take pictures of him sliding his hand up and down his hard shaft. She made sure she had shots of the pink panties he wore and black panties pushed against his nose and mouth. She did not recognize the pink panty he was wearing and wondered where they came from. She zoomed in and saw his tongue licking up and down the dirty cotton panel of her soiled panty crotch. This pissed her off as she snapped a close up of his tongue in action. The bastard will lick my panty crotch but not my pussy she thought to herself. His moaning became louder as she quietly went back down the stairs.

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