I can tell you right up front that Jerry wasn't the kind of guy that wanted to watch, or listen to, or hear about another man fucking me. That just wasn't our kind of life. We weren't swingers or anything.

Whenever we've been to a party and someone tried to feel me up a little while I was dancing with them I could always count on Jerry to cut in. He didn't make a big deal of it or anything. I mean there was never a fight, or even harsh words. Jerry would just politely take over dancing with me.

I know he felt up our friend's wives sometimes. It's something all guys try from time to time.

Even though I'm only 25, Jerry and I have been married for almost 6 years and we've got two little ones at home. I've tried to keep my shape as much as possible, but I know I'm not as slim as I was at 19. That's why I never tried to stop a guy from feeling me up. It really makes a woman feel good to have some guy think she's attractive enough to try feeling her up right in front of her husband.

And Jerry never minded when I bought sexy clothes. He even encouraged me some. It's just part of life, right? I mean a man wants his wife to look good so he can be proud of her. Then when a guy tries to feel what he sees your husband steps in before it can go too far.

So we were just your normal young married couple. Then something happened to change all that.

Jerry and I went out for a nice dinner one Saturday night and on the way home we stopped at a lounge we'd never seen before. We just went in for a drink and maybe a dance before going home and sending the babysitter on her way.

It was a quiet bar with a small dance floor and booths around the walls. We were both surprised to see that everyone in the place was 50 or 60, or even older. Then when we heard the music we understood. It was all old stuff, maybe from the 40's or 50's.

We went ahead and got a booth anyway. A waitress took our order and we looked around at the other customers.

There were 15 or 20 people in the place and for old-timers they were all in pretty good shape. Lots of gray hair and stuff, but not much fat showing. Comparing myself to the other women I came out on top, but I'm only half their age. When they started dancing it was easy to see why they were in such good shape. They were getting a lot of exercise.

The waitress brought our drinks and when Jerry started to pay she said there was no charge. "Whenever new customers come in the boss picks up the tab." We both thanked her and told her to thank the boss, also. "Enjoy" and she walked away.

Jerry took a sip of his drink and said, "Wow. This isn't your usual free stuff. This is good bourbon."

Just then this really handsome man walked up to our table. He had medium length wavy hair and a square face. And he was built. I mean he was over 6 feet tall and muscular. His turtle neck sweater looked like a second skin. And when he smiled his bright white teeth showed off how tan he was.

"Hi folks. I'm Dave and this is my little club. We don't often get customers as young as you in here but it's real nice to have you here."

Jerry stuck out his hand to shake and said, "Hi, Dave. I'm Jerry and this is my wife, Samantha. But you can call her Sammy like everyone else."

"Well thanks Jerry. How about if I show Sammy how us old folks dance?"

"If she feels up to it, sure."

Dave raised his eyebrows and held out his hand. I took his hand and got up. We only had to take one step and we were on the dance floor.

It was sort of a medium fast number, but Dave pulled me into his arms and started guiding me around the floor instead of standing at arms length and fast dancing. Boy, could he dance. And he was strong, too. He made me feel like I was light as a feather.

While we danced Dave asked me about myself and kids and Jerry. He really seemed interested, and he was actually listening like what I said meant something. Wow! He was a neat guy.

He was also very smooth. His hand must have been on my rear end for a good minute before I realized it. Well, I didn't mind. He was so handsome and I think I was sort of falling in love with him.

When his hand started caressing my rear, and not just resting there, I knew he was trying to seduce me. It was foolish of me, but I pressed my pussy against him. I smiled because I got an immediate response. I could definitely feel something stirring in the front of his slacks.

Well, I was only flirting a little. After all, Jerry was right there and I knew he would be cutting in as soon as he saw what was going on.

I looked over at our table and the waitress was giving Jerry another drink. And a good look down her top. Oh yeah. I noticed when she first took our order that she wasn't wearing a bra. And now she was bent over giving Jerry an eyeful.

I smiled because he might be getting a good look, but I was getting a good feel. Not only did Dave have his hand on my backside but he also had a terrific hardon pressed against my front. And it felt great.

All the guys I ever danced with I never felt anything like what Dave had. If it were any bigger he would have been poking my chin. I'd heard all the stories about how bigger is better but I was never interested in having anyone other than Jerry. Dave was sure a temptation though.

I realized that Dave had moved us around on the dance floor and my back was to Jerry so I knew he would be cutting in pretty quick. I was glad because I was getting hot. I was sweating a little and I could feel my face flush. Not only that, but my panties were starting to get damp.

Nothing happened. Jerry didn't cut in. Dave pulled both my arms around his neck and put his hand on my breast.

WOW! Here I am in the middle of a public dance floor and a, almost complete, stranger has one hand on my rear, one on my tit and a massive cock pressed against my middle. And I loved it.

Well, I thought, to hell with Jerry. Let him look at that waitress all he wants. I've got what I want right here.

Then Dave whispered in my ear, "Go take that bra off. I want to feel your bare tits." I couldn't believe he said that. Here we'd been discussing my kids and husband and now he wants me to help him feel me up.

It was such a ridiculous thing to say. What kind of woman did he think he was dancing with. I gave a little nervous giggle and leaned back to look at him. He smiled softly at me and I melted. I let go of him and went to the ladies room.

I took my bra off and then felt foolish. What was I going to do with it? I didn't have my purse with me. Was I supposed to just carry it out in my hands? Just then another woman came in and when she looked at me I was really embarrassed.

She indicated her purse and said, "Want me to hold onto that for you?" I must have turned bright red. "It's OK honey, Dave has that effect on all the girls." Then she laughed and that caused me to laugh too.

She held out her hand and I felt so weird to hand my bra to another woman so a strange man could feel me up. Then she said, "Why don't you give me your panties too? I know Dave will like that."

My face was burning. I don't know why, but it sounded so nasty but nice at the same time. I was being totally wicked. I quickly removed my panties before I could think about what I was doing.

She laughed, "My, my. You're already wet aren't you?" I couldn't say anything so I nodded. "Dave will definitely like that."

I don't know why I didn't grab my clothes from her and run out of there. I was just so hot and horny. And I was mad at Jerry for looking at that waitress instead of rescuing me from Dave's clutches.

"Now what?"

"Go out there and have some fun. You're all ready for fun. And Dave has the equipment to give a girl all the fun she can handle."

I was blushing furiously and wasn't going to leave, but she pushed me out the door. It felt like everyone was looking at me and saying what a tramp I was. I looked around and no one, not even Jerry, was looking at me. No one but Dave.

My legs were a little unsteady as I walked over to him. "Oh yes Sammy. That's much better." He took my hands and pulled me against him, putting my arms around his neck.

We started moving around the floor again and one hand went to my ass, the other on my tit, and that big cock pressed against my pussy. I was still blushing like a schoolgirl and waiting for Jerry to intervene. But I was sure enjoying it while I could.

After about 5 minutes of this treatment I was hot and ready. I wasn't mad at Jerry any more. I just wanted to feel that big cock inside my instead of outside. Dave knew what kind of effect he was having on me, too.

I was so hot I didn't realize that he had pulled my dress up in back and was rubbing my bare bottom. By the time I realized that my butt was on display, it was too late. Everyone in the place was watching us, including Jerry.

Dave danced me over to our table and slowly turned us around. Jerry couldn't help but get a good look at Dave's hand on my bare ass, but he didn't say a thing. Then Dave turned me around in his arms and I was facing Jerry with Dave behind me.

Dave reached down and pulled up my dress and put his hand on my pussy. Jerry sat there like he was in a daze and just watched. I felt like I was burning up. I wanted more than Dave's hand.

"I'd like to fuck Sammy now if it's all right with you."

At first Jerry didn't do or say anything. Then he said, "Do it." Just like that. And for some reason I didn't think it was strange. It just seemed natural. Dave wanted to fuck me. I wanted him to. So Jerry wanted him to.

I was ready to go wherever Dave wanted to take me so I could feel that massive cock of his. Then he just leaned me over the table and pushed my dress up around my waist. My God, I was so embarrassed. Right here in the middle of a public bar. But I had no will or desire to stop him.

Let all these old people see. Let Jerry see.

My face was just inches away from Jerry when Dave rubbed the head of his cock against my slit. Then he gently pushed until that monster entered my wet hole. I felt a burning and tearing sensation as my hole was stretched open to accommodate him.

Dave was an expert lover. He pushed just an inch or two into me and held still while his fingers were busy on my clit. I was slowly adjusting to his monstrous tool when he started to push further into me.

Oh God. It hurt and felt good at the same time. I started to cum from his fingers rubbing action on my clit and my hole being opened so wide. Just as I was calming down Dave pushed his cock all the way into me.

It was so big around and long that I didn't know how I took it all, but if felt like it belonged in me. My pussy was tightly gripping him as he started to pull back. I didn't want him to leave me. I was aching to have him filling me with his cock and I begged him not to pull out.

He kept pulling back for the longest time. Then I could feel that just the tip of his cock was in me. We stayed like that for a moment then he drove all the way in me at once. I gasped as that beautiful tool filled me again, driving the air out of me.

Then Dave started fucking me. His cock was sliding in and out of my slippery wet hole and I was cumming again. And again. And again. And again.

"Do you like my cock in you?"

"Oh God I love the feel of your cock in me. Keep fucking me please." I could barely get the words out, but Jerry and Dave heard me.

"Do you like watching me fuck your wife?" He asked Jerry.

It was barely a whispered, "Yes." Then Jerry leaned forward and kissed me. I grabbed his face and we kissed and kissed. It felt so wonderful to have my husband kissing me while Dave fucked me.

I was in heaven. Never before had I been fucked so deep and well. Then Dave grabbed my hips and held me while I felt his hot jets of cum shoot deep inside me. It seemed to go on forever. He was filling me to overflowing.

All too soon it ended. Dave pulled his massive cock out of me and I collapsed across the table. I felt hands putting my panties on me. Then I suddenly remembered where I was.

I straightened up as fast as my week knees would allow and held on to the table while I looked around. Then, while I turned a bright red, everyone applauded. I was burning up with shame, but at the same time I was proud.

Jerry got up from the table and helped me walk out of there to our car. I sank back against the seat. I could feel a river of cum running out of me and soaking my panties and dress.

I was so ashamed. And I was so afraid Jerry would leave me. When he got in the car he didn't say anything, but he did give me a little kiss. Maybe everything would be all right after all. I put my hand on his thigh and his pants were wet! I looked down and saw that he had cum while he watched Dave fuck me.

I looked at him in amazement and he smiled guiltily. I smiled back and then kissed him again.

I'm looking forward to our next visit to Dave's club.

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