tagFetishSammy's Panties Pt. 02

Sammy's Panties Pt. 02


I was standing by the door of the bar outside my apartment when I saw Sammy coming up the street. She was wearing a loose fitting sleeveless white summer dress and her hair was arranged in pigtails which cascaded over her pretty bare shoulders and came to rest on each of her delightful little breasts. The fragile straps of her white brassiere showed beyond her dress and contrasted against the bronzed skin of her beautiful neck and adorable shoulders.

Sammy was wearing leather sandals with a strap that passed between her first and second toes revealing her beautiful feet in all their splendor. Her delicate little toes and the web of raised tendons that diverged to meet them. The symmetry of her beautiful arches and the smooth silky skin that covered her sculptured alabaster like heels.

Sammy smiled and waved to me, the sun glinting from the silver ring that wrapped itself around the middle finger of her right hand. She turned to enter the door of the apartment building inviting stolen glances in concert from every single one of the men standing outside of the bar. Then the door closed and she disappeared into the obscurity of the foyer and reality once again reigned in the street. The fantastic had come and gone.

Sammy was returning home from a long day at the university, she would doubtless take the opportunity to take a refreshing shower. Perhaps she would be stepping out of a pair of delicate white cotton panties as she entered the shower cubicle and I wanted so much to be able to pick up that fragment of cloth from the tiled floor and hold it against my cheek to feel its softness and inhale the intoxicating fragrance of that beautiful girl's sex.

My mind raced, maybe she hadn't dressed a cotton bikini but maybe a tiny white transparent sheer nylon tanga brief. I had not been able to discern any visible panty line beneath her light summer dress and the opportunity to glimpse any of her intimate feminine undergarments had thus far escaped me. After all, she had only been in residence at the flat for a handful of days. One day soon she would be loading the washing machine with her weekly wash and I might be a privileged witness to this routine task.

That following Saturday I had decided to take a trip to the island of Cies, infamous for its unspoiled beauty, that sits as a jewel in the mouth of the Rias Baixas, the lower bays where lies the city of Vigo on the Atlantic coast of Spain.

I had returned home early in the evening and when I went to take a shower I passed a pair of unfamiliar white canvas shoes by the apartment door. It was the habit of all the residents to change from their street shoes and put on slippers as a matter of cleanliness. Then they must belong to Sammy and I longed to pick them up and examine them and thrill that her gorgeous feet had perspired within them. I dare not.

After a long and hot steamy relaxing shower following my day's hiking I opened the bathroom window to air the room and saw two white tunics and two pairs of white trousers pegged to the communal washing lines situated in the well around which the apartment building was constructed. No doubt the pharmacist's uniforms that Sammy would wear during the two days each week when she worked as an intern at one of the local pharmacies in the city.

Naturally, I had hoped that there might be some of Sammy's intimate garments hanging there. Some little item in nylon with delicate feminine lace, something to fuel my masturbatory fantasies as I imagined Sammy using me to gratify, what I wished would be a really kinky, saucy sexual appetite. But just two tunics and two pairs of trousers.

I went back to my room wishing that I was working at the pharmacy too so that I could spend all day looking at her beautiful tight derriere beneath her thin cotton trousers, her elegant ankles perhaps adorned in little white nylon socks and her feet disappearing into the simple canvas shoes. Maybe she was the kind of girl that would pull her feet free of her shoes as she sat and attended to details on the computer. Maybe her toes like tiny serpents would wriggle and contort behind the reinforced weave of the toes of her pretty nylon ankle socks.

It was my intention to take a nap but after having stripped naked and as I lay on my bed I couldn't ignore the fantasy of her fabulous toes exercising within moist nylon hose. As a devoted fetishist of women's intimate apparel I had my own panty drawer right next to my bed and I fished out a boy short style of panty that was white and had tiny polka dots embroidered on the transparent sheer nylon mesh. Amongst my collection, it was the pair of panties that I could most imagine that Sammy would possess and their virginal color added to my state of delirium.

Initially I held those panties above my stiffening member and teased my balls and cock head with them, despite that they were scarcely felt I soon had a raging erection and I couldn't resist pulling these little knickers up my legs until my swollen balls were contained and the now turgid head of my stiff cock poked menacingly above the waistband.

Extravagant and unrestrained lustful thought overwhelmed me and I gripped my shaft with one hand whilst with the other hand I pulled at the waistband of my panties such that the soft cotton gusset of the panties caressed my tight balls. With a visual cortex devoted to Sammy's little piggies partially hidden within white nylon hosiery and despite my longing to make the journey endure I soon found myself at the point of eruption.

Feverishly I stretched the little panty up beyond my cock head and a tiny circle of damp enveloped a number of the tiny polka dots as they contacted the eye of my penis. As if in slow motion this little spot was soon flooded with the first offerings of my seminal fluid before the dam broke and my impatient vigorous ejaculate shot several times straight through the fine mesh of the polka dot panties and followed a hyperbolic trajectory until it landed all over my stomach, chest, and neck. Spent.

At this moment of capitulation I realised that I had been whimpering Sammy's name since of course in my fantasy it was she that had put me in her panties and it was she that had dragged them against my balls and it was she that had made me shoot my load through the fine mesh of nylon and it was she that had taken delight as my tribute landed all over me.

I panicked when I noticed that my window was open and that on such a warm day Sammy's window next door would be open too. Had she been in her room and heard me calling for her, crying, uttering her name? That notwithstanding I fell into a deeply content slumber until I awoke with a ravishing appetite for food.

Some hours later when I was doing the dishes I heard the irresistible sound of slippers slapping the wooden boards of the hall floor and Sammy appeared in the kitchen wearing a fuschia and purple checked shirt knotted at her navel and blue denim shorts. The slippers were pink and she was carrying a woven wicker laundry basket.

"Hi Mart, how are you?" she asked.

She smiled at me and gave me a rather curious look which haunted me, had she had heard my ecstatic cries through the open windows of our adjacent rooms. She walked towards me at the sink next to where stood the washing machine.

I broke eye contact with her. Not only was I mortified by the notion that she had heard my whimpering cries but Sammy was just about to load the washing machine in the presence of a practical stranger who had waited for this moment and who was craving to get a glimpse of her sexy underwear. Despite my evil intentions, I had to demonstrate apparent indifference to her activity.

It is difficult to imagine for a moment that a girl of Sammy's age hasn't figured out why she often misses a pair of panties, that a pair of nylon ankle socks no longer has a twin. That the elastic waistband of a pair of recently acquired panties seems to be curiously stretched and that snags have appeared in previously perfect pantyhose. Indeed the girls know that all the frothy, lacy, delicate, sheer weave of their intimate apparel blows the mind of the boys.

"Great", I replied.

Great, I was. Not only had I enjoyed the exquisite unspoiled countryside of one of the world's most beautiful islands but just to top that off I had spent an epic fantasy adventure in which Sammy had delightfully pulled me off into a pair of her virginal knickers. The horny little vixen had used me good and proper.

"Had a fabulous day on one of the islands, absolutely beautiful place", I continued.

"Sounds wonderful, I'd love to go there, it would be very nice for me if you would tell me about some of the other places to visit in the region if you have some time?" requested Sammy.

"Well, I'd welcome to spend a day with you. Maybe you would like to walk to the local beaches? It's very pleasant at this time of year to parade there in the late afternoon as the sun goes down when the stillness of the evening descends", I suggested to Sammy.

"I like very much" commented Sammy. Reminding me that English was, in fact, her second language and sometimes she made a momentary slip with her English grammar and how her middle American accent penetrated my soul.

Sammy arrived next to me and opened the door of the washing machine. She removed the lid from her laundry basket which she had placed between us and she knelt on one knee and began to extract her dirty laundry. Her slipper disengaged from the foot of that leg on which knee she rested and from above I was freely able to enjoy the sight of her wrinkled sole and the contrast of her beautiful smooth heel.

That vision alone was sufficient to send my head spinning but then as she began to load the washing machine and from my position of privilege above her I was able to watch uninterrupted as she grabbed handfuls of her clothing and began to feed them through the open door of the washing machine.

She grasped a pair of denim jeans that were inside out suggesting she had removed them in a hurry and escaping from within them I saw the unmistakeable froth of delicate red nylon lace, an attached thin red strap with a little golden eyelet suggested a provocative tiny tanga brief.

Weak in the knees and with my cock growing in my shorts I leaned forward to steady myself against the sink unit serving also to prevent Sammy noticing my growing predicament.

The very next handful of colorful cotton was a little harder to extract from the laundry basket as it was entangled with the rest of the laundry within by two white ever elongating legs of hosiery.

Sammy separated the two white stockings and placed them on the draining board above the washing machine then she continued loading the machine until the laundry basket was empty. She closed the door and stood up next to me. Sammy retrieved her stockings and headed for the bathroom. It didn't escape me that her stockings had reinforced toes and plain weave tops. I assumed she must be washing these delicate stockings separately in the bathroom wash basin.

"Go and wash these for me", Sammy instructed, hanging her fragrant stockings around my neck, "and make sure you do it carefully, I don't want you ruining any more of my stuff bad boy". But Sammy had left the room and these words and actions appeared merely as fantasy within my delirious submissive psyche.

I stepped back and viewed her clothes already turning within the machine, every so often I would catch a glimpse of the little red nylon tanga brief before it disappeared again. I thought of Sammy standing naked except for the red tanga briefs and white stockings. It was such a thrill to imagine that little red tanga brief caressing the salacious moist labia of this enchanting angel.

The very next day I visited a number of stores specializing in lingerie. It is such a great trip to assume the role of the loving husband searching for something sexy for the wife to wear whereas, in fact, the endeavor is purely selfish. Then there is the added excitement of being asked by an attractive lady assistant if one needs any help and the naughty thought that when one asks for large sizes that assistant might just see through the story and realize those panties are actually for me.

I wanted to purchase a tiny red lacy tanga brief as close in resemblance to that of Sammy's that had enchanted me as it played hide and seek in the washing machine. I would pretend that they belonged to her and fantasize that she was insisting I wear them as some playful punishment for a misdemeanor I had committed to her indignation.

It's a recurring fantasy being caught while secretly toying with a women's intimate bits and bobs and then suffering some related erotic humiliation at the hands of their owner.

I carried an erection the whole of that shopping day but despite having a very exciting time looking and enjoying seeing many horny Spanish women fingering panties and bras and hosiery I wasn't able to find a little red tanga brief with the golden eyelet in the side strap. In one last feverish attempt, I decided to check the hypermarket on my way home and made my way with a parched mouth towards the lingerie section. It was there that I encountered the utterly unforeseen.

As I turned the corner of the aisle leading into the women's department I saw some twenty meters from me a young woman. She was wearing a white tunic, white trousers and a pair of white canvas shoes. Her hair was in pigtails. I had to look twice but there was no mistaking that it was Sammy and she was examining a tiny black lacy thong between her fingers. Not only that but in her basket there were several frothy little items of various shades one of which was red.

I beat a hasty retreat across the corridor to the opposite aisle and walked until the very end. There I spent quite some time pretending to be interested in gluten free foods whilst I allowed one eye to monitor what my flatmate was doing. Having gathered a number of items, Sammy picked up her basket and went to the next aisle above which was a sign that read 'Calcetería'.

I headed to the end of the next aisle to continue spying on Sammy and I discovered a mind-boggling variety of bran cereals that were of totally no interest to me at that moment, if ever. When I shifted my gaze right down the aisles towards Sammy I saw that she had placed her basket on the floor and was slipping her hand into several sample stockings that were hanging from the display. I noted every color that caught her attention as she slipped her hand into black, tan and white hosiery whilst she spread her fingers to examine the appearance of the weave.

Suddenly I felt the need of a fucking great bowl of sweet bran as my knees almost buckled at this vision. I love to be jerked off by a sexy woman, I love hosiery and so the sum of these two desires is really quite obvious.

In my imagination, I was tethered by both my hands and feet to my bed with pantyhose, my mouth was gagged with a pair of salty panties and Sammy had slipped her hands into tan stockings. The palm of one hand was firmly gripping my balls and the fingers of the other hand were wrapped around my shaft and slowly tugging from the root to the tip.

It was for the good that Sammy placed a packet into her basket, it broke the spell at the appropriate moment for I was lost in a public place. When I came to my senses I began to track behind Sammy and watched as she went to a checkout and began to pay for those intimate items.

I watched her leave the store and then returned to the lingerie section. Standing at the exact same spot that Sammy had occupied I selected four pairs of minuscule lacy nylon panties, two red and two black, all tanga briefs but each color in two different sizes, S and L. Then just as my lovely roomie had done I went directly to the next aisle and made my way to where Sammy had been choosing her hosiery. I couldn't resist mimicking her experience and slipped my hand into the hosiery samples hanging from the display.

I had been unable to discern from the other end of the aisle the color of the pantyhose in the packet that Sammy had placed in her basket but I was pleased to discover that they were of the type 'one size fits all' and not only that they had a gusset such that they could be worn without panties. I selected 3 packets of pantyhose, tan, black and white.

Feeling utterly exhausted and trembling with excitement I made my way to the checkout, paid for my purchases, left the hypermarket and headed homeward.

To be continued in Part. 3 of 'Sammy's Panties'.

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