tagBDSMSam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 09

Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 09


The alarm wakes her up; it's 6:20 Wednesday morning. Tanya Marie quickly turns it off so that it does not disturb Eric. She knows that his alarm will not go off for another twenty minutes. She looks across the king sized bed at him hugging a pillow. She wonders what he's dreaming about.

She thinks about the sex they had together the night before and smiles. She reaches between her legs and gently rubs her pussy, feeling the soft pubic hair. She is naked. She always sleeps in the nude, not only for her own enjoyment but also because she knows that Eric likes for her to go naked.

She quietly gets out of bed and walks across the room. Her robe is draped over a chair in front of her vanity dresser. Before putting it on Tanya looks at herself in the mirror. She cups her small, supple breasts with both hands and flicks her nipples with her thumbs. Her long black hair reaches down to just past her shoulders.

She shakes her head, causing her hair to fly out. She loves her hair; it accentuates her emerald eyes and thin black eyelashes.

She runs her hand down her sides to her vagina; it supports a small crop of hair. It is black and just thick enough to barely cover her mound, exactly what he likes. She massages her Venus lips with her fingers, sending a slight wave of euphoria through her body.

She picks up her robe, checks the pocket for the list she typed up yesterday and turns to look at him still sleeping. Before putting on her robe she glances over her left shoulder and looks in the mirror at her smooth, round ass. She rubs her left cheek where he smacked her Saturday night while making love.

She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath and basks in her memories. The pure joy he gives her becomes evident on her face. She puts on her slippers and robe and goes into their daughter's bedroom to rouse her for school.

She gently shakes the little girl, reminding her that it is time to get up and that she has to get dressed for school. The six-year-old complains bitterly and covers her head. "Give me five more minutes, please mom."

"If I give you five minutes you'll just ask for another five. Get up darling. Come on I'll help you get dressed."

Carolyn does not move.

Tanya shakes her again but still no reaction except complaining from her daughter.

"Hey! I'm going to fix your favorite breakfast this morning."

That spurs the uncooperative girl into action. She uncovers her head and rubs her eyes. She looks at her mother. "Are you going to put confection sugar or syrup on mine?"

"You can have whichever one you want. Now come on let's get you dressed."

The little girl sits up and puts her feet over the side of the bed.

Then Carolyn says as she climbs out of her bed, "I'm a big girl now mommy because I'm in the first grade. I can dress myself. You just go fix the French toast and put syrup on mine."

Tanya kisses her daughter on the forehead and leaves for the kitchen.

When Carolyn comes into the kitchen Tanya sees that her brash, independent daughter has her blouse buttoned crooked. She buttons the little girl up properly and then puts two slices of French toast on her daughter's plate.

"You want milk or orange juice with your toast?" she asks.

"Milk . . . no orange juice. I had milk yesterday with my cereal," she answers her mother.

She pours Carolyn some juice and begins fixing her and her husband's French toast, having already fixed Carolyn's lunch.

After getting dressed for work, Eric comes into the kitchen and he sees that Tanya is preparing his favorite breakfast. He blows her a kiss and then kisses his daughter on the top of her head. "How's my little Tinker Bell," he says, calling her by her favorite Disney character.

She loves for her father to call her Tinker Bell. "We have show and tell Friday Daddy. Can I bring my Tinker Bell doll?"

"It's OK with me if it's OK with your mother."

"Thanks Daddy," she answers as she forks the last of her French toast into her mouth.

"Drink your juice and go brush your teeth honey. Your ride will be here any minute," her mother says to her as she flips the last two pieces of French toast in the frying pan.

As his daughter leaves to brush her teeth, Eric puts his arms around his wife's waist, pressing himself into her. She can feel his cock through their clothes in the crack of her ass. She presses back. He kisses her on the back of her neck.

He asks how she slept. From the way she screamed out and flayed her arms during her cataclysmic orgasm, he knows the answer before she replies; he just wants to hear her say it.

He smacks her lightly on her butt.

"Not in front of Eyes-and-Ears," she fusses as she turns and faces him. She looks over his shoulder to see if their daughter is still there.

He too looks over his shoulder. "She's gone," he says to her as he unties her robe. He gropes her pubic mound and kisses her again on the neck and then on her left nipple.

"You're going to be late for school," she protests but does not stop him from massaging her pussy. He pushes his fuck finger into her hole while rubbing her clitoral hood with his palm. She basks in euphoria as a wave of passion ripples through her suddenly energized flesh.

"I don't care. Let someone else take roll for my homeroom." He then bites her nipple, pulling on it; it hardens into a rock. He lets go of her pussy and releases her teat. "Besides I know you love it when I grope you or smack you on your ass."

"You're insatiable," she smiles seductively, putting her hand over her erect nipple. She rubs her teat with her thumb.

"So are you." He kisses her lightly on her lips and smacks her ass cheek again. "You still haven't told me how you slept."

Tanya tells him that their love making of the previous night not only totally satisfied her but also completely exhausted her and that she slept like a baby.

She is glad that their bedroom is on the opposite side of the house from Carolyn's so the child could not hear her when she screamed out during the tremendous orgasm he gave her.

Then he smiles at her and turns on his laptop computer so that he may check the morning news. She touches her cheek where he smacked her and smiles. By the time the computer is booted up Eric's French toast is waiting for him. Tanya has already begun to eat.

Carolyn is gathering her school bag and lunch kit. Once she is ready she kisses them both.

"I'll go sit on the front porch so you two can get mushy again," she says as she walks out of the kitchen.

"What did you see?" her mother asks after her while giving her husband an I-told-you-so look.

"Oh nothing. I just know that you two are always kissing and hugging and mushy stuff like that," the little girl calls back.

"See? That's why I call her Eyes-and-Ears," she whispers to him. "You have to be more careful when you grab me."

Eric doesn't answer her. He just looks at her and smiles knowingly. He is eating his toast and reading the morning news.

Tanya gets up and goes to the front door to make sure their daughter gets off to school OK. She is glad she doesn't have carpool duty this week. Once Carolyn is safely with her carpool Tanya removes her robe. She loves to walk around the house naked and does so whenever she can.

She re-enters the kitchen and places her robe over the back of a chair. She checks the pocket again for the note she typed yesterday. It contains a list she wants to talk to Eric about but has not yet had the opportunity to do so. Now that Carolyn is gone she hopes to do so now. She sits to finish her toast.

She looks across the table longingly at the man she loves. At just over 1.75 meters in height, he is ten centimeters taller than her. His curly black hair emphasizes his thick black eyelashes, deep blue eyes and ivory skin. His Ambassador mustache accentuates his smooth face. His calves and legs are well toned; his chest is nearly hairless. Together with his broad shoulders, rippled stomach and narrow waist he has the quintessential look of someone who was made by a sculptor seeking to create the perfect statue.

After several minutes Tanya attempts to interrupt his reading the news. "I've been thinking about something we talked about this past weekend," she says. "I even picked up a book on the subject."

"What's that love?" he responds absentmindedly.

Eric is preoccupied reading the morning news. He usually just glances at the headlines and reads the rest of the news later at work on his break or at lunch. He is the computer lab teacher at the local high school, while she has her own greeting and birthday card business. Working at home on her computer allows her to always be available when Carolyn is off from school.

This morning he seems particularly interested in an article. But Tanya wants to talk to him about something she knows he will be even more interested in. She has come to know him quite well since they met nine years ago; seven of which have been spent in marital bliss.

They met at a faculty picnic given by the school where he teaches; it was Eric's first year of teaching. She had come as a guest of her best friend Victoria Alisa who is another teacher there. They soon became immediate friends and spent most of the afternoon together getting to know each other.

They discovered that they both share a love of hiking, camping and canoeing. They both love Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Christmas. They are both avid readers; she likes history and romance while he enjoys science fiction and mystery. He jogs for exercise but she prefers to take long walks. They both have a weakness for chocolate and they both enjoy the saunas and the exercising machines at SAMS Spa.

Tanya presses him.

"Don't you remember what we talked about last Saturday night after you smacked me on my ass when we were making love?"

She got his attention. He looks up from the computer and across the breakfast table at her. He smiles at seeing her dark nipples protrude out like two succulent raisins amidst chocolate cookies on milk-white globes. He loves to see her naked, to see her ebony pubic bush shake, her supple breasts bounce and her lovely ass cheeks wiggle as she walks across a room. He is eternally thankful that she enjoys walking around in the nude.

"You bought a book on bondage and discipline. Where did you get it?"

"At an adult book store. Where else could I have gotten one?"

"Off the Internet for one. So tell me love, what do you think about BDSM?" He eats the last of his toast.

"Well I didn't want to wait to start reading about it, which is what I would have had to do if I bought a book off the Internet. Besides, I also read some stuff on the Internet." She hesitates and looks at him to see his reaction.

"What did you learn?"

"I don't want to be just your wife anymore." She pauses again and looks into his eyes. "I want to be your slave wife. I want to be your sex slave." She waits for his reaction. She wants him to accept her decision.

"If I remember correctly," he answers her, "we didn't talk about you becoming my sex slave. We just talked about BDSM sex in general."

"True but after, I got to thinking. So I looked some stuff up on the Internet and then I bought the book. Oh baby! Please let me be your slave wife." She comes around the table and gets on her knees next to him. She puts both of her hands on his right knee and looks up at him imploringly.

He brushes her cheek with the back of his knuckles and fingers her hair. "Baby, I know that you like it when I smack you on your ass and when I dominate you while we're having sex. But I didn't think you wanted to go that far into domination and subjugation. This is a big step you're thinking about taking. Are you sure this is what you want to do?"

"Yes I'm sure. You don't know how much it increases my love for you and my desire for you and hot it makes me when we're making love and you talk sexy to me or when you pretend to treat me like I'm a slut. The other night when you spanked my ass I got so sexually excited I thought I was going to explode before you even fucked me."

"I only smacked your ass a few times if I remember correctly."

"I remember. You smacked each of my ass cheeks three times, paused and then hit each of my cheeks three more times. Baby I . . ."

"Becoming a sex slave means more than just getting your naked ass smacked a few times Tanya. If you think that BDSM sex only involves bondage and discipline, domination and subjugation, and sadism and masochism, then you've got the wrong idea about it. The most important part is increasing the love and trust between those participating in the scenes."

"Yes I know; that's what I read. But honey, that's what I'm saying. If my love and desire for you grew that much and if I got that steamed up and from just a few smacks, then I can barely imagine what it would do to me if you really laid it into my ass or if we really got into bondage and discipline sex. Oh baby, please let me be your slave wife. Make me your sex slave."

"OK, I'll think about it. When do you want to begin -- provided of course that I accept you as my sex slave."

"Oh thank you baby." She gets off her knees and kisses him lightly on the mouth. Then she gives him a seductive but mischievous smile. "If you want we can start right now Sir. Here, I've already typed up some rules that I must obey as your sex slave."

She takes the folded sheet of paper from the pocket of her robe hanging over the chair and shows it to him. "I summarized them from other sex slave rules that I read on the Internet and from the book I bought."

"We've been quite the busy little beaver, haven't we? That's really impressive love. Let's see what you've got."

"No, let me read them to you . . . please baby. You've got a few more minutes before you have to leave for school."

"OK," he answers her, "fire away."

She gives him a big smile. "Rule one: I promise to submit to you completely. From this day forth I am your property for you to do with as you please. My subjugation to you is absolute. You own me. I am your sex slave and have to obey your every command, your every wish." She pauses to see his reaction.

He motions for her to continue.

"Rule two: Unless otherwise directed by you, whenever we are alone I must address you as Master or Sir. Every time I speak to you I must include the word Master or Sir in my statements to remind me of my status as your sex slave." She glances at Eric but he gives her no reaction. He is just staring at her and smiling.

"Rule three: Unless otherwise directed by you, whenever we are alone I am to be naked at all times." She lowers her hand to her Venus mound, rubbing it. She knows it arouses him.

"Rule three isn't much of a rule love," he interrupts her. "You're usually naked whenever we're alone anyway. You're naked now and you haven't even begun your sexual slavery to me."

"Yes Master I know but this will make it official. This will make it mandatory."

"OK," is Eric's only reply.

"Rule four: When we role play you may spank me, sexually torture me or humiliate me for any reason, for breaking any of the rules, for insolence or even if it just pleases you to do so."

"That's a rather extreme rule my love."

Eric's response causes Tanya to wonder whether or not he will accept her as his sex slave. Other wives have become their husband's slave. There are even some men who become the sex slave of their wives and some couples who swap slavery positions between themselves. She just wants to be his sex slave.

She continues, "Also, I must endure any punishment, humiliation or torture you administer to me in silence. I may whimper and moan. I may even cry. But I cannot speak out except to answer any question you ask me . . . I added this last part because I get so hot when you debase me baby that I just want to go into orbit."

He nods in thoughtful silence.

Trying to elicit more of a response from her husband, Tanya puts the sheet of paper on the kitchen table. She cups both of her breasts, thrusts her chest out and lightly pinches her nipples. She then asks in a sensuous tone. "So, what do you think Master? Are the rules to your satisfaction?"

Eric does not react the way she had hoped. "I've got to be getting to school," he says instead. He picks up the sheet of rules off the table and puts it in his pocket. "Tell you what though, let me read over this list today to see if I want to accept your sexual slavery to me and if so, see if there is anything I want to change or to add. Although it sounds like you've got everything pretty well covered."

He stands up and cups her left breast with his right hand. He flicks her nipple with his thumb. "But looking at you naked like this and contemplating on these rules makes me wish I could stay home and make love to you all day long."

She closes her eyes and silently, wishfully hopes he does.

"Will Eyes-and-Ears be here when I come home this afternoon?" He is wondering whether or not she will be naked as she usually is whenever they are alone together. He knows that she loves to walk around the house in the nude.

"Yes Master. But I can send her over to my mother's if you wish." She gives him a seductive smile.

"Everything considering, that might be appropriate."

He gives her a seductive smile while cupping both of her breasts. He lightly kisses her on her lips and then on each of her nipples. Then, after reminding her of the faculty meeting he has to attend this afternoon, he smacks her softly, twice on each of her naked ass cheeks, and heads for work, leaving her without any idea as to his acceptance or rejection of her decision to become his sex slave.

It is nearing four o'clock. As the time approaches for Eric to come home from work Tanya Marie goes to the living room to wait for her husband. She is naked in anticipation to his coming home. She has remained in the nude all day doing the housework and working at her computer. Earlier, she took an afternoon shower but put on her robe just before their daughter Carolyn came home from school.

When she did come home, Tanya sat and talked with her daughter, asking her how her day went, what she learned in school, if she made any new friends and overall just relaxed with the little girl. She then called her mother and asked her if she would like to take Carolyn for the afternoon. Her mother readily agreed.

When she came to pick her granddaughter up, Tanya's mother asked her why she was wearing only a robe. Tanya explained to her inquisitive mother that she had just stepped out of the shower.

She took her robe off again as soon as her mother took the little girl shopping.

That was over an hour ago. Now she is wondering whether or not Eric will accept her as his slave wife. She had hoped that he would have called her by now and given her some kind of answer. But there has been no response from him since he left for work this morning.

She even thought about calling him on his cell phone a couple of times but each time rejected the idea; she knows his principal does not like for the faculty to receive personal phone calls during school hours.

She is positive that he will accept her decision. She knows that much about him and his love for her. But his lack of a definitive yes has caused her to have a little doubt, which has intensified her anxiety.

She sits on the sofa and resumes reading a book about the War of 1812 that she started yesterday. She becomes engrossed in the book and does not hear him pull into the driveway. But when she hears his key in the door she stops reading. She puts the book down on the sofa next to herself.

Her passions immediately begin to heat her up when he comes through the door. She stands up clasping her hands in front of herself and gives him a hopeful smile.

Eric looks her over from head to toe, giving her a big, seductive smile. He kisses her lightly on the mouth while cupping her left breast and flicking her nipple. He pinches her nipple between his thumb and index finger. He gives it a little tug. "I like it when you greet me naked like this. It gets me aroused," he says to her. He then kisses each of her nipples, pauses and then smacks her twice on each of her ass cheeks.

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