tagBDSMSam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 12

Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 12


It is just after eight o'clock. Tanya Marie is preparing her oldest daughter's evening bath when the front doorbell rings. She stops to listen. She hears her husband Eric talking to someone in the living room but cannot make out what they are saying. She wonders who it could be at this time of the night.

She considers the time and tells herself that it is too late for a child to be out selling Girl Scout cookies or anyone else selling something. She comes to the conclusion that a neighbor must be in need of assistance of some kind. Maybe their car broke down and they need a lift some place. She hopes Eric is able to help them.

She helps her seven-year-old finish removing her clothes and then pours some bubble bath into the tub. As Carolyn climbs into the tub Tanya gets a towel out of the linen closet. She closes the lid to the toilet and sits down, holding the towel in her lap. For now she is happy just watching her daughter play in the bubble bath.

"Look Mommy," Carolyn cries, "I've got a hat made of bubbles." She smiles at her mother. The little girl has put some soap bubbles on the top of her head.

"That's nice darling. I want to go see who was at the door just now. You have fun and I'll be right back."

"OK Mommy," Carolyn answers her.

Tanya stands up to leave but her husband and sex slave Master suddenly appears and stands in the doorway to the bathroom. He gives his daughter a big smile. His 'Tinker Bell' is happily playing in the bubble bath her mother has prepared for her. But his smile immediately disappears.

"It's Vickie and her son Robbie," he says despondently. "She's in the den and wants to know if she can spend the night. I told her that she and Robbie can sleep in the other bedroom."

"Oh! Did Vincent hit her again?" Tanya asks him. But before he can answer her, she rushes out of the bathroom to talk to her best friend.

As Tanya enters the den she exclaims, "Oh! Vickie, what happened?"

"I can't take his drunkenness and abuse any longer. He got drunk again, hit me and then started to throw things. So I'm leaving him."

"Oh! Look at your face. Are you alright?" There is a bruise on her left cheek.

"Yeah I'm OK," Victoria Alisa answers her.

"Well you're welcome to stay here, you know that. The spare bedroom has a queen size bed in it. It's large enough for you and Robbie, at least for now anyway. Oh your face, I'm so sorry. Why didn't you call me; I'd have come over and . . ."

"Everything happened so fast. I didn't even have time to get anything out of the apartment. After he started throwing things, I got Robbie and walked out. Look, this is all I have," she says, showing her purse and keys to her friend. She lets go of her son's hand, embraces her best friend and begins to cry.

"Mommy I'm hungry," Robbie cries out. Robbie is just a year older than Tanya's oldest daughter Carolyn.

"Honey, be a doll and get Robbie something to eat," Tanya asks to her husband; he is standing in the hallway leading into the den. Eric tugs the little boy into the kitchen, fixes him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and pours him a glass of milk.

After Eric leaves with Robbie, Tanya leads Vickie into the master bedroom. They sit on the bed together. Vickie is still crying. Through her tears she tells her best friend that she gave her husband a warning last month that the next time he got drunk or hit her, she was going to leave him.

Vickie said that Vincent promised her that he was going to change and she thought that he had changed. He had gone for a month without coming home drunk or hitting her.

But when she came home from grocery shopping and saw him drunk, the house a wreck and Robbie hadn't even had any supper, she had had enough. His hitting her and throwing things was just the icing on the cake.

Vickie asks to stay just long enough so that she can find an apartment for herself and her son Robbie. She is going to take tomorrow off from school and go see a divorce lawyer. Vickie teaches mathematics at the same high school where Eric is the computer lab instructor.

Tanya comforts her best friend and tells her that she is welcome to stay and use the spare bedroom as long as she likes. Vickie asks if she and her son will be imposing on her and Eric. Tanya tells Vickie that she needn't worry about that. Vickie asks if she is sure; she doesn't want to be a burden to her best friend and Eric. She knows that Tanya has a great sex life with her husband and she doesn't want to interfere with it.

But Tanya assures her friend that she will not be putting a cramp on her, her husband and their two children. Carolyn's bedroom and the spare bedroom are on the opposite side of the house from the master bedroom -- which offers her and Eric complete privacy. Erica's crib is in the master bedroom.

It isn't a large house but it is adequate for all six of them. It has three large bedrooms, two full baths, a sunken den and a living room with an attached double car garage. The kitchen is large with a breakfast bar overlooking the den. The den is used mainly as a family room. In it are the family computer and the wide screen television.

They had the master bedroom and master bath enlarged during this past year in order to accommodate their bondage and discipline lovemaking and sex orgies with Eric's younger stepbrother. Although the two women often share information on how their sex lives are progressing, Tanya has not told Vickie why they renovated. Nor has Tanya revealed to her friend that she has been Eric's sex slave for over a year, often walking around the house in the nude for him when the children are not at home.

Tanya knows that Vickie's living with them will be an imposition on their sex orgies and her frequent nudity. Indeed, the three of them will probably have to put a stop to the orgies altogether and she won't be able to walk around her house in the nude anymore. But she is sure that both Eric and his stepbrother Paul will accept it. Eric will accept it because he was doing it for her benefit and Paul will accept it because it was a free fuck for him every now and then.

As for Tanya, she is willing to forgo the orgies and the nudity for her best friend. Besides, it will only be until Vickie can find an apartment for herself and her son Robbie -- a few weeks at most. Tanya figures that that's what friends are for. If she cannot put herself out just a little bit for her best friend then she isn't much of a friend.

The remainder of the evening is spent with the two women and Eric talking about better times while Carolyn and Robbie play video games in the den. Vickie, who loves Tanya's new baby, coddles the infant Erica in her lap. Tanya's and Eric's second little girl is just two months old.

The following Saturday afternoon Vickie and Tanya go to her apartment to remove her and Robbie's things. Other than her and Robbie's clothing, Robbie's toys and her personal belongings, some of her own toiletries and jewelry she leaves everything else where it is.

This was on the advice of her lawyer. She told Vickie not to take anything from the apartment that could be considered community property except her car. But Vincent's pickup truck is newer and in much better condition than her old beat up Toyota. So she is not worried about him claiming that she took everything of value and left him with nothing.

The next day Vickie and Tanya go apartment hunting. Vickie is looking for something that is close to the school where she teaches math. Classes start at Robbie's elementary school an hour after the high school where she teaches. This way, her son Robbie will be able to take the school bus from her school to his school in the mornings. He can wait outside her school until his bus arrives to pick him up.

Vickie also wants an apartment that is close to her own school for convenience.


It is Saturday afternoon three weeks later. Vickie is still looking for an apartment that she can afford, one that isn't a roach infested dump and is close to her own school.

She and Tanya have just come in from apartment hunting -- Eric has teamed up with his stepmother and the two of them have taken the three children to the zoo for the afternoon. Vickie is positive that Eric and Tanya will allow her to stay as long as she needs to. However, she is somewhat apprehensive; she does not want to wear out her welcome at her best friend's house. She doesn't want to infringe on the friendship she has with Tanya.

She dearly loves Tanya and she has always considered Eric a close friend, ever since he started teaching at her school. In fact, as of late she has grown rather fond of him and sometimes wonders how he feels about her. Several times she has caught him looking at her with a gaze that was unmistakably sexual. She is afraid that if she stays too much longer she might become a wedge between Eric and Tanya.

She also knows he cares deeply for Robbie.

Eric and Robbie frequently play pitch and catch in the yard, play video games together, go to the movies together and he has helped him put together a model airplane. He also helps the boy with his homework and does many other things with the child that his real father never did with him.

"I am bushed," Tanya says as they come into the living room. "Climbing all those apartment stairs has my back killing me. I wish my husband were here. He could give me a nice massage. On second thought, want to go to SAMS Spa as my guest? We could relax in one of the saunas there."

"Not today darling. But you want me to give you a massage?" Vickie asks her.

"Oh! Would you? That would be so sweet of you."

"Sure. I would love to give you a massage. It can be my way of saying thank you and giving you something in return for letting me and my son Robbie stay here."

"You don't owe me anything Vickie. I'm glad to have my best friend living here with me and my family. I know that Eric and Carolyn enjoy having you both stay here too."

"Well still in all . . ." she does not finish her sentence. She smiles at her friend. "You go to your bedroom and take off all your clothes. Get a large towel out, put it on the floor and lie down on it. I'll be there in a minute I just want to put my purse and these apartment brochures on my bed."

Tanya goes into her bedroom and strips down to her thong panty and brazier. She contemplates on whether or not she should take off all her clothes but decides against it. She is sitting on the king sized bed and waiting for Vickie when her friend enters the master bedroom.

"I thought I told you to take everything off," Vickie mockingly scolds her as she comes into the master bedroom. "How do you expect me to give you a massage with you still wearing your underwear?"

"I've never been completely naked in front of anyone except my husband before," she fibs to Vickie. She does not want to tell her best friend about her sex orgies with her husband's stepbrother. She is afraid of what Vickie will think of her if she knew. "I thought it would be OK if I left my thong and bra on."

"No it won't be OK. If I'm going to give my best friend a massage, I'm going to give her a good one. And what do you mean you've never been naked in front of anyone else before?"

"Well I just never. . ."

"You're not going to sit there and tell me that with a bedroom like this, a four posted king size bed, that oversized shower and whirlpool bathtub and those chains hanging from that decorative ceiling beam, you're not going to sit there and tell me that you and your husband don't get into bondage and discipline sex. You're not going to tell me that you don't have sex orgies in here," Vickie interrupts her.

Tanya does not answer her. She just looks at her best friend in surprise.

"I know for a fact that those two flower pots hanging from those chains are there just for decoration. Eric hangs you from those chains and beats your naked ass doesn't he? You and your husband practice domination and subjugation sex don't you?"

"Vickie how did you . . ." she stops in mid sentence. She blushes deeply and lowers her head.

"Darling, this bedroom yells out that when you and your husband had it remodeled, you did it because the two of you role play and go in for sadism and masochism. Don't try to tell me otherwise because I know a B & D sex bedroom when I see one."

She pauses. Then with a mischievous smile says, "So tell me, what sort of things are you and Eric into?"

Tanya looks at Vickie and says, "I didn't think it was possible to perceive that a person was into bondage and discipline just from looking at their bedroom. I didn't think my bedroom was that obvious."

"Well maybe not to the average person. But to someone experienced in bondage and discipline sex there's no disguising it."

"Do you do it?" Tanya asks in astonishment.

Vickie gets an idea and says, "Darling, my soon-to-be-ex couldn't satisfy me sexually. I didn't tell him that but I got him to agree to let another woman have sex with us -- a bisexual friend of his -- and I was totally satisfied after that. Have you ever been to bed with a woman?"

"Vickie! You're bisexual? And here I thought I knew you."

"Let me tell you having sex with another woman is great. A woman knows just how to please another woman. A woman knows just what to do to turn another woman on, sometimes better than a man. Don't get me wrong; I prefer sex with a man but sex with a woman can sometimes be just as rewarding."

"My husband knows how to please me. He totally satisfies me."

"Well, you're one of the lucky women to have a good man. Not all men know how to please a woman. Mine didn't. That's how I got into bisexuality. Now you take your thong and brazier off. I'll be right back."

"Where are you going?"

"To my bedroom to get something. I'll be right back. You just get naked."

Tanya removes her thong and brazier. She sits on the bed apprehensively waiting for her best friend. She has no idea as to what Vickie is planning on doing.

When Vickie returns a few minutes later she too is naked and carrying a large strap-on dildo with an internal plug.

"Vickie, what are you going to do with that?" she cries out loudly. She cannot take her eyes off the huge realistic looking dildo Vickie has in her hand.

"I'm going to fuck you with it and introduce you to sex with a woman. Now pull the sheets back," she orders the sex slave.

"Oh Vickie I don't know. That dildo is so large. I've never done anything like this before," she weakly protests. But she obediently turns the sheets down and climbs into the bed. She basks in euphoria as a wave of passion surges through her wanting flesh.

"Get on your hands and knees," Vickie orders her. "Before I fuck you I'm going to beat your ass."

The sex slave kneels on the bed, presenting her naked ass to Vickie. She looks over her left shoulder. She is anxious, yet curiously yearning, over what her best friend is about to do to her.

Vickie kneels in the bed next to her. She puts her left hand on the sex slave's back while she massages her ass cheeks and pussy with her right hand.

After about a minute of massaging Tanya and raising her passions, Vickie then begins to slap the sex slave lightly on her ass, perineum and pussy. Tanya moans lightly and squirms her butt with each smack.

After several more smacks Vickie begins to spank her harder and faster. Tanya moans louder and winces each time Vickie hits her cheeks and vagina. Within minutes the sex slave's ass and Venus mound are crimson and sore. Then Vickie stops and gets off the bed.

"Oh Vickie don't stop. Please don't stop spanking me," Tanya Marie begs her friend. "I get so steamed up when Eric spanks and he's only beaten me twice in the past three weeks."

"What does your husband use to beat you with?" Where do you keep your sex toys?" Victoria Alisa asks her.

"In the bottom drawer of that chest of drawers there on the left," she answers Vickie. "There's a large flat metal box in it. The key to unlock it is in my purse, there on the other dresser." She again basks in euphoria in anticipation to what her friend is about to do to her.

Tanya's passions continue to rise. She is like Pavlov's dogs, the mere thought of someone spanking her and torturing her causes her pussy juices to begin to simmer and flow freely. Now that her friend Vickie is introducing her to a new sexual experience her passions are approaching an all time high.

"I was in here last week folding towels and saw that box when Robbie and Carolyn were digging into the drawer. Carolyn said that you keep important papers in there. But I figured that's where you keep your toys, locked up so the children can't get to them."

"That's true. We also keep important papers there. When Eyes-and-Ears asked me one day what we keep locked up in there, I told her we keep important bank and insurance papers in there."

Vickie retrieves a leather flogger and some leather wrist cuffs from the box in the drawer. She takes one of the flower pots down that is hanging from the decorative oak beam running across the master bedroom and orders the slave to come stand under the chain.

Tanya does so and Vickie cuffs her to the chain. She is naked with her arms stretched above her head and only her bare feet touching the floor.

"Oh Vickie!" she moans. "I'm so hot."

"I haven't even begun to torture you." She reaches down and rubs the sex slave's pussy lips. She inserts her middle finger into her cunt and rubs her clit.

"Ohhhhh!" the sex slave cries out tossing her head back. She is in agony for release.

"Hey, you are one wet cookie. Your pussy is creaming with your juices. It sure doesn't take much to get you aroused does it?" Vickie asks her in an authoritative voice.

"Vickie, please spank me," she begs in agony.

"What do you and Eric use as a safe word?" Vickie asks her.

"PETER PAN," the sex slave answers her. "But I'm OK."

"Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you."

"It's OK Vickie; I'll let you know if I need to use the safe word."

"You better," is her only reply. Then she whacks the slave's ass hard with the flogger. Tanya grimaces and bites her lower lip. Vickie hits her again harder and Tanya moans softly.

Seeing the look of delicious agony appear on Tanya's face prompts Vickie to smack her ass several more times, until her ass is crimson and burning. Tanya continues to moan quietly.

Next Vickie smacks the slave hard on her pussy. She pauses to see the effect. Tanya gives her a look of wanting; she longs for more of the delicious torture. Then Vickie lets Tanya have it.

She beats her Venus mound, her stomach, her breasts, her thighs and her ass until her friend is crying softly. Then she stops torturing the sex slave and starts to massage the areas she previously beat. Soon the fuck starved woman is moaning in delight.

"Have you had enough or do you want some more?" Vickie asks her. But before Tanya can answer Vickie continues, "It seems to me that what we have here is a torrid little pain slut. Is that what you are Tanya, a pain minx who longs to be beat, tortured and fucked?"

Tanya only looks at her friend with yearning eyes, eyes that long for her friend to torture her until she can take no more and then fuck her into an euphoric stupor.

Vickie whacks her several more times on her ass, thighs, cunt, stomach and breasts. Then she drops the flogger at Tanya's feet.

She presses her naked body against the sex slave, hugging her. She kisses and sucks her nipples. She rubs her pussy against the sex slave's thigh. She rubs her right hand up and down Tanya's pussy lips as her left hand massages her ass. She kisses her hotly on the lips, forcing her tongue into the slave's mouth. Tanya sucks her tongue eagerly.

Breaking the kiss, Vickie steps back away from the sex slave. She picks up the flogger and shakes it in front of the slave, taunting her while looking seductively at her. Tanya closes her eyes and moans quietly.

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