tagBDSMSam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 14

Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 14


Veronica Rose and her lover Jack are lying side by side together in her queen size bed. They are both naked having just finished making love. She is completely worn out and her eyes are closed. She is basking in the euphoria running through her body from her orgasm. She can feel it running up from her toes past her thighs and farther up her spine, filling her chest and face. She smiles as the joy permeates her sensuous flesh.

Jack is next to her breathing deeply, also exhausted from fucking her. He too is enjoying the emotions radiating out from his groin and filling his body from his orgasm.

He looks over to his right at her. He watches the rise and fall of her supple breasts as she breathes deeply. He thinks of the unyielding love he has for her, the woman of his dreams. He picks himself up on his elbow and kisses her on her cheek and then lightly on her lips. She opens her eyes, puts her arms around him and pulls him down to herself, hugging him.

"I love you Jack. I always will," she whispers into his ear.

"I love you too Babe," he answers her. "You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Of all the girls that I have ever dated, you are the best and I'm not just saying that. I mean it, every word of it."

She kisses him passionately on the lips.

After they break the kiss she asks him, "When are you going to invite David to fuck me? Are you sure you're not going to get jealous when I have sex with your best friend?"

"Jealousy is a sign of a lack of confidence in oneself and in one's loved one. Jealousy is also a sign of insecurity in a relationship. I feel confident and secure in our relationship. I trust you and love you and I know that you love me."

He pauses momentarily. Then, "We've already discussed your having another man fuck your pussy while you suck me off. I think David is the logical person. The two of you get along great."

"I would rather have him fuck me than any of those male chauvinists you work with."

"Yeah me too. But if you remember, it was you who first suggested . . ."

"Jack honey," she interrupts him, "I want to do this. I am . . . I became your sex slave because I want to give myself to you completely. I know our BDSM love making is a lot of role playing -- like when we demean and humiliate each other. But my complete surrender to you isn't. That's for real. I want to give you the best that I can. I want to give back to you . . ."

"And I want to give you the best that I can," he cuts her off. "Veronica you are my soul mate. I want to show you how much I love you and the only way I can do that is by doing whatever it is you ask of me."

She starts to answer him but he puts his hand on her lips.

"You asked me to introduce you to bondage and discipline. I did so. You asked me to let you be my Dominatrix a few times. I've done that. You've asked me to let David fuck you while you suck my cock. I'm going to do it. I do all this because I love you. As Elvis sang: I want you, I need you, I love you with all my heart."

"Oh Jack honey, you are so sweet and that is what I love about you. You are the kindest, sweetest person I have ever met. That is why I want to give back to you some of the joy you give to me. I feel a tremendous passion when I have your dick inside me and I want to transfer those feelings back to you. I want to give that euphoria back to you while I'm sucking you off."

He smiles knowingly at her. "You're just a little nymph that's all. You just want to get fucked until you can't take it anymore." He then gropes her crotch and squeezes her pussy lips.

She squeezes her thighs together in a knee-jerk reaction and places her hand over his. "Well that's true too," she answers him sheepishly. Then she smiles seductively at him.

"So you're admitting that you just want to get fucked and fucked until your pussy is overflowing with cum and your passions are totally saturated with delirium?" He rubs her pubic mound harder; her passions are starting to rise.

She squirms enthusiastically from the massaging he is giving her vagina. "No Jack honey. My first desire is to give you all the pleasure I can. As for me getting an orgasm . . . well I guess you could say that's my second desire."

She opens her legs to give him easier access to her pussy. "I want to return the gratification you give to me. You yourself said that I give you a better blow job when you're eating my pussy. So just imagine the blow job I'd give you while someone is fucking me?"

She basks in ecstasy as the juices of her vagina begin to flow hot again.

"We seem to be two lovers who want to give each other the best that they can." He kisses her nipple while continuing to massage her pussy lips. He slides his middle finger into her hole and rubs her clit with his thumb. He looks sensuously into her eyes as he bites her nipple, pulling on it with his teeth.

Veronica arches her back as a wave of passion cascades through her body.

Jack puts his arm under her and pulls her up to him. He kisses her on the rise of her breast and then her neck. She grabs his face in her hands and kisses him hotly on his lips, darting her tongue into his orifice. He sucks it hungrily.

After a long passionate kiss she says, "Oh Jack you've got me going again."

"Yeah I know. It doesn't take much to get you hot." He kisses her between the breasts. He then kisses and snakes his tongue down to her navel and pushes his tongue into it. Going lower, he kisses and licks her pussy lips. He can smell the sweet aroma of her love juices marinating her pubic hair. He opens her clitoral hood and sucks her clitoris.

Veronica moans, "Jack let me suck you off while you eat my pussy."

He does not answer her but straddles her face. His dick is just above her mouth, his face above her pubic mound. He reaches between their bodies and guides his manhood into her eager orifice. She grabs his ass cheeks and digs her fingernails into his flesh. As soon as she starts to suck him, he pushes her thighs further apart. Then he opens her pussy lips and begins to kiss, lick and suck her clitoris once more.

Within minutes they are both enthusiastically sucking each other. He is licking and sucking her clit while she is licking and sucking his cock, each bringing the other to a higher plateau of joy.

Moaning and writhing. He fucks her vagina with his tongue while she wraps her tongue around his dick. Both are groaning and squirming in ecstasy as they enjoy each other's sex. She sucks his prick while he fucks her mouth. She fucks her mouth with his dick while he sucks her clit.

Sucking and licking. Each is trying to give to the other as much pleasure as they are receiving. Jack wants to give Veronica total happiness and she wants to give him complete bliss.

Moaning and writhing, sucking and licking, groaning and squirming. As his climax approaches Jack begins to fuck his shaft deep into Veronica's mouth. She sucks him harder and harder as her own pinnacle of euphoria draws near.

Their fellatio and cunnilingus quickly turns into a sensuous dinner for both complete with luscious dessert.

She is a candelabrum encasing him; he is the candle stick burning hot. She is the glass; he is the fine wine. She is a soup bowl simmering with passion. He is cream of mushroom filling her void. She is rare caviar. He is succulent prime rib. She is a brownie dessert. He is hot chocolate syrup pouring into her.

Both become enraptured by their emotions.

He is the first to explode, filling her orifice with his champagne, which spurs her on. Within seconds her exotic dessert erupts into his mouth. The two lovers are overcome by their passions and both fly to euphoria, intoxicated with their juices and inebriated with their orgasms.

Afterwards, they are wrapped arm in arm together, holding each other, touching each other, cuddling each other.

Suddenly, Veronica's cell phone rings. "Oh! I'm glad that didn't happen five minutes ago."

"You and me both kid," he answers her.

Veronica quickly kisses Jack and gets out of bed. She walks naked into her living room where she left the phone to answer it. Jack watches her ass cheeks wiggle as she leaves.

When she comes back into the bedroom Jack is sitting on the edge of her bed waiting for her. He looks her over from head to toe, marveling at her beauty. She tells Jack that her grandmother asked her to pick up a prescription for her at the drugstore the next time she goes that way. But he is ignoring her.

He stands up and holds her at arms length. He again looks up and down her naked body. This time he is smiling broadly.

"Babe you've got one beautiful body."

"Let my hands go Jack; I have to go to the drugstore for Grandma Ruth."

"You just said that your grandmother said the next time you're in that neighborhood. We'll go later this evening. Right now I just want to look at this gorgeous body of yours."

"Jack I'm not that beautiful; you know that. The trouble with you is that you're a sex fiend with nothing but naked women on your mind."

"And you're a nymph with nothing but fucking on yours," he replies as he reaches down and gropes her pussy.

"Ahhhhh! Jack don't," she cries out.

They embrace and tumble to the floor. They kiss and grope each other passionately. Veronica moans as Jack's tongue explores her mouth. She wraps her legs around his hips, pressing her pubic mound into his manhood. He pinches her left nipple between his thumb and first finger. He yanks hard on it.

She moans louder as the delicious ache fills her breast. He kisses her neck and then her ear. He darts his tongue into it.

"Seriously Jack we've got to stop," she says without much conviction. Jack continues to kiss her neck and stroke her nipple. At first she doesn't try to stop him; she's just enjoying the feelings cascading through her flesh.

But after several moments of his affectionate attention, she says more resignedly, "I've got to go to the drugstore for my grandmother." She pushes him away from her.

"Wouldn't you rather to make love one more time?"

"Let's save it for later tonight," she says. They are both sitting up now wrapped arm in arm. "Right now let's just go get my grandmother's prescription for her. I know she said I can go at my convenience but I want to go now so we can have the rest of the evening for ourselves."

"Your wish is my command my love," he quips.

"Hey I got an idea honey. After, do you want to go to SAMS Spa to relax in one of their saunas?" she asks him. Then more seductively, "I can give you a nice sensuous massage while we're there."

"Maybe we'll go to SAMS later. Neither of us have had any supper yet. I want to go to that new Italian restaurant that opened last month on Canal Street. I hear tell they have great spaghetti and meatballs. Unless of course, you would rather go eat at Louie's Seafood House on Chickasaw Avenue near the lake; I know you like seafood."

"It doesn't matter which one we go to Jack. Let's go to the Italian restaurant. What's the name of it?"

"Little Italy I think.

The two lovers go to the drugstore and get the prescription for Veronica's grandmother. After dropping it off they go eat at the Italian restaurant.

They spend the time together in small talk and talking about their respective futures. Jack has hopes of becoming a partner in the limousine company he drives for. Veronica just wants to get her degree in computer graphics and finish college.

She realizes that her career goal of working at Universal Studios or MGM or one of the other motion picture studios clashes with his future plans. But Jack reminds her that with her only going part time, it will take her several more years to finish and that by that time he will probably be ready to sell his share of the business. Then he will be free to go with her wherever she wants.

For her part, Veronica tells Jack that neither of them should worry about their future together. For all she knows, by the time she gets her degree she might not want to leave town to work in motion pictures. She might get accustomed to the idea of him owning a limousine company.

That is the love they share. It is a rare love that they have for each other. Jack is willing to give up his life for her and Veronica is willing to surrender her life for him. Each wants to give their all to the other. Each just wants to please the other. Jack's joy comes from making her happy; Veronica's joy comes from making him happy.

"You still haven't told me when you're going to get David to fuck me," Veronica asks him as they leave the restaurant and walk through the parking lot toward his car.

"When would you like to do it?"

"How about this Friday evening, want to do it then? Are you sure he doesn't have any STDs?"

"I'm sure. Two weeks ago he bragged to me about an unprotected sexual encounter he had from which he didn't catch any diseases."

"And you take him at his word?" Veronica asks incredulously.

"Not when he first told me. But you know your friend Yvette, the black girl you were maid of honor for at her wedding?"

"Yeah there was only me and a few other white guests there. What about her?"

"Well, he fucked her and she didn't catch any disease from their sexcapade."

"You're kidding me!" Veronica screams. "When?"

"He told me that the two of them had a sexcapade last month. She and her husband Jefferson . . ."

"You're not lying to me are you Jack? And quit using words that don't exist."

"No Babe, I'm not lying. I promise. She posed for him in the nude and then he and Jefferson fucked her after the shoot. He fucks all the women who pose for him but that's not what he tells everyone."

"So how do you know she didn't catch any diseases from him?" Veronica is wondering if Jack has fucked her best friend. She knows that Jack has a tendency to embellish his stories.

"I know that David doesn't use condoms unless the girl he's fucking has an STD. After he told me that he had a romp in bed with her, I looked her phone number up in our data base at work. I asked her if she caught any diseases from him. I told her I was from the board of health and her name came up in an investigation we were conducting."

Jack unlocks the door to his car.

"I told her that all her answers would be held in strictest confidence but that it was imperative for her own good that she be honest in her answers. She believed me. She told me that she didn't catch any diseases when she had unprotected sex last month. Then I advised her to be more careful in the future. She thanked me."

"I can hardly believe that about Yvette and David," Veronica says. "He was the photographer for her wedding."

"Since neither of them caught a disease from the other, neither of them has an STD. Now about Friday night, I can't make it Friday. I have to drive for an evening wedding," he says as he opens the car door for her.

"OK, how about Saturday night then or do you think David has a wedding or some woman he has to photograph and then fuck?" she asks as she steps into the car. Veronica is thinking that David must be great in bed if he has all these women wanting him to fuck them.

"Let me call him and see what's on his calendar for this Saturday," he answers her as he closes the door.

She watches him as he walks around the front of the car. He is making a phone call on his cell phone. He hangs up as he opens the driver's door.

"It's all set for this Saturday evening. David has to shoot a wedding Saturday afternoon but he will be finished by six o'clock. He said he would meet us at my apartment around seven."

Saturday morning Veronica Rose gives Jack a sensuous massage in one of the saunas at SAMS Spa. Then they return to her apartment and make passionate love on the floor of her living room. Afterwards, they go to a fast food restaurant for a quick lunch and then to his apartment above the office of the limousine company he drives for.

She brings along her Scrabble board game. They are sitting on the floor on his oval rope rug playing sex Scrabble; the "loser" has to suck the "winner's" sex. They both agree that there really won't be any loser as they both enjoy oral sex together. It doesn't matter which one is receiving and which one is giving.

Nor does it matter to them which one is the dominant and which one is the submissive. They enjoy a close, loving relationship and neither is afraid their losing their sexuality.

At present Veronica is winning, having pulled ahead of Jack by 52 points after scoring 66 points on a triple word score for the word cunts -- adding it to the end of the word dick. He has only three letters left, Q, N, and R; she only has the letter P.

"I can't find anywhere to put any of these last three letters," Jack says. "I guess you win."

"Well you're the one who put the word dick right above the triple word score. You know that challenged me to make a plural out of it with my letters. You knew I was going to do it." She smiles at him.

"Yeah but I didn't think you'd get sixty-nine points out of it."

"Sixty-six points darling."

He gives her a seductive smile. "No actually its sixty-nine points because now I get to eat your pussy."

"You dog!" Veronica calls out. Then reaching over the board, she playfully slaps him on his shoulder. "You made that word on purpose didn't you? You knew I would get ahead by making a plural of it so that you'd get to eat my vagina. Jack that's cheating. That's not fair."

"All's fair in love and sex Babe." He continues to smile seductively at her.

She smiles lovingly at him.

She gets up on her knees and comes over to him. They are kneeling next to the board, facing each other. Jack puts his arms around her waist. Veronica puts her arms over his shoulders. He pulls her into him. They kiss passionately.

"Unless of course you'd rather fuck," he asks her after they break the kiss.

"Why don't we fuck and then eat each other after that," she says lustfully.

She pulls his T-shirt over his head, leans over and lightly kisses his right nipple. Then they stand up and go over to his bed on the other side of the room.

She kneels in front of him and takes off his shoes and socks. Then she takes off his jeans. She looks up into his face. He smiles down at her. She slides his jockeys down his legs and pulls them off.

She cups his balls with one hand and wraps her other hand around the base of his semi-erect cock. She kisses the tip of his head and licks it. She presses her face into his groin. She can feel his soft pubic hair brushing against her cheek. She closes her eyes and breathes in deeply. She is intoxicated by the scent of his sex.

Jack reaches down and pulls her up to her feet. He kisses her lightly on her amorous lips and then unbuttons her blouse and takes it off. He removes her bra and while cupping her breasts he kisses each of her nipples.

Then he kneels in front of her and takes off her shoes and socks. He unsnaps her jeans and pulls them down to her ankles. She steps out of them, leaving her wearing only a pink thong. He looks up into her face and kisses her bellybutton. He sucks her navel.

She runs her fingers through his hair. Tears of joy fill her eyes as thoughts of the love she has for him run through her mind. He fills her heart with love; he is her dream come true, her one and only.

He reaches behind her and cups her buttocks with both hands. He massages each cheek momentarily before pulling her thong down. Then he buries his face in her pubic mound. He kisses her pussy lips. He opens her hood and licks her clitoris.

She grabs his arms, pulling him up to her. They fall together onto the bed wrapped arm in arm, groping, fondling, kissing. She pushes her tongue deep into his mouth. He sucks it avidly.

She sits up on top of him, straddling his hips; her hands are on his chest. He reaches up massages her breasts and pinches her nipples. He pulls hard on her teats and she grimaces as the sweet, delectable pain fills her tits.

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