tagBDSMSam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 24

Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 24


As soon as she wakes up, Victoria Alisa calls up her younger sister Veronica Rose. She tells her sister to set up a date with David to photograph her and her sex slave Tanya Marie.

She is hesitant about asking her sister to pose nude with her as she does not want to get involved in a sex orgy with her sister; incest completely turns her off. But Veronica asks her older sister if she doesn't mind if she poses with the two of them. Vickie reluctantly says yes but tells Veronica that she does not want to have sex with her. Veronica agrees; she does not want to get into an incest orgy either. She just wants to pose nude with her big sister.

"So what do you propose we do when David finishes photographing us and wants to fuck us?"

"I don't mind posing naked with you Vickie. In fact, I would love to have some nude pictures of us together. I think it would be something beautiful. But I don't want to have sex with you and I'm not into sex with another woman, at least not at this time in my life. So, when we're finished you and Tanya can do your thing with David and I'll just leave."

"Sounds OK as far as I'm concerned."

"Don't get me wrong. I'm not judging you. I don't see anything wrong with what you and Tanya are doing. I'm just saying it's not for me. Besides, I have sex with David when I go over to his and Jack's apartment."

"I understand Veronica and I'm grateful that you are honest and open about it."

"OK, let me give David a call. I'll let you know when he can shoot us."

"Thanks Veronica. You're a great sister."

"So are you. Now let me call David."

"OK, Bye, bye."

"Bye, bye."

Veronica calls back a couple of hours later to inform her sister that the photo shoot is set for this Thursday but Eric answers Vickie's cell phone. He tells her that Vickie left her cell phone home when she and Tanya took the children to the show. They went to see a movie about a couple of kids who fly through the sky in a magical car, which he has no desire to see.

He's babysitting Erica. Also, he got a new scanner for their computer and he wants to install it and "play" with it for a while.

Veronica explains to him that the reason it took so long to get back with Vickie is because, with three women to photograph in the nude, David had a hard time finding a place where they can have some privacy. He does not yet have a studio so it took him a while to locate a place where they could do the shoot. The "studio" he uses is the master bedroom and bath of the three bedroom apartment he shares with her boyfriend Jack but it is not adequate for the photo shoot he wants to do with them.

A friend of his agreed to let them use his backyard swimming pool provided they don't turn it into a sex orgy. David reluctantly agreed.

Eric tells her that he will give the information to Tanya and Vickie as soon as they return from the movies. Veronica thanks him. She still cannot remember from where she knows him but is afraid to ask him for fear of embarrassment.

When they arrive home Eric gives Tanya and Vickie the date for the photo shoot. Then, while he continues to "play" with his new scanner, the girls put together a 500 piece picture puzzle and Robbie plays with his toy dinosaurs; Vickie holds Erica in her lap.

Later, when Amy picks up Tanya for an evening of sex and fun back at her own house, Carolyn asks Amy if her mommy is going to make some birthday cards for her own daughter.

Amy smiles at the astute young girl. "I don't have a daughter, Carolyn. But if I did I'd want her to be just like you."

Tanya adds, "Eyes-and-Ears, Miss Amy and I are just going out for the evening. I'll be back later after you are asleep. Mommy Vickie will put you to bed."

"OK, Good-night Mommy; goodnight Miss Amy."

"Goodnight Carolyn," Amy answers her.

As they get into the car Amy says, "Eyes-and-Ears, that's a weird nickname for such a lovable child."

"I call her that because she is always asking questions and is constantly on the lookout to see if me, Eric and Vickie are having sex."

"That must make it difficult for the three of you to indulge yourselves."

"Yes it does but we manage Mistress Amy. On another note, David is going to take some nude photographs of me, Vickie and Vickie's sister, Veronica this Thursday. Do you want to join us Mistress?"

"I'll take a rain check on it. I'm waiting for David to shoot me in my hot tub."

"That's odd. I wonder why he never asked you if he could use your place Mistress Amy. According to Veronica, he had a hard time finding a place to shoot us until a friend of his offered to let him use his backyard swimming pool as long as he didn't turn the photo shoot into a sex party."

Amy pulls to the side of the road and takes her cell phone out of her purse. She explains to Tanya that she can't stand to see someone driving and talking on the phone at the same time.

She then calls David and asks him why he didn't ask her if he could use her hot tub. She reminds him that he could fuck her if he got all the girls together and here he had a chance to do it and blew it.

David tells her that he didn't even know that she knew Tanya, Vickie or Veronica. He says that he didn't call her because he didn't think that they would want to do a nude photo shoot with strangers.

Amy confides that she has never met Veronica and that she just met Vickie and Tanya this past weekend.

She then suggests another photo session with all the girls, Amy Michelle, Elizabeth Ann, Veronica Rose, Tanya Marie, Victoria Alisa and Lori Brandi at her house. David is all for it and asks if it is alright with her if he brings two other women.

"Are these two more women you've photographed and fucked? I thought you said you didn't do that sort of thing because it would give you a bad reputation."

"Well I may have stretched the truth a little when I told you that. But other than Tanya and Vickie these would constitute the only women I've photographed naked so far and I'm supposed to shoot Veronica, Vickie and Tanya this Thursday. As for going to bed with them, let's just say that I'm not about to shoot some girl and then screw her if she's the kind to kiss and tell."

"Who are these other two women?"

"Marina Aurora and Yvette Yolanda. I know Yvette from her wedding; I shot it. She's a good friend of Veronica. And Marina is my Spanish girlfriend; she's Catholic. She sometimes helps me when I shoot a wedding or something."

"Imagine that, a Jewish photographer with a Spanish Catholic for a model and an assistant. What an interesting combination. How come you've never mentioned her before?"

"Well, until recently she was reluctant to have sex with anyone other than me. But she has been doing some reading and we talked about it and now she's changed her mind."

"Are you sure? I don't want someone over here for a nude photo shoot and sex orgy and then have her ruin everything with some story that she's been forced into it."

"I'm sure. I've photographed her a number of times. In fact, I've got more nude pictures of her than anyone else. She said that since she poses nude for me then she might as well indulge her other sexual fantasies."

"OK. But what I want to know is when do you want to photograph us girls?"

"I don't have my appointment calendar with me. I know I have Lori and Yvette scheduled for sometime next week or it might be the following week; I don't remember the date. They're supposed to pose for me in my apartment but we can do it at your house with the other women if you want."

"That's alright with me David. It might even be better" "When I photograph Veronica, Vickie and Tanya Thursday I'll ask them if they want to pose with you at your house." "Tanya is with me now and she just asked me if I wanted to pose with her, Vickie and Veronica. So, I'm sure you'll have no problem there." "Right now I'm standing in line with Marina to get some tickets so we can see A New Beginning, that new blockbuster movie that opened in theaters yesterday. It's about 9 male astronauts and 11 female astronauts who get caught in a time warp and land on Earth 70 million years ago. They have to fight dinosaurs in order to rebuild . . ."

"David, I'm not interested in some futuristic movie," Amy interrupts him. "I want to know when you're going to shoot me."

"There's a lot of male and female full frontal nudity and sex in it. I thought someone like you would want to see it."

Ignoring David's insinuation Amy continues, "I just want to know when you're going to photograph us."

"OK, OK, I'll have to get back with you on it. I'll check my calendar and call you tomorrow."

"You better or I'll spank your butt the next time we meet," she says smiling at Tanya.

"Is that a promise Mistress," he says sarcastically.

"You just call me tomorrow," she says and hangs up on him.

Next she calls Richard and tells him that she should be there in about 15 minutes. She tells him to attach the TENS unit to Beth's pussy. She wants her sex slave boiling hot when she introduces her to Tanya. Then she asks him if he still intends on going over to Donald's house.

He answers her that yes he is, that he was just about to leave when she called. For the second time this month he is going over to their house for some fun with Donald and Lori.

She asks him if Alexis Dawn has arrived. He tells her no.

By the time they arrive at Amy's house, Richard is gone. Standing in the foyer, Amy orders Tanya to remove all her clothes. She then escorts the sex slave to her dungeon where Beth is lying naked on the bed.

A TENS unit is attached to her pussy lips near her clitoris and two more to each of her nipples. She is writhing and moaning in ecstasy from the sensations that the units are sending through her body.

Amy leans over and kisses her sex slave on the mouth, darting her tongue deep into her orifice. Beth sucks it hungrily. Tanya is standing behind her just watching. Breaking the kiss, Amy then removes the TENS unit's wires and turns the units off. She orders the slave to get out of bed.

"Beth, you remember Tanya from the restaurant the other night don't you?"

"Yes Mistress Amy. Good evening Tanya," Beth says to her.

"Good evening Beth." Seeing the sex slave naked for the first time, Tanya comments, "You're every bit as beautiful as Mistress Amy described you to me this past weekend."

"Thank you Tanya. Mistress Amy you are too kind to me."

"I'm just being truthful Beth." Amy pauses and then, "As soon as Alexis arrives we can begin our little sex party. In the meantime, I want you two to get to know each other sexually. Beth I can see that the TENS unit has your vagina ready for a good fucking. Am I correct?"

"Yes Mistress. Right now I'm so hot I think I'm going to explode."

"Good. Let's get Tanya hot too, shall we?" Then to Tanya, "Tanya lay down on the bed with your legs open wide. Beth I want you to kneel between her legs and lick and suck her clitoris but do not bring her to orgasm. Tanya you are to just lie there and enjoy the cunnilingus."

Both women do as they are told. Within minutes Tanya is moaning with desire as Beth licks and sucks her clit.

While Beth is busy giving sweet joy to Tanya, Amy picks up a leather paddle off a nightstand and begins to whack Beth on her ass cheeks and thighs with it. After several smacks her ass is red and burning.

Amy then orders the two slaves to switch positions. Now it is Tanya who is eating Beth's pussy while Amy beats Tanya's ass. After several whacks to the sex slave's ass cheeks the front door bell rings.

Figuring that it must be Alexis Dawn, Amy orders Tanya Marie to stop eating Elizabeth Ann's vagina. She then commands the two sex slaves to get out of the bed and stand facing each other in the center of the dungeon room.

Next she retrieves a flogger that is hanging on a nearby wall hook. She hands it to Tanya and orders the sex slave to beat Beth with it. After ten whacks to her breasts, ten to her ass cheeks and ten to her pussy lips she is to give the flogger to Beth who is to then beat her.

They are to continue beating each other with the flogger -- ten hits to the breasts, ten smacks to the butt and ten whacks to the pubic mound -- until she returns. Before Amy leaves she tells them to use the term REDLIGHT for a safe word.

When Amy opens her front door to her surprise BlackVelvet is standing on her porch with her sex slave Badboy and another woman whom she has never seen before.

"Good evening Alexis. Come on in. I'm glad you could make it."

"Good evening Amy," she says, giving Amy a hug and a kiss on her cheek.

As Alexis lets her go and enters, Amy says to John, "Good evening Badboy. It's good to see you again. How's the FBI business? Have you caught any bank robbers lately?" She asks sarcastically as she extends her hand to him.

"Good evening Mistress Amy," he says bowing and kissing the back of her hand. "No I haven't." He lets go of her hand and kisses her on the cheek. "Right now I'm working on catching a check forger. May I present my submissive electricgirl to you?"

Amy turns to face the short, red-headed woman who is still standing on the porch with her hands clasped in front of her. She keeps looking over her left shoulder to the house next door.

"Susan I would like you to meet Mistress Amy."

"Good evening Mistress Amy," Susan Cassandra says bowing. "While driving here Mistress BlackVelvet told me how the two of you started SAMS Spa several years ago."

"We didn't think it would be as successful as it's been. I guess we've been lucky. Are you going to stand on the porch all evening or are you going to come inside with the rest of us?"

"Oh! I'm sorry Mistress. But there's a man standing over there, just watching us. Who is he? He's acting so weird."

Amy looks beyond electricgirl's shoulder to see her neighbor standing in his front yard watching them.

"That's Mr. Bushings, my nosy neighbor who moved into the neighborhood about two years ago," she says as she closes the front door.

"He claims to have seen Beth naked one day, wearing only her slippers, when she answered the door and I was at work. I asked her about it and she told me she put on her robe before she answered the door. She said she told Mr. Bushings that she was just about to step into the shower when he rang the doorbell. She asked him what he wanted but all he told her was that she should not be worshiping false gods and left."

"What?" BlackVelvet asks incredulously. "When did this happen? I've seen him before watching us but you never mentioned this."

Amy continues. "About six or seven months ago he somehow got the weird idea that the parties I have here are . . . well he believes that we are all into the occult."

"How did he get that idea?" BlackVelvet asks. "I've been to many of your parties Amy and except for the cars parked out front a person can't even tell that there is something going on inside. That's how quiet and tranquil you keep your . . . uh parties."

"I don't know how he got his crazy idea. He frequently takes note of the guests who come to my parties. While I was hosting one of my sex parties not too long ago he banged on my front door and demanded to be let in so that he could see what was going on. I told him it was none of his business."

"He sounds like a real nut case," Badboy adds.

"He is. When I refused to tell him what we were all doing inside he called the cops. When the police arrived I asked Luke to answer the door for me."

"You asked the executive assistant district attorney to answer the door?" BlackVelvet astonishingly asks. "That must really have dropped his drawers."

"Better than that. With the police officer standing there on the porch, Luke introduced himself to the old coot and said that he could have his choice as to what we were all doing inside. We were A) having a séance and trying to contact his dead mother, B) engaged in a bondage and discipline sex party, C) offering a novena to the Blessed Virgin Mary or D) we were all just watching a movie on TV."

"Ha!" BlackVelvet cries out.

"Luke told him that since we were not disturbing the neighborhood, then it was none of his business what we were doing and if he continued to harass me then he would put a restraining order on him."

"Ha!" BlackVelvet cries out again.

"I haven't had any trouble with him since. He just watches my quests come in and out. But I no longer let Beth answer the door, especially for guests arriving for my sex parties. Enough of him. We have two sex slaves upstairs waiting for us in the dungeon."

"Badboy and his submissive are not staying Amy. I had them drive me here because John and I wanted to introduce electricgirl to you. She's going to move in with me next week so she can be closer to me and John. She'll be working with Dr. Butler."

Alexis pauses and gives electricgirl a perceptive smile. She continues, "She had a very nice interview with him for a position as his new dental hygienist. She starts there next week."

"Dr. Butler, that's interesting. I'm honored that you would want me to meet your submissive Badboy." Then to Susan, "You are always welcome here electricgirl. Any friend of Alexis or John is a friend of mine."

"Thank you Mistress Amy. I am pleased to know you."

Amy continues, "Don't tell me; let me guess. The interview with Dr. Butler was done late at night and he asked you to do it in the nude?"

Susan starts to respond but Amy cuts her short.

"Don't worry electricgirl, I know Dr. Butler. He's been to several of my sex parties. He fucks every woman who's present at them."

"Please excuse us Mistress Amy but we really must be going," Badboy interrupts. "I'm helping Susan pack up her things."

"That's OK Badboy. I understand."

"I'll call you when I'm finished here Badboy," Alexis says. "Now give me a kiss both of you before you go."

After John and Susan leave, Amy and Alexis go upstairs to join Tanya and Beth in the dungeon. Both slave's bodies are red and stinging from their beating of each other. Tanya's eyes are red from crying. Amy orders them to stop as soon as she enters. She then gives Alexis her choice of which sex slave she would like to enjoy first.

Never having tasted Tanya's fruit before, Alexis takes her; they go into another bedroom. Alexis also takes two meter long cords, the purple strap-on dildo with internal plug and a leather paddle with her.

Amy then commands Beth to remove her clothes for her. Beth begins by unbuttoning Amy's blouse. Amy tells her to just drop it on the floor. Next the sex slave takes off Amy's brassier; she kisses and sucks each of her nipples as she does so. Beth then kneels down in front of her Mistress. She kisses her navel, darting her tongue into the hole.

Amy runs her fingers through her slave's hair while Beth kisses her stomach just below her navel.

Beth then leans over and removes Amy's shoes and socks. She kisses her feet, first the left then the right. She kneels up and unsnaps Amy's jeans. She pulls them down to her ankles. Amy raises her feet one at a time and Beth removes her jeans. She kneels up again and looks up at Amy's face.

Her Mistress nods and Beth puts her arms around Amy's hips, cupping her ass cheeks. She kisses Amy's pussy lips through her thong. She breathes in deeply through her nostrils and closes her eyes. She is intoxicated from the aroma of her Mistress.

Then she slowly slides Amy's thong down her long legs, revealing her pubic hair. Her Mistress again raises her feet one at a time as Beth takes off her thong, dropping it on top of the other clothes.

Beth again kneels up. She is looking straight at Amy's pussy lips. Her Mistress puts her hands on the back of Beth's head and pushes her sex slave's face into her vagina. Beth opens Amy's clitoral hood with her fingers. She kisses and sucks her clit. She pushes her tongue into her slit and sucks deeply. Amy relishes the joy her sex slave is giving to her.

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