tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSana Violated by a Savage

Sana Violated by a Savage


After completing three years of studies, I was offered a three months internship opportunity. The offshore opportunity was to travel to Madagascar with Professor Maria, our Professor of medicine, Maria was a very accomplished lady in her early 50s. I was one of her best students and was offered this opportunity based on my performance.

A week before we were supposed to leave Professor and I met in her room where she briefed me about the work ahead, she told me how this expedition can be hectic and tiring, she mentioned the various medical tests and precautionary vaccines we had to take. The strangest thing she told me was to be on birth control. That night I was video chatting with my family and made the mistake of mentioning all this to my family, I should have expected that they were not happy, they wanted me to have a good career but going to a jungle was not what they had in mind. My mother was freaked out, she was constantly giving me lectures about crime and rape and how the country was not secure and the fact that I was asked to be on birth control. Still, I put my foot down and they gave in.

Our project was to travel to Madagascar and study various plants that could be used for medicinal purposes. We were supposed to leave from London alone, a guide was hired for us by the Government authorities which made us feel safe. On the plane Professor and I had discussed our plan and how to document various plants, to test these plants for their natural strengths and medicinal value. We had a long flight and were very tired when we landed at Antananarivo, the Capital of Madagascar. We were taken to our hotel from the airport where we had lunch and met our guide. We were supposed to travel the next morning with all our equipment and gear to the middle of the wilderness. I was really looking forward to the trip.

John our guide and his two assistants met us at a small village close to where the wilderness began, John was a well built 40 year old who had spent most of his life in these jungles. He was very pleasant and easy to get a long, He was also very passionate about his country and in explaining their culture and the diversity that existed in the tribes living in these jungles. He told us that he will take us to a remote part of the jungle and we can plan the next steps when we reach there. The area we were going to had various plant species and we planned to analyse these plants in our portable lab. The first few days were very hectic, it was difficult for me to adjust to the weather. For the trip I had packed light clothing expecting humid weather and it was the best decision I had made.

While walking on a trail I had chat with Maria, I told her that the trip was much more challenging then I had expected, she just smiled and agreed. I was also thankful that all our guides were very helpful and they took good care of us and carried the most heavy of equipment themselves. All of them were easy to get along with but I always felt that one of them, Mombu was extra nice to me. I don't know if I was paranoid but I felt he checked me out occasionally, but then I can't blame him we ladies were the only entertainment for them in this humid wilderness. In our second week of study we reached a small stream. John told us that if we wanted we could take a swim in the cold water while he and his men setup camp for the night and prepared dinner.

The stream was under a canopy of trees and we could hear lemur's and other forest dwellers on the trees. Maria told me to go ahead as she needed to rest her feet and take her medication. She turned away and went towards John and his guides. It was warm and humid with sun rays peeking through the gaps in the leaves. I started undressing and got completely naked since I had no swimming clothes. The water was very soothing and was a blessing. I splashed and played in the water, it was so relaxing and my body was going numb. A few minutes later i heard Maria walking towards the stream, she was talking to someone when they reached the clearing I saw John accompanying her, He was telling her about another route which he said was very scenic and could give us access to another area of the forest. He was telling her that the area is dense and healthy and could present a good opportunity to discover something new. While discussing this they both took off their clothes and entered the water, I was surprised to see that John was fully naked in front of Maria and she was very comfortable with this.

They swam in the deep end of the natural pool sometimes getting close to me. After bathing thoroughly they walked to the shallow side of the stream and sat on the rocks nearby. I could see John's huge hanging cock, it was quite visible when he was sitting with legs fully apart. The bulbous tip was as big as my fist, it took a lot of effort to keep my eyes of his impressive member, I was getting lustful. I was brought back to reality when Maria called me to come closer. I was hesitant and a bit embarrassed at the thought of exposing my young body to John and Maria. I slowly started moving towards them soon my feet were touching the based of the pool and after a couple of steps the water started receding from my body, After a couple of steps my breasts were coming into view and with one more hesitant step my nipples came out of the water, they were fully erect with excitement with this exposure, water droplets accumulated on the delicate tips of my nipples fell as my breasts popped out of the water. The next couple of steps took the water down to my abdomen, all the while John was gazing at my youthful body while Maria with her head down was washing her feet. The next step took the water to half of my pubic area giving a view of my clean pussy lips. The final step got the water under my thighs and my womanhood completely bare with John's eyes fixated on me. I took the next couple of steps quickly and sat beside Maria with my legs crossed. I looked at John and he had a smile on his face.

We started discussing our plan to get to one of the most remote parts of the jungle. I was up for it but Maria told me that we have to go through lands of an indigenous tribe. She told me the tribe is peaceful and very hospitable and that John and Mombu are from the same tribe. I told them in my view if they are peaceful, then we should proceed. After all of us finally agreed, John and Maria climbed out of the water and I followed them, John then told me to walk between Maria and himself for safety reasons. Without much thought I agreed and quickly got in between, we had left in haste and I was not wearing any clothes just like Maria and John. John had already seen me full frontal naked and was now enjoying the view of my well rounded ass, long legs and bare back. After a few minutes we got to the camp site and I immediately rushed into my hut, giving a brief view of my naked body to other guides. As soon as I got in I put on a cotton short and a tank top. When I came out I saw that John and his colleagues making dinner.

It was quite humid so I hadn't bother to wear any bra or panties and that was quite apparent as well. Maria was sitting on a chair, she gave me a look and asked me if the heat was finally getting to me. I smiled and told her yes. No surprises that Maria was also without bra and panties and was only wearing a loose floral dress, we just smiled at each other. After early dinner the guides and John went to sleep, it was still early in the evening. The plan was that John and one guide will leave early to meet the tribe's leader while one guide will accompany us when we wake up. We said good night to them and then Maria and me started studying our samples. After couple of hours of work, she told me that we will continue tomorrow and that she would like to relax and read a book before she goes to sleep.

After I excused myself I came to my hut and wasn't sleepy at all, I wanted to go for a swim, it was after a week that I had such amazing water available and I wanted to enjoy every minute of it. I walked towards the stream, got naked and went into the water, it felt so amazing, the night was very romantic, I was swimming in cold refreshing water, the moon light shinning through the canopy and reflecting on the water, it was an amazing view. The soft moon light on my body and thought of being this way in a jungle was getting me aroused, I was also thinking of John's mushroom head cock which was giving me tingly feeling. I was getting turned on when I heard some movement in the bushes, I cautiously walked towards the sound and what I saw shocked me, Maria was on her knees sucking John's huge cock. I hid myself in the bushes and watched her expertly take most of his cock in her mouth. After a few minutes John got on top of her and started inserting his huge bulbous cock in her.

It took a hard thrust to get his tip inside her, Maria was moaning and screaming like crazy, she was being really stretched. With a few more powerful thrusts he was fully in her. He started fucking her like a crazy man, the heat and hard work had built a lot of stress in his body and he was about to release it. I couldn't resist and started fingering myself. Maria was moaning and panting heavily, John had her pinned down and was fucking her like there was no tomorrow. I was also reaching my climax when John moaned and groaned and launched himself deep inside Maria. Maria's eyes rolled up as an intense orgasm hit her and a loud scream escaped her throat. Her pussy was completely plugged with John's thick member but still thick white cum was seeping out of her while John was still fully lodged in her. My orgasm was building as well but I had to stop as I was not sure if I could contain my moaning and screams anymore. After a few minutes John helped Maria up and they started walking towards the camp.

I was so unfulfilled, I wanted to finish myself and stayed behind, I laid down on a rock and started rubbing my pussy with one hand and massaged my breasts with the other, I was quickly getting closer, I then inserted three fingers in my pussy and started fucking myself copying the way I saw John fuck Maria. It took a few more seconds and i exploded in an orgasm. It was so intense that I felt my breathing stop and my legs involuntarily clasped together, my body jerked so hard that I fell of the rock and into the water. I managed to regain control of my body after panting heavily for a few minutes. I then started walking back towards the camp when I heard something behind me, to my embarrassment it was Mombu walking behind me, I looked at him from top to bottom and smiled nervously, he was naked and I could see fresh cum dripping out of his softening cock. Obviously he had jerked off watching me and my masturbating session. I was thinking how awkward this situation was for me, what if he told the rest of his colleagues? What if Maria found out? All the while he followed me and I ignored him completely. He was still having a good look at my naked back side. I got to the camp and got into my hut and went to bed.

The next day we had only Mombu waiting for us and we made the trip towards the tribe's village. He was smiling at me and I awkwardly smiled at him as well. After almost half a day of continuous walk, not to mention without much to eat, we reached the tribe's village. John was already there with the chief and greeted us. I was blushing red when I saw woman completely naked. The tribe men wore a small cloth to cover their impressive manhood. One could see their cocks swaying when they moved. Maria was chatting to John and after a brief discussion John and one of his colleague went to nearest town to refill on supplies, This would take them approximately a week.

John told us that Mombu will take care of us and since the tribe seemed very friendly we were comfortable. John left early next morning and we were left in the company of Mombu and the chief whose name was difficult to pronounce. So we called him Teba. He didn't mind, the chief was relatively young at around 35 years. He had 3 wives and 8 children. He wore a fancy hat with colorful bird feathers and had red clay marks on his body. Other men also had red clay marks on their bodies. The next day we started working, we had camped at the edge of the tribes residence with little interaction with the tribe, we were given fruits and food everyday but were not part of their every day routine.

During the day we searched for new plants in the company of Mombu and another tribal warrior, John was right, we found variation of some plants which we never knew existed. In the afternoon we got back to our camp and rested before having lunch and studying the samples. On the third day Mombu came to us and told us that there was a festive dinner on the new moon night and the chief is asking if we wanted to join. I looked at Maria with a questioning look, she said, we don't know their customs. Maria was experienced as she had spent many years in the field and knew Mombu can advise us on this as he was a local. He told us that we can go ahead but for our remaining days with the tribe it is customary to be a part of the tribe. He told us that we have to live like them for the duration of our visit, we can do our work and all but we have to dress and participate in activities like natives. Maria and I were confused and didn't know what to say. After a moment of silence we started discussing and eventually decided to go ahead with the tribal traditions, we didn't want to offend the tribe especially in the absence of John. Mombu was very happy to hear this and went out of the small hut we were staying in.

As the evening approached a couple of woman from tribe came and took Maria with them, I was a bit tense when she left a few minutes later two other girls came and took me with them, we walked through the village into the centre of the village. The villagers had gathered around and all of them were cleaner but fully naked with only body paint applied to their bodies. I could now see cocks of all the tribal men and was impressed with the sizes, I now knew why John was so big and thick, it was in the genes, I could also notice that the tribe men had extraordinary large balls to go with thick long cocks. I was preoccupied in all this when I reached the centre of the village. I was relieved to see Professor Maria, unlike the way she had left she was now completely naked like everyone in the tribe she told me just to go along and accept what is happening. I was nervous when the girls took me to small stage close the the chief's throne, all of the tribe shouted something and the woman started undressing me, I was terrified but didn't protest, in a matter of seconds my Pakistani body was completely naked in front of these savages. The chief shouted something, I think my initiation had begun, a bucket of cold scented water was poured on me and my body was completely washed. I was confused, my eyes searching for Maria I was then dried and my body was oiled and painted with different colors. I could see I had more color marks on my body when compared to other women.

All this time I was facing towards the tribe with my back towards the chief, after the girls had finished they slowly turned me towards the chief, he smiled came down from his chair and placed mark between my breasts using a red paint. Everyone shouted and the festivities began. I immediately looked for Maria, she smiled and asked me how my initiation went, I told her scary at first but now it feels fine. We started laughing, all of the tribe dancing and laughing. I saw many men staring at me which was awkward at first but then I grew a liking to it. After a while the dinner started, the tribe had accumulated a range of fruits and had roasted meat on a huge fire. The food was amazing and we had plenty of it. Soon things started getting slow and the dinner had now finished. The whole tribe then started singing and dancing, we didn't understand much of the singing but participated in the dance.

One of the girls who bathed me went to the chief, pointed at me and told him something, the chief smiled, I didn't know what it was about. Soon, the chief decided to dance with me and sandwiched me with another girl who was dancing in front of me, his cock rubbing on my ass, with the amount of oil we had on our body it was sliding on my butt crack and I felt it stiffening. I didn't resist at all and at one point felt his cock poking on my asshole. In a few minutes the dance ended and everyone gathered around the fire. The chief announced something in their native language and all the girls lined up in a single row. We too followed the lead and were now facing the chief. The chief shouted something again and all the men of the tribe lined behind the women. I was worried where this all was going. After few silent seconds, the Chief shouted something again and the men behind us blindfolded us with a piece of cloth. I found this very strange but again had no choice but to accept what had happened. We were standing there when I felt someone grab my hand and walked me in the direction where chief was. I was then maneuvered to bend my torso on a flat surface like a table, the only difference was that it was padded with cloth and was soft as it was filled with bird feathers.

I was standing with upper part of my body resting on this soft wooden surface, I had a feeling what was going to happen now, I was about to be fucked by the chief but I wished it wasn't true. I came to my senses when a strong hand parted my legs, this was it I knew what I thought was going to happen. The hand then started rubbing my ass and exploring my body. I didn't say anything and thought to myself that I have to now accept this and maybe enjoy it, my Pakistani body was now about to be ravaged by this savage and I had no escape. The Chief stopped for a brief moment and I felt him bend down, I felt a tongue enter the delicate fold of my pussy probing deeper and deeper, I started losing control, the chief was licking my clit and driving his tongue deeper and deeper inside my pussy, my moaning was getting louder, the jungle at night was a peaceful place with occasional sounds of nocturnal animals but at this moment it was echoing with my moans and cries. I was losing my mind while the chief was expertly lapping my pussy and free flowing juices. I was about to cum when he suddenly stopped. I groaned in disagreement, it was a torture, he did so well in bringing me to this stage and yet didn't complete the job. I was soon excited when the tip of his cock grazed my pussy. I knew he was about to mount me. All this while the women of the tribe including Maria were blind folded while the men were standing behind them watching me.

In anticipation of being fucked by the chief's huge cock, I had parted my legs as much as possible, it was nervous yet exciting feeling my Pakistani pussy was dripping wet and was about to be used by this savage. Finally the moment I was waiting for came, a huge mushroom head top parted my pussy lips hey rubbed his tip massaging my clit using the bulbous tip of his cock, he was driving me crazy and my moans were getting louder filling the peaceful air of the jungle. Suddenly he stopped and with a hard push the tip of his enormous cock entered me. Nothing could have prepared me for this kind of penetration and a loud cry left my throat, my eyes tearing, my Pakistani pussy was not biological designed to take such a huge cock. This didn't stop him, with another push he was was 2 more inches in me a long way away from the total 9 inch length. He then kept himself there for a few seconds, letting me adjust. I was panting heavily, tears flowing down my cheeks, I was so well lubricated but this was still painful. The chief then retracted his cock till only the bulbous head was inside me and then lunged forward with a hard thrust, a painful long cry escaped my throat and my insides were on fire, the chief was half way in me, my cries were now filling the air and were not making any difference to the Chief, he was focused he was having what he wanted. The Chief now started fucking me with slow back and forth movements not going deeper than the half length of his cock.

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