tagErotic CouplingsSandal Tales 04: Sexy neighbor

Sandal Tales 04: Sexy neighbor


There are advantages and disadvantages to being an electrician. The advantage is all the places I get to work and all of the people that I get to meet. The disadvantage is that friends and neighbors are always trying to get me to do some extra work- usually for free.

At this moment it was our elderly neighbor's daughter Samantha- who just "happened" to see me at the mail box in my truck. She told me that her dad was still in the hospital but would be coming home on Sunday (it was Friday) and she was trying to spruce up the place before he returned. She had noticed that the lights were rather dim in his living/dining/kitchen area in his small house and since he was having trouble seeing lately she had bought some fluorescent lights and was wondering if I could come over tomorrow and put them up.

I always enjoy talking to Samantha. A fortyish married woman who lives in Florida but makes trips to visit her dad in the mountains of North Carolina often. Bubbly and charming- she is barely five feet tall and what I like to call "pleasingly plump." She is curvy in all the right places- especially up front. And her constant Florida tan is quite enticing.

On this chilly evening she had socks on with her flip flops- something us mountain folk like to make fun of. But the short of it is that I said I could come over Saturday after lunch (nobody was going to mess with my sleeping late after a long week of work) and see what I could do.

Next day it was quite warm by afternoon. I hopped in the truck an drove down our driveway and then up theirs. We share a drive for part of the distance and then there is a fork in the road and I am up and over a hill to the left and they are in a cove to the right.

Samantha was at the top of the steps as I got out. She was wearing a silky flowery bright Florida type blouse that was out over the top of a thigh length skirt and almost hid it- and the flip flops, this time minus the socks.

She said, "I know that I called the electrician and not the plumber- but I seem to have a problem with the drain in the kitchen. Do you have anything that might help?"

I answered with a cheery "I'll see what I've got" and grabbed both my tool pouch and box and headed up.

Checking it out I was hoping that the clog was in the trap under the sink. I opened the cabinet and grabbed some wrenches from my toolbox. Then I crawled under and began to work. In a minute I hear Sam's voice say, "What do you think?" and realized that she was squatting down in front of me to see what was up.

From the semi-darkness under the sink I looked out to see that her thigh length outfit was now giving me a straight up look all the way to her panties. Her tan bare legs were quite a sight and I kept glancing at the wonderful view as I worked.

Sam's small feet were arched in the flip flops as she squatted and her shapely legs seemed even more curvaceous up close.

She stood back up and began talking again- almost half to herself- as she got back to work cleaning about the place. It seemed that she and her hubby were not getting along lately and one of the things was that their sex lives were not much. She wanted to know from a "man's" perspective what she might do to be more attractive in a sexy way.

When she squatted down again it looked like she was expecting a reply. "Well," I said, "It is kindof more of an individual thing. Not all guys go for the same thing." I glanced to see her panty view again and said, "Now me, for instance, I like things that are more plain. Not the fancy outfits and made up things and stuff. Just plain and a bit of mystery. Like that shirt you are wearing, for instance. To me it would be quite a sexy statement if you were wearing just that shirt with nothing at all underneath. And the movements and hints and possibilities would be the attraction- if you know what I mean. That and maybe an accessory or two."

"Accessory?" she asked. "Like......"

"Well," I began again, "Perhaps some high heels, or an ankle bracelet or something, to accent your beautiful legs." and I could not help but to take in the view again- even with her looking directly at me. I could swear that I could see the outline of her sex beneath.

"Beautiful?" she replied, "They are short and I am round. I'm afraid I don't feel quite so beautiful." She looked down at her own legs- affording me another view as I worked. I took in her perfect little toes peeking out from the flip-flops with the nails painted a sultry red to match her fingers.

"Like I said- it is more of an individual thing." and just then the pipe came loose and I was doused in smelly muck. "Looks like I found the clog" I said slowly.

"Oh, dear" she said- jumping up and getting some paper towels. I was way past the towel stage- so I put her drain back together and then said I would run home and clean up and change real quick and be right back.

When I came back I grabbed my short 2ft ladder and went on in. I set it up under one of the old lights and turned to see Samantha coming down the hallway. It was pretty easy to notice that she had changed her shoes. Now she had on some leather colored high heel sandals. Whew! The thing that did to her legs was great! I did not want to stare- but the sandals really set off her tan and accented her calves and feet and slender ankles.

But I was here to get busy so I climbed up my ladder and began to work. Taking the old fixture loose took only a few minutes and I passed it down to Sam and she set it on the table. Then she got one of the new ones and handed it up to me. Now wait a minute. I don't think it was my imagination that her large bosom was now swinging about under that blouse as she moved. I kept working but that stuck in my mind as pretty sexy. My mind was reeling. Sam must have taken her bra off when I left to get cleaned up- or was it my imagination.

I moved the ladder to the next of the three lights and soon had the second one off. I handed it to Samantha and as she turned to put it on the table I noticed that the top two buttons on her blouse were undone and I could see quite a large portion of cleavage from my perch. As she handed me the new light fixture I couldn't help it and took in an eyeful of her swaying tan cleavage rocking beneath the silky blouse.

Moving to the third light with the ladder- as I stepped up I was very aware that my cock was creating quite a bulge in my jeans. As I worked on the light I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Sam was unbuttoning a button on her blouse. Unaware that I was watching as I worked she then undid another button- leaving only two more. Removing the last old light I handed it to her and was throbbing in hardness as I could now see most of her chest exposed. She put the old light on the table- but the last new one was on the floor. It wasn't until she bent over with her back to me that I realized she was totally naked under that long shirt. Her skirt was gone- and the panties that I had seen were too. I was now watching a bare pussy from behind as she picked up the light and turned to hand it to me with a smile.

"Last one," she said, and as I began to put it up I again could see her moving in my peripheral vision and she completely undid the front of her shirt. As I continued to work she stepped over to me on the short ladder and reached out and began to rub my dick through my jeans with one hand- and immediately unbuttoned and began unzipping them with the other.

"Um," I said, rather unintelligently as I held the light in place- but she gave me no chance. Sam pulled the front of my briefs down and my hardness sprang free. Being at exactly the right level she leaned forward and in one smooth motion swallowed my cock half way. As she began bobbing on my shaft she held my briefs down out of the way with one hand and as I watched she pulled the shirt away from her breasts with the other. It was an incredible view as I could see my prick sliding ever deeper in her mouth- watch her massaging her large totally tanned breasts- and see all the way down her legs to her small sandaled feet.

I was not going to last very long this way! The hand she had holding the band of my briefs began pulling them and my jeans down until they were at my knees- all the while the sucking continued. Then she reached up and cupped my balls gently. I could feel myself nearing the edge and knew she was tasting some pre-cum and could probably feel me getting tense- but she never slowed a bit. She had almost three-fourths of me sliding in- and as I watched I began to flow cum into her directly down her throat. She took it all with several swallows- and then remained on my dick until my cock stopped pumping.

She slid slowly off and said "Looks like your suggestions worked on you, anyway. I'll have to try it on my husband when I get home. But that is next week and this girl is horney. I'll let you watch- but no touching." and without waiting for a reply she flopped down on the couch sideways and leaned against an overstuffed pillow on the arm of the sofa. She dangled one leg down- letting that foot touch the floor- and the other sandaled foot was raised to hang over the arm of the couch.

As I stepped awkwardly off the mini ladder leaving the light fixture hanging by the wires from the ceiling Sam spread her knees which made her smooth pussy gape open and licking two fingers she closed her eyes and began to massage her pussy.

It had been qu

ite a while since I had been with a woman- but it still took a couple of minutes for my already satisfied prick to react to this new enticement. As she closed her eyes and began masturbating herself into oblivion I found myself stroking an ever larger tool between my own legs.

"Oh," Samantha exclaimed as she opened her eyes and glanced at me seeing my now full erection. "Uh, no, you can't have me. You just have to watch, please. Uhhhhh..." she ended- sliding a third finger in and I could see she was losing control. My intention now was simple. I stepped forward and went to my knees and then pulled her around towards me.

Now beside her fingers- which continued to manipulate her sexy opening- I began to lick at her clit. "Uhhh... nooo..." was her reply. But she then removed her fingers and used both hands to spread her legs wider to give me better access. I dove my tongue deep inside, tasting her wetness. "Uhhh... yessss.... deeper...." she now moaned. I returned my tongue to her clit and inserted two of my own fingers as she moved uncontrollably against me- working my fingers deep inside.

"Ooohhh..... mmmooorrrrre....deeeeper....." she again replied. I had only one "deeper" option at this point- and my own desires were also at a peak. So I withdrew fingers and tongue and placed the head of my prick against the lips of her wetness. She looked at me and said "Ummmm.... I......." and I did not give her a chance to finish as my long cock slid all the way in.

"Ooohhh.....YESSSSS....." was her new reply as I began sliding deeply in and out. I was sliding in to point of pushing my balls against her each time. She pulled her legs even wider and rolled her head back in pleasure against the couch cushions.

I could feel her pussy tighten on me and I knew what was coming (...) for both of us. With a last long shove I squirted my load and she began jerking under me in the frenzy of an orgasm. When we were both done I remained in place, looking her over and enjoying the sight of her nicely rounded self still impaled on my cock- cum leaking from around her pussy- her large breasts and slick cunt fully tanned with no lines to be seen.

"Do you have any more fixtures that I can put in for you?" I asked with a smile. She looked down at the sight of my cock still inside her and replied "I believe that I have a thing or two in the bedroom that you could help me with." with a twinkle in her eye. It is a good thing that she had met an electrician that new how to fully use all of his tools!

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