tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSandal Tales 05: The Sex Shop

Sandal Tales 05: The Sex Shop


I woke up sexually aroused. That in itself is not a bad thing. But my husband was out of town. Not being one to "take care of myself" this meant I was horney all by myself and no way to satisfy my desire.

Now this has happened before when my husband has been at work- and it is easy enough to wait until evening. I'll plan out a rendezvous for when he gets home- wearing a favorite sheer nightie- or even meeting him at the door wearing nothing at all.

He always enjoys my voluptuous body- and I get hot watching him look me over. My overly-large breasts have tiny dark nipples. My tummy is round and soft to his touch. He says I have shapely legs- and I am very flexible from dance lessons- and when I pull my knees up to my breasts when lying down my pussy is accessible to his every desire.

We have quite a sex life in our bedroom. Being fully satisfied I had just never taken it any further than that before. But this morning was different. I was still aroused in the shower. I took a long time soaping and rinsing- lathering my breasts and watching my nipples get hard even under the warm stream of water.

I shaved legs, underarms- and yes- my delicate pubic area. I enjoy the sensation of its smoothness when I take my hubby's hard prick. I like to feel his hairiness as his balls push against me as we lose control together. But there was no penis to satisfy me today. I was so very hot that I just had to play with my clit and slide fingers in and out of my aching vagina. But I knew from experience that I could not climax in this way. I had never been able to before- and today was no different.

I was out of the shower and about half dried off when I noticed the clock. Oh shit! I didn't realize I had spent that much time.

I was supposed to be taking a class this morning at the local tech school. It was a craft class- but one that I really wanted to take. So much for any breakfast as I hurriedly put on panties and pull-up long skirt. I expected my bra to be under my blouse on the cabinet- but it was not there.

No time! I pulled on the blouse anyway and buttoned up the front. It was just a bit snug. I was going to wear a vest and that would cover- I hoped.

I looked in the mirror and in the dampness from the bath I could clearly see pinkness and my dark nipples through the top. I pulled on the vest and made a mental note to make sure and keep it on today! Some plain sandals and I was flying out the door. I could still make it on time.

In the car I once again became aware that I was still feeling horney. Maybe the business of the class would put my mind off of things. It was just a few hours on working with dying some wool for homemade knitting. At each traffic signal I would squeeze my legs together keeping my state of arousal rather high. I just couldn't help myself.

The class had fewer than I expected- about half a dozen elderly ladies and me. The instructor was a guy- a bit earthy in t-shirt and jeans and straggly hair. I wondered how big his dick was. Stop that! I was soon working my wool into a pot of hot dye. He was watching us one by one as we worked with his advice- but he seemed to be hanging around me quite a bit.

Too late I realized that my vest was not doing the job. It was not buttoned- and hanging open it might as well have been off. With the heat and steam from the dying process my white blouse was now clinging to my breasts and left little to the imagination. Oh-well. Let him get a thrill- it would be too obvious to button up now.

When time for a break came I was ready- and sought out a small bathroom that I knew was a "single" so I could have some privacy. I stood at the mirror and checked out what he had been seeing. Not as bad as I thought- but very obvious that I was not wearing a bra and the blouse seemed even more snug over them. I untucked and unbuttoned the blouse and lifted my boobs- one in each hand. Watching in the mirror I tweaked each nipple and watched them harden.

Break was about over. I buttoned up- but- hey- at this point what the heck and I took off the vest and left the shirt untucked. Then I decided to be wicked and undid a button lower than when I came in. Definite cleavage! Then I decided to be really wicked and reached up and under my skirt and removed my panties. Touching with a finger confirmed that I was still quite slippery. Time to get back. In class we had some finishing and drying and cleanup. I was disappointed that his wife had shown up to help- so except for some glances my show was over.

But- just the fact of my lower nudity under my long skirt kept me buzzing with orgasmic thoughts and sensations. The class was too long now and I needed some relief!

When it was finally over I headed for home. We lived in a secluded cove on the edge of town and as my husband often said- he could piss off the deck if he wanted too and nobody would see.

Wait a minute- what was that. I was looking in the mirror now and I could swear that big old white house that used to be a junk shop was repainted and had "Grand Opening" posted in front- over a sign that said "Adult Novelties, Movies, Magazines, and Lingerie."

My heart was pounding as I pulled into the next lot. Did I dare? As hot as I was this was a draw too strong to ignore. I pulled out and drove back and parked in front. There was only one other car. The owner maybe? I was almost shaking as I got out and with a deep breath went up the steps and in.

There was a little foyer and an over-and-under door at the other end with instructions to buzz the button and show an I.D. I got out my license and notice my hand was trembling. I pushed the buzzer and the top half of the door opened. I was surprised that it was a young woman- and she scoped out my license and let me in. For some reason I felt like she was getting quite an eyeful of "me" as she let me go by and shut the door behind me. She gave me the once over as she said, "Let me know if I can help you with anything."

I had been in it when it was a junk store so I knew the layout. A large central room inside with doorways to left, straight ahead, and to the right. A cash register to one side and oh my gosh the things I began to see.

Lubricants and lotions and scents. Over each doorway was a sign. Left was "Movies and Magazines." Center was "Lingerie." Right was "Toys and Accessories."

I decided to go left first. When I went in I gasped involuntarily. It was all out in the open to see. I was used to the cover-up covers on the Playboys and such at the book store. But these covers on the magazines and movies showed it all. I had never seen so much sex in my life. As I walked and looked I got- if it were possible- even more aroused and traced around my nipples through my blouse without thinking. They were standing out tight.

"We have a special on this table in the center." and I jumped. I did not realized she had come in behind me and must have noticed my self stimulation. "It is a new set- you can save five dollars if you get the movie and the magazine together."

I looked at that table and saw a blond porn star on the front of the magazine in an unbuttoned shirt and nothing else but some "clear" high heeled sandals as she was pictured about to impale herself on the largest cock I had ever seen.

The girl looked me over again and left the room and I reached out and picked up the magazine. They were plastic wrapped so I couldn't see inside. I grabbed a magazine and video and rolled the magazine up around the video in my hand in a bit of modesty (like it mattered in here) and headed for the next room.

I felt her eyes follow me as I went into the center room which promised to be lingerie. Inside it wasn't much different than a small "Victoria's Secret." But as I moved around I noted one exception. The back wall had a section of what I took to be sexy footwear. Boots and spike heels and- oh my gosh- there were sandals just like the ones on the girl in the magazine. Clear, strappy, and with an ankle strap to hold them on tight. In a rush like a fever I told myself if they had my size I had to get a pair. Size six. Medium. And there they were on the center shelf.

I snatched them up and headed for room three. She smiled at me as I passed through the center room- but her eyes traveled to my chest. This new room made me gasp also. Dildos and leather bondage and vibrators were everywhere. I had no idea there could be so much variety.

As I looked I saw some large penises and wondered what that would be like. My pussy was positively aching. Then one jumped out at me- a pink one that said "Designed by a female gynecologist especially for women." I snagged that one and headed to check out.

As I set my goods on the counter the girl spoke again, "You are welcome to try on the shoes. We do have a fitting room upstairs- but just for shoes you could try them out here before you buy them- because all sales are final."

As aroused as I was it was a bit unnerving to know that she was obviously interested in me from an apparent sexual viewpoint. But in a way it was also exciting to think that she would watch- so I slipped off my flat sandals and proceeded to put on the "sex shoes." I decided to put on a bit of a show and made sure to bend over towards her as I put them on. Then I lifted my skirt up to mid thigh while I walked back and forth and looked them over. My toenails were painted light pink and they stood out against the clear sexy sandals.

When done she complimented my choice and asked if I wanted to wear them and if she should bag up my other sandals. I nodded and she proceeded to ring me up and I was out the door before I knew it.

The fuck sandals made me feel like a whore- and at the moment that was fantastic. I wanted to just walk around and be stared at.

I paused at the car and tossed other stuff in and noticed a couple of young men talking and coming down the sidewalk. Quickly I unbuttoned yet another button of my blouse and headed in there direction. My breasts jostled in time with my high-heeled steps and they quit talking as I got closer. Their eyes were all over me and I pretended not to notice as we passed. I stopped at a bench under a tree and propped up my foot to "adjust" one of the shoes. Glancing back I saw they were glancing back at me too- and I put on a show of making my footwear more comfortable. When I glanced up again they were on their way- so I headed back and got in my car. Wow! I was getting wild. I'd better get home before I get myself in trouble!

In short order I was pulling up the driveway and parked, grabbed my goodies, and went inside. Tearing off the plastic I flipped a few glossy pages and saw the blond bombshell and a hunk- the one with the big dick- working on each other in a poolside scenario. I set it down and unpackaged the "sex toy." My very first dildo.

At the urging of the magazine I had another wicked idea and slipped off my skirt and unbuttoned my shirt. With the clear high heeled sandals on and only an open blouse I was now dressed like the porn star in the magazine. My pussy tingled at the similarity. I wanted more than that. Our deck was very private, after all.

I went outside with magazine and toy in hand and selected the new chaise lounger to sit in for my next adventure. It had a nifty fold over tray for drinks and snacks on one arm- and I flipped it over and set the magazine on it. I set the rubber sex toy on the seat in front of me and leaned back a bit and spread my legs- putting each fuck-sandaled foot on the deck on either side of the lounger.

I began to tickle my clit as I paged through the porn mag. I don't believe I have ever been this turned on. Soon my fingers were diving in and out of my wet vagina. Wait a minute- wasn't that what that "toy" was for? I picked it up and put the tip of it at the lips of my smooth cunt. Then as I turned another page in the magazine I slowly began to slide it in.

Then I froze. Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone watching me. Ohmygod- it was the meter reader from the power company. He was looking around the corner and watching me. How long? Ohmygod. What should I do?

My overwhelming arousal answered that- as my hand almost involuntarily shoved the dildo all the way in. Was that moan coming from me? Too late now- I began to work it in and out of my pussy- thinking all the while of what he was seeing. My blouse completely open and my large breasts moving in rhythm to my self stimulation. My legs spread wide and those whore shoes on the deck.

I heard a faint zipper sound and realized he was taking out his penis as he watched. I could see movement and knew he was now masturbating to my show. I don't know what made me but I turned another page in the magazine and moaned in surprise as I saw a second man enter the sex scene and now the porno star was riding one cock and another was in her mouth.

A step. Another step. Oh shit, he was coming this way. I was too far gone and kept humping myself as he slowly came up right beside me. I turned my head and was looking straight at his erection. As I looked he leaned forward and the head touched my lips. I opened my mouth and he slid right in. Then out, then in... I realized that unlike those times when I sucked on my husband that I was not doing the moving. Basically this man was fucking my mouth like a cunt!

I was coming to what I had never had before- an orgasm at my own hand. As I moved faster so did my sex companion. Then I felt him slow and before I realized it he filled my mouth with warm cum. His cock pulsed and more gushed in and down my chin- dripping on my breasts. My swallowing was instinctive at that point as I was rocked with the most intense orgasm I had ever had. Moaning around his still gushing stiffness I reached up and pinched a nipple with my other hand and the explosion was complete. Resting back my head he withdrew his and simply zipped up and went on his way without a word.

I slowly eased the dildo out of my cunt and had to wait a minute before moving. I went back inside and thought to myself- tomorrow was another day. I just might have to visit that shop again...

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