tagInterracial LoveSandals Honeymoon Ch. 04

Sandals Honeymoon Ch. 04


She was on her knees looking right into there eyes .. begging for some more cum .. she said "Come on boys .. I need all that cum "... her fingers were pumping in and out of that dripping pussy .. God she looked so hot ..they both stood up in front of here .. hands pumping there cocks .. one grabbed her head and guided her open mouth to his huge cock head .. her tongue reaching out to lick that dripping purple head ... licking off the pre-cum tasting it .. That's when dealer man made his move and moved around behind her .. thick cock in hand he slid the head over her wet pussy lips .. just as she was to take the other cock in her mouth .. he slid his cock in slowly as she got a thick wad of cum shot into that open mouth .. open from moaning out ..

"Yes .. it's time to fuck that hot pussy .. time to fill my pussy with big cocks" .. the cum hit her face .. then she thrust her ass out for that rock hard cock fucking into her open pussy while taking the cumming cock by her mouth trying to drain every thick wad and drop that would come out.. She couldn't swallow fast enough though and it dripped onto the table .. dealer man was loving the show and started fucking her hard and fast .. his hands grabbing her hips and pulling her ass to his pumping cock .. the guy cumming in her mouth had backed off a step and the buddy next to him threw his head back his hand flying up and down on his thick cock ..

I had never been so horny watching anything in my life and started to cum as he groaned out a "Here I cum .. baby " .. and I saw her catch the first thick stream fly right into her mouth .. not a wad .. not a spurt .. but a stream .. thick and huge ..

She almost screamed out a "Yes .. god " it was so loud ..

Dealer man couldn't handle it anymore and with a deep thrust he tossed his head back and "Yeah .. that it .. baby" and pumped her pussy full of cum .. her mouth locked on that cumming cock in front of her..

I watched her swallow and still not be able to take it all .. a puddle was under her mouth on the table .. she grinded her pussy on dealer man trying to get all that cum deep in her pussy .. she saw all the cum on the table and bent over and while he was cumming into her pussy she was licking up all the cumm that dripped from her mouth .. There was my new wife ..a cum loving slut .. big black cocks cumming inside her body ..licking cumm of a coffee table .. and me hard as a rock and just came all over my hand ..

Finally dealer man backs out of her .. his cock soft now .. some of his cum leaking out of her pussy .. she flipped over and while on her back started to finger the sweet cum out of her pussy .. licking it all .. saying .. "That was so good .. and so is the taste of all this cum " .. she was a beautiful happy cum eating black cock lover .. and I loved watching ..

Watching this revived the beachcomber and his 12 inch cock was hard as steel .. she saw him moving towards her and grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs as wide as they would go saying .. "Come on lover sink that sweet cock home .. I need you deep in me now" she looked down as his cock entered her pussy and she bit her lip in anticipation .. he walked his cock right into her pussy to the hilt .. she groaned out as he hit his balls on her ass .. he picked her up by the hips and he was all the way in .. and carried her over to the bed ..

She was grinding down ..trying to get him to pump her as he carried her over .. that's how hot she was .. he looked back at the others and told them "I'll take care of her for a while .. no worries .." .. they all went for more Red Stripes and laughed ..

She wrapped her legs around him and begged .. "Fuck me all night baby .. fill me up .. I need your cum soon .. please" .. she thrust her ass off the bed to get all of his cock ..

I had to back off and sneak peeks for a while .. they weren't paying as much attention to her .. more towards my booze .. well the free stuff the resort gives you .. he fucked her for at least 15 minutes as I heard her screaming out like 4 or 5 times she was cumming .. once so loud I heard her say .. "Shit ..Yes .. I'm cumming all over that black cock all night .. don't stop fucking me .. please" .. with that I had to look .. screw it if I got caught .. it was my wife ..

With that I saw her getting fucked doggie and pumping her ass at that huge cock .. he was pounding in her .. and the other guys were gathering around her face .. hard as steel .. three cocks just waiting to get sucked .. she was sweating like a pig .. groaning out as they tried to get her to suck them .. she was too into that 12-inch cock in her pussy .. she reached around to stroke her clit and I never saw her hand go that fast .. it was a blur .. then I saw him tense up and stop inside her .. she grinded into him .. and screamed .. "Yes fill me up with cum ..".. my own cock was shooting blanks again and starting to hurt ..

"Yes I love cum in me .. deep in me " ..and was twitching all over that huge cock .. cumming all over his cumming cock .. so hot to watch .. I guess too hot cause it started a chain reaction as dealer man groaned and started to shoot .. on the side of her face until she realized it .. beachcomber backed off and popped his cock out of her pussy .. she flipped over and opened her mouth wide .. Tongue wagging as she fingered her pussy with 3 fingers they were dripping with cum as beachcomber was cumming all over her .. then the other started cumming she looked so hot as she got a hot cum bath all over .. her breasts were covered .. her face .. her stomach .. and her fingers were coated .. she was licking those dripping fingers clean .. eating all the cum she could .. "I guess no one else wants to fuck my pussy anymore" .. she looked up and saw all there soft cocks .. finally she was rubbing the cum into her skin and watching them put their clothes back on .. she was cooing and purring like an animal in heat as they were mumbling low to each other .. she was out of it in a sexual heaven so to speak .. then they left ..

She was so into the cum on her she was trying to spread it all over herself .. rubbing herself all over .. then she sat up .. got out of the bed .. got a glass of rum .. and took a huge swig .. I never ever saw her drink like that .. then she watched with it into the bathroom .. and heard the water in the shower .. Wow .. I went back to the bar for a drink myself .. What a honeymoon .. this was turning out to be ..

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